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We’ve all been there, we walk into our local makeup store and are overwhelmed at the prices. Often, we might wonder whether or not the high priced products really do what the labels claim. Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 products worth splurging on.

Below is our list of top 10 high end products that are worth spending your extra bucks.

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

Price – $62.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, Amazon, and eBay


The Diorskin Airflash spray foundation gives you the perfect airbrushed skin, without needing all of the expensive airbrush equipment. This spray foundation gives you a glowing finish and flawless looking skin, however I don’t recommend wearing this every day (because its pricey), but it’s perfect for any special occasion.

Other suggestions:

Makeup Forever HD Foundation $42.00 Available at: SephoraEBay, Amazon

Lancome Teint Idole  $45.50 Available at: Sephora, EBay, Amazon

Diorskin Forever Compact Powder

Price- $49.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, eBay, and Amazon


This creamy powder can be used as a pressed powder, or if you choose a darker shade you can use this as a bronzer. This powder has a buttery texture, which makes it feel supple when applying.This is very convenient to have in a compact, perfect for on the go! I use the color #060 in Light Mocha as a bronzer.

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Touché Éclat Highlighting Pen

Price – $40.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, Amazon

The YSL  highlighting pen brightens up areas like the under eye without settling into any fine lines or wrinkles. The lightweight, creamy formula is perfect to use  as a concealer to help hide blemishes.

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

Price – $31.99 – $35.00
Where to Buy: Makeup Geek, Amazon, and eBay


This is a great concealer for those of you with extremely dark circles under your eyes. This formula is very creamy and easy to blend, without sacrificing any of the coverage. This product contains 2 different shades of concealer that can be mixed and matched for the perfect shade.

Armani Fluidsheer Highlighter

Price – $59.00
Where to Buy: giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com, Amazon, eBay


Some companies try too hard by adding an excessive amount of glitter or shimmer to their highlighting products.  This is not the case with this weightless, velvety highlighter from Armani. This lightweight formula won’t remove your foundation, or blush when applied to your cheeks and adds a stunning glow to your skin. This is perfect for the tops of the cheeks bones, as well as the bridge of the nose. A small amount of product goes a long way, so this bottle will last a very long time.

Tarte Blushes

Price – $26.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, Amazon, and eBay


These highly pigmented blushes are perfect for every skin type and come in a good assortment of colors. Tarte blushes are made from all natural ingredients. These blushes are creamy, smooth, and glide on effortlessly. There is a great variety of shades to match any skin tone.

MAC Fix Plus Spray

Price – $21.00
Where to Buy: MAC, Amazon, eBay


This spray is perfect for adding a dewy finish to your skin. This product works best for individuals who have dry to combination skin. MAC fix plus is also great to use as a mixing medium for your pigments. Simply spray on your brush and pick up some pigment for a foiled, metallic look. Check out the review “Mac Fix Plus vs. Model in a Bottle

Clinique “Take the Day Off” Makeup Remover

Price – $18.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, Amazon, and eBay


This makeup remover quickly takes off makeup without tugging or pulling at your skin. This removes your makeup in one swipe, no more rubbing your skin to get your makeup off! This product is ophthalmologist tested and is safe for sensitive eyes, contact wearers, and all skin types.

Makeup Forever Star Powder

Price – $20.00
Where to Buy: Sephora, Amazon, and eBay


These come in 26 amazing colors to try. They are very finely milled and can be used for a variety of things. Use on the lids, cheekbones, or on the lips to add a touch of glimmer. Whatever way you choose to use this product, it is a must have for any makeup lover.

Beauty Blender

Price – $19.95 – $28.95  (Save Money on the Double Pack)
Where to Buy: Makeup Geek, Sephora, Amazon, and eBay

beauty blender 2

This egg shaped sponge is small, but mighty. This blender gives your foundation an airbrushed, and flawless finish. This sponge can be used for foundation, to blend out  your blush, or to apply cream blushes.

There you have it, my top 10 list of “high end” products. I highly recommend all of these and have been using them for quite a while myself. I hope this list helps and can assist you when it comes to making a more pricey investment. I hope you all are staying happy and healthy!

