Top 10: Makeup Gift Sets

I’ve swatched, sampled, tested, and played with (someone has to do it!) just about every makeup kit out there trying to find the best ones for this holiday season.  Here are my top 10 picks of makeup gift sets…

10.   10 Piece Professional Blush Palette

10 Blush Palette

This 10 blush palette is great quality especially for the price!  From pinks and peaches to neutrals and bronzes, anyone is bound to find the perfect color for them.  Comes in a sleek enclosed case that is easy to carry around.

Best for: The aspiring makeup artist or the girl who loves to blush
Price: $15.95
Where to Buy: Coastal Scents or  eBay

9.     Stila Lip Glaze Collection

Stila Lip Glaze Collection

Ranging in colors from nude to deep red, this set from Stila has 8 lipglosses that are creamy in texture.  The twist cap and brush applicator make it easy to apply just the right amount without getting messy.

Best for: The lipgloss aficionado
Price: $25
Where to Buy: Too Faced Glamour to Go

This super cute palette is perfect for travel! It comes with 8 beautiful eyeshadows, a peachy pink blush, and 4 lipglosses.  The case closes neatly and is small enough to keep in your purse for those late mornings out the door.

Best for: The uber-busy girl or the travel junkie
Price: $19.50
Where to buy:  Stila Smudge Pot Collection

Stila’s smudge pots have been popular for their creamy texture, amazing color payoff, and waterproof formula. This set includes 4 colors (black, navy, champagne, and purple) and a small brush.  Can be used as eyeliner or an eyeshadow base for that pop of color!

Best for: Anyone who loves cream or gel liners
Price:   $32
Where to buy: 120 Eyeshadow Palette

If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that has every color under the sun, then look no more! With 120 colors to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas.  The quality is very good and the price cannot be beat.

Best for: The artsy girl who loves lots of color!
Price: $16-20
Where to buy: eBay

5.     Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit

Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit

If you have normal to oily skin and are looking for a foundation that is “breathable”, then this mineral foundation set is for you.  The coverage is great and gives a beautiful finish to the skin!

Best for: The girl that doesn’t like the feel of liquid foundation and has normal to oily skin  (I don’t recommend if you have dry skin or are allergic to bismuth)
Price: $48
Where to buy: eBay

4.     Sigma Makeup Brush Kit

Sigma Brush Set

This 6 piece brush set (3 face, 3 eye) is designed similar to the MAC brushes but without the MAC price tag.  The bristles are soft and work really well, plus you can’t beat the price.

Best for: The budding makeup geek
Price: $49
Where to buy: Sigma Makeup

3.     Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash

Urban Decay 24-7 Super Stash

Oh so creamy and oh so vivid, these beautiful eye pencils are perfect for adding a pop of color to any look!  This set includes 9 eye pencils in a rainbow of shades.   (I love my black one so much that I’m on my 3rd one…)

Best for: The die hard makeup geek who loves to play with color
Price: $36
Where to buy: Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes About Town
With 4 lipsticks and 4 lipglosses, you’ll have a wide variety of “lip looks” to choose from. These lipsticks are vitamin enriched making the lips feel ultra smooth while the lipglosses have plumping properties that make your lips look fuller.

Best for: The girl who loves to play up her lips!
Price: $39
Where to buy: 28 Neutral Palette

I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful palette- the quality is similar to MAC but the price is fantastic!  There’s 28 shades to choose from, and the sleek case is perfect for traveling with.

Best for: Any makeup geek
Price: $16-19
Where to buy: Coastal Scents or  eBay

Happy shopping makeup geeks!

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Thanks for this great list! I’ve been debating that neutral palette, but gosh, now that I see it’s your #1… maybe the debate is over!

Okay… so I have skin that peels a decent amount because I have seasonal psoriasis (it kind of rears it’s ugly head when it wants to)… and I’ve been using mineral makeup. I’m thinking it ain’t working. My skin isn’t really “dry,” but it is sensitive.

I’m going to look at your product vault and see if I come up with anything, but if you have any recommendations, that’d be sweet as well.

