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    OK…let me START by saying that I believe makeup is all about your personal preference. Have fun, do what you like, try new things..because hey, it washes off! :) lol


    That being said, here are my PERSONAL pet peeves:

    wrong shade of foundation

    I dont’ care if it’s too light for you or too dark…MOST ppl need to match their NECK…that’s how you dont get that awful line. I do NOT believe in putting foundation on your neck every day….if you’re doing a photo shoot or on camera, then it is necessary….but to walk around every day? PLEASE just match your neck!!!! No, you don’t need to go darker because you feel too pale..that’s what either A. BRONZER or B. SELF TANNER are for….use them. If you’re not sure, ask an actual professional, please!


    I am a total fan of bronzer. I wear it every single day….but the PLACEMENT of it  all depends on your face shape and if you want to contour ( I prefer MATTE bronzer so sometimes i DO contour with it). IMO, Bronzer is NOT meant to be put all over your face/neck alla JERSEYLICIOUS…LOVE LOVE LOVE that show but if you look at the first season till now? THEY”VE LEARNED…lol



    Before I get yelled at, let me explain. LOVE THEM! :) If you want to wear them every day, go right ahead, but PLEASE learn how and where they go…also, please please please please learn how to blend YOUR lashes with the fake ones….no matter how dramatic or natural of fake lashes I use, you can NEVER see the separation…


    Fill your entire lip in..enough said.



    FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!! Dramatic eyes or lips can be absolutely beautiful (um i do dramatic eyes every day..its’ just me)…but the rest of your face is just as important! Cant’ find the right red lip? Probably because you don’t have foundation on so you think it just makes your face look bad….well yeah, if you don’t even out your foundation, it will ;)


    As someone who has been in this industry for as many years as I have, I can say that I am ALWAYS learning….for this industry and it’s products, ingredients, techniques, etc, are ALWAYS changing! I pride myself on what I DO know, and if i’m not sure of something, I dont’ speak to it without doing research first. Its SO frustrating to have someone ask me what they need or what looks best, and when I try to help they say the exact opposite….REALLY?!?! Then WHY are you asking me? Don’t waste my time if you already know everything…. (yes, thats sarcasm LOL)


    If you are doing them, PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! It’s why I started watching Marlena to begin with…i found so so so so so so many ppl who had NO FRICKEN CLUE about colors, brushes, application tips, etc….I can appreciate that you love makeup and have a passion for this, but keep your opinions to yourself unless you truly know what you are talking about. NO, that doesn’t mean you have to have gone to school….it means that you should know how to use products, brushes, etc….it kills me that some people are getting sent product to do reviews on who really don’t understand how to do a review…but for some reason they have a million followers…i am totally confused about it…

    *********OK that last one was a total rant….i thank you in advance for not judging me on it! :) lol This is the first time I have every vented about them and I would NEVER leave a post/comment for someone unless they specifically asked me to….I appreciate that ppl love something enough to do this, but it also frustrates me when someone leaves either a super negative reveiew or super positive review on a product/brush/etc that they obviously have NO CLUE what its about…do your research, LEARN about this art, because it IS an art….then share your opinion…ok i’m done ranting…again, thanks for understanding, and i’m sorry if i offended anyone as that was NOT my intention********

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    lol on all the comments.. but yes i hate girls with caked on foundation that cracks here and there and looks like painted.. hate it..

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    My pet peeve can be commited with or without the help of makeup. I absolutely hate when women shape their eyebrows like commas! Not once have i seen this look flatter a face. Yikes!!

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    The thing that bothers me the most is bad foundation either too dark, not blended, or just generally cakey.

    On a related note i was on the train on the way to work one morning and there was a girl applying makeup on the train, she pulls out her powder compact and to apply it and inside the compact she had a TISSUE that was all ragged and worn and then she started to use it to rub powder on her face….

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    oh and i forgot theres this lady at work. she is so lovely…but she wears her eyeshadow light in the inner half of the eye and dark on the outer but theres just a stark line dividing the colours…. i just want to go up to her and blend them for her….


    When women/men only wear foundation. I hate it because usually always cakey and too light.

