The Best Lipglosses Ever!

Hi Makeup Geeks!

You all know I love to try new makeup products, so I’ve compiled my “Best Of” series stating my favorite makeup products of all time!  My top picks are completely unbiased- I simply want to help you spend your money on only the products I know are amazing.  Trust me, I have tested, swatched, and worn just about every makeup product out there ;)

Enough blabbing…. On to the best lipglosses!


NYX Mega Shine

Not only are these lipglosses inexpensive, but they come in a ton of colors, are richly pigmented, and aren’t overly sticky like so many other “cheap” lipglosses.  I love how creamy these feel and how I don’t even need to wear lipstick underneath as the colors come out so vibrant.

My favorite colors:  Beige   (it’s actually a pink color- weird, I know…) and Lollipop

Price:   $5.59

Where to buy:   Makeup Geek Store


Lancome La Laque Fever

These lipglosses are also very creamy and rich in color- my favorite part though is the diamond shaped wand to apply the lipgloss.  Some of the lipglosses are more sheer than others, but I found the color “Lucent Nude” to be a gorgeous pink-nude color that is flattering on everyone!  My only drawback on these is the price and the small selection of colors…

My Favorite Color:   Lucent Nude

Price:   $26.50

Where to buy:     Sephora  .  Amazon  .  E-Bay


Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips

I have loved these plumping lipglosses for quite awhile now as they really do make my lips look bigger!  They come in  TONS of different colors and are free of parabens and other harmful ingredients.  I chose Melanie as my favorite color as it is a warm bright pink that looks great on everyone.

My Favorite Colors:   Melanie  and Margarita

Price: $18

Where to buy:   Sephora  .  Amazon  .  E-Bay


NARS Lipgloss

These lipglosses are super pigmented, creamy, and come in several different gorgeous shades!  Kim Kardashian made the color “Turkish Delight” popular- it’s a very pale light pink color that goes great with a dark smoky eye.   I would splurge the $24 and get this color as I haven’t found any cheaper dupes for it yet, but in all honesty, I would get the NYX ones instead as they aren’t that much different.  BUT, I still have these on my top 10 as they are great quality :)

My Favorite Colors:   Turkish Delight and Angelika

Price: $24

Where to buy:   Amazon  .  E-Bay


MAC Cremesheen Glass

Back in the day when these were limited edition, I bought as many as I could as I love these so much!  They’re uber creamy and pigmented- almost like liquid lipstick.   I like these so much better than the MAC lipglasses as they don’t seem as sticky (MAC should just replace their lipglasses with these as they’re SO much better)

My Favorite Colors:   Petite Indulgence and Loud and Lovely

Price:   $18

Where to buy:    MAC  . eBay


Make Up Designory Lip Glaze 

The MUD lip glazes are very pigmented, creamy, and aren’t overly sticky.  They remind me of MAC lipglosses but in a squeeze tube.  My favorite color is Canteloupe- a rich peach lipgloss that looks great on everyone.

My Favorite Color:  Cantelope

Price: $9.99

Where to buy: Makeup Geek Store

Dior Creme de Gloss

These lipglosses are like the Ferrari of lipglosses- super slick, luxurious, and…. expensive.   If you want to splurge on a lipgloss, I would get the one in #856- a gorgeous red color.   I like these because they aren’t sticky, have a slight shimmer to them, and are very rich in color.

My Favorite Colors:  #856 and #441 “Creamy Rose”

Price: $27

Where to buy:   Amazon  .  E-Bay


Lip Fusion Color Shine

Here’s another Kim Kardashian sponsored product (I’ve lost track of all her products by now…) but I have to say I like these plumping lipglosses as they really do make your lips look full and glossy.  I probably wouldn’t choose these over my Bare Escentual ones, but they still are a great lipgloss.  I like the color “24K’ as its a pale golden color that warms up any lipstick underneath.  The price is a bit steep though…

Price: $38

Where to buy:  .  Sephora  .  Amazon  .  E-Bay


Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze

These babies are by far my favorite drugstore lipglosses!  I’ve been very impressed lately with Revlon’s products, and you can’t beat the price.  These lipglosses are very creamy and rich and come in TONS of colors.  I love “Continuous Coral” as it’s a gorgeous coral color perfect for summer.

My Favorite Colors:  Continuous Coral and Eternal Blossom

Price:   $6.29

Where to buy:  .  Amazon  .  eBay  .  Most Drugstores


Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Out of my top 10, this one is probably my least favorite.  BUT, these do feel smooth and most importantly- they’re cheap.  I like the color “Sheer Mocha” as it’s a nice nude color.

