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Hello Muggies!! Hope you all are doing well! Amber and I are back for this months Monthly Challenge. First, we would like to thank all of you that entered the January Challenge (see the entries here). We were delighted to see each and every one of your entries! You should all give yourselves a round of applause, your looks were wonderful. We hope to see you all again for this months challenge along with a lot of new participants.

This month Amber and I chose Pop Art as the theme. We hope you all are just as excited about this theme as we are! There are so, so many different color combinations, patterns, and overall looks you could do with this challenge we are absolutely on the edge of our seat waiting to see what you will come up with! Incase you aren’t familiar with Pop Art, below is a brief run through including some examples of the movements most popular artists and their work.

Pop Art

Born in Britain, Pop Art began in the mid 1950s, and in America soon to follow. The Pop Art Movement is art inspired by sources in popular and commercial culture such as Hollywood, advertising, comic books, pop music, and packaging. It includes impersonal and everyday mundane objects as it’s subjects.


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol being one of the most well known artists today from this visual art movement, has a large body of work for you to gain inspiration from. He was famous for his commercial illustrations, and became internationally known as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker, record producer, author and from being in cahoots with wildly diverse social circles. Based on the same photograph he created a multitude (over twenty), of silk screen paintings like the one below, of Marilyn Monroe.


soup can




Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein started his artistic career as an abstract expressionist, and radically changed his style into what we all know him by today, a Pop Artist. He is now considered to be one of the most well known Pop Artists. Famous for his use of Benday dots, he created comic books and also did product advertising. He used dynamic bright colors and thick bold lines that portrayed reality as it is seen through mass media and photography. He uses everyday ideas from commercials and advertising.




Roy Lichtenstein - Varoom (1963)

As you can see I only chose two artists to share with you as examples.  However, there is an enormous amount of other Pop Artist you can choose as your inspiration.  This challenge may take an extra bit of research from some of you to find that perfect work of art that will inspire you to create your new makeup look, but we are confident you are up for the task! Use your imagination, be creative and have fun! The creativity potential this challenge holds is limitless, so here is your chance to be dramatic, bold, colorful, daring, whatever you are feeling, and run with it! An explanation is not a requirement, however, we do encourage an explanation of your look as it helps us understand better why you may have chose certain colors/patterns, and ultimately may help increase your chance of winning.

Last but not least, here are the details (rules, and prize) for the challenge.

The Prize

Winners will be contacted by the end of the month, and announced in the upcoming month’s Monthly Challenge Video.

Two winners chosen: one for best look, and one at random, giving everyone a chance to win!

This month’s challenge prize is:


  • Winner of best overall look:  Andy Warhol themed Makeup Kit by NARS, which includes a pure matte lipstick, eyeliner, blush duo and  a single eyeshadow
  • Winner chosen at random:  Makeup Geek Adventure Pack, which includes 5 of our most adventurous shades; Lavish, Luscious, Captivating, Fearless and Famous

The Rules

  • Looks must be submitted by the 20th of each month
  • Open to all ages from any country
  • Limited to one look per person, please do not create an alternate user name to get out of this rule
  • Makeup must be done by yourself
  • The spirit of these challenges is to practice and create something new, thus to enter a look into a Monthly Challenge please create a look specifically for this challenge, i.e. do not upload a photo that was taken for another purpose
  • Do not edit or alter your images in any way – images that have been altered will be disqualified
  • *Any entry suspected of violating these rules will be deleted, and the user disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from entering future competitions.
  • In one of your photos, please make sure you are holding a visible sign while wearing the makeup look that you are entering in the contest that says “MUG Monthly Challenge ___(insert challenge name)___ by ___ (insert user name)___(date)___”

If you have any questions or comments concerning this months challenge please contact either Amber or Jena.

Best of luck to you all! We are excited to see what creations you come up with!

*Enter your photos here!

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Hello, Makeup Geeks!! I'm Jena. Nice to meet you! :) I am the Graphic Designer here at Makeup Geek. Besides having a soft spot for design and makeup, I also love anything outdoors, strong black coffee, cheesy 80's music and (nerd alert) a challenging game of scrabble.


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I am absolutely happy for both winners don’t get me wrong. But there’s only one reason I don’t participate to these montly challenge because I am by far and when I mean far is really really far from having the talent that ladycrowx have. How can we expect to win when such talented lady’s participate in these contest, There is no chance to win. I remember Jangsara before she start working with makeup geek she did participate to several contest in a row and did win all of them no one else did. So for those of us who suck’s at blending or don’t have it right when it comes to eyes shapes and placement of the color or just don’t have this artistic side like many makeup artist have there is no chance to win. I did participate to several contest in the past but each time I did not win and was so desapointing in myself that I decided to stop doing contest, I AM TRULLY HAPPY FOR BOTH WINNER! I actually follow ladycrowx for a while now and she is so talented. Congratulation lady’s! xxxxxx Good luck everytone who will enter this contest!

