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    I was interested in some of your things but the huge run-on sentence was way too hard to read. Maybe consider the return key and some punctuation? You have good stuff but the set up was awful!


    As I said it was my first sale and I typed it up on my iPhone It is not a best grammor competition and your comment was hurtful and wounding I am a 16 year old orphaned  girl trying to pay her bills so please do refrain from insults , insults are one of the main causes of teen suicide these days ,

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    She clearly wasn’t saying it to be hurtful, she was trying to help. She’s right – it’s so hard to read that I quit reading halfway through. She was pointing it out because if it were easier to read, you’d probably be able to sell more. No need to play victim, she was trying to help.

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    I did not insult you, I complimented your items and simply asked for a more clear description. If someone has a victim mentality they can turn anything into an insult. Take care.

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    Your just having problems everywhere you go…maybe, just maybe it isnt everyone else. Not trying to be hurtful but when your rude to people, even if they are rude to you first, they and others who read all the comments are less likely to want to do business with you. Me included. Also, I wouldnt run around telling everyone that your 16. For one thing, a great deal of people dont want to conduct business with a child and for two you cant legally enter into a contract with a minor. Just saying…


    *sighs* I am not in a “victim ” mentality or am I trying to be rude iI am not a child I have been doing business since I’ve been 6  years old I am only a girl trying to pay the bills like everyone else so if you think that’s wrong go ahead and as I had previously stated that was my first blog sale usually I  eBay and my auctions on there are pretty much  the same  kind  of set up and who said anything about entering into a contract this is not a murder trial or court appearance this is just a simple blog sale I am not trying to be “rude ” or hurtful in any way I live in apartments where lj is blocked on the office computers and I do not have a computer    so  is mg so most of my typing Is done on my cell phone so that is why I don’t have time for proper. Grammar  so please try to understand  and  not be negative on my posts thanks

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    Oh my that is a sad story, I feel so bad for you:(. Did you have to quit school and get a job to start paying the bills?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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