Top 5: Best Thickening Mascaras

If there’s one staple makeup product that every woman has in her bathroom, it’s her favorite mascara.  But finding the perfect one is quite a feat when there’s hundreds of them on the market!

Here I have listed my favorite thickening mascaras, and what to look for when trying to achieve those luscious thick lashes…

Mascaras that are meant to thicken lashes have one defining factor:  the wand.  The wand is usually a thicker brush with dense bristles that can pack on a lot of product without clumping the lashes.  You want to look for a wand that is a brush (not a plastic like comb) that has a thicker amount of bristles like these ones below:

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

I love this mascara as it truly DOES have a big fatty wand.  Since the wand is so huge, it gets right in those lashes to apply a fair amount of mascara- making them look thick and full.  If you have shorter lashes and/or smaller eyes though, this wand may be a bit too big.   Also, the price is a bit steep for mascara but it truly does thicken the lashes really well.

Price:  $20

Where to Buy:      Amazon . Sephora . eBay

MAC Opulash

I’ll be honest:  I’ve never really liked MAC’s mascaras at all.  This one however is a keeper!  I like the wand on this one as it’s not to big or too small- it’s just right ;)   It thickens my lashes well and doesn’t clump.  Price is in a moderate price range as well.

Price:   $14

Where to Buy:    Amazon . MAC . eBay

d.j.v. Fiberwig

Made popular in Japan, this mascara uses teeny tiny fibers to make the lashes look uber thick.  It has very small fibers mixed in with the mascara that stick to the lashes when you apply (don’t worry, they don’t come off and land in your eyes).  You do need to scrape off the excess on the end of the tube to prevent clumping though…  This one is pricey also, but worth it as it thickens and darkens the lashes extremely well.

Price:   $24

Where to Buy:     Amazon . Sephora . eBay

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black

This one has been my go to mascara for years now!  Is inexpensive, available at most stores, and thickens the lashes really well!  The carbon black formula is my favorite as it’s super dark which makes my lashes really stand out.  The brush on this one is average size- not so large to where those with shorter lashes would have a hard time.

Price:  $7

Where to Buy:    Amazon . eBay . Most Drugstores

Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes

This is my newest favorite mascara that I’m currently wearing.  I bought this one as it supposedly thickens your lashes by 424%.  Whether that’s the case or not, it’s still a pretty good mascara.  The wand on this one is smaller than I am used to, but it’s perfect for reaching my lower lashes.  I’ve been trying to use more Tarte products lately as they aim for using more natural ingredients- always a plus!

Price:   $19

Where to Buy:   Amazon . Sephora . eBay


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Posted in Best Products on (last modified: September 29, 2012)