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    Can Castor oil will help your eyelashes?


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    castor oil suppose to thicken your lashes!

    Marlena did a great DIY leash serum, check it out


    Hope that helps! ;)

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    mix it with Vaseline n  it will make your lashes thicker & longer& stronger

    but by it self only makes them a bit longer  but not thicker


    I like Lash Booster from Physicians Formula. It works great. I had bad experience with lash extension few years ego and after that my lashes just stopped growing in the outer corner. I’ve tried castor oil but it didn’t worked. And few weeks ago I’ve tried this lash booster and I was very skeptical about it. But this thing helped me to grow my lashes and I’ve noticed it after a few days of using. By the way this booster has three shades: clear and black/brown  so it is an eyeliner.

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    mix it with some moroccan oil. It’s nourishing and my lashes definitely had more volume and thicker :)

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    castor oil mix with Vaseline and vitamin e will moisturize eyelashes well. It is a little sticky solution and make sure to apply a little bit and fully rinse it off in the morning, otherwise makeup will slide off. I used different types of DIY eyelashes serums before to settle with Fysiko eyelash serum, which worked the best for me. http://fysikolashes.com/fysiko-eyelash-serum-reviews/fysiko-eyelash-serum-before-and-after-pictures/

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    Castor oil and coconut oil mix is also great!

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    Yes, apply castor oil or Vaseline on your eyelid and eyelashes every night before bed time, and wash it off the nest morning. Do this every night consistently.

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    Castor oil will help your eyelashes to grow but I think you’ll see better results from an eyelash enhancer serum.

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    Well, castor oil and vaseline only care for your lashes, moisturize  them so they look better…but won’t make them grow. I think a serum would be better. Has anybody used Realash? It’s cheaper than other serums. I think I will order it tomorrow. :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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