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    Google your first name and the word “needs.” For example, “Eric needs.” Record the first ten things that come up. Here’s mine:

    1. Odette needs a kidney transplant :( (not that funny)


    3.  Odette needs love!!!

    4. odette needs to reject the patriarchy

    5. odette needs a mama sometimes too

    6. Princess Odette needs Mattel Barbie of Swan Lake Ken as Prince Daniel!

    7. Odette Needs You!

    8. Odette needs a companion cat

    9. Odette needs you to pick up some rice from the Gemini Store

    10. odette cannot deal and needs a hug



    1: catherine needs a slice of life

    2: catherine needs to get laid   (lol)

    3: catherine needs  a uk address and phone number ?

    4: catherine needs your formal wear

    5: catherine needs white pages

    6: catherine needs  an office

    7: catherine needs  a share in arlington

    8: catherine needs  a csi fanfic     ??

    9: catherine needs a new game +mode without puzzles

    10: catherine needs a fence


    hmmm i’m not sure i need all of these. or know what half of these are ?


    1. marlene needs a hero

    2.  marlene needs a hero

    3.  marlene needs a hero

    ( i guess i really need a hero)

    4. marlene needs no ghosts to haunt

    5. marlene needs iowa

    6.marlene needs us

    7.marlene needs our help

    8. marlene needs facebook

    9. marlene needs to have them all removed

    10. marlene needs a   liver transplant


    I also found a love poem for the actress Marlene but it didn’t have “marlene needs”. It was quite flattering though


    1. briana needs a nap

    2. briana needs a bike fund

    3. briana needs prayers – – – this one looked real sad :[

    4. briana needs a good rubdown – – – omg this one was listed as a hardcore sex video idk…

    5. briana needs a straw


    @ briana for #4 SURPRISE! just pretend it’s a back rub or something


    and what makes rice from the gemini store special?


    1) Shelly Needs To STOP Referring To Herself In The Third Person
    (But I don’t do that! ;))

    2) Shelly Needs a Loving Owner
    (This was a cat adoption notice. I (heart) cats!)

    3) URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Shelly needs help!
    (About a sick male guinea pig whose full name is Sheldon. Not sure if he made it.)

    4) Shelly Needs (Facebook profile)

    5) Shelley Argent needs your help. (Facebook page)
    (FYI: I do not spell my name with the extra “e”, and it annoys me when people do.)

    6) Shelly Needs Profiles (Facebook search)

    (July 2009 Youtube video of a girl trying to help her friend.)

    8) Shelly NEEDS love.
    (April 2010 Youtube video featuring a girl putting her kitty named Shelly up for adoption as she was moving and couldn’t keep her. I hope Shelly the Cat is in a loving home now.)

    9) Shelly needs to go to sleep!
    (January 2012 Youtube video.)

    10) uberent.com • View topic – Shelly needs a casttime
    (I have no idea what this one is about.)

    Profile photo of michellerenee

    1) Michelle needs a sugar daddy

    2) Michelle needs to keep her legs closed

    3) Michelle needs everyone to work harder

    4) Michelle needs to poop in 4 different languages.

    I think the last one is my favorite!

    Profile photo of Maggie Ascencio

    Maggie needs:

    1. An alibi

    2. A man- whore ( gross!!)

    3. A good home on Vimeo

    4. Glasses

    5. A home

    6. New shoes (most definitely)

    7. Her meds (ironic since I’m a psychotherapist)

    8. A home near Sacramento, CA

    9. A diagnosis (lol!)

    10. Numbers on Facebook :/

    The shoes one was definitely my favorite!

    Profile photo of EdAj77

    This thread made me laugh…..Here it goes

    1. Jade Needs…you (Facebook)

    2. Jade Needs…Mental help really bad… <–made me laugh

    3. Jade Needs…a doctor

    4. Jade Needs…privacy

    5. Jade Needs…manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters

    6. Jade Needs…her father as much as I need her

    7. Jade Needs…to make for me…???

    8. Jade Needs…your help, please ; )

    9. Jade Needs…some polish

    10. Jade Needs…a pee


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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