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    so i wanted to color my hair a dark red before school starts again at home with box color,  something along the lines of this shade of red


    But i bleached my hair about 4 months ago to a fairly like blonde like in my prof. picture but more of an even color my end arent as dark anymore and its a bit lighter but the thing is since then my roots have grown in  about two inches and they’re fairly dark along the line of something like this color
    and im worried about how it might turn out and ideas

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    Do you have a local Sally Beauty Supply? I would suggest you go in there and get a red protein filler. Your hair is made of keratin which is protein. When you bleach it, you lose keratin and protein, which is what causes damage and such. So using the protein filler evens the hair out, and makes all the holes fill up. It makes your color more even. You get the filler and put it on the hair, let it sit for the time it tells you. Then dye your hair as normal but I would suggest applying the dye to your darker roots first. You can also mix some filler into your haircolor if you like for extra protection.

    If your afraid the filler will change the red of your haircolor, you can also buy clear.

    Hope I helped some! If you have more questions you can pm me =)

    Xoxox Rynne

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    so i bought my hair dye, but it says its for darker hair, and i don’t want my hair to turn orange, and i dont have a store where i can buy a filler,
    my sister suggested that i should color my hair a darker shade of brown first would that work out  ?


    I think it would be much easier to simply go to a salon and get it done professionally.

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    i dont have the money to go to a salon, thats why im asking and getting opinons.
    considering i already bought the hair and i dont have a store where i can get the filler and the fact that the hair dye is for darker hair and i bleach all my natural color out,  to prevent my hair from going orange my sister suggested that i dye it darker closer to my natural color.
    i was just wondering if thats a good idea


    what brand dye did you buy? i bought the red highlights for dark hair from l’oreal at sallys. before i bleached my hair and it was a bit darker than your hair and it still faded to orange. try the granier fructis color in R3. its a gorgeous deep red color and lasted a long time on  my bleached hair. i originally have black hair. when bleach it went to a dark blonde like this. then i did the loreal red highlights for dark hair and it turned out  like rihanna red, then i did the R3 a couple months later and it turned out like this. I dont know if you could prevent it from turning orange though. the dark red has faded to a coppery brown. its not horrific but its not beautiful either..

    hopefully i helped you in some way and good luck with your red hair! if you need any tips with red hair let me know. i have been red for all of 2012 so far :)

    take care :)

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    I think you should dye your hair a light brown first, or something closer to your natural hair color, and then use the red hair dye.

    I dyed my hair red from a light brown color using John Frieda 3VR Deep Cherry Brown, and it still turns out pretty red.

    You can kind of see it in my avatar :P

    Anyway, I hope everything turns out well for you!

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    Well, i died my hair brown and red with garnier  color creme.
    I died it first a dark brown, close to my roots, and it was almost black.
    waited a day, than colored it a dark intense red.
    it turned out okay and the way i wanted it to, a nice dark red.
    And now 2 weeks later, my hair is all a light brown color, and my roots are red, because the dye  literally washed out of my hair so i have to color it red again, but thank you for all the advice :) it helped  a lot.

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    I was dying my hair red over bleached hair last year, and in my experience, it ALWAYS washed out- so you’ll probably have to keep re-dying  . . . forever.  But it’ll stay longer if you wash your hair less and if, when you do wash it, you use cold water.

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