Two New Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Pixie Dust & Bitten

I have been busy working on rounding out the “color library” of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I am happy to announce two new shades: Pixie Dust and Bitten.

Many of you have been waiting for a while for Pixie Dust as we included the color in some of the other color swatches and also mentioned it in my Top 10 Green Eyeshadow Picks.  Bitten is also a much-needed deep red to fill in our lineup.   And for the first time at the launch of the color, we have both a pan and a compact version available at the same time.

Pixie Dust

I have to say I’ve been very excited to see this one come out of production so I can share it with you.  It is such a beautfiul shade, you really have to see it in person to fully experience it.  It is a beautiful lime green that has just the right amount of shimmer to it (not glittery).  It is absolutely stunning in the sunlight.  I pair this up with Dirty Martini and Envy for a full-on green look.   If you’d like to see it in action, here’s a preview of me using it in the soon-to-be-released Watermelon-inspired look tutorial (teamed up with Razzleberry). When comparing to our existing colors, Pixie Dust’s closest cousin is Fuji.  However, Pixie Dust is more of a lime color (with more of a yellow-like tint).  Also Fuji is a matte shadow while Pixie Dust is a shimmer.

Pixie Dust Eyeshadow Pan | Pixie Dust Eyeshadow Compact


While we have a few good red-like colors in our lineup like Burlesque, Last Dance, and Razzleberry, they all have at least a bit of shimmer to them.  Bitten, on the other hand, is a matte shadow.  It also happens to be quite pigmented.  It’s difficult to formulate red eyeshadows to be especially pigmented.  It took a couple revisions in the lab to get this one just right.  I think you matte shadow fans will fall in love with this one.  As far as color goes, it is very similar to Burlesque, but it has a bit more of a red tone to it and just a little lighter in color.

Bitten Eyeshadow Pan | Bitten Eyeshadow Compact


Here’s a few swatches so you can see them on skin and also compare them to other shadows in our lineup

More Pictures

Bitten and Pixie Dust in Compact Form

Pixie Dust and Bitten in Pan Packaging


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Posted in Announcements, Makeup Products on (last modified: April 5, 2012)