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Hi Marlena, i love the Tarte blushes to they r my fav, also love your look in this video. Tutoral?

It’s practically the same as her last tutorial, just more intense. (Gold on lid, more intense coral in the crease, eyeliner.)

Hey Marlena- Just a quick correction you may want to fix. The MAC Fix+ is $20, not $10. I loove your videos and hope you keep making them for many years to come!! PS- I just purchased the Makeup Forever HD foundation value set from Sephora with the primer and HD powder. Have you tried either of these products with the foundation? If so, what are your thoughts?

The travel size is perfect for your purse makeup bag, or even for traveling. IF you use it as much as I do (its magic in a bottle!), its definitely worth the extra to get the full size. Also, I have found most counter MAC’s dont carry the travel size :(.

Little aside on the HD powder: It’s just silica powder with a mahoosive markup in price. (In other words, it’s too expensive for what it is.) If you like the powder, I’d suggest buying it in bulk from Coastal Scents or TK Trading.

If you’re talking about ELF’s HD powder, it’s actually different. It’s got dry dimethicone in it. Totally different stuff than silica. I have ELF’s HD powder, pure silica, pure dry dimethicone, and a whole lot of other raw ingredients because I mix my own custom powders.

I just wanted to add my favourite beauty product. I love Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturiser. So if you like a sheer finish to your foundation this is a great product. It has a slight shimmer so your skin just glows. It’s great for sensitive skin like mine (I suffer from dermatitis) & has SPF 15 so I know my skin is protected from the sun. It is a little pricey $78 (in Australia) but it’s a great quality product & you only need half a pump to cover your whole face so one bottle will last you a very long time!
For all you Aussie makeup geeks check it out at:
Not sure if they ship overseas though.
Lisa :-)

Marlena I love your eyes on this video girl please please do a tutorial on your fabulus eye make up
I am dying of envy they look top dollar honey please please tell me how you did it
I love it 100%
Keep on rocking girl and do not stop
Bye !

Hi Francie, hi from Melbourne! I use the MUG stippling brush for foundation and love it… I am curious about the beauty blender and want to know if you think it’s better than the brush and if so, why? I guess I am trying to know if it’s worth getting if I already really like the brush… Just asking your opinion, thank you!

I think they’re both really good :) If you like the brush, you probably wouldn’t need the beauty blender. if you do work on clients though, the beauty blender is a little softer and easier to work with. But both are good :)

I must say that I strongly disagree with you about the YSL Touché Éclat Highlighting Pen. I bought it thinking that it’d be amazing, but I think it’s ridiculously over-priced for what it does. I honestly can’t believe I spent that much money on a sheer, shimmery liquid that didn’t do much at all except make my under eye are look white in photos… oh, how I regret buying that. I completely agree with you about the Tarte blushes though, I only own one but I think it’s amazing! So pigmented and long-lasting, I just love it!

If I use the touche eclat on its own, it’s not very good- I totally agree. I have to use as a highlighter on top of my concealer/foundation just to brighten the area. but as a concealer alone, it’s not good. And yes, the tarte blushes are freaking amazing! :)

Hey Marlena!!!
So, I am madly in love with the colour Satin Taupe by MAC. It’s stunning. The original 88 palette from CS has a dupe, but I ran out of it a looong time ao. Ive been looking into buying a new palette, because I miss the color and it’s a much better price than mac, however, I also was curious to try MUG eyeshadows. Is there a MUG eyeshadow that is a dupe for Satin Taupe? I was aslo wondering, because I was just on CS, if yuu would say there is a dupe in the new 252 color palette. There seem to be a lot similar, but I’m just not sure, because it has so many different colors in it. Please let me know, especially about the MUG eyeshadows, because Ive been itching to try them!
Thank yuu so much!! It’s been a pleasure to see the site grow.
Karyn <33

Hey! I just bought a wet & wild eye shadow trio called silent treatment and the lid shade in the trio is a perfect dupe for Satin Taupe. (I own it, and compared the two ) hope this helps!

