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    i also hate that, but it isnt so much when other people do it….. its that I DO IT!! I am not really an amateur or anything, but i just CANNOT manage this task! i have even tried sharpening the pencil. i guess i hate it when the eyeliner crumples on my lashes from getting it so close… any tips? or am i just dumb here lol



    How are you applying the liner? Try using the side of the pencil instead of the tip.


    I’m with calbear on this one, I can not stand it when people line their lips with a really dark shade or a color that stands out from the color they use to fill in their lips.


    When people have liquid eyeliner with the flicks pointing at different angles!


    Pronouncing products that we carry incorrectly. “Do you have Laura Mer-cer?” It’s pronounced Mer-si-yay. I understand a lot of the foreign companies have complicated names, but it’s a guess it’s just a gigantic pet peeve since I work  with them constantly.

    Another is the Kim Kardashian concealer fad. We have these several young ladies who come in with WHITE concealer in triangle under eye area. My guess is NC40/NW25, but white concealer. Drives me up the waaaaaaaaall. I want to attack them with makeup wipes.

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    Young girls who cover up their beautiful, youthful skin everyday with a full face of make-up instead of spot concealing, which adds years to their look.

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    The use of dark lip liner or black eyeliner on the lips.  Makeup is meant to accentuate, not eliminate, your beauty.  I happen to think that colors, no matter what shades, can be used in an artistic way.  This does not mean that you should forgo blending.  However, when makeup is used in such a way that is unflattering, people need to recognize.

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    Where to begin…

    1.  I really don’t like young girls using black liner in their waterline. All I see are black holes instead of beautiful eyes.

    2.  Too much powder on dry…old…skin.

    3.  Too much shimmer on older skin. ( I am older, so I know what i”m talking about. :-)

    4.  No blush, to too much blush.

    5.  Too pale of lips. Not loving the wine, 80’s inspired lips right now, but I do like a toned done variety.

    6.  Lack of blending

    7. Foundation lines…as bad a panty lines!

    8.  Racoon eyes…I’ve been guilty of this. I love B.E. Well-Rested, but those minerals can sure glow in the – uh – camera lights!

    9.  Well-done face that forget the lips.

    10. Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer everywhere. Ugh.

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    I hate it when someone has super caked on foundation, and raccoon eyes as well.. but the absolute worst is when someone sharpies in their eyebrows.

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    You mean like this orsolyax ?

    GEESH !… reading all these replies just leads me to think i missed a few things…. my list just got longer !


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    I’m sure everyone is guilty of one of these make-up don’ts. For those who chose to apply make-up everyday, I think it is a matter of personal taste and what makes you feel beautiful. I feel kinda bad with the pictures of those ladies posted because I’m sure they felt beautiful at that moment. I know I myself am not the greatest at applying make-up because I don’t wear it a lot….The full face photos could’ve been left out….no one is perfect.

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    Spider lashes

    Reverse-raccoon eyes

    Unflattering blush color (clown red isn’t sexy on anyone!)

    Shimmery bronzer as contour…this makes me laugh more than anything!


    Semi-related, but I can’t STAND when I see a “makeup artist” on youtube doing something disgustingly unsanitary or using a brush wrong. I remember seeing one video where a girl was reviewing a fan brush, and she was like “it doesn’t apply blush very well so I am giving it a bad review”. I was like are you kidding me?! D:

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    i think its funny when people try to tell others how to wear makeup when they cake it on themselves. Also when they use their summer shades in the dead winter. I live in minnesota so summer is way way way darker then the winter. most people are pale white and super tan in the summer. I try to do all differnt colors and styles with eye shadow and eye liner when i have time. My friends make fun of me for it and also put me down because i have every color eye shadow and eye liner. I’m not good with the camera stuff so I don’t know if I will ever make any of them on here. It bothers me also when people leave skin between their lash line and eye liner and clumpy mascara! Bright red lip stick with extremely yellow teeth. YUCK! Also extremely pale skin with bright bright red blush! I personally dont like any lip liner. I never have liked it one me or anyone. but that is just me to each their own.. its not horrible but i think its just that one extra step you don’t really need. It might just be the different generations though.


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    Oooh, where to begin? I realise some the pet peeve of some ladies is people like me who embrace my paleness rather than trying to cover it up with too much bronzer and fake tan but actually, that’s one of mine! When people apply so much bronzer and fake tan that they look orange. Yuck! Unblended eyeshadow, very pale lips, brows that are plucked into round shapes or pencilled in really low down and too much blush. I saw someone in the supermarket today and she was kind of orange with bright pink blush all over her cheeks and not blended. It was like a traffic accident. I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t help it! lol

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    …all of this

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