Top 5: Best Thickening Mascaras

If there’s one staple makeup product that every woman has in her bathroom, it’s her favorite mascara.  But finding the perfect one is quite a feat when there’s hundreds of them on the market!

Here I have listed my favorite thickening mascaras, and what to look for when trying to achieve those luscious thick lashes…

Mascaras that are meant to thicken lashes have one defining factor:  the wand.  The wand is usually a thicker brush with dense bristles that can pack on a lot of product without clumping the lashes.  You want to look for a wand that is a brush (not a plastic like comb) that has a thicker amount of bristles like these ones below:

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

I love this mascara as it truly DOES have a big fatty wand.  Since the wand is so huge, it gets right in those lashes to apply a fair amount of mascara- making them look thick and full.  If you have shorter lashes and/or smaller eyes though, this wand may be a bit too big.   Also, the price is a bit steep for mascara but it truly does thicken the lashes really well.

Price:  $20

Where to Buy:      Amazon . Sephora . eBay

MAC Opulash

I’ll be honest:  I’ve never really liked MAC’s mascaras at all.  This one however is a keeper!  I like the wand on this one as it’s not to big or too small- it’s just right ;)   It thickens my lashes well and doesn’t clump.  Price is in a moderate price range as well.

Price:   $14

Where to Buy:    Amazon . MAC . eBay

d.j.v. Fiberwig

Made popular in Japan, this mascara uses teeny tiny fibers to make the lashes look uber thick.  It has very small fibers mixed in with the mascara that stick to the lashes when you apply (don’t worry, they don’t come off and land in your eyes).  You do need to scrape off the excess on the end of the tube to prevent clumping though…  This one is pricey also, but worth it as it thickens and darkens the lashes extremely well.

Price:   $24

Where to Buy:     Amazon . Sephora . eBay

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black

This one has been my go to mascara for years now!  Is inexpensive, available at most stores, and thickens the lashes really well!  The carbon black formula is my favorite as it’s super dark which makes my lashes really stand out.  The brush on this one is average size- not so large to where those with shorter lashes would have a hard time.

Price:  $7

Where to Buy:    Amazon . eBay . Most Drugstores

Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes

This is my newest favorite mascara that I’m currently wearing.  I bought this one as it supposedly thickens your lashes by 424%.  Whether that’s the case or not, it’s still a pretty good mascara.  The wand on this one is smaller than I am used to, but it’s perfect for reaching my lower lashes.  I’ve been trying to use more Tarte products lately as they aim for using more natural ingredients- always a plus!

Price:   $19

Where to Buy:   Amazon . Sephora . eBay


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I’m not sure if you had your surgery yet, but I think you did. I hope you are feeling okay. It is amazing that you are still committed to posting for us even when you are recovering. I truly thank you for this! Great review….I want to try the tarte one….I have started liking that brand more too. GET WELL SOON!

Loreal Voluminous is my favourite since years, too =)

Dear Marlena —-vI hope, you are okay, sweetie, get well soon! Hugs from germany, Manuela

marlena i love you, and like most of us geeks, we feel like you are our close friend.
yesterday i was talking to my husband about you, i told him that you woke up the makeup artist inside me and i love you , i talk to him about us as if you were like my close friend, but i do feel like so,
I hope your getting well very fast. You are a gorgeous person in every single way.
kisses and hugs

Hi Marlena! I hope you are resting well, and your recovery will be quick and uneventful!

Just wondering if you have ever tried L’Oreal’s Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara? I, too, was pretty devoted to the Voluminous, but I like this one even better.

Take care,

just a suggestion, but ARBONNE is a company that offers organic products and I have spoke with people that have SEVERE allergic reactions to other mascara’s, but no reaction with the Arbonne mascara. It might be worth using and mentioning. Let me know if you are interested. I have small eyes and lashes, but have had no problems using the wand. plus i wear contacts and it does not bother me at all.

After reading a lot of good comments to Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black I purchased it…and gave to my sister. For me this was a great disappointment. It is sticky, it is hard to describe, but i hate it! After this I tried Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara and this one is really great! highly recommend to try. I also love Hypnose mascara from lancome. think I should try Urban Decay. Thanks for the review!

i also like the Bare Escentuals one…something that i’ve been doing that you might like is to use the Flawless Definition for the first coat, and the switch to the Flawless Definition Volumizing for the second coat. my lashes look uber-long and super thick without clumps. I did try the Urban Decay Big Fatty before, and did not like it near as much as my bare escentuals ones. hope you like the tip!

i have the same problem with Voluminous carbon black…I was thinking maybe the tube I purchased was just old as it was rather dry and cakey and clumps so much.

* Love the Loreal mascara
* MAC’s Opilash I tried, it did work well, but I have large eyes and I even think the brush is way to BIG…( the name was kinda funny BIG BAD BLACK, teeheehe. )
* Wasn’t entirly impreesed with the UD fatty mascara, especially for $20
* I have yet to try any Tarte products but I would like to…now knowing now they like to try and use natural ingredients :)

Another great thickening mascara is Dior Show Black Out i think it cost around $25 but it works great! Voluminous has been a favorite of mine since high school! :)

My favorite mascaras are the Dior Diorshow mascars, I love them all. I also like Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerator, Sexy Curves, and L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and Million lashes. You should try these Marlena, they’re all awesome!