We are sorry to hear that you feel that way. We do include a second winner that is chosen at random, which does in fact give everyone a chance to win. We understand everyone has a different skill level. The challenges are intended to help practice, gain inspiration, and create something new. We hope that you reconsider and enter the challenge again someday! We would love to see what you come up with. :)

somehow i should agree with kokine26. ladycrowx made an amazing job. But I think , there is a thin border between make up and face painting ( almost nothing) and this wasn’t the first time that a ” facepainter” won.
this pop arts challenge could inspire people but i’m afraid that amazing face paint works will born instead of makeup.
what is your opinion? :)

I understand your point of view Jenna and I trully appreciate that you share your opinion with me. I am not trying to be mean or disrespectful at all. I really hope you or somebody else don’t see it that way because this is not what I want. I am just saying that when someone participate in a contest most likely they do it because they love the prizes that comes with it. So when you spent hours trying to make your makeup look look perfect, that you spent hours removing everything and start all over again and again to finally nail it down after 3-4 hours and you realise that again you did not win. That the same person that always win just won again. It really really suck’s to not win! You always choose the same winners and I understand why because there look are amazing and they are incredible artist. But how does it make us feel you think. When you enter 6 challenge and did not won any but all the same person win. Even tough it is meant to make us practice and gain inspiration. The person that enter the contest is mostly here for the prizes . So it suck’s when you see that for the past few months always the same person wins! It make at least for me it make me feel that you have your favorites and I am not part of it! There’s no chance for us to win. Everytime that someone with amazing out of this world skills did participate no one else win. I also understand about 2 winners one at random and it is really appreciated that you guy’s do this for us. But winning at random it is not the same then winning when you guy’s choose the look that you really like! So yeah! I don’t want to appear childish or something like that. This is just the way I feel about this and why I do not enter your contest anymore!

I agree that the January challenge winner submitted a beautiful look. To me, it did not capture an inspirational woman. More like a theme of Egypt. I do feel that some challenges, like the pop art, will lend itself to more of a face painting entry. I also do not want to imply that there should be creative limits on challenges, just perhaps a more defined guideline of a makeup look, for some of them. Or a full face prize and makeup look prize? To ensure equal competition? I hope that makes sense and does not offend anyone, as it was not intented to. With all that said, I will still participate in these MUG challenges to further push my own limits and learn new skills. Thanks for taking the time to create these challenges for us! :)

Hi girls!

I wanted to thank you all for sharing your opinions. We will be sure to take them all into consideration, to help better the overall competition experience for you. :)

This is exactly the way I feel!
I used to enter the challenges also.. but I have lost enthusiasm.

Wow you guys. Its understandable to be disappointed in not winning but come on. I have noticed there is always some kind of negative comments on every post on this creative, inspiring, and fun site. People of all skill levels come here to explore what they can do. Yes there are Professionals who have spent years mastering what they can do with e/s and brushes. And yes they should get credit for what they do. It is ridiculous that the same people may win more than once but this isn’t first grade where everyone gets an A for effort. A random winner is just as good as being picked because you can’t win without trying, without putting yourself out there and posting what you think is a great look. The creators of this site can only please so many people at once and everyone needs to just enjoy things and not criticize every little thing.

Dear Sarah

We just describe the way we feel. We are not complaying and we agree in that those gurlz are real make up gurus. Our views may help the creators improving the rules I believe they would like to know how we feel about the challenges and the way they are organized.

I am not creticizing everything! I am just saying how I feel about this and how things should be improved that is it I am not here to put down anyone and I was clear enough to say it in my comment. So no need to say that we are critizing because you are so not right! Thanks for understanding my position! xx

I finished my look for the new challenge and just realized I forgot to hold up a sign. I’ve already taken the makeup off. Would I be able to type text on my photo and submit it that way or will I have to redo the look so I can qualify?

I also stoped , not only because of the “face painters” and the amaizing camaras some have…. But i always have problems to upload the photos for the challenge. I used to use photobucket…But that dosent seem to work any more. I must be really dumb….Coz ive been trying to get my photos up for the last hour.
So i do the challenges any way coz its great practice.

i was random winner, so i’m not complaining about this. but i think recently face painting is prefered instead of make up. i thought that most of the girls will do the dotted face.
for me this is the pop art inspiration make up:
or this one
and this was mine, just i missed the challenge :)
but good job girls, and have fun

I have stopped as well for the same reason. I think the quality of some of the pictures takes away from the work. Also, I think it would be beneficial AND fair to all involved that if a person wins,, the can’t win again for a few challenges. Maybe get an honorable mention or something, but I think it would even the playing field for all of us. I know for myself, I love these challenges, and I do the make up, but don’t submit because I know the quality of my camera diminishes the quality of my work. Some of us can not afford an amazing HD camera. They playing field for these challenges really need to be evened out or else the site will lose members. I used to long on here at least once a day, now I log on only to see what the newest challenge that I have no chance of winning is.