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    Was just wondering if anyone has tried the new revlon bb cream and what you think about it?

    I live in Spain and is now impossible to find revlon products, I was looking on some info on the product before I go ahead and order it online.


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    I would never recommend Western brand bb creams, which as a general statement tend to be nothing more than glorifiedĀ over priced tinted moisturisers. Here’s an excellent review of Revlon Photoready BB Cream. My suggestion is to buy an Asian brand from eBay instead.

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    Is there a specific Asian brand you would recommend?

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    Finding the right bb cream is like finding the right foundation, it depends on what a person’s actually looking for.

    That said, I always suggest Missha Perfect Cover or Skin79’s range for first time buyers because I think they’re an excellent example of what a bb cream is. But buy on eBay, you tend to get the better deals there and there’s lots of samples and mini’s available.

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    Revlon Photo ready BB Cream promises a range of features like any good BB Cream should. Supposedly it acts as primer with a hydrating foundation finish that blurs imperfections like a concealer and protects with an SPF 30.Other than that, it makes face glow without it being too oily and it didn’t irritate sensitive skin. Overall, I think it’s great as long as you put foundation on top of it to cover up the tint.

    You can purchase it through amazon, here is the linkĀ  -> http://www.amazon.com/Revlon-Photoready-Cream-010-Light/dp/B00AIEJF68

    or ebay -> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REVLON-1-oz-PHOTOREADY-BB-Cream-010-LIGHT-Skin-Perfector-SPF-30-Beauty-Balm-/370724230877?pt=US_Makeup_Face&hash=item5650e2d6dd


    Aro, do you have any favourite BB cream sellers on eBay that you’d recommend?

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    To be honest, I sort by lowest first and hunt through the list for the freebie/gift offer I like the most from a 99%er *lol*

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