Hi Karyn :) We actually have one that’s very close coming out VERY soon (I already signed off on the color and formula)- it is called “Prom Night”. I think you will like this one a lot :) Another one that is close, but not exact is “Moondust”

I love Moondust! It’s my favouite shade out of all of the MUG shadows I’ve bought :)

I really want to buy the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, but it is so hard to buy things online because we dont know the exact color! Can you tell me which color it is yours? And which color are you in MAC concealer, just to help me find my color on the eve pearl salmon…

I’m pretty sure Marlena mentioned she uses tan. I believe she mentioned the color really helps to cover any dark circles she may have. Since it is a corrector she then covers it with her foundation or concealer etc. So I dont believe the color honestly matters, at least not when it comes to the color of your skin. It depends more on the severity of the discoloration beneath the eye area (or where ever needed). I swear by eve pearl salmon concealer! I personally use dark and I’m an NC42 in Mac. It’s so orangey there is no way I can wear it alone but I use either the YSL touché éclat over it or actually I’ve been enjoying the loreal true match concealer lately! I have no idea what she is in mac though sorry! Hope this can help though!!

I agree the loreal true match is a foundation line that does not disappoint! I keep going back to it!

Thanks Marlena awesome as always! Quick question, which shade/number do you use in the YSL Touché Éclat concealer?

Love from Australia!! xo

I bought the Eve Pearl concealer a while ago and i am rather dissapointed. Even the lightest color is too dark for me :/ I prefer the Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier concealers/correctors.

Have you tried putting under your foundation? It’s a corrector, so the color will be quite orange looking. They’re meant to wear underneath foundations or other concealers :)

Hi Marlena, I think you are such a peach! I love love love your tutorials. Okay, now that I’ve gushed. I am also Italian, and I have the dark circles as well, obviously you made your list of great products under 10, and now the high end products worth buying, but do you know of any drugstore versions of the eve pearl salmon concealer by chance? Or anything that might be comparable?

Thanks for all the videos I love how you have ten cheep and ten highend everything I have Tryed after seeing your videos has been worth my money and I really love the mugs eyeshadow also great job I can’t wait till I can get lipsticks that’s something I hate buying on line because I want to see in person but every time I try lip shades you suggest I have loved loved loved them your spot on and you haven’t disappointed me yet so keep up the good work and keep mugs makeup comming and you look great I would love to know what to do about my fuss it’s got so bad I look like a fuss ball after applying foundation even after I use fix plus do I shave it or wax it I don’t want it to come back thicker or darker but its all over like my high cheek bone on my jaw line over the lip and chin and even temples I just thought I’d ask about it and get some ones advice about what to do thanks for everything you do for your mugs bonbon

Hi Bonnie :) Thanks so much for your support! I actually shave some as I hate having peach fuzz in my foundation… It doesn’t grow back thicker :)

I love your look in this video, it means business! Its Diva, Slightly vampy, kickass. Its broad and vivid but very ell done, new on my faves list!

Thanks so much!! I had fun with this- I just need to retape it as the first one didn’t turn out :(

Marlena, I would love to see a tutorial on your makeup for this video. It is so beautiful. Also, thanks for the video. Many of the products you mentioned I do own and they are amazing, especially the Armani Fluid Sheer. I love love love it!!!

It looks like the Star Powders are pigments. I’ve never seen them before. Have you ever tried Medusa’s Makeup Eye Dusts and Eye Glitter? They’re AWESOME and inexpensive. I’d love to see a review of Medusa’s Makeup products. They’re cruelty free and have super fun names and colors. Oh, just a note – make sure to get their primer (Stick It & The Fix).
Thanks for being fabulous and sharing your thoughts and tips!

Yes, you can go to http://www.medusasmakeup.com and check them out. Also, they have THE BEST lipglosses I’ve tried (haven’t tried Nyx ones yet I know you love those). They are currently having a lip gloss sale – each gloss is $4 or you can get all 12 colors for $29. Their glosses are pigmented, very moisturizing and not sticky. I’m a big fan. I hope I helped turned you on to some more fun makeup! Lots of love and have a fabulous weekend!

