Weekly Challenge: Effie Trinket Inspired

As mugs we can’t help but get inspired by anything and everything we do and see. The Hunger Games has caught so much attention, as it’s a great and thrilling movie. It’s caught our attention for a different reason, MAKEUP! So this weeks weekly challenge is based off of the character Effie Trinket! Be creative mugs and as always have fun!




Here’s the scoop on this challenge:

  • Challenge begins Monday, April 9h and ends Friday, April 20th at midnight EST
  • Create your best Effie Trinket inspired look
  • Post photos of your look here in the forum
  • Only 1 look per person, and the work must be your own
  • Winner will be announced Monday, April 23rd
  • Prize will be the fun Twilight, Corrupt, Envy & Bada Bing Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in the new Compact Form
  • The spirit of these challenges is to practice & create something new, thus to enter a look into a Weekly Challenge please create a look specifically for this challenge, i.e. do not upload a photo that was taken for another purpose.
  • In one of your photos, please make sure you are holding a visible sign that says “MUG Weekly Challenge ___(insert challenge name)___ by ___(insert user name)___(date)___”
  • Do not edit or alter your images – images that have been altered will be disqualified.
  • Only one entry/person. You may not create other user names to get out of this rule.
  • Any entry that is suspected of violating these rules will be deleted, and the user disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from entering future competitions. If you have an issue with this, or believe you are not in violation of the rules, please contact Mariella or Jessica by pm.
  • Two winners chosen: 1 for best look, and 1 at random, so everyone has a chance to win!
  • This challenge is open to anyone of any age and from any country


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