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    Hi Makeup Geeks,

    While I realize this is a makeup-centered website, I know that there are other beauty-related tutorials on here regarding hair styling and skincare. I was wondering if tips and tutorials on waxing and other hair removal techniques would be welcome.

    I started waxing at home about 6 months ago (to save money), and I’m getting the hang of it, but facial hair waxing still scares me.

    I know Marlena has been struggling with hormonal changes and acne (I have the same problem). Another “fun” side effect of hormonal changes (for me, at least) has been an increase in my facial hair growth. I was just wondering if Marlena has the same problem, and if so, how she manages it. Her face always looks so smooth and hair-free.

    I have very, very sensitive skin that flares up at the slightest irritation. I tried depilatory cream, but it irritates my skin too much, and makes me break out. Plus, the hair still grows back fairly quickly, so it’s not really worth the pain and acne flare ups.

    I would like to get the hang of facial hair waxing at home for sensitive skin. If anyone in the Muggie community has any tips, or if the beauty mavens on here could do an article/tutorial on the topic, I would greatly appreciate it.


    (aka Hairy in Idaho)

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    Hi I hear ya in the hair dept too I go and get a full body wax every month because I don’t have the patience to do it myself good for you to do it yourself.

    I don’t get my face waxed because I have sensitive skin and the wax causes me more acne. My esthetician doesnt use wax on the face either she says it causes the face to lose its elasticity over time and becomes droopy. I get threading done its fast and inexpensive
    eyebrows and upper lip usually cost $7 and a whole face can be $10-12 and it lasts for about 2 weeks
    It’s actually not hard to learn either I do my own now

    I hope this helps

    Rehana :)

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    Agreed! I don’t do body waxing..although I would love too if I ever get the nerve. I’ve tried once before but after the second strip I couldn’t pull hard enough because I was nervous of the pain, which really just made it worse. Also, it seems not too long ago I’ve been getting noticeable facial hair I’ve been trying to take care of.

    I’ve tried those warm in your hand wax strips for my upper lip, but I don’t really think they work that well. I go to the salon for my brows, and pluck the few little creepers on my chin. I know I could do this all on my own at home, but I’m just so afraid!

    So…what’s the best?

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    Awesome, thanks ladies!

    That makes sense that waxing might make you lose elasticity over time. Sounds like it’s best kept for the legs and bikini area, then.

    I’ve heard about threading, Rehana, and I’m trying to find a place that offers it around here. But a lot of women I’ve talked to have never heard of it. That’s the bummer about living in a small town. :-?

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    Hi, I would like a tutorial and reviews on this topic :-). I have been using facial hair removing creams and I know that Olay has one out right now and I would like to know if it works better.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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