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    any advice for naturally curly hair?


    there really isn’t much you can do. comb it if you have a lot of tangles, only brush it before shampooing, try to let air dry with mousse in it. right now i have dove curls+care mousse that i like. and i use aussie tizz no frizz hair gel sometimes. i only wash it like 2-3 times a week.

    just make sure you try to take care of it as best you can, use minimal heat and hair dye, get hair cuts kinda often.

    oh and if you have damaged hair you can use vitamin e oil and/or olive oil in it. but thats tricky and messy lol i’d google some strategies for that.

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    I completely disagree, there’s so much a curly girl can do for her natural locks.

    But before I can give any real advice I’d need to know what the actually issue is to begin with. You say you’ve tried every product recommended but don’t actually mention what kind of things you’ve tried or what the actual issue is you’re struggling with. Also, what’s your wash/care routine? And, what curl type are you?

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    Joico K-pac treatments

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    I agree with Aro on this!  Curly hair can be very versatile once you know how to care for it, style it, and cut it.  I’m not sure what issues you are having with your hair, but one thing that seems to work with a lot of curly hair types and helped me was to style it with a mixture of conditioner and gel.  It makes a huge difference if you mix the two and apply, instead of applying each product separately.  It defined my hair a LOT without making it crunchy.  However… if you have looser curls/finer hair you might have to adjust it to be a light conditioner and light hold gel.


    I have curly hair and I just use tresemme flawless curls line and it is amazing. I just use their mousse and hair spray and diffuser. Hope this helps

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    Taking care of your hair totally depends on the type of hair you have, your lifestyle, food-habits, and the kind of styling products you dip them in. Still, to put it straight, natural ingredients are the best way to get beautiful and healthy hair.

    Natural products help to reduce dandruff problems, cure hair breakage hair fall, and getting rid of dull and unhealthy hair becidel.

    Multi-vitamin in your food habits like, intake of more and greener vegetables, broccoli, milk, oats and walnuts is a must in your diet, and also exercise is very important to get naturally healthy hair.

    Along with your diet basic hair care is also necessary, like head message, hair spa, hair packs, and oiling; this helps the hair to be strong and healthy

    To regenerate the scalp and provide needed protection, castor oil is also a very good ingredient for healthy hair.

    You can also consult to a Hair Expert for more Hair Care Tips.

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    I second the recommendation on tresemme’s flawless curls products. They’ve even made a bunch of videos on curly hair tips and styles. They’re like really on their curly hair game.  http://www.tresstylestudio.com/videos/what's-my-hair-type-%7C-curly

    Hope that helps!

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    try GLISS shampoo with seven nutrient oils and liquid Keratin.. Liquid Keratin really helps straighten up the hair.. or you can also get a liquid keratin treatment..

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    I would suggest reading Curly Girl: The Handbook.  It has all sorts of tips and tricks to keep any kind of curly hair (i.e. super curly to just wavy)  looking healthy and frizz free.  A co-worker of mine has naturally curly hair and swears by this book.



    OIL OIL OIL !!! The Best thing to do is Oil your hair and then wash them. don’t wash without oiling first. You wont imagine how beautiful and shiny and elastic your hair feel after that. then go with any style you want. they will mould very easily in any style you want and feel so controlled soft and lustrous

    see how to oil your hair properly here   http://haseena-k.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-oil-your-hair.html


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    Use “DevaCurl No-Poo” it is best for curly hair because it is sulfate-free. Sulfates can be drying and damaging to the hair. Use of sulfate-free shampoo will make such a huge difference in your curls.

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    you know somebody suggested to comb your hair, but I would highly advise you not to ESPECIALLY when dry. I always suggest to use your fingers, because it is a gentle method and pretty much does the same job. Also, regarding hair products, there are sooooo many out there and it depends on several factors! Check out my site for some helpful information – http://groyofro.com/ , or feel free to comment back here and I’ll reply! Also, would love to help, please let me know what kind of hair type you have and it’s porosity??

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    Moisture moisture moisture! Curls are naturally dry so they need a lot of moisture. I have found that using gels and mousses in limited quantities helps because they are drying.
    I personally like Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner by Herbal Essences. I only use the shampoo once or twice a week though and conditioner much more often. And use a leave in conditioner while the hair is still damp (but not sopping wet) to hold in the moisture.

    I personally disagree about combing. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb and have never had an issue and I have very tight curls. I do agree to not comb while dry and never use a brush.

    Once or twice a week, you can lessen this once your hair gets a little more cooperative, I do a coconut oil treatment (olive oil also works but it’s a lot messier). Avoiding the roots, put coconut oil all over your hair and focus on the ends. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes and then wash it out (if necessary, use a little shampoo to get all the oil out. If you use shampoo, make sure to condition a little afterwards). Soon you’ll find your hair shinier, easier to manage, and less prone to breakage!


    I also have very curly hair thats very frizzy, they best way for me is to wash your hair every other day, using both shampoo and conditioner. After your done showering wrap your hair in a towel for about 5-10 minutes.  Then take the Fizz-Ease Take Charge Curl-Boosting Mousse and flip your hair over and work it in, then take a diffuser and dry your hair.  This really works for me, my hair is less frizzy and never falls flat.  Hope this helped!!

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