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    Those of you who have depotted  your NYX Jumbo eyepencils, how is it to your colours? how is the texture? is it like cream eyeliners? (or the gel once?) do you use inexpencive eyeliners to dip in to it for the waterline for exemble?

    I was thinking on depoting mine but then i started thinking, will i have to go and buy a kohl pencil to dip in to the depotted Nyx Jumbo colour?

    hope for some response


    make up artist and make up geek :D


    Hi, I have depotted my NYX jumbo pencils, they are the same texture to me maybe a tad dryer. Which I like since they tend to be very creamy. I use more colors now that they are in clear containers I see them better when going for bases. Better than when they were all black and white. I don’t use them as liner since they need to be set with powder they are quite creamy. I’ve tried with the black once and ended up with raccoon eyes. Just a note if you depot them do it in a room where there is no carpet the pencils get really hot (even holding it with another tool) and I dropped the orange on my carpet took three shampoos to get the spot up. My hand also started to cramp up holding the dryer and pliers at the same time.

    Hope that helps


    thanks for the tip.

    I was wondering about this because in school we only got the jumbo pencils for base and for waterlining. That’s why i was asking about whether it works as a cream/gel liner in the waterline so i dont have to sharpen the pencil every time i do a make up on different person or do i need to get the NYX slide on pencil for the waterline ? (for now i want to stick to NYX product ).

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    I don’t use them as liner since they need to be set with powder they are quite creamy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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