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    1. Lipstick. – Okay, this one is purely a personal thing. Other people can pull off the look of lipstick, I however, have not been blessed with that ability. :( My lips are too dry, and even when I exfoliate them and use a lip balm before hand, my lips will continue to get dry and flaky and just… ew. Gross. Can’t do it, so I never use lipstick. I am a lip gloss or just plain chapstick girl all the way!

    2. Seriously penciled eyebrows – I fill in my eyebrows, and I’m sure most women do… but girl, when it looks like you used a Sharpie to draw on your brows this morning, it’s just not right.

    3. Non-matching foundation – This has happened to the best of us at one time or another… too dark, and you look like a Jersey Shore cast-member wannabe; too light, and you just look sick. Now I am not saying that fair skin is not beautiful, because it IS (I really wish I had lighter hair and skin sometimes!), but when it’s not your natural color… please don’t do it.


    Sometimes we all just need to take a couple steps back from the mirror and really evaluate our makeup techniques, ladies! I will be the first to admit I probably wear too much foundation sometimes or too much bronzer – that’s the beauty about makeup though, we always get to start over the next day ;)


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    Lip liner on the outside of the lips and empty in the middle.  And super thin brows.

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    I glad that this topic is up, I sure have seen many makeup failure especially this year of the years.

    1. Unblended eyeshadow, when I started my spring semester this year there was this girl in my class who did not blend her eyeshadow at all, you can tell cause wast here were too many harsh lines.

    2. Overly worn lashes, once again in class there was this girl (different person) who got her lashes done but kept them on for wayyyy too long, I mean they were clearly falling and hanging onto her actual lashes and she also tried to curl them but that just made it worst.

    3. Cakey foundation, all I gotta say its why?

    4. Lipstick out the lines, I noticed it bothered a lot of people and I have to agree with all of you on it does not name your lips look bigger but messy.just to add to this obviously dark lip liner doesn’t help as well.

    finally 5. I have some foundations that are  a tad too light or too dark so what your do mix them. I hate it when wrongfully colored foundation is applied especially when it isn’t blended because you can clearly see a harsh line and it drives me nuts. I just want to approach the person impersonate enthuse up artist and ask if I can give them some makeup advice and tips to a nice natural looking face.

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    I guess I find it a pet peeve when people don’t see the beauty in front of them without makeup.  It is easy to cover and hide vs. enhance. It has less to do with amount or style then the attitude with which one carries their look. There is nothing less attractive then an attractive woman not knowing how beautiful she is and trying to make up for it with makeup.

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    My biggest pet peeve is when someone goes through the effort of putting on a full face of make up but stops short of applying mascara.

    It’s amazing to me how a good mascara can pull a look together and make it complete.

    I am sure there are some people that can’t wear it for various reasons and that could be a idea for a tutorial video for helpfull hits for those who can’t wear mascara.



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    My biggest makeup pet peeves:

    1) Girls who don’t make sure their foundation and powder are blended around their nose. Very much bugs me when there is a crease and you can see the bare skin under what is literally a layer of product around their nose.

    2) Eye shadow that goes all the way up to eyebrows. Unless it’s a highlight color and “barely there” effect – I really think it shouldn’t be there. So many times I’ve seen girls with silver or super shimmery white all the way up. That kind of thing belongs only in High Fashion. I mean…it wasn’t cute in the 80’s and it still isn’t ;)

    3) Un-primed eyes for eye shadow. The colors are nearly transparent and patchy.

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    I’d say my biggest makeup pet peeve isn’t specific, but conceptual.  It bothers the crud out of me when I see someone obviously using makeup to be someone they aren’t, often desperately trying to pull off a look that obviously isn’t them.  You’ve seen them; they obviously want to look like Snooki, or going for a generic blonde bimbo look, or whatever.

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    I agree with the too much bronzer/blush. It looks completely fake.

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    I’m jusst gonna say: You can do a smokey eye with more than black, peeps. It doesn’t look good on everyone! Try a purple or a brown… I’ve even see a redhead rock an Olive smokey eye- without looking like Christmas!

    Also, the lipstick outside the lines. Honestly, it looks messy. There are other ways… right?

    Also, sharpie eyebrows like this ^^ every day. Some people it works on… others just look constantly surprised.

    Last thing: Gorgeous girls with curly dark eyelashes, putting on Lashblast, Falsies, Laha Stilletto, etc. until there lashes touch their eyebrows. IT looks unnatural!

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