Hi Marlena! Love your makeup, everything looks good on you. I just saw the price on the YSL and i almost faint, this product is around £20 – £23 in the UK, unbelievable! And girls, the 100 ml Fix+ is £12!!! Oh, and I found this great invisible MAC setting powder which is meant to be better than the prep+prime translucent powder, because this one is not ashy, but what it’s also great is that it comes in a 30g pot! That is a lot of loose powder! And for the same price, the prep+prime is only 8g! You have to go to a PRO MAC STORE if you want it though. It’s only £18.50!!!

A product I love from MAC, specially if you are a makeup artist wannabe like me, are the Face and Body foundations, they’re meant to be sheer coverage, but, wow! They cover a lot! And they are very smooth and leave to your skin such a dewy natural finish. I have combination to oily skin though, but you can really pull it through with some powder around the nose and on the forehead. They are a little bit pricey, £25.50 each in the UK. But you get 120 ml per bottle, and they have a white foundation, which is great for mixing colours, specially if you have a really fair skin client.

Hi Marlena! As always great video. Always super informative to help us out. Which shade of the Armani Sheer fluid do you use? Went to their site to buy it and they have a few. Is it 11-Pale Shimmering Rose or 2-Shimmering Beige?

**Which Tarte blush would you suggest is a universal shade that looks good on alot of people?? I want to start with a sure thing!

Marlena I need your help. I want to orde the eve pearl salmon concealer but I don’t know which color to get I wear the nw35 studio finish concealer and I also wear the nc42 select I have also used the Bobbi brown corrector in dark bisc and concealer in honey. . My foundation color is anywhere from nc42-nc44 studio fix liquid.. I am Indian and I also wear the studio sculpt. I have really bad dark circles and I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m crying out to you for help. I just feel that the foundations are not matching up with the concealers. What color do you think I am in the eve pearl? PLEASE HELP ME MARLENA!!!

Hi Marlena, love your videos , you said in this video you had the same product for 1 or 2 years, does it mean you can keep your make up over 6 months, i heard someone said that over 6 monts make up turn bad or something…is it true??


Since you mentioned the MAC setting spray I thought I should say that Urban Decay has a really good setting spray called “all nighter”. I have really oily skin and just a few sprays of that stuff makes my make up stay on all night, even in the club, you should definately try it.

Good Morning Marlena, I went out and purchased a new mascara it is the Loreal Paris Voluminous. Just a quick question I found that this mascara smudges after a couple of hours of wearing it. Do you have any tips or maybe I’m just not applying it properly. I would greatly appreciate any tips you would be able to offer. Thanks again and have a great day :)

Hi Marlena! I love your site, I have learned so much, I can’t thank you enough. I know you love the beauty blender for applying foundation but you have also mentioned how much you like a stippling brush. I would like to order either one, would you say you prefer one over the other?? I’ve tried to find the answer, but I just can’t figure it out :) Thank you!

Marlena – great picks here, I’ll definitely be going out and snatching up a few of these! I bought the Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage cream palette (green) and its working wonders on people’s skin – have you tried it?

markena- my makeup geek queen !

I am in a makeup rut and need some suggestions and help – especially since I have come down with a case of melasma and want a makeup to help camouflage it.

Do u do one on one applications and how tos?
I’m so self conscious and want some fresh ideas –

A million thanks

For the makeup remover, do u have to only use it to remove from lips, eyes & lashes? can u use it for the whole face?

hey marlena! have you tried the sephora brand airspray foundations? my friend and i were in there and saw them and thought that they were amazing! (and WAY less than the dior one! hehehe) maybe i see a product smackdown in the future?(:

Love the colour you are wearing on your lips! Actually, love the whole look – please could you do a tutorial? :0)

I really want a MAC eyeshadow pallete, but i already have the naked 1 pallete, elf palletes, sephora pallate, pixi pallate, inglot pallate and many single eyeshadows. What should i do?

i just bought the armani fluid sheer in #2!!! can’t wait to start using it! i bought this in paris so, i’m waiting to fly home before i start playing with it. <3 great recommendation. swatched it like 10x in the store on different occasions. love the look on my hand. hope it looks even more amazing on the face. :)