Vote For Our Next Hair Tutorial

We had a great reaction to the Hunger Games/Katniss Everdeen-inspired hair braid tutorial we did a couple weeks ago, so are excited to do a few more tutorials. However, we wanted to ask you for your input to see what you would be most interested in learning :)

We have seven option below for you to vote on, so please make your choice in the poll below. Also, if you have any other hair tutorials that you’d like to see, please post some links to photos in the comments below.

Thanks for your support!

[poll id=”41″]

#1 - 4 Strand Braid

#2 - Sock Bun

#3 - Low Three Bun

#4- Half Up/Half Down Hair Bow

#5 - Curved French Braid to Messy Bun

#6 - Fishtail Head Band

#7 - Fishtail French Braid

#8 - Elegant low bun with curls

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The #8 look is fantabulous! It looks great. Please do this tutorial, I’d love to try it.

Thank you :)

Number 3, look like something that could be good for people with very thick, coarse, hair. PLEASE!!!!

Please do all of them lol! I voted for 5 but I honestly love all of them. 3 was my second favorite(:

Chels K has a good point. What happened to Paige? I, too, like all the hair styles and would like to see all of them.

3, 5, 6, 8….LOVE these!! They are all gr8 actually hard to decide…#1 is a good candidate too bc it is not easy to do a 5 strand braid, I believe that is what that one is….Can’t wait to see these!!! :-)

please do 4! i love bows! if not 4, show us one that is easy to do on our own because it’s hard to do some hairstyles without help from someone else. =)
love you makeupgeek team!

Am I the only one who probably can’t do any of these alone and need a friend to help out? I find it difficult to even plait my own hair since I can’t see what I’m doing! DX

Please do the bun tutorial (any without curling iron whatsoever) and strand braid (fish tails a bit too easy-if you know how).

Maybe we should do weekly challenge for hair styling (even though it’s hard to be original) :)

Yep please – all of them :)
I really liked the dutch braid last time – finally that mystery is solved lol ;P

Love, love number 8. I have long thick hair, and I would love to be able to wear a low bun that’s perfect anytime day it night.

Please do them all eventually! I love the last tutorial… so easy to follow! Thank you!!!

5 please! I love the look, but am uncertain how messy and how structured to make it look effortless. Some how mine ends up looking like I am trying too hard to make it look like I’m not. So I only wear this look at home lol! Help!!!

For those of you whom are too impatient to wait for all of these styles to be released by Makeup Geek, Youtube guru Nee has uploaded a ton of hair and makeup tutorials that include several of these styles!

I like the way MUG does tutorials, they are so easy to follow! But… I’m still a little baffled as to why there are hair tutorials on a *makeup* site? Oh well, I guess variety is the spice of life!