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    We all have seen the poor girl who looks like a circus clown with makeup thats so far off in color that she is either colorblind or on serious drugs… I saw one yesterday and i wanted to run up and tackle her and drag her off the the counter at Macy’s or something…

    But one thing that always just bugs me like crazy is girls who paint outside the lines when doing their nails and dont clean off their cuticles… know what i mean ? for some reason that just drives me nuts !

    I am just curious if others think so also… or whats your pet peeve ?

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    The only thing that really bothers me when it comes to makeup is when a girls eyeliner or lipstick is smudged and on places it shouldn’t be! The worst when when someone gets eyeliner or mascara clumped up in there tear duct – drives me nuts! One of my girlfriends always wore a cat eye and liner in her waterline (pencil for both) and the cat eye would always be uneven and there would be little black clumps in her tear duct. I bought her a bunch of little tissue packets so she could fix that when needed :)

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    Super cake-y foundation.


    I know sooo many women who just plaster as much on as they can.

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    lips lined outside the line- they don’t look bigger, they just look messy.

    too dark lip liner- it’s not pretty

    i’m very picky about eyebrows but i would never say anything to the person about it.


    i am guilty of the nail polish thing. i’ll do a rush job and intend to just scrape off the excess in the shower (it’s a lot easier when your skin is wet) and i just get too pressed for time or forget and have to do it later.



    Mmmh, it’s a tough one. I believe in makeup as a self-expression means, and so I’m probably guilty of things that other people wouldn’t approve of, for example sometimes I like to put on a LOT of blusher and make it the focus point of my look, definitely not natural but I like the effect on my face. This being said, I feel a bit bad commenting on what others decide to do, even if I find it ugly. It’s all about personal taste I guess.

    However I hate hate hate the über heavy clownish 90’s pornstarish look, heavy foundation, too much bronzer, mascara (too much of everything really) and dark lipliner with clear lipgloss on the lips. Makes me want to jump on the person with a wipe.

    Also, lack of blending. Harsh unblended line can be a look and be done on purpose but if you can see that the person sort of blended but did not blend well, it really looks bad IMO.  But hey, I used to be guilty of that before I landed here 4 years ago ;)


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    I hate when people don’t know how to put on false eyelashes the right way but wear them anyway, my sister has a friend who doesn’t trim them before she puts them on her eyes so they don’t fit or they will be glued on up too far or halfway coming off and the girl just leaves it like that.I have seen other people with really bad eyelash applications also. I understand that fake lashes are really tricky when you are first learning but I feel that you should take the time to get it right or don’t wear them out of the house.

    It also gets me when people wear foundation that is way to dark but insist that its “their color”.  I see girls all the time whose foundation is several shades darker than their skin (and the rest of their body!). I had a client that got really mad at me when I tried to apply foundation that actually matched her skin color because she kept saying that she “wasnt’ that white”, she was “naturally tan”, and accused me of “trying to make her too pale”


    I hate to nit pick people, because honestly some women just dont know any better. But there are some things that are just like……………………..are you kidding?

    1. Bad foundation.
    When girls just pick one off the shelf and think it works for them. Especially when they dont even blend it down their jawline and they have a big orange line.

    2. Too much blusher
    Did you even use a brush, or did you just smear the pan on your face? For some looks/face shapes, it works. The rest of the time it looks a crusty mess.

    3.Waterline abuse.
    We all know that girl, smears black liner all over her water line, and then doesnt wash it properly…ever. Especially when thick black hooker liner is the only makeup they wear. At least use some concealer to try  and soften the late-night-on-the-corner look. This really bothers me because otherwise beautiful women ruin/cheapen their whole look by only wearing this and nothing else day in and day out.

    4. Bronzer abuse
    Girls put on the wrong shade foundation, and then put several coats of the wrong bronzer all over their face. Why even bother with foundation then?

    5. Spider Lashes
    If you look like you only have 5 thick lashes, you’re doing it wrong or have a bad formula. This is usually mixed with hooker liner and then never washed properly. The end result makes it seem like you fight a lot or never sleep.

    6. Over done
    Dark, unblended eye shadow, dark dark blusher, patches of bronzer everywhere, hooker liner, spider lashes, and maroon lips. Pick one, all of these things at one time is just so unflattering.

    Sounds a bit harsh, but some of these ladies out here could look so much better if they just took it down a notch, or for Petes sake just had the proper foundation shade.

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    Mine isn’t about what people wear, but actual make-up products.

    1) I can NEVER find a foundation that suits me, I’m really pale with yellow undertones, pale foundations are either too dark for me, or too pink, or just have a really bad formula for my skin, and if I ever find something that looks right it costs a bomb and I can’t afford it. Get it together make up companies! Powders are fine, I have a lovely pressed powder by Maybelline that is perfect, but I want a foundation.

    2) Buying something then having to take it back because when I get it home I find someone’s been messing around with it. For some reason cheaper brands are more concerned with protecting their products than more expensive brands are, (I’m looking at L’oreal here, unlike Model’s Own who shrink wrap everything including their nail polishes.) I have people freely admit to me they see a nail polish, they open it and try it on, then put it back on the shelf for some poor sap to buy after they’ve messed around with it. Now I know why my nail polishes get gloopy so fast. I check things if I can to make sure they’re fine before buying them, as it drives me crazy. (If I can I order online now.) Also people using the actual products instead of the testers to try them out annoys me. Can’t all brands just shrink wrap their stuff or put it in sealed boxes and have done with it?



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    So-called “nude lips” that erase them completely. Can’t say I’m not guilty of this: for a while I convinced myself it looked good on me because it was the latest Youtube craze.


    @Kristen Elena I call them concealer lips. So unflattering!! I never could make them work for me!


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    1. Messy lipstick. When it’s smeared or bleeding all over the place and they try to fix it with their finger. Nasty.

    2. Using the wrong color foundation (usually too dark) and not putting any foundation on your neck. Just horrible.


    Caked on foundation & too dark liplined lips, i.e.

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    1. Too much eyeliner
    2. Cakey, mismatched foundation
    3. Messy lipstick
    4. Too much blush
    5. Chipped nail polish
    6. Unsightly facial hair (upper lip, over-grown eyebrows)
    7. Lipliner that does not match lipstick

    The list goes on and on, LOL


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    It really drives me mad when people use eyeliner but its not drawn really close to the lash line, so you can see a little skin. It’s not really something horrible, but I can’t stop looking and obsessing about it.

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    That bothers me too!

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