Makeup Geek Pigments Are Here!

Hi Makeup Geeks!

I am SO excited to announce the release of 10 new pigments!!  A few of these are dupes for MAC ones, but are less than half the cost.  I love how pigmented these are, smooth, and easy to apply.  My favorite way to use these are patting on the lid for a pop of shimmery and shine. You can also use a soft neutral one on top of the cheeks for a glow to the skin, or can even mix in with detangler or MAC’s Fix Plus spray to add shine to your hair. OH! You can mix with clear lipgloss to create a custom color! There’s so many use for these, so I will do a special video soon showing you how to use them :)

I would love to hear your feedback on these as these are formulated for all of you.  Thanks again for your continued support!

MUCH love,
Marlena and the Makeup Geek crew :)



About the Shades

This listing corresponds to the image above.  The shades are in order to their placement from left to right in each row, and rows top to bottom.

  • New Year’s Eve: Light Gold Reflective Glitter – Look New Year’s Eve ready anytime of the year with this striking light gold reflective glitter. The perfect addition to any look, this glitter is finely milled for a smooth application. Use dry for a soft, elegant look or wet for a more daring and dramatic look. (Buy New Year’s Eve in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Afterglow: Soft Shimmery Champagne – Bask in the Afterglow of this soft yet stunning champagne color. Between the creamy texture and shimmery finish, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of warmth to any look. Whether you add a splash of this pigment to highlight your cheeks or as a finishing touch to a dramatic eye, this color is sure to keep you glowing. (Buy Afterglow in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Sweet Dreams: Light fleshed toned beige pink with slight shimmer- You are sure to be the cause of many sweet dreams when this amazing shade graces your lids. This light flesh-toned beige pink has a slight shimmer and is the ideal shade for transition or as a highlight under the brow bone. The finely milled color is stunning used when used wet and adds the perfect pop to your eyes. Goes on smoothly and evenly for a striking look every time. (Buy Sweet Dreams in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Liquid Gold: True Metallic Gold – A true treasure for the eyes, this stunning Liquid Gold pigment will make you look and feel like a fortune. The high pigmentation and rich texture allows it to glide on smoothly without clumping and gives you long lasting wear. Use dry for a soft wash of color, or wet for a true metallic finish. Either way, you are sure to be a stunner! (Buy Liquid Gold in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Enchanted: Light Plum Shimmer – This Enchanted color is sure to leave those around you spellbound. The light plum shimmer compliments any skin tone and is ideal for adding a touch of magic to your look. The creamy formula glides on smoothly and evenly leaving a flawless finish. (Buy Enchanted in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Birthday Wish: Shimmery Light Gold Peach – May all your Birthday Wishes and more come true when you wear this whimsical pigment! This light golden peach shade is highly pigmented and has a velvet-like texture making it easy to apply. The crease proof formula means it will last all day and never fade. (Buy Birthday Wish in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Utopia: An Antiqued Gold Glitter – Regardless your skin tone, this is sure to be a match made in Utopia!  Perfect for everyone, this amazing duo-chrome pigment adds a sparkling and stunning pop to your eyes. This is the perfect mixture of deep browns and antique gold shimmer that looks dazzling. Use alone and pat over a base for a soft shimmery effect, or with a mixing medium for a more alluring look. The creamy texture allows it glide on smoothly with little fallout. (Buy Utopia in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Paparazzi: Glittery Smokey Grey – Just because you aren’t a celebrity, doesn’t mean you can’t look like one! This dazzling smokey grey color will have you looking like a star. It has just enough pizzazz to have the paparazzi’s following you in no time. The incredible pigmentation and rich texture allows this to glide on smoothly and evenly without fading or creasing. (Buy Paparazzi in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Prince Charming: Metallic Cool Silver – You don’t need a glass slipper to attract your Prince Charming when this shade adorns your eyes. This cool silver shade has a creamy texture and high pigmentation, making it a gem to work with. Apply wet or dry, this astonishing color is sure to have every prince’s eyes on you. (Buy Prince Charming in the Makeup Geek store!)
  • Insomnia: A Duochromed Teal/Bronze – This pigment will leave you wide awake and ready for the evening.  This dark chocolate colored pigment has sparkling blue/teal reflects that will light up your eyes. The duo-chrome effect simply means the color changes as you blend.  It will appear as multiple colors, although you are using just one pigment. Its velvet-like texture makes it easily applicable, gliding on with ease. Use alone or with a wet  brush for a multitude of endless looks. (Buy Insomnia in the Makeup Geek store!)


Here are the swatches of each of our shades, and an extra set up swatches that show some of our colors that are dupes of popular MAC pigments.





Great Price Per Ounce and Reasonable Quantity

We wanted to find the best balance of having a good price per ounce without making the Makeup Geeks out there having to buy a large jar.   Each jar of Makeup Geek pigment contains about 2 grams of product (the jars are rated at 1.5 grams, that is on the box and label, but packed them full as you can tell from the photos below.




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