The 5 Best MAC Eye Brushes

If you are looking for a solid set of brushes to get you started with a well-rounded collection, here are my picks based on my personal experience and preference. This list is not based on any surveys, so be sure to choose what you feel is best for you!

5. The 208: Small Angled Brow Brush
Description: Applies colour to the brow. Use to define or add “fill”. Its precise angled tip provides pro-style application. Synthetic / natural blend fibre. Use to apply powder, liquid or cream products.

Why you should own it: This brush can be used in so many ways! It is the perfect size for filling in sparse brows, and it can be used to apply cream, gel, or cake eyeliner close to the lash line. The brushes are firm enough to hold “sticky” products, yet no so harsh that it will pull on your eye.

Cost: $19.00 (US)

4. The 219: Pencil Brush

Description: For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye.

Why you should own it: This brush is the perfect size for creating a smoky eye- it is small enough to smudge color under the lower lashline, and to apply precise color on the outer V or in the crease. It is excellent for creating strong lines of color with exact precision. I often use this brush for smudging color along the upper lashline to prevent harsh lines caused from eyeliner.

Cost: $23.00 (US)

3. The 224: Tapered Blending Brush

Description: For controlled eye shadow application. This brush has soft fibers which taper to form a medium size dome shape.

Why you should own it: This is the perfect brush for applying color in the crease or for blending out any harsh lines. The 224 is similar to the 222, but is slightly larger and fuller. If you have a smaller eyelid area to work with, I would recommend the 222 instead- it works the same as the 224. I use this brush almost everyday for blending, blending, blending!

Cost: $28.00 (US)

2. The 239: Eye Shading Brush

Description: Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibers. It can be used to build intense colour on the eyelid.

Why you should own it: This is the perfect brush for packing on color on the lid. The brush is large enough to cover the eyelid without too much effort, and the bristles are stiff enough to pick up a decent amount of color. The bristles are firm, but will not pull on your eyelid (unless you drag it across too harshly). The 239 is a must have- I use it every day!

Cost: $24.50 (US)

1. The 217: Blending Brush

Description: For shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape.

Why you should own it: The bristles are shaped in a perfect dome, which is great for getting color in the outer V, for blending color into the crease, and for evenly dispersing paints or paint pots across the lid. Although this is a blending brush as the 224 is, the bristles are more stiff and pick up more color. The tip is also more pointed which allows for more precision. I use this every day for applying color on the outer V and blending into the crease. I love this brush so much, that I have bought 3 of them!

Cost: $22.50 (US)

I hope this list has been helpful to you, as it is easy to get overwhelmed with the many brushes available by MAC.
*All of these brushes are available through or your local MAC counter.

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I am loving your site! Very informative and helpfu.
I agree 110% with your eye brush selection. Thanks for sharing :)

I have all of these brushes!!! And I agree with you. I have large eyelids, do you think the 217 brush would be better or just stick with the 224?

Hi Erin

Sorry I didn’t catch this post yesterday, but I definitely recommend getting the 217! It is by far my favorite brush by MAC. The size is similar to the 224, but the bristles are stiffer. This brush is great for getting color in the outer V, or getting more color in the crease than the 224 would provide.

If I were to get just one brush by MAC, I would get the 217- it’s worth every penny :)

hi Marlena,
my name is Léna. I don’t write a good english, i’m a french woman of 30 years, but i’m black (not really, exactly mixed) because i’m from Martinique, it’s a french west indie, in the Caribean. i just to tell you thanks a lot for all yours advices
i loved all yours tutorials !!!! good and so beautiful !!!!

thank u for eveything i just watched your videos i have a mac collection well im trying to start…thank u

Hi Marlena,
Thanks for all of your advice. I have every brush that BE makes. However, they do not make a stiff brush like the 217. I have big eyes, so I am going to get me a 217 brush thanks to your wonderful advice. Thanks again for sharing all of your ideas and the contest that you have.

hey i wanted to know your opinion on some cheaper but good high quality brush sets?!

if you could let me know that would be great

<33 Bri

Excellent tutorial i simply LOve Marlena she does eveything so perfectly and nicely
Plz post more tutorial of Mac, Bare Escentuals and NYX

Hi! I’m from Brazil and we don’t have MAC to sell here :(… Do you know any site that ship MAC to my country? Thanks for your help and congratulations for your site and youtube videos! I’m a great fan!

can you post brushes good for: applying primer, mac full coverage foundation, concealers, and blush as well!!! Thanks !

Have any of your brush favorites changed with the introduction of sigma brushes? I need brushes, Sigma seems to be the big thing now, what do you think? thx ya