Top 10: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

The Makeup Geek Eyeshadows are shipping worldwide!   If you want to see some video reviews from other YouTubers, check out our review roundup.


This bronzey gold color can we worn at day or night.  Apply a light wash all over the lid for a perfect daytime look, or pair with a dark purple or black to create a dramatic night time look.  I love this one as it’s so versatile!

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



This color is so unique!  It’s a deep raspberry pink with flecks of gold- such a fun color for the weekend.  I pair this up with Cocoa Bear to tone down the bright color.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store


It’s not quite purple or blue- it’s the best of both :)   I would pair this up with Glamorous or Gold Digger for a glamorous weekend look.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store


This is an exact dupe for NARS Night Porter, but 1/4 the price.  It’s a deep shimmery emerald green that is amazing for a night out!

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



This muted violet purple can be worn during the day as it’s a sophisticated purple- not too bright but still a fun color.  It has tiny specks of gold, so I would put Glamorous on the lid with Sensuous on the outer part of the eye.  So pretty!

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



This is another crossover color- not quite yellow, not quite orange.  It’s a fun color that actually looks great in the crease with a dark brown on the lid.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store

Cocoa Bear


A rich, warm reddish brown that is perfect for day or night! This color is unique in that it’s not a traditional flat brown.  I wear this in the crease with Corrupt on the lid for a classic black smoky eye.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



For some reason, no makeup companies seem to have a nice minty green.  I’m predicting this to be the best color for Spring 2012 as it’s very flattering on all skin and eye colors!

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



Similar to MAC’s “Satin Taupe”, this shimmery taupe gray looks amazing for day or night.  I love putting all over the lid with “Preppy” in the crease for a gorgeous neutral smoky eye.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store



This color is not for the shy!  It’s a bright teal with flecks of gold glitter.  The intense color is perfect for summer looks or for smudging along the lashline for a pop of color.

Where to Buy:   Makeup Geek Store

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Marlena- I am in love with these shadows! They are all so pigmented and gorgeous (Envy and Moondust are my faves from the Top 10!) it is clear you put a lot of time and consideration into your makeup line.

I do have a question, however. Are your eyeshadows available only in a pan, or will you come out with potted forms as well? I personally do not own any artists’ eyeshadow palettes for pans, and it would be nice if I could purchase your shadows in individual pots like MAC or Urban Decay.

Congratulations on all your success and please let me know!


We are planning to have compact versions as well in another couple of months. Thanks for your interest and support!

The MUG Eyeshadows can be put in the empty quads made by ELF. They are available at Target for $1.00. Hope that helps. The z-palettes are also sold here but I believe they are sold out for right now.

Marlena :D xxx these eyeshadows are gorgous :D xxxx i bet it was really expensive to have these made but i bet its worth it :D xxx my favourite is Moondust only because i prefer browns and silvers they are my favourite colours for people to wear :D xxxxxxxxxxx

They are metal, so they stick to magnetic palettes. We didn’t want to go with Aluminum and not have them stick :)

Marlena, these colors look fantastic and I am especially drawn to Shimmermint, Envy, Moondust and Chickadee. (not necessarily all on the same eye at the same time LOL)

Wow, these all look amazing! I am so tempted to buy Cocoa Bear; it looks such a gorgeous, unique brown. And Peacock looks beautiful. And I love Unicorn, just because of its name!

I just bought 11 of them and they’re on their way… but this post is definitely making me want (need) more!! I’ll have to buy myself more for a birthday present in a month’s time. Great work, Makeup Geek Crew!

they are so beautiful great job.
If only they organic or with argan to help moist your skin that will b awsome

So pretty!! But I have 1 question, are the pans magnetic since I’d like to put them in my Unii Palette. :D

To be completely honest, we aren’t 100% sure yet. We may increase the price a bit (maybe like $1 or something) on individual shadows, but give better deals for kits and such. We’re just trying to keep the prices low right now to make them affordable.

But we will be doing our best to keep these eyeshadows at the best quality while avoiding the high prices of other high-end shadows.

The better deal for kits sounds interesting. Can you please specify what you mean by kits? Does that mean that every now and then you will pick 8 colors from the collection and offer them at a better price? If so, how often will you be doing that?

I read somewhere that there will be 10 more colors available in January but apart from that will there be anymore colors or will that be it?

No offense but what does that mean “Were just trying to keep the prices “low right now” to make them affordable” to me that means as soon as you build your consumer market your just going to jack up the prices.

if got a question about the size of the pans. are they as big as the ones from mac? would they fit in a mac palette?
xoxo Melissa

They are the exact same size as MAC pans so they fit perfectly. MAC palettes, however are different in terms of the magnet situation. Our pans will stick to magnetic palettes, while MAC pans have magnets on the bottom of them.

I purchased two colors because I wanted to test them out. I got Corrupt for the matte color, and Shimma Shimma. I am AMAZED with the product. This is the best black eye shadow I have ever used. It blends perfectly. I did a smokey eye with both of these colors and it was beautiful. Shimma Shimma is such a pretty color, I will probably wear it every day.

Hi Ally
We don’t have solid dates on anything else yet, but this is our hopes/plans
Lipstick: Late January
Blushes: Late February/Early March
Lip Gloss: March (maybe earlier…)

Congratulations on the success of your eyeshadows Marlena! So happy for you, you deserve this. Thank you so much for passing on your makeup wisdom :-)
Got my parcel, loving the colors. Oh and thank you very much for the complementary gift I found in there. Loving the color of that lip liner.


Hi A.
If you’re referring to the kit, any pictures used in the store mentioned that the case/palette wasn’t included. It’s also mentioned in the description. Sorry for any confusion!

Awesome!!! I am so happy for you, Marlena=)
I think it is an amazing feat you have accomplished by creating your very own
makeup line!
Once I get money, I am totally getting your shadows.

Congrats again. Love ya!

Congratulations to you and Nick. You did a fabulous job on the shadows! They are as creative, pretty, and well thought out as you are! Good IPO! Well done! Keep it up… and rest up. Clearly, this was a ##$#$ load of work.

Can you guys label which ones are matte? I really want to try these, and it looks like there are some mattes but it’s hard to tell from the pictures.

Hi Grace, on the store product pages, it tells if it’s a matte or shimmer. We hope to eventually have filtering options in the store, but the text will have to do for now :)
Thanks for your interest!

I am so glad you are doing this! I haven’t seen a color yet that wasn’t attractive! I have enjoyed the videos so much, and it means a lot to have cheaper options for someone like me who doesn’t have very much extra cash. I wish you the best of luck with your new make-up line and I hope you will continue to keep us poorer MUGs in mind. : )

i think it would be awesome if we could pick several and get a discount, even though these are already an incredible deal. it is so annoying that mac doesn’t give you even fifty cents off when you order several for a palette. however, i’m sure there are incredibly high costs that need to be paid off before discounts can be considered, but i am patient lol

Hi Jennifer
The purpose of the kit is som pre-selected colors that Marlena chose as essentials. It helps us plan our inventory as well :)

I purchased your preorder shadows. They are awesome! They’re better than Mac because you don’t have to “depot” them and they have the name on the back already for when I put them in my “Z Palette”.

these look amazing and i can’t wait to get my hands on some! i hope you know that you are an inspiration to so many people; just through videos you are able to make people laugh and feel beautiful, but more importantly, you set an example of how someone can be powerful, intelligent and yet feminine, something that even in 2011 (almost 2012!), the world is slow to understand.
much support for you!

When will marlena start doing looks using her shadows?? That would be so helpful! I want them all but I don’t know which ones to choose!

You’ll start seeing new tutorials with the shadows this next week. Most of her videos are recorded a week or more in advance, so there’s a bit of a delay in the publication.

Congrats, Marlena! That’s the most GORGEOUS eyeshadow makeup collection i’ve even seen! I’m so proud of your great work!
I wanna see you rockin’ the world, darling!
I love your job! You’re my fav makeup designer ever!

OMG. Marlena! Wow – these colors are so fabulous. I knew you would “do it right”. I love the fact that there are a lot of unique, wearable colors in addition to fun ones! I just ordered 26 colors! I am so anxious to get’em all ASAP!

I realized that there are colors that are on the swatch pictures but not available yet. I can’t wait to get my hands on them when you release them!

Great job and so proud of you!


I LOVE these. so, i am placing my order when I spy the perfect platinum in a swatch – MERCURY – but i cant find it in the store. is this coming soon – or some sort of error? its in the swatch photo for White Lies and will go in my shopping cart – if i could just find it :)

Well now that I have seen all the swatches I want them all!! :( But it would cost me like 300 bucks. Oh decisions, decisions….. They are all great Marlena. Congrats! They will be sold out in no time!

Congratulations with you beautiful make up line!
I’m from holland and i’m gonna order some eyeshadows right now!:) But i can’t choose;)
Can’t wait to have them here.
Good luck witch everything

The better deal for kits sounds interesting. Can you please specify what you mean by kits? Does that mean that every now and then you will pick 8 colors from the collection and offer them at a better price? If so, how often will you be doing that?

I read somewhere that there will be 10 more colors available in January but apart from that will there be anymore colors or will that be it?

I jutst got 6 of these shadows. They truly are comparable to mac when it comes to quality, yet the pigmentation is must better. Shimma Shimma is very similar to Stila’s Kitten and Moon Dust is very similar to Satin Taupe. Love them and can’t wait to buy more!

Beautiful, Marlena!
Just wondering, which eyeshadows would be best for the Mojito look that you did? I’ve really wanted to try it but don’t have the colours.
Any advice? :)

Hey guys! Well done and congratulations on your line! The eye shadows look great, but I’m hesitant to order, because I’m waiting for that pixie dust! I’d like to wait for it, but I wouldn’t like to miss out on the good prices! Is there anything I can do?

Far more excited by this launch than I have been for any MAC collections in recent times and will definitely purchase! Loving the packaging too. Quick question will these have name labels on the bottom? I presume they will but thought I’d check. Thanks.
P.s congrats on all your achievements!!

I’ve just ordered 6, though I originally only planned on ordering 3. This website is bad for my budget.
I’ve ordered Shimma Shimma, Cocoa Bear, Moondust, Shimmermint, Mermaid and Twilight.
As I’m in the UK I know I wont get them in time for christmas, but I live in hope. Can I also just say your world wide shipping is incredible, you are not kidding when you say it’s affordable.

Wow, I honestly thought they wouldn’t get here before January. Christmas has come early for me!!! They are so pigmented it’s unbelievable, and were very easy to fit into my mac palette using some magnets that I got for when they came. I will definitely be ordering some more. Thankyou!!!


Congratulations on getting your own line of the ground! Do not feel guilty promoting them; if we go to this site regularly, we obviously trust your judgment and know that these are probably excellent! Thank you for continuing to take it to the next level. I so enjoy your work.


Hi Marlena!

It’s been a long time since I left a comment here… so, first of all, I’m so happy for you with everything that’s been going on lately, specially because we can clearly see that you’ve reached your goals launching your own makeup line.
Speaking of the devil…I just bought two MUG Eyeshadows – Corrupt and Purely Naked – and my expectations are really high, I saw the swatches and they seem really good, so I’m really excited about it :)

Wish you all the best and a wonderful Holiday Season! *

Hi Marlena these colors are absolutely gorgeous!!! The pigment on them is awesome.. A definite replacement for Mac colors… I am soo happy for you..Keep up the great work!!

Congrats Marlena (and all of your staff who made this possible) – the shadows look AMAZING and I am very impressed with your choice of color selection…Dirty Martini and Moon Dust have to be my favorite!

Hi Marlena!

This is the first purchase I have made from your site! I ending up ordering two of your makeup geek eye shadows! I was completely blown away by the quality! I am so picky with the eye shadows I buy. I’m all about the quality, especially the color pigmentation and the color payoff. I ended up going with burlesque and shimma shimma! When I received them I couldn’t believe the color payoff. I barely had to touch the pan with my finger and couldn’t believe the pigmentation. They are absolutely AMAZING! I will be ordering many many more of these! These will now be the only shadows I will be ordering from now on! It’s so obvious you put so much love time and effort into creating these shadows. I have used MAC shadows in the past and I have to say these are so much better with the color payoff! Keep em coming girl you did an amazing job!
Any idea when you will be getting more empty palettes to put them in?
Thanks again

It’s starts at only at $2 or $3 — it depends on where you are and the total weight of your product. The shopping cart can give you quotes

Thought I saw a video saying that the eyeshadows are cruelty free and where they are made but can’t find it or I am just wrong. Anyway, I see on the website that they are not tested on animals but where are they made? Thanks :)

I have just ordered my first MUG Eyeshadows and I am sooo excited. I love that you guys have swatches on each and every one of the shadows as you shop around… Its really helpful! How many brands show their eyeshadows like that? None. Except MUG! If these are as good as they look… I might buy all of them for my kit. :) It’s so nice that you ship internationally! Thanx!

I can not tell you all how impressed I am with all of these shadows. I love the quality and well anything from the MUG store has always been awesome to me. I hope to get more or even get them all they are so dear to me now !

Marlena…I just want to say thank you so much for making these eyeshadows. I can only imagine how much work you put into them just so you could make them perfect. It is so sweet that you had your Makeup Geeks subbies/followers in mind when you created them. They look absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to purchase them.

I love your new shadows and keep ordering more! Question, I see colors listed that are not on the list for sale ( ie pumpkin, fuji etc) are you planning more colors to be released soon? Great quality, smppth and long wearing, Good Job!!

Those colors will be coming within a month or so. Although, Fuji might be longer as we haven’t got the formula they way Marlena wants it yet. Gotta get it just right! :)

hi marlena i wanted to buy the 48 colors i’m just starting as a mua i want all this color on ou my train case i just want to ask if you offer discount if someone wants to buy the 48 colors please let me know if you do thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR =D

Hi Emy
We’re not offering any combo deals right now other than the starter kit discount. We’re out of a handful of colors right now, but hope to have them all available within a week. Thanks for your support!

These are such wonderful colors! I love that the palette is so diverse and all inclusive.


I have a question I purchased an order last week and I still have not received anything and no emails. My order # is 100050380. If you could get back to me please.

Hi Mayra
I see your order was processed a week ago. You should have received two emails. Please email customerservice AT makeupgeek DOT com to follow up. Thanks!

I’m so excited for these, and I can’t wait to try them out. I especially love the fact that there’s a colour called Shimma Shimma. Great job, Marlena!

Hi Nick thanks for responding. I’m trying to send an email threw customer service but there isn’t a submit button. If you could send me the tracking number thanks. I’ve already ckecked my email and there is nothing.

Heyy Marlena! I look forward to using your awesome eyeshadows! I just wanted to know which colors you were wearing in this video :D


I’m so excited that you have your own brand of MUG eyeshadows!!!! Way to go and make it happen!! They are amazing!!!! Colors are beautiful, smooth, and pigmented. Very unique and different from what is available. You have filled the gap for eyeshadows! Thank you for making more matte colors and different shades of the same colors that are out there. Plus I love the price!!! I’ve been a MAC user for a long time but I must say that your shadows will replace all other eyeshadows in my collection!! I will be buying more soon!

I am so excited for these eyeshadows. I seriously visit this website every single day!!!! I am still trying to decide on which ones I’m going to buy first. I have to pace myself or else I’m going to end up going broke and buy all 48 !!! =) Can’t wait to see what else is coming!!

Hi Nick, i am waiting for Poolside and Chickadee to complete another order, why is it taking so long?

We should actually have more tomorrow if our delivery is on schedule. Getting new stock took longer than normal with the holidays. Thanks for your patience!

Is there a post showing all of the swatches on one page? I tried to search “Makeup Geek Eyeshadow swatches” on your site but unfortunately, that shows EVERY eyeshadow swatch done on the site! Thanks :)

Hey, in some of the eyeshadow swatches i noticed a color called “Tinseltown,” and was wondering if it will be a color released later on.

I want all of these!!!! Can you buy all of them at a decent price? I am starting my portfolio to become a free lance makeup artist and I would love to start with makeup geek shadows!! Mouth dropped love them all!!

I’m so happy with my MUG shadows! I got 9 of them and a Z palette, and I really do love the quality of these.

I got Unicorn, Razzleberry, Mermaid, Shimma Shimma, Glamorous, Stealth, Peacock, Moondust, and Galaxy. They have amazing payoff (particularly the shimmery ones) and the bright colours are vibrant. For the price, I’m very happy with them, and can’t wait to create different looks with them!

Thanks, Marlena! :D