I’m thinking a liquid foundation would be best- not sure how much coverage you like? But my favs are Revlon Colorstay, Estee Lauder Double Wear, and Coastal Scents new foundations. Whatever you use, definitely prime as it will help even those dry patches out- try Monistat Chafing Gel :)

Speaking of Revlon Colorstay, I am amazed at its quality after trying it out this weekend. I had stopped wearing liquid foundation altogether for about 10 years, but mineral foundation doesn’t quite cover all my acne scarring, and high-end liquid foundations weren’t any better. After reading your recommendations I decided to give the Colorstay a try during this holiday weekend. Thanks Marlena!

Great picks for gifts gonna get me some of those for myself and I like the tips for dry patches Monistat Chafing Gel hmmm gonna try it THANKS you are alway so helpful and full of great tips tricks and ideas.

I absolutely love the revlon color stay foundation! I’ve been using the liquid eyeliner for years now, I never though to try the other color stay products! Glad I finally did. I do need to go try that Monistat gel though…

Thanks Marlena! I’ve wanted to try Urban Decay eyeliners for a very long time, since you seem to love them so much! i think i will give them a try this time! :D

I know! Was hard not to put it on there, but I have too many eyeshadow palettes on there and wanted to mix up the price range on all the products too :)

Coastal Scents has 25% off on their site until Monday. I’m thinking of the 88 palette for my sister since she told me she wants e/s since she mostly just has smokey colors and just two holiday palettes from MAC from previous years.

i have, love and use the coastal scents blush palette every day.:) fluid line by mac is also my daily must have. the stila smudge pots interest me. are they simular?

Hey there, I love your videos and your site. I have to agree that the 120 palette is great because you get so many colors to play with for such a small price. I want to try the stila smudge pots and the urban decay pencils. I have so much stuff already that I don’t want to add for a while but I am severly tempted!!

I do have to disagree with you about the mineral foundation. I have dry skin and I LOVE LOVE LOVE bare essentials. I have been using them for about a year and a half and I am no longer looking for a foundation, this is the one for me. I always had a hard time choosing a color but the starter kit came with two colors which I found helpful. Now I know I am fairly light and can just walk into their store and ask for it. What I do is use a primer because it makes my skin nice and smooth and less dry. My favorite is Arbonne’s, it makes my skin feel AMAZING, but I have used smashbox and the bare essentials one which also works. Anyone that has been debating about bare essentials, you have to try it, it’s amazing!!

I think it just depends on your skin. I don’t think anyone can recommend foundations for anyone except for themselves because they are the only ones who are able to monitor their skin everyday and its reactions. The Bare Mineral foundations have made my skin super oily (and i have super dry skin) but I know plenty of people who have used it and it suits their skin perfectly. The only way to find a good foundation is trial and error and get ready to make some returns to the stores.

That’s good to know! Thanks for sharing about it working for dry skin- I’ll need to give it a try again- maybe using the primer underneath :)

Christina- I will have to agree wth you on Arbonne makeup. I tried it last year and will never go wth anything else, it is so nice and smooth and feels so nice on my skin especially the Mineral Powder!

Thanks, Marlena! Have taken your advice on several things and haven’t been disappointed yet. 8-) Definitely have to have the UD 24/7 set. I’m building my eyeliner cache. I also bought the UD BOS VII based on your YT review. Awesome palette with tons of possibilities! I appreciate your insight.

Hi Marlena!
I love what you do with your make up and all of the great tips you give on what to get and where to buy them. I have a question about the eBay stores you shop on – do you have a specific buyer that you use every time or do you just use your instinct on which one is good? I’m pretty paranoid about using eBay so I’m not quite sure. Thanks so much in advance :)

Have you ever used Victoria’s Secret makeup? There is supposed to be this VS Ultimate Makeup kit a lot are wanting for the holidays. I have tried some of their products and have been satisfied for the most part.

Thank you!

Is the pigmentation and quality as good as the rest of their shadows? Thank you, it seems like such a great deal!

hi there marlene i watch you all the way from london and i adore your videos.Thing is i never have any spare money to buy make up and it can be very frustrating that i cannot copy your looks! we dont not have coastal scents over here! can you believe it! Anyway just wanted to say you are very talented at what you do.bye for now!

Hi Stacey, don`t worry if you do not have Coastal scents in the UK. You can always get the pallets from ebay. Besides, you do have the Sleek pallets over there. They are absolutely great. Gorgeous colours and VERY good quality. And don`t forget that Barry M has very good products as well, the dazzle dusts are amazing and the lip liners, liquid eyeliners and nail paints are outstanding.

