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    hi, i recently found that i must have an allergy to either mascara or eyeliner because i started having inflammation in my eyes( oe more so then the other) with them becoming very red. when i go without makeup it starts to clear up but when i wear makeup by the end of the day it starts to flare up. i have tried not putting eyeliner on my waterline and also making sure i dont get to close with my mascara but i cant be sure that it isnt flakng into my eye during the day. i have tried loreal, revlon,maybelline, almay, tarte and benefit mascaras and maybelline and revlon eyeliners all having the same effect. i dont know which ingredient might be causeing the problem. i was wondering if someone could suggest any brands that my actually be hypoallergentic or are natural ingredients that my not cause such a reaction should it touch my eye. any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    Clinique supposed to be hypoallergentic or maybe try Phisicians Formula


    ok thanks, i’ll check into those. any idea what ingredients to look out for that might cause reactions?


    I have no idea, just google it



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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