New Makeup Geek Sparklers

The stars have aligned in the name of sparkle and shine!

A sparkle beyond compare, Makeup Geek Sparklers go where no cosmetics company has gone before! Loose, reflective particles create a glitter-like effect that is out of this world. Choose from an assortment of sixteen sparkly shades that are paraben free, cruelty free, and made in the USA. A galaxy of gorgeousness awaits—light up your universe with Makeup Geek Sparklers!

Below you’ll find product descriptions, swatches, and links to purchase the NEW Makeup Geek Sparklers!

Sparklers---Swatch---1--SilversStargazerStargazer is a light champagne white sparkler.

Milky WayMilky Way is a medium rainbow silver sparkler.

Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower is a true metallic silver sparkler.

Dark MatterDark Matter is a gold-specked dark charcoal sparkler.Sparklers---Swatch---2--OrangesHaloHalo is a silvery ballet pink sparkler.

AsteroidAsteroid is a metallic light gold sparkler.

SatelliteSatellite is a gold-specked dusty purple sparkler.

Solar FlareSolar Flare is a medium coppery melon sparkler.Sparklers---Swatch---3--PurplesLight YearLight Year is an iridescent pearl pink sparkler.

AuroraAurora is a soft lavender gray sparkler.

ZodiacZodiac is a pink-specked iris purple sparkler.

NebulaNebula is a medium amethyst purple sparkler.
Sparklers---Swatch---4--GreensSolsticeSolstice is a silvery mint green sparkler.

SupernovaSupernova is a bright chartreuse green sparkler.

ConstellationConstellation is a medium turquoise sparkler.

MartianMartian is a teal ivy green sparkler.


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