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    Hi everyone! So I need help/advise with choosing the best eyeliner for my water line. I have used Gel, Regular, and Gel in pencil form in my water line and nothing seems to ever stay. What should I do? Try? Also…

    I like to smudge some liner under my lower lash line and I always set it with shadow but, an hour or so later there is no more color in my out corner (like if i had been crying,if that makes any sense).

    Please help! Thanks :)


    What specific eyeliners have you tried in your waterline? (And on your lower lashline?)


    I have used MAC kohl liners, UD 47/7 liners, Too Faced liner in perversion, physicians Formula gel liners, MAC fluidlines, And a few more random ones..


    I think that no matter what liner you are using on the waterline it won’t last long anyway, because the surface where we are applying it is wet every time and it is normal. I found that I need to line waterline once and 10-15 mins later, after all make up is done. And if I use bright colors better do touch up every 2 hours. It is just my opinion and what I’ve noticed. Some people have more dry eyes and some of them more wet, we’re all different. So if it is really bother you that everything goes away from waterline I just would do touch ups.


    Thank you for your advise. I figured that is what I would have to do, I was just hoping there was something out there that maybe i didn’t know about.  :)

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    Samidan, like you, I find my eyes are continuously watering (some days worse than others) and leaves a massive gap in my eyeliner. If the priming and/or other liners help – let me know? I do what I can, but it is worse when applying heavy smokey eye make up. :(


    Courtney! I will let you know for sure! Right now I so apply primer under my eye but it still doesn’t help :(

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    You could try to set the liner in your waterline with a small amout of black eyeshadow, be careful not to put shadow in your eye though !
    For the outer corner, no idea, I have exactly the same issue even with primer on !

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    Tarte emphasEYES, $18  This eyeliner has been an all time favorite of mine it is highly pigmented, perfect for creating a dramatic look and never smudges off. It definitely lives up to its long-lasting claim, I put it on around 8am, and when I went to wash my face around 10pm, it was still in tact.



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    I gently run a cotton bud along my waterline so that when I apply product it’s actually going onto skin rather than having a thin wet barrier, then apply Tarte emphasEYES. It’s the only liner I’ve found that stays all day and doesn’t turn into eye corner goop.

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    The Jordana Colour Extend eyeliner in Black Out is brilliant for waterlines – its cheap and easy to find too! I’m on my second pencil in about 6 months, I use it almost every day. You do have to reapply every 3-5 hours, depending on how wet your waterline gets, but I’d recommend it 100%


    Marrymemakeup! Thank you I will defiantly check that out. I love Tarte products. Thank you :)

    Aro! Thanks for the tip I will try that out and see if it helps me. I get so frustrated halfway through my work shift because my makeup is not staying where it should be!

    Misscarrion! I will forsure check out that Jordana pencil! I love finding good drugstore products for cheap :)


    UPDATE! Okay so I went out and purchased the Tart emphasEYES. It doesn’t exactly stay there for very long. It almost looks spotty after awhile. I am going to keep trying it though. I did find that it is a really hard pencil… Not smooth at all.. Did I get a dried out one or something? I would think they would make it really creamy for your waterline and not like a super hard pencil. Any thoughts?


    I just purchased the Kat Von D eyeliner and it is pretty good for the waterline. I do have the black liner but I find outside of the waterline the colour isn’t actually that black. On the water line though I am pretty happy with it. When I get desperate I use a small angled brush with some black cream liner on the waterline. I find if I dab a bit of tissue on my waterline just to dry it out a bit helps before I line it with liner, but be careful not to poke yourself in the eye with the tissue!

    Good luck!

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    Did you warm the liner on the back of your hand before applying it?

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