Price:   $6.59

Where to buy:  E-Bay  .  Must Drugstores

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Splurge and go for the DIOR Glosses and Lipsticks, actually the whole line is top notch makeup, it’s gorgeous. Anyone out there with concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, or any other facial imperfections, get their Capture Totale Foundation!!!! It’s way expensive, but lasts a long, long time. It seriously de-ages your face like nothing I have tried, and I have tried everything!

Their Hydra-Life line of Skin-care is amazing as well. Can you tell I use Dior and LOVE it??? I just keep going back because once you try the best, forget the rest!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I try to experiment with other lipglosses, I keep going back to Buxom. I think I might have an addiction to the minty tingle. : P

My favorite drugstore lipglosses are the Revlon Colorburst, they come in a bunch of colours and are super vibrant!! They feel like a super creamy lipstick on the lips, not sticky at all. The packaging reminds me of the MAC Cremesheen gloss. My favorite colour right now is ‘Papaya’ which is a GORGEOUS coral, I would definitely recommend these, and the price is pretty good too :)

am I the only one who noticed there’s mud lipgloss missing and instead there’s a loreal lipgloss??? xD that being said, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove all of them =)

I love all these glosses too! 2 questions for you first is, where’s the L’oreal gloss? :o There’s a L’oreal gloss listed in the swatches but there’s no mini-review for it. Two, what is a good neutral color for dark skin that isn’t nude in NYX glosses. I don’t like nudes but all the rosy colors I find are too light or too bright. Help! The l’oreal one looks promising but I don’t know what brand it is!!

Thanks Marlena for all your help!

Dove267 :)

thanks share info on these products… but what about lipstick??

why u try create this about lipgloss via lipstick

well I went to a beauty store where they sell some of everything, wigs, jewelry,cloth, shoes make up, and things for the hair….I bought some NYX lipstick, lip gloss and eyliners…prices were: .99 for the lipstick, and for the rest from 1.49 and 1.99…y spend 18.00 in like 10 items!!!….i was soooo happy!!!

I’ve tried every brand available and NYX is AMAZING! That is a good price point, it looks the actually color on, and it last. I recommend it to everyone!

Thanks, Marlena, I am going to try some of these recommendations… I already love Nyx, and have lots of the Bare escentuals Buxoms, but will try some of these… great reviews!

Hey! I love your tutorials sooo much! They’ve inspired me! I was wondering if you could do a Mariska Hargitay makeup tutorial, she’s my favorite actress and all the makeup tutorials for her suck. There is only two, very low quality, and you can’t even see or hear a word they are saying! Thanks so much!

What is a good color for a really rosy pink lip that you want to make nude? Looking for an everyday lip product…stick/gloss. Thanks.

Hi Marlena,

I just have to put it out there to You and your community… I experienced SEVERE & EXCRUCIATING allergic reaction to the Buxom Lip Gloss… I bought about 5 of them… and had to return all of them (and exchanged them for Bare Minerals lip glosses – which are amazing and completely easy for my lips) –

I discovered that there are Many Women who have experienced painful allergic reactions in response to using “Lip Plumping Lip Glosses” – I am not alone.. and I’ve received stories from other ladies about their experiences w/ the Buxom as well.

I’m really hoping that the Bare Escentuals people will re-formulate their lip gloss formula and nix the “plumping” ingredients which really irritate the collagen of the lips.

I made a video about it for any and all interested::

blessings to you and never forget to listen to your body!!


Does anybody know of a good lipgloss like these, but doesnt have that horrid smell?

Whatever happened to fruity glosses like when we were younger?

Is there such a thing? :D A cross between “grown-up” color and “young-at-heart” smell?

I don’t care much for their liptsticks, but Estee Lauder makes some great lip glosses. The figgy taste/smell isn’t for everyone, but it wears off and the color payoff is great!

Buxom lipglosses are by far my FAVORITE!!! LOVE THEM! I cannot go anywhere without them and I love the colors- gorgeous. My favorites: Samantha and Dolly. I soooo recommend them!

Love this post.
Top 10 lipsticks in the future?

Buxom is my favorite on the list. I sure hope buxom never takes the plumping ingredient out. There are several be glosses to pick from, one hundred percent natural (or whatever they call it) gloss or pretty amazing. I would not like buxom as much if it did not have the tingle. I doubt I would buy it again.