I LOVE the brush on the Tarte one. It is my favorite of the moment. The brush separates the lashes PERFECTLY, and with the thickening formula, what a perfect mascara for my lashes!

Oooh, I agree. I love Benefit’s BadGAL lash. Especially the plum one. It’s such a fun, flattering color!

how do you rate the Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara compared to these? I have used the Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara and the Fiberwig mascara before but think that the Bare Escentuals brand still packs on more volume than these. I’ve wanted to try the tarte one, but if the BE one is better, I dont want to bother trying something and then waiting till the tube runs out to get more of what I like. Thanks!

I love the Tart mascara buti have tryed the loreal oneandat the end of the dayi have a lotof black around my eyes, is that normal or did i just get a bad batch.

I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect mascara that gives volume and lenght, with no clumps, and i think i have found it.
First of all, for all the Loreal Voluminous lovers, try the **Voluminous Million Lashes*** Its even better than the normal one, but the tube is designed to remove excess when you pull the wand out, and the brush is amazing, that it will separate each lash making it look like you have full natural lashes! Im in love with that Mascara, and its only like $7 bucks too!
Then for the lenghtening I use the fiber wig only on the tip of my lashes, it does an amazing job at adding those tiny fibers to extend my lashes up a very long way and its buildable!
And never forget to curl, and leave the curler pressed for at least 4 seconds!
Thats my success story for mascaras, i hope someone reads it! :)
Love you Marlena! We’re here for you always, and wishing you the best recovery and amazing results that will make you happy!

My fav is Covergirl Lashblast Fusion. You should try it. I put a few coats of that on and i LOVE LOVE my lashes.

I hope you are doing well :)

I tried the fiberwig mascara and I do not like it I like the thick voluminous look and I don’t feel like it did the job for it’s price, I just started using the loreal voluminous mascara and I’m really liking it so far, I also like covergirl professional super thick lash that has been my go to mascara for a while now.

I wanna try out the Big Fatty. I’ve really only used two mascaras, the Revlon 3D, which is very thickening but kind of gunky, and now MaryKay mascara which is what I currently use. And I do love my mascara, lol, but since I’ve only used two, I wonder if these are better.

Well I have the best thicking mascara out there, which happens to be #5 throughout the cosmetic industry. It’s Lancome’s Hypnose can coat up to 6 times without clumps. It’s a great volumizer. However, I’m a complete fan of Lancome Cosmetics, and sware by there mascara.


Have you or anyone tried Benefit’s Badgirl Lash Mascara? I like Benefit’s because it combed out my lashes evenly and looked very thick and looked “voluminous.” The brush looks very similar to UD’s Big Fatty. Thanks for the review, I think i’ll pick up that one next. I am in love with Benefit’s but i am also looking for the next best thing. I also wanted to add my opinion on Loreal’s Voluminous. I didnt like that masacra at all. It always clumped and made my lashes look uneven and messy.

Thank you Marlena for the reviews. I love what you present to us…

I agree with a couple of the products, but Big Fatty mascara? I bought that last month and it’s probably my biggest regret. It doesn’t do anything at all for my lashes, hardly even coats them, and if you get even the slightest bit in your eye by mistake? It burns like hell and your eye goes red for the remainder of the day.

I MISS Imju Fiberwig. I really really dislike the new “version” of it that Sephora has brought in. As a result I’m hunting for a new HG product. I will try Tarte’s, but can you tell me: have you heard anything about Fairy Drop’s Scandel Queen?

I use Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black as well as Loreal Extreme Volume Collagen on top of it, it’s all I use and will ever need. Love them both!

Great review… Thanksss Marlena : 3
I hope your getting well very fast!
Miss your tutorials and your *SMILE*

Take care
Kisses from G-D LUXEMBOURG :)

hey try covergirl lashblast mascara the orange packaging?
i find it reaaly volumisng :):)

love your websitee and tutorials! x

I am surprised Benefit’s Bad Gal lash is not on this list. It is very thickening (it has a full fluffy brush). No other one I have tried to date has the thickening effects of that one.
I did recently try MAC’s Haughty Naughty, and it is quite good as well!

I love the tarte mascara!!My friend gave me a tarte sephora in a box gift for christmas and I tried the mascara and I use it every day now! Even when I went to school, the first thing my friends noticed was my eyelashes and it was nice being called pretty hahaha

Marlena: you must try Maybelline Falsie Lashes Mascara! It’s the best mascara ever and it’s not pricie!

I agree about the Maybelline Falsie Lashes mascara, it has fibers in it much like I would assume the japanese one does. I really like it when I want drama and extra length :)

My favorite of all time is the Double Density by Elizabeth Arden. I’m extra picky with my mascara since I truely believe it’s my best feature… haha ;). Love your website!! It’s actually my homepage! Btw… you lookina amazing!!

Thank you Marlena, So great to see you back in ation!
My fave of all time is still Clinique’s long pretty lashes but they stopped making it a couple of years ago and I have never found anything that worked so well! People always thought I was wearing falsies and I never get that with any other brands I’ve used.

Dearest Marlena,
Thanks so much for all ur advise. I’m a Malaydian but live in Dubai. I don’t think they hv tarte here but will go get loreal today. Am using clinique currently. Have u tried their mascaras? They do have some good thickening ones.

I hope u get well soon. U r an amazing person. I’ve had 2 c-sections n believe me I know how painful the recovery stage is.takecare n b strong.

Warm regards.