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    Hi everyone!

    So I’m coming here for advice because I’m trying to find ways to improve my combination/normal skin . It got really tiring for me to have to wake up and put massive amounts of concealer and foundation on my splotchy acne scars (which are EVERYWHERE), and so, there was a time where I was looking for solutions for scars. I also needed something for my monstrous sized pores.

    Everything, hands down, either did not work, was too expensive to even pick up, or even left me with even more acne everywhere.

    I always heard of people who used oil (yes, OIL) on their face. They didn’t use ordinary cooking oil, but rather, more refined oils from specific herbs. I didn’t personally try it, but I do want to, and I don’t know which one to try.

    Or, are there any non-pricey, non-pore-clogging, scar fading creams out there?

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    What is your current beauty ritual?

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    My current routine is to wash my face in the morning & night, and then moisturize right after I wash my face out. I never moisturize in between the day ( I’m a bit clueless about whether I should or not, because I break out if I moisturize without washing my face first).

    Sorry I didn’t include that earlier O_O


    I am a bit afraid of using home remedies (probably because there’s no label on them lol). I did hear of how lemons were very effective at fading scars, but because I have combination/normal skin (NEVER oily or dry, just in the middle) I get afraid of how dry my skin could possibly be. I break out when it’s too dry, or too oily. (Weird, huh?)

    To be honest, I’m hearing about using eye creams on acne for the first time though.  Hmmm…*is thinking*



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    The oil cleansing method has many fans who swear by it for acne prone skin (Crunchy Betty has a great post titled the Nitty Gritty on the Oil Cleansing Method), but if you’re not comfortable going solo with oil as a cleanser you can always opt for the double cleanse method, in which case I suggest using a gentle chemical exfoliant suitable for daily use (Cosmetics Cop info on the benefits of AHA and BHA). Besides it’s use as a cleanser, there’s a lot who apply oil as a serum or moisturiser step in their routine, or as their acne treatment. There’s such a wide variety of oils, each with its own list of benefits, that you’re really going to need to research it yourself to figure out what’s going to be the best fit for you personally.

    If by cooking oil you mean that nasty mystery oil which offers no idea of origin, I wouldn’t suggest eating it let alone putting it on your skin. That aside, and depending on what oils your local offers, it’s completely possible to find a suitable (carrier) oil at the supermarket for cleansing and moisturising, but essential oils or the more exotic and expensive carrier oils will most probably require a more specialist shop for purchase.

    As for scars, I’d suggest searching eBay for snail cream. I’ve used a few different ones, and they’ve helped heal and fade scars with fantastic success. However, to be fair, I use oils with healing properties and manuka honey on my skin daily, so that could have heightened the effectiveness of the product.

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    Don’t pick at your face, it will only irritate the pores and make the problem worse. Maintain a clean face. A healthy diet high in vitamins won’t hurt either…oh and drink lots of water!

    Make sure to select the right skin pore minimizing cream. To peel away old skin cells apply a lotion containing alpha hydroxyl acids after washing your face.

    Papaya and flax seed oil are also worth trying to improve the appearance of enlarged pores and skin in general.

    Maybe a pore minimizer as well.

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    If your living in the UK you will know about Superdrugs, I just started using a new oil from the Superdrugs own brand for my minor scars from popping spots . It’s called Restoring skin care oil for scars, stretch marks, dehydrated skin and ageing skin. About £6.50, it’s meant to be just like bio oil but cheaper. Don’t know if you can get it shipped, if not look up the ingredients and get a product with similar stuff in it.


    E x

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     Try some natural  tips before used any skin care product.


    ·         Aloe Vera juice applied twice a day can greatly help in healing of the scars of the acne. Aloe Vera juice can be found at most health stores.


    ·         Cucumber is one of the easiest and refreshing treatments used for the treatment of acne and to refresh up the skin. It makes our skin feel looking young. Blend the cucumber into a paste and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it off.


    ·         Paste of sandalwood (chandan) powder with black gram (masoor) dal can be used on facial skin to treat the acne. Keep it overnight and wash it with cold water the next day.


    ·         Tomato can also be used for the treatment of blackheads and to open the pores of the skin. Cut the tomato and rub it on the skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with water. This will reduce open pores and blackheads. This treatment is good particularly for oily skin.


    ·         Make a paste of nutmeg (jaiphal) with unboiled milk and apply on affected area. This works as a wonderful ointment. Pimples disappear without leaving a mark.


    ·         Egg whites are also used to get rid of acne. Apply it on face and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning.


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    I am a big fan of the oil-cleansing method!

    Also, tea tree oil is a great thing to add to your regimen in both treating acne and fading scars. I usually add a little to my cleansing oil, or mix a few drops with a few drops of another oil, like argan or rosehip, and apply as a moisturizer/serum. I have stubborn adult acne, but the only way to fight it seems to be very very gently.

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    I too use the oil cleaning method which goes like this: Rins face with luke warm water to open pores then get eithier extra virgin (first pressed) olive oil or grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, etc. do your research on different oils and whats best for your skin. I use grapeseed oil and wipe it all over my face and rub gently for 30 sec. Then I rinse that off with luke warm water and use my Olay fresh sensations face wash for oily skin and rinse with COOL water to close pores. Then I blot NOT RUB my face and use witch hazel as my astringent.  If you have combo skin use only in your t-zone area. Then I take some organic 100% shea butter with a drop of jojoba oil and use that for  my moisturizer. It has been working great and I just started this new routine about 1 month ago. I could never find the right combination of products for my skin until I started researching things and heard about the  yryTcleansing oil method and using organic products with more oil as your moisturizer.  My skin has fever looked better. My face is super soft, clear and so smooth. When I wear makeup now it looks so smooth and no pores.

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