New Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Bling, Last Dance, and Homecoming

Hi MUGs!  Marlena and the Makeup Geek team have been working hard to keep new colors our the Makeup Geek eyeshadows flowing.   We would like to have more colors just as much as you would, but Marlena is dedicated to make sure the colors and formula is just right for each one before we start selling them.

This week, we have three new colors availible: Bling, Last Dance, and Homecoming.   All three are subtle, but beautiful in their own right and we think you’ll easily fall in love with them.


Bling’s closest sibling is our incredibly-popular Shimma Shimma.   This great highlighting shadow is very similar to Shimma Shimma but has a cooler tint to it.  When you put the two of them side-by-side, Shimma Shimma has a bit of a peachy look to it, while Bling is more or a cool, creamy shade.

(Buy Bling in the Makeup Geek Store)



Homecoming is a medium purplish-brown with a subtle golden shimmer.  It is in the same family as our popular Moondust shadow — when compared side-by-side to Moondust, it is apparent that Homecoming is a warmer, burgundy tint while Moondust has a cooler, blue-purple tint.   Of course, the tints are very subtle as both shadows are elegant shades that are accents to a glamorous neutral look.

(Buy Homecoming in the Makeup Geek Store)


Last Dance

If you want a shadow that has more of a burgundy or plum color while still being subtle, Last Dance will be a perfect fit for you.   A deeper burgundy shade would be Makeup Geek’s Burlesque.  Both shades are similar, but as mentioned before, Burlesque is deeper and has a bit more shimmer.

(Buy Last Dance  in the Makeup Geek Store)


To help you see the shadows in action and to more easily compare them to the rest of the Makeup Geek lineup, here’s a couple sets of swatches for you

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