VLOG: Surgery after Weightloss

Hi gorgeous (and handsome) Makeup Geeks!

I TRULY hope that you all are doing really well, and that 2011 is a great year so far!  I realize that this video is completely unlike any of my other videos, and I realize that not everyone is going to agree with my decision… But that’s ok as everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions, but have to choose for themselves what is best for them :)

I’m not posting this video to get any sympathy (my mom always tells me if I want sympathy to look it up in the dictionary- haha!)-  I’m simply posting this so you know why I’m not responding to emails and questions in the next few weeks, and also to encourage any of you out there going through the same thing.   This past week I have been watching several videos on youtube from others about their tummy tucks and other procedures- it has helped SO much in making me not so scared.  I want to do the same for someone else- just share my journey so someone else can see what it is really like to go through these procedures.

I’ll be having a tummy tuck and breast lift (also called a “mommy makeover”) on Feb. 1st- I’ve been planning and preparing for this surgery for many months now.  Although losing 90 pounds is the best feeling in the world, it is still frustrating to be young and have an “old” body.  Please don’t judge or create unnecessary drama on here regarding this- I know that not everyone is going to agree with my decision, but I am doing what I feel is best for me- that’s all :)   I’m scared out of my mind as I’ve never had surgery before, but I’m sure all will go well- I’m positive!

Here’s info about tummy tucks- not that I’m trying to push this at all!!  It is MUCH better to workout, do strength training, and lose weight slowly so you don’t have to go through this procedure. BUT… if all of that still isn’t enough, then there’s other options.


Medical Name:    Abdominoplasty
Length of Procedure:   2-5 hours
Average Cost:  $4000-8000
Down Time:   2-4 weeks
Recovery:   4-6 weeks
Procedure Location:   Hospital or surgery center

Here is a site that has been helpful for me:   http://www.realself.com/Tummy-tuck/reviews

The forum where many post their questions and experiences:   http://www.realself.com/tummy-tuck/forum

Also, before you make any decision for yourself, please only do this if YOU want it and don’t rush into your decision.  Be sure to interview at least 3 surgeons before choosing the one you want, and do all the research possible on that surgeon to make sure he is certified, qualified, and has good reviews from his other patients.

I will try to tape videos after surgery (no promises as I don’t know how badly I will feel) to keep you updated on the journey…   I will miss taping tutorials for you all, but I have busted booty the last few weeks taping extras for February!  There’s lots of really good videos coming up, so keep checking back :)

MUCH love,


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