Six New Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Colors!

With the recent releases of the Makeup Geek Lipsticks and Gel Liners, we haven’t had a lot of new eyeshadow releases in the last few months.  However, we have six brand new shadows to share with you today!

You may notice with this six-pack release we rounded out three different color groups:  Purples, Blues, and Neutrals.   Purples and Blues have been two color families we were lacking in for some time, so it is nice to fill some gaps.  As for neutrals, they remain some of our top-sellers so we wanted to round out the selection a bit with some matte shades.

We hope you enjoy these new shadows!

Drama Queen

The Bottom Line: A densely dark purple with a shimmery finish

How It Relates: Drama Queen’s closest color cousin is Sensuous, but the only other Makeup Geek shadow that rivals its darkness is the brutally black Corrupt.

All About the Color: Every diva knows to add a little drama to her life. Adding this stunning dark purple shade to your collection is a sure way to do just that! With a shimmery finish, this exquisite color is perfect for darkening the outer corners or creating striking smokey look. No matter how you use it, this color is sure to turn heads and make your inner Drama Queen come out to play.

Buy in the Makeup Geek Store:   Pan / Compact

Prom Night

The Bottom Line: A pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmery finish.

How It Relates:  At a quick glance, Prom Night can look similar to Twilight, however, it has a cooler blue-toned purple shade compared to Twilight’s rosier tint.

All About the Color: Nothing was ever as fun as prom night. The anticipation, the dress, the shoes, and of course, the makeup. With hints of grey, this pale purple shade is flattering for every eye color, every skin tone, and the shimmery finish makes it perfect for any occasion. The rich pigmentation and velvet-like texture makes this an ideal shade regardless of where you are going. Pair it up with other neutral shades for a great day look, or add deeper shades for a great smokey eye for that special night.

Buy in the Makeup Geek Store: Pan / Compact

Boo Berry

The Bottom Line: A dark periwinkle blue with soft matte finish

How It Relates: The only other bold blue in the Makeup Geek collection so far is Neptune.   Boo Berry is definitely darker than the brightly-toned Neptune.   Nautica (see below) is similar in tone, but Nautica is less vibrant and is also a shimmer shadow.

All About the Color: It’s the color we all knew and loved as kids wrapped up in cool blue eyeshadow. The dark periwinkle blue is a perfect reminder of childhood and everything we loved about it. The matte finish makes this color ideal for use on the lower lid and adds the perfect amount of excitement to your look.

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The Bottom Line: A midnight blue shade with shimmery finish

How It Relates:  Even though Boo Berry is the only other Deep Blue in the Makeup Geek collection, Ocean Breeze is actually the shadow that is most similar.  They have an almost idential texture and sheen.  However, Ocean Breeze is more of a deep green blue compared to Nautica’s navy blue shade.

All About the Color: Capture the essence of the ocean with this stunning midnight blue eyeshadow. This shade delivers intense pigmented color with a shimmery finish. The rich color blends easily to help create in depth looks, or cool neutral eyes. No matter how you use it, this color is sure to capture the looks of everyone around you

Buy in the Makeup Geek Store:  Pan / Compact

Peach Smoothie

The Bottom Line: A light peach beige with a soft matte finish

How It Relates: Peach Smoothie fits snuggly between Beaches & Cream and Chickadee in the spectrum of orange shades and they relate well in finish and texture.

All About the Color: Nothing is as refreshing and fun as one of our favorite summer treats, a peach smoothie. Now the same mouthwatering color that draws us in can be used to adorn your eyes. This light peach/beige color has a soft matte finish which makes it ideal for blending out harsh shades or on the lower lid to help create a stunning neutral look

Buy in the Makeup Geek Store:   Pan / Compact

Crème Brûlée

The Bottom Line: A medium sand color with a soft matte finish

How It Relates:  At a quick glance, Crème Brulee is very similar to Purely Naked. Crème Brulee a very warm shade in a medium sandy orange.  In contrast, Purely Naked has a bit of a cooler tint and is a bit more muted.  Crème Brulee is also a pure matte shadow while Purely Naked has a bit of a shimmer finish to it.

All About the Color: Crème Brulee is known as one of the most enticing deserts you can get, and this eyeshadow is soon to become one of the most irresistible eyeshadows you can get. The soft medium sand color has a velvety matte finish and texture that will leave your eyes looking and feeling delicious. Perfect for a brown smokey eye, or used to blend out harsh lines. Either way this color is simply delectable

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