Great selection I love the neutral pallette of eyeshadows. I am just getting into experimenting with eyeshadows and caught one of your tutorials on you tube! Great info! I am definitely going to get that neutral pallette it would be perfect for work. I always am insecure about too much color during the day at work. I have a nice selection of eyeshadows but I don’t really use them much. Hopefully after checking out that tut I may be able to work the nerve!

hey marlena– as a super makeup geek i’m having trouble choosing the right palette to purchase from Coastal Scents. I’m not familiar with the products, but in what order would you recommend the palettes i’m interested in: 88 warm palette, the 28 neutral, and the 26 combo palette (i have olive skin tone)- thanks for your help

ps- what happened to all of your other tutorials/reviews?? you should definitely put up all of them again!

jen prez

Sorry it took me a bit to catch this comment :( But here’s my order of palettes to get:

-28 neutral
-26 combo (the warm colors are so pretty!)

If you have the 28 neutral, you probably won’t need the 88 warm… If you want bright colors though, the 120 palette from ebay is really nice too

Marlena, how well do the Coastal Scents shadows compare to MAC? I can’t imagine the quality being up to par for such a low price…

Hey Marlena! Thanks to you I have almost everything on this list! I’m spoiling myself a little this christmas :)

Just wanted to say thank you. You have cleared up a lot of questions I’ve had regarding many products. Now I’m on to try the new Victoria’s Secret products! Thanks again.

Marlena I thought you should know about the Tarte holiday set
It’s 52 dollars and it comes with 32 shadows, 16 matte, 16 sparkly, 16 lipglosses, 4 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter
its an incredible deal
its the first set i have ever gotten, and from my amateur experience i think the pigmentation of the shadows is really amazing
so if you considered getting it and letting me know what you think that would be awesome!
or even doing some tutorials…
its called the tarte treasure chest

Reading through all the comments I wanted to share my favorite makeup… it’s a company called Orglamix ( It’s mineral makeup with high color payoff, an amazing range of colors and a FANTASTIC price tag! I love it 100x better than Bare Minerals. There are over 75 stock colors of eyeshadow and you can have custom shades made for a reasonable price. There’s foundation, blush and even brushes. I’ve been using your tutorials with Orglamix colors and am coming up with really lovely results. Hope you have a chance to check it out. LOVE your videos and advice!! Keep up the awesome work!

I just now joined this website, and I must insist, this woman knows what she speaks of. Although, I have tried the BE Buxom lip set and am not too fond of it. Perhaps that is because I’m not one for extreme shine on my lips. I absolutely loved the lip sticks though. Good work, good work.

Hi Marlena. I´m about to buy a SIGMA brushes kit; but I really want your oppinion and I need your help telling me if you really recomend them beacause I´m lookin that they are very similar to MACS but a GREAT PRICE.
Thanak You

Hey marlene well im new to all this wel to yu & so far i love love love your tutorials on youtube their great! wel my only ? is im about to order the coasta scents palettes & well i live in ca , usa aha but wht do i place shippin like fedx or wht? i need help im new at ordering things online<33

Hi Marlena,

This was a great review of gift sets. It would be great if you could do a similar run-down of what you think are the essential items to take with you when you’re on the go. I feel like I end up carrying a bunch of products with me that I don’t end up using for touch-ups, but at the same time it seems like I am always without that one item I really need. Any tips?



Regarding #6 – for 120 shade e/s palette also see

Thank you sooooo much for your tips and tutorials, Marlena. You are beautiful, love your site!

I’m considering purchasing a heated eyelash curler. Any recommendations?

I love all of them video’s on youtube like for example the mac makeup : Funky orange and Green!
Marlena (i think her name is) showed it really well, so now i use them tips to do my makeup like that i love it. i have the 120 eye shade pallette, gosh its amazing.

Thankyou for helping me!!!!

I have a Two Faced Glamour To Go palete and I never leave home without it! I like the fact that there are several shades of eye color in one small compact, lip color, and a mirror. It is so convenient and I love it. As much of a fan of Two Faced cosmetics that I am, I did not know of this particular product until my sister saw it on your site! Now I am a loyal follower. Thank You!!