How To Start Your Own Makeup Line (Q&A)

Hello my Makeup Geeks! Today I have a different kind of makeup video for you. I have had so many people ask me about how I started my makeup line, what my inspiration was, and so many more great questions that I wanted to do a video to answer the most frequently asked.  Don’t let starting your own makeup line discourage you, it just takes plenty of research and thorough planning.  Nicola is going behind the camera and will be asking me the questions, so let’s get the Q & A started.

Question #1

What was your first step to start your line?

Answer: The first step was to find a lab to work with. This will be where most of your time and research goes.

Question #2

What were the most important qualities you wanted your makeup line or makeup to have?

Answer: Pigmentation! It’s hard to find inexpensive makeup that isn’t chalky. The more pigment you add to a product the more chalky in texture it can become so you really have to work to find the perfect formula.

Question #3

What do you think the most unique products are you sell?

Answer: The line is relatively new so it will take time to have a complete lineup. For now, our Razzleberry eyeshadow, our Corrupt eyeshadow, and the Poison gel eyeliner. All of them are incomparable in terms of color and quality.

Question #4

How did your come up with the names for your products?

Answer: A lot of people come up with names. We write down names ahead of time that we come up with that we think may work for a future product so when you find a color that matches that name you have it.

Question #5

What is your long term goal for your makeup line?

Answer: I want to have an extensive makeup line with every product that’s on the market now with keeping the prices low and still maintain high qualtity.

Question #6

If you could give someone advice who wants to start a makeup line, what would it be?

Answer: Find your niche or something that your passionate about. For me it was about finding really great high end products, especially eyeshadows, at an affordable price. Also, make sure you do your research on everything and everyone you are using from the ingredients, to the lab and even the chemist you will be using.

I hope this provides you with some answers if starting a makeup line is something that your’re interested in. I will say it does take a lot of money and a lot of time to accomplish this so have patience as this really is an investment. This needs to be something you are very passionate about and want to work hard at. If those things part of what you are doing you are sure to succeed.

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