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    Sorry if there is a topic on this already but I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite is?  I’ve tried the Dr. Jart+,  Smashbox as well as Dr. Brandt.  I think I like the Smashbox the best so far.


    I’ve not tried any, but I do have my eye on Missha Perfect Cover.

    The blog Musings of a Muse has a ton of BB Cream reviews, both Asian and western ones. Most of her reviews of western ones have been less than favourable.

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    Here is a link to a blog in which a girl reviews the Missha Perfect. She states that it darkened her skin for two weeks  after only one use. I guess most of the Asian BB creams are grey tinted because it counteracts the yellow undertones and allows for the appearance of the whitest complexion possible. Western BB creams have warm undertones to add color and a glow to the skin.


    Here’s a thought to ponder. If BB creams originated in Germany, why are people buying Asian BB creams?

    I think I will stick with my tinted moisturizer and sunscreen.


    Here’s a thought to ponder. If BB creams originated in Germany, why are people buying Asian BB creams?

    Because even though they originated in Germany, Asia (particularly Korea, I believe) is where they became popular. BB cream was invented in the 1950s or 60s (depending on your source) and I think may not have been commercially available then.

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    I’ve tried two: Misscha Perfect Cover (which is not more than ok for me) and Garnier’s BB – which clogged my pores in 1 day, doesnt cover anything and doesnt stay.

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    I adore the skin79 pink and gold, with Holika Holika Peach Girl coming in about 3rd. I found the missha perfect cover clogged my fairly sensitive skin. The colors are a great match for me, but I have pale skin with redness from sensitivity, so I find the BB creams tend to soothe that.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to BB cream world – I have mild mild rosacea in mycheeks/nose and my skin is european-fair and pretty oily/sensitive.

    I have been addicted to covering up my rosacea with revlon coloursstay and usually pack on quite a bit (blended nicely) in order to try to hide my rosacea.

    Anyway I have started wearing the Garnier BB cream in oily/combination and it is superb. It goes on so smoothly, smooths over my mild rosacea and with some powder on top, gives me the  No makeup look without looking as bad as i would with really no makeup!

    The only thing to note is that their ‘Fair’ colour is not going to suit super fair/whiteish pale skins – it would throw a peach colour. Also, my skin is quite oily and so even with blotting and powder throughout the day, it can get a bit cakey if you accidentally get a touch too much powder. I suppose your skin was just a ‘normal’ oily/combo it would be perfect.


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    I love Too Faced tinted BB cream. It comes in four different shades, I use and love beach glow. It also works as a great primer. I also use alone for those “no makeup days.” Hope that helps!

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    I have tried the MAC one and like it very much.  It’s great for just a little bit of coverage for some light days.

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    personally i have tried a few western ones and couldnt see the difference between them and tinted moisterisers then i tried the skin79 range and i much prefer it, it actually seems to cover  and work great with a bit of loose powder

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    my personal favourite is from Ettusais

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    I hate Garnier’s “BB Cream,” it has very little coverage, and leaves a shiny mess, the opposite of what I want. I like Missha somewhat, but some of those can feel and look heavy at times. I think my favorite from the few that I have tried is SkinFood it has a more natural color for my European complexion than most Asian creams, but I’m waiting on one from skin79 that I just ordered to try out too.

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    I joined this site so that I could ask people’s opinions about BB Creams. I have used the Smashbox one for a while now in light. I find it great, although it can look a little dry. I don’t wear foundation and this does a great job of covering my acne scars and blemishes. I love that it has 3 spf and no fragrance. I have very sensitive skin. I use it everyday and it looks great in photos too. Very natural but polished. It is pricey though…are there any comparable ones that are cheaper that I’m missing? :)

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    It seems that BB Creams are the new craze in makeup.  Every brand has one.  I would love to see Marlena do a review video similar to the foundation review video.

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    Definitely Naked skin by urban decay.. I use it as a primer mostly but i have noticed my skin looks a lot better.

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