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    I KNOW It’s not GREAT…but I look like I just returned from 10 weeks living underground…..Please what makeup is gym wearable????


    None, IMO.

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    I like to mix my favorite foundation with a little bit of primer and moisturizer to create my own/the ultimate BB Cream. Then I add a tiny bit of bronzer on my face with some mascara and I’m good to go. I know some people think it is really bad to wear makeup to the gym but I just want a little bit of coverage and I make sure I wash my face after sweating. If it makes you feel better that is what is important.


    OMG! Make up in the gym? Are you kidding? You’re going to the gym for a workout and not to show off your make up.

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    Mom c’mon…. what are you doing on Makeup Geek????


    First of all, I’m too young for being mom. And second, I’m very addicted to sport so I noticed some girls in the gym come there just to show off and not to workout and this is silly. If you’re one of those then just don’t go there. You can go to the club and wear whatever make up as you want. Make up in the gym is not appropriate. Your foundation will block your pores and if you’re sweating through that foundation imagine how your skin would feel.

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    I’m sorry my comment has such a profound effect on you. I thought a forum was an “open” platform for questions , not for the judgement of questions.  Saying “makeup will clog pores” would have  answered my question   I don’t remember asking anything about “why do  I go  to a gym?”


    It’s my opinion I don’t judge anyone. And again I’m very serious about sport so maybe my comment was tough. It just so annoying when I see those dolls in the gym and they are just occupying equipment and start talking by phone and you need to wait them. Ahhh!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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