Weekly Challenge:Summer Inspired

I came across this picture and I was amazed! The colors are so beautiful and rich. Lets see what you can do with this as your inspiration. Be creative and most of all have fun! :)


Here’s the scoop on this challenge:

  • Challenge begins Monday, June 13th and ends Friday, June 24th at midnight EST
  • Create a look inspired by this picture
  • Post photos of your look here in the forum
  • Only 1 look per person, and the work must be your own
  • Winner will be announced Monday, June 27th
  • Prize will be three Tarte LipSurgence Lipstains
  • Two winners chosen: 1 for best look, and 1 at random, so everyone has a chance to win!
  • Make sure to list what products you used, so if someone likes your look and wants to try it, then can
  • This challenge is open to anyone of any age and from any country

Have fun!!


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wow what are great pic with some many pretty colors to work with! I have never done a challenge before but I think I might try this one out :)

The reason it stuck with me is that the photo’s were in the book in which you were featured. I was so excited for you and you looked amazing!

Looks like a repeat of a look I’ve tried and loved before. BUT if someone is creative enough to do something with a dark purple lid with orange blend above then I think it’ll be worth it to see how it pans out!!!

I don’t think its the same. She clearly shows her inspirational pic in the video its different. And it might have orange in but it shows you’re creative if you can do something different with it.

im only 11 1/2 but im gonna try my best on my mom she will be my model and i might not be able to send it in though…. but wish me luck!:D

Im only 15 1/2 so im usually not allowed to enter any contests, but im happy i can here! I finally get to show what i can do! And Im sure u will too, good luck

I had a lot of problems attaching my photos stoberlaw had to add them ad links. I kept getting a message the the files I chose were invalid. Howbdobi correct that for next time??? Anyone???