The 5 Best Concealers

Finding the perfect concealer is like finding the perfect man- you never know when you’re going to find it, and when you do, you hold onto it for life!

After trying out almost every concealer known to man, I’ve narrowed my favorites down to just 5!  Here they are in no particular order…

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

This concealer is best for under the eyes as it has a gel-like consistency.  It doesn’t cake up, yet is pigmented enough to cover the darkest of undereye circles.  (The color I have is “tan”)  I apply this under my foundation in a thin layer (watch my Flawless Face Video to see how I apply it)

Price: $35

Where to Buy: (Makeup Geek Store)

Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Concealer

This concealer is great for brightening up the undereye area! It is super smooth, doesn’t cake up, yet covers really well.  Since it doesn’t have that orange/peach color like the Eve Pearl Concealer, it is best applied on top of the foundation just for that extra coverage.  If you want to hide blueness under the eyes, go with the Eve Pearl  (I use both this and the Salmon Concealer for under the eyes)

Price: $35

Where to Buy: Amazon or eBay

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This concealer is best for blemishes as it has a thick consistency and covers well.  I don’t recommend using this under the eyes as it will tend to look cakey.  The trick for this one is to apply a little at a time in thin layers.

Price: $16.50

Where to Buy: MAC or  Amazon or eBay

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream

This is another great concealer for hiding those blemishes!  The consistency is similar to the MAC one but isn’t quite as thick.  I used to use this under the eyes, but I find that it can cake up as it doesn’t have the gel like consistency.   But if you need a good concealer for blemishes or scars, this one is great!

Price: up to $36

*It seems that Sephora only carries the camouflage palette which is $36.  MUFE does sell the single pots which are cheaper- you can call the MUFE store in NYC

Where to Buy: Amazon or  Sephora or  eBay

Coastal Scents Camo Quad

This is a great inexpensive concealer that covers well and doesn’t feel cakey.  The 4 colors are great if you want to custom blend to get the perfect match for your skin.

Price: $7.95

Where to Buy: Coastal Scents

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Hello Marlena, i have one question: my face is very dry…should I use cream,then a primer,after a concealer and the last foundation ? In which order should I use them ? sometimes when i don’t apply cream my primer ….makes…like fluff :P…. Kisses from Romania !

I’m looking for a concealer for under the eye’s thats more affordable than the Eve’s Pearl one. What do you recommend?

ok so my question is for the MAC concealer what shade are you suppost to get? I just hear from another make up artis that the concealer you use for the blemishes is suppost to be same color to your foundation. Is it true? I went to MAC counter 5 months ago for the pigmentation around the outside of my eyes and told me to get NW25 but know it looks to dark. I need your help

For blemishes, get one close to your skin color so you can apply on top of your foundation if you need extra coverage. If the concealer you have now is a little too dark, then apply under your foundation as it will blend in a little better :)

I am not good at buing concealer…I always have problem which one to choose, which gonna be the best, etc… know I have some knowledge :D
Marlena, I hope you will have wonderful week:)

Hi Marlena,
I recently stumbled upon your website, it is packed with great info and helping me as i’m a newbee for the makeup. I’m finding great problem in finding a “correct” foundation and concealer to my skin color, let plz know if u could help me out with this. I’ve with me MAC NW30 (which i dont think is a correct match for my skin tone), MAC select cover-up NW30. I dont know what to match either the color of my neck which is little lighter than my face, or just the face itself which is a little red due to few acne/scars, i’m ready to send my pic to you, if u could lend me a hand!!, i greatly appreciate all your help. Im going to get Eve pearl, again confused with the color :(

I would find a match close to your neck color- doesn’t have to be exact as you can always blend down your neck if needed. If you want a concealer for the acne, then the mac concealer should be ok… If you want the Eve Pearl one for under the eyes, I would get the “medium” :)

Hi Marlena… wow you are so thin! well, i was wondering what shade of Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer i should get. My circles are more of a brownish color since i am Latina and have medium dark skin with yellow undertones. Should i get one that matches my skin color or lighter to bring out the darkness? Thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

I would get the one in “tan”- I get one that is a little darker than my skin so it hides my dark cirlces. Then I apply a little foundation on top to blend it out :)

Hi Marlena, I have the exactly same problem, I’m a NC41 and I have dark circles which gosh I hate! What shade should I get for the eve pearl concealer??
And since, I live in France, do you know another product more affordable? cause 42 dollars without shipping is really expensive…
Thanks! and I love all your videos, you really helped me a lot!

Darn…Eve Pearl not available in Hawaii and shipping from their website is $$$! : ( Any suggestions for alternative?

Marlena, have u tried the Nutrogena Mineral concealer? I’ve never bought the Bobbi Brown, but I hear it’s a perfect dupe for it….what do u think?? Thanks hun:)

Marlena, just a q, how do these photograph? Which is the best concealer that won’t make you have random white spots in photos?

These photograph well for me- (you can look at my photos here on the site). It sounds like the concealer you’re using is too light for your skin- you may need to go a shade darker…

I am desperate for a concealer for women over 50 – i’ve hit an age that no matter what I use it creases really bad and dries out the undereye – yet using nothing looks just as bad. I have really good skin but the undereyes are killing me. I wish you would do a “senior” video to help give us old bags some help with makeup, moisturizers, treatments, etc. I’m at the point now where i have used so much stuff to try to moisturize under the eye that i’ve actually burned it! Thanks!

I totally understand! Have you tried the Eve Pearl one? Or even the Bobbi Brown one is good. Also, for under the eyes (mine are dry too) I use Clinique’s intense moisturizer but I also use a primer under the eyes to smooth out the area so the concealer doesn’t dry out.

Hello, I have always struggled with premature wrinkles around my eyes and tried so many products that my undereyes were peeling at one point until someone turned me into extra virgin olive oil, is super moistourizing without being irritating. I found it worked great for me :)

hi, i’ve been using “diorskin sculpt” lifting smoothing concealer for some years now. its always the one i find giving me the best results-its a bit pