Top 10: Glitter and Shimmer Makeup

NYX Candy Glitter Liners

These glitter liners are perfect for jazzing up any eye look! For less than $5, you can add some “shimmah shimmah” in your life ;)

Price: $4.29
Where to Buy:     Makeup Geek Store

Make Up For Ever Diamond Powders

These finely milled powders sparkle like diamonds and can be used on lips, eyes, cheeks, or whatever else you want to sparkle.  They come in 11 colors and are amazing quality!

Price: $24
Where to Buy: . Sephora . Amazon . eBay

Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder

If you want an all over shimmer this New Years AND you want to smell amazing, then this lickable body powder is your product.  It comes in 3 colors and flavors: Cocoa (sparkling bronze color), Honey (sparkling gold), and Marshmallow (sparkling white).  I like that this isn’t glittery, but just shimmery- so you don’t look like a disco ball.  Plus, these do smell pretty nice- just not sure if I would lick them….

Price: $29
Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon . eBay

MAC Iridescent Powders

These powders by MAC often get overlooked by the Mineralize Skinfinishes (which are great also!), but I like these as I can put in small containers for travel, and I don’t have to worry about them breaking in my suitcase.  They make for a perfect highlight on top of the cheekbones, or even a light shimmer on the lid for a soft everyday look.

Price: $4.59  (sample size)
Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store

Too Faced Pure Bronze Bronzer

If you want to look like a bronzed goddess, this is the product to achieve it.  I love Too Faced Bronzers as they’re not orange looking like so many others…

Price: $28.50
Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon . eBay

MAC Reflects Glitters

These are another finely milled glitters that are perfect for glamming up any look! I like the reflects ones the most as they give off just a hint of color, and stick really well to the skin so not as much fallout as other glitters.

Price: $3.99  (for sample size)
Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color

These creamy-like metallic eyeshadows are super easy to apply and give instant shimmery in one stroke.  I love the packaging on these as you don’t need any brushes to apply, so it’s perfect for keeping in your purse. They come in 6 colors.

Price: $16
Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon . eBay

MAC Dazzleglass Lipglosses

These by far are my favorite lip products from MAC. Hands down.  I love the rich colors, the non-sticky texture, and the slight shimmer these give to my lips!

My favorite colors: Baby Sparks, Funtabulous, and Smile

Price: $18
Where to Buy: MAC . Amazon. eBay

NARS Super Orgasm Blush

Although I don’t normally wear glittery blushes, this one is gorgeous as it’s a vamped up version of the ever popular “Orgasm”- a gorgeous peachy pink color that looks great on everyone!

Price: $26
Where to Buy: Sephora . Amazon . eBay

L’oreal Glam Shine Lipglosses

These lipglosses are so shimmery yet very pretty! They feel almost like liquid lipsticks instead of glosses, yet they aren’t sticky feeling.  Can’t beat the price either!

Price: $5.29
Where to Buy: Amazon . eBay

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Hi Marlena and everyone at MUG, first of all I want to say thank you so much for putting this website together. I have truly learned lots and I have come a long way from not being so confident with myself and now that I know how to make myself look & feel beautiful I am much more of a confident woman. My daughter Cathy who is turning 3 always sits in my lap while I watch the tuturials on my iPhone (the mobile website is sooo handy!). So I don’t have any questions at the moment but I just wanted to give all of a you a kudos and pat on the back for all the amazing work that you guys do.

Please keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait what you have in store for us for 2011!

Thank you,


Thank you for answering my “matchy-matchy” question in the Q&A. ;-)

Hey! I was reading your comment and in it I saw you said something about her mobile site…how do I get to it? Or what is it? Lol

@Katie: I have an iPhone so when I just type in safari: it automatically takes me to their mobile site which is thesame as this page here yet it is much easier to navigate from your cell.
@Marlena: Thanks! Happy new years to you and your whole crew! =)

I love NYX glitter liners. Cheap N’ Flashy like me! lol Just kidding….sort of. Anyway, I tried both Nars Orgasm blushes but I found that, as an MAC NC30-35, the Super Orgasm looked ashy on me. I imagine that will be the case with most tan to dark skin tones; especially in flash photographs.

ok well i love the look of the glitter liners. But Can i get them at like CVS or Walgreens? I live close to both, & i hate ordering stuff offline. Or Do you have any stores around Indiana??
Love, Arianna (:
P.S. Love the Site! ?

I picked up an OPI Glimmer and Shimmer set — it has two nail polishes, and a face and body shimmer. They weren’t kidding with the face shimmer! It’s definitely potent! (It was also perfect for the Christmas party I went to.)

Definitely I’ll try the NYX ones…then I’ll try to buy the rest :) I’m looking for a gold liner…NYX seems to be a great option

I love the NYX GLITTER LINERS! THEY are fantastic, unlike the NYX glttier cream pallettes that are like big chunky crafting glitter. Also klean color glitter liners are good Cheap and super fine so you can tone it down a bit. just dont buy te blut or black, it comes out more like flat specks instead of sparkles!

Yes I also want to know what a good makeup remover is…. one that is inexpensive.. since I use it everyday…


I actually use facial wipes from Target (generic ones), then use Dermalogica’s clay cleanser (it’s for oily skin, but you need to use any cleanser for your skin type)

For eye makeup remover, I use Clinique’s one that is oil free :)

Love all the products! Just so you all know, I have licked the lickable body powder. They actually do taste good! Weird right?

Thanks so much for this article! I have one question though. Does the Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color crease?? It looks like it would but the colors are just so gorgeous!

One thing, I know this has nothing to do with your topic but, How did you become famous and have your own website? Its pretty cool. I would love to do so (:
<3 Arianna

omg i luv you guys for making this website!!!!!
i am just a beginner at doing more makeup like this but i think it really cool you guys have such awesome ideas…..and makeup!! :P

Hi all well? Well I was wondering if you have goods delivered
to Brazil and how the purchase procedure
transition from the dollar to the Real that is our currency!
Thanks would love to send me products … loved
your shop
Haaaa I’m Brazilian … Never give up rsrsrsr Kisses
Thank you!

Hello Marlena,
Happy New Year! I just wanted to say that you are amazing at what you do. I have really learned alot and the makeup counters at my local Macy’s and Lord and Taylor thank you to :). I did have one request: Do you have any recommendations for a smokey eye look for darker skin. I wear Bobby Brown’s Chesnut to give you and idea on what my skin tone is. I loved your classic Kim Kardashian smokey eye look with the UD Naked pallete (which is sold out everywhere :( ) and I wanted to copy the same look, but I’m having trouble finding the right shades. You have truly inspired me and I truly believe that you are a beautiful person. Keep doing what you do cause you are fantastic at it :)

Man I really wish I had known about NYX glitter liners before I shelled out $18 on an urban decay heavy metal glitter liner that I never use… glitter is so flashy and I only use it for special occasions and I’d feel a lot better if I had only spent $5!

Glam Shine is the best lipgloss ever, I’ve been using it for 5 years now and I’ve been faithful ever since :) It’s one of the few lipglosses that has amazing colours and is not sticky.

Thank you so much for this! I’m glitter,sparkle,shimmer obsessed so this list really helped me narrow down what I need to get. Also, thank you for listing high end products, as well as low priced ones. It helps me balance what products I should get from certain companies (:

Sorry to bother you but since this is about shimmer products. I was wondering if you could look up and review about Larenim eyeshawdow. I use them everyday and I wanted to know if they are good products to use?

Hey Marlena thanks so much iv been watching ur videos on youtube and they have mad a big difference in my life i feel much more confident about my self. iv always had trouble trying to get that extra umf and up untell this point i just couldent get it right so i just wanted to thank you so much for helping me look and feel beautiful about myself.

Hey Marlena,
Love love love your website! Question about fallout with shimmer and glitter eyeshadows….what is the best possible way to get rid of the fallout glitter under your eyes? I constantly find myself looking like a disco ball because of all the fallout. Should I apply eye makeup first before foundation/bronzer so I can wipe under my eyes? Or is there a better method? Thank you!