Community Challenge: Influential Women of History

Hello Muggies!! Amber and I will be doing the monthly challenges from here on out. We are new to this, so please bear with us! :) We are transitioning the Community Challenges to a monthly event — this will give more of you a chance to enter and more time to prepare your looks.   It will also give us the time to get some nicer prizes lined up and put together a nicer experience overall.

For the challenge this month, we couldn’t think of anything more inspiring than some of the most influential women in history. Throughout their lives they’ve impacted us in different ways, some are known as style and/or beauty icons, and others for their daring and adventuresome spirits.  Regardless, they all have one thing in common; they have paved the way for us women today with their fearless lifestyle choices. We all see a little bit of these women in ourselves, they are extremely relate-able. They motivate us to push the limits in our own lives, to be bold and step outside of our comfort zone, bringing out the best in all of us. They are for a lack of better word.. Inspiring.

So choose your muse, be inspired and get started!! We can’t list them all (there’s entirely too many!), but here are some of our favorites to help get you started:


 Audrey Hepburn

Grace Jones

Diana Ross

Marilyn Monroe

Grace Kelly

Coco Chanel



Amelia Earhart

Marie Antoinette

As you can see from the photos, not all are wearing makeup, or some just very little.  We are challenging you this month to draw out the colors, patterns, and over all styles from these ladies.  Use your imagination, be creative and have fun! :)

Last but not least, here are the details (rules, and prize) for the challenge.

The Prize

Winners will be contacted by the end of the month, and announced in the upcoming month’s Monthly Challenge Video.

Two winners chosen: one for best look, and one at random, giving everyone a chance to win!

This month’s challenge prize is:

Small black Z-Palette accompanied by 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows, shades may be chosen by the winners.

The Rules

  • Looks must be submitted by the 20th of each month
  • Open to all ages from any country
  • Limited to one look per person, please do not create an alternate user name to get out of this rule
  • Makeup must be done by yourself
  • The spirit of these challenges is to practice and create something new, thus to enter a look into a Monthly Challenge please create a look specifically for this challenge, i.e. do not upload a photo that was taken for another purpose
  • Do not edit or alter your images in any way – images that have been altered will be disqualified
  •  *Any entry suspected of violating these rules will be deleted, and the user disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from entering future competitions.
  • In one of your photos, please make sure you are holding a visible sign while wearing the makeup look that you are entering in the contest that says “MUG Monthly Challenge ___(insert challenge name)___ by ___(insert user name)___(date)___”

If you have any questions or comments concerning this months challenge please contact either Amber or Jena.

Best of luck to you all! We are excited to see what creations you come up with! :)

*Enter your photos here!

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Hello, Makeup Geeks!! I'm Jena. Nice to meet you! :) I am the Graphic Designer here at Makeup Geek. Besides having a soft spot for design and makeup, I also love anything outdoors, strong black coffee, cheesy 80's music and (nerd alert) a challenging game of scrabble.


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Why is every single Influential Women of History WHITE? Do you not think there are any Influential Women of History that are of color???? I am very offended.

Thank you for bringing up this important issue! I love makupgeek and I think these are important discussions to have. Also thank you to the girls for a great challenge idea!

I never understood why the terms Black and White were even invented. Here in Asia there is Never any colour discrimination, there is no offensive term such as Wheat! Its only in America that I have seen such behaviour. Americans talk a lot abt equality but sadly they dont apply any at all. In pakistan ther are many chinese but i have never called any chinese yellow. they all look pink n fair to me. Humans are only HUMANS. there shouldnt be any offensive terminology such as BLACK or white, how primitively vain it is to classify humans like that.

Hi Rebecca
First of all, while I can understand your concern, Cleopatra was not white. Sure, she used a picture of Liz Taylor for image, but still…

Anyway, this is Jena’s first time doing this (hence the “We are new to this, so please bare with us!”) I’m having her add some more examples, so please be patient.


Actually.. in all sense of historical accuracy, Cleopatra was a Greek woman – Egypt had already been occupied by Greek monarchs and one of the only reasons why she held on to the Egyptian throne was to impede the Roman take-over of the Mediterranean and Middle East. (Don’t mind me, just a history nerd here.)

Hi Rebecca,

I apologize that the examples given were not as diverse as you would have liked to see. I didn’t intend to offend anyone of any race, color, or nationality. I in no way nor does anyone else here at Makeup Geek think the examples given are the only Iconic Women throughout History. As said in the article, they are just a few examples to help get you started and get your mind reeling to pick whomever you would like. However, I did add some additional examples and again I apologize.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


You would NEVER understand. You live in a world of white privilege. I never used the word racism or even called her racist.

Jena, thank you for your consideration.

-Makeup must be done by yourself and on yourself

does it really mean that i can not have a model for the challenge?

Thanks for reply:)

I appreciate the dialogue that has been started here about who is iconic, their history and race because my family is so diverse. Im not going to enter the contest because Im a little nervous still but heres some ideas for ICONIC women of color: Celia Cruz, Frida Pinto, Yoko Ono, Jennifer Lopez Selena Quintenilla, MICHELLE OBAMA (YAAAY), these are just a few women of color whom the beauty world have recognized for many things as well as beauty, style, individuality, and confidence. I look forward to seeing the outcome so good luck to all of you MAKEUP GEEKS, We are a class of our own!

Such a great concept! I have a couple of questions, though. does it have to be wearable? and can I upload pictures of my eye makeup only without full face pictures?
Thank you very much :)

No, your look does not have to be wearable. We love to see all types makeup looks and encourage creativity. It’s not required to submit a full face shot. Good luck with the challenge, we are excited to see what you come up with! :)


You know, these two young women are trying to have some fun ,do their jobs, give away a nice prize and inspire us to use our creativity. Why , why do people have to be unkind, accusatory or critical. Instead, if you feel like YOU want diversity in a bigger way, why don’t you get out your makeup, get in front of a well lighted mirror, get creative, take a photo and post your diverse photo. That is ow to win…. Not by complaining.
Life is short girls, come on and have some fun.

I think these girls did a great job in thinking up a great challenge! I also think that it is important to recognize the fact the women of color are continuously left out of when it comes to recognizing significant or inspirational women in history by mainstream society and media outlets. Speaking up about these issues is not complaining and there is nothing unkind about recognizing the fact that all women of all ethnicities have made significant contributions to our society and that all should be recognized. I love the makeupgeek site and thats why I think it is always important that we (MUGS) give constructive feedback as with anything in life.

You know when I read “hello Muggies” I read it as “Hello Muggles”
and I was like WUT? xD