Top 10: Pink Lipsticks

No matter what age, hair/skin/eye color you have, or what country you are from, every girl needs to have at least one good pink lipstick in her makeup collection.  The kind of pink lipstick that once you apply, you instantly feel pretty…  I have swatched, shopped, tested, and narrowed down to what I believe are the best pink lipsticks from a variety of brands and price ranges!

In no particular order…

Victoria Secret “Adored”

Victoria Secret’s makeup often gets overlooked as let’s face it:  they’re more known for their umm… “girly clothes”.  But I have to say that I love their lipsticks!  They glide on easily, come in beautiful colors, and make my lips feel super soft.  I chose the color “Adored” as it has a purple tint to it that most pink lipsticks do not have- we’ll call the color “purply pink” :)

Price: $12

Victoria Secret


Illamasqua “Plunge”

Illamasqua is known for its quirky and almost crazy makeup style- their lipsticks is no exception.  These babies are super pigmented and come in a wide array of colors ranging from gold to purple to even blue!  The color “plunge” is the perfect Barbie Pink- a bright medium cool toned pink.

Price: $22

Amazon . Sephora

Revlon “Stormy Pink”

Out of all the drugstore lipsticks out there, I have to say Revlon has the best ones- amazingly creamy, rich colors, and a huge range of colors.  It was tough choosing just one pink lipstick as there’s so many, but I chose “Stormy Pink” as the medium warm shade will look good on just about everyone!

Price: $7.99

Amazon . eBay

MAC “Girl about Town”

This classic color from MAC has been around since I can remember, and for good reason! This beautiful fuchsia color is bright but not overpowering and looks great on everyone. That must be why MAC keeps “repromoting” it every year in one collection or another (yes MAC we’re catching on to your marketing antics *cough cough*)

Wear some smudged black liner, a light application of pink blush, and this lipstick- vavavoom!

Price: $14

Amazon . eBay

NARS Matte Lipstick “Carthage”

I will confess that I do not own many NARS lipsticks as there aren’t a ton of colors- especially for the price… BUT, I fell in love with this lipstick as it’s a gorgeous bright pink that is very flattering!  I love the texture of this also- most matte lipsticks can be dry, but this one glides easily and has a rich color.  I would wear this with a bronzey brown smoky eye :)

Price: $25

Amazon . Sephora

NYX “Paris”


I’m not sure why everyone boasts about NYX’s Narcissus lipstick when I think the color Paris is much prettier!  This creamy rose tinted color is rich in color but not dull looking.  It goes with just about any eye makeup and can be worn during both day and night.  This is my all time favorite lipstick from NYX :)

Price: $3.89

Makeup Geek Store

Make Up For Ever #33

Make Up For Ever just launched their Rouge Artist Intense lipstick line not too long ago and I have to say they are AMAZING.  They are super pigmented and come in 50 different colors.  They can be just a tad dry because they are so rich in color, but the colors are so incredibly intense that I don’t mind.  I love #33 as it’s a warm medium pink color that anyone can wear- day or night.  I would wear a bit more dramatic eye makeup with this as the pink isn’t too overpowering….

Price: $19

Amazon . Sephora

Maybelline “Fuchsia Fever”

I hate to say this as it makes me sound like a makeup snob, but I’ve never been really fond of Maybelline makeup… But when my Nonnie (Italian grandma :) ) pulled out a beautiful lipstick during our lunch together last week, I had to ask what color it was.  To my amazement, it was this  lipstick!  I went the next day and bought it.  (yes I bought the same lipstick as my 75 year old Nonnie- so sue me)  This fuchsia color really is beautiful- not too bright yet really fun color especially for summer.  And you can’t beat the price on this one.

Price: $5


Lancome “Pink Preview”

My latest obsession has been Lancome lip products- after falling in love with their La Laque Fever lipglosses, I had to try their lipsticks too.  They are SO creamy and rich in color!  My absolute favorite  right now is this “pink preview” as it is that perfect everyday pink:  warm shade, not too bright, and goes with any eye makeup.

Price: $22

Amazon . Sephora . eBay

MAC “Chatterbox”

Yes yes, I know I already chose a MAC lipstick on this list but I couldn’t just pick one!  Chatterbox is another classic color that looks great on everyone- it’s a warm candy colored pink that brightens your face in just one stroke.  Nicola and Paige were both trying to sneak away with this lipstick of mine (such brats).  Nicola went out and bought one the next week and has been wearing it everyday since ;)

Price: $14

eBay . MAC

I hope these swatches help some of you choose YOUR classic pink lipstick for this summer.  Happy shopping and much love!!

-Marlena :)




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