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    For me, I don’t like it when women don’t set their makeup with a finishing powder or spray. If you’re going to do something, see it totally through!

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    I hate when people where just lip liner! I hate it..it reminds me of like a drag queen! And It’s frustrating when people who don’t know what they’re doing make tutorials! It’s like, I totally understand if this is what you want to do, and you want to teach people how to do makeup, but you should learn first! You’re not doing any good if you don’t know what you yourself are talking about.. I also hate when people use they’re brush wrong/badly, or when they waste expensive makeup!

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    hmm the 80,s inspired one color of blue all over the lid look, running lip liner , and thick black eyeliner on older women,  cakey foundation , wrong color of foundation just to name a few and i am unfortunately guilty of the blue eyeshaddow ( as a teen), the too thick black liner when i mess up my liner and try(lol) to fix it, and i have had some troubles with matching my foundation from time to time .    But hey nobody’s perfect and it is a learning process

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    in response to the nikki minaj photo LOL too funny

    I dont like her look or style at all YUCK

    she might be pretty under all that > ?

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    My biggest pet peeves:

    1.  Drawn on eyebrows.  While I’m a little jealous of those who can look surprised one day, and angry the next, I can’t say I would take this route to do it.  It’s rare this looks good (there are a couple of exceptions).  It also bugs me when one of my friends fills hers in, but she doesn’t properly follow the natural line of her brow.  Makes me want to come at her with powder to fill them in properly.

    2.  Uneven wings.  It’s tough to get these just right.  I spend a lot of time making sure mine match up.  If you can’t do a reasonable job, wipe off one and try again, or spend some time practicing at home.

    3.  White line.  That line between the lashes and the pencil line someone has tried and failed at drawing on.  Use an angled brush with a liquid liner or gel liner.  There really is no excuse.

    4.  Mascara spots on eyelids.  Like, you must notice this when you go out, right?  Break out a q-tip and fix that or add more eyeshadow.

    5.  Misplaced and unblended eyeshadow.  You really need to know the shape of your eye and what is going to enhance it.  Some girls fall short and seem to just focus the color (unblended, might I add) on the lid.  Blend it up, geeze!  Also, lighter on the inner half and dark on the outer half unblended.  Takes a few seconds.  Make the time.

    6.  Matching makeup to clothes.  In the right place, at the right time, this can work.  For instance, a red dress with a red lip.  Classic.  Sexy.  Khaki green eyeshadow with khaki pants?  Not so much.

    7.  Shimmer on mature skin.  I’m not all that old, but I find that cream shimmer/highlighter on my cheeks just looks terrible.  I’m fairly devoid of wrinkles in that area for now, but it only looks worse with age.  Use a powder highlighter sparingly or none at all.

    8.  No makeup at all.  Let me explain before everyone gets upset.  I work in an office setting where the ladies are all dressed to the nines.  Hair all perfectly colored and styled, high heels, nice clothes.  Not a stitch of makeup.  It makes them look naked and unfinished.  If you’re going to take the time with every other aspect of your appearance, slap on a little mascara and lip gloss at least.

    I think those might be the biggest ones.


    this post really annoys me. i think that obviously it’s really mean and unnecessary. if someone is wearing something and looking gross, which i agree can happen, then maybe they just don’t know or can’t do better. don’t you think that if someone could look so perfect and gorgeous in every which way every moment of every day they would? jeez.

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    I did not know I was rocking a reverse raccoon until I saw a picture of myself taken with a flash.  My concealer was way too light.

    To fix this problem and to make sure I was using an appropriate color concealer,  I took a picture of myself with a flash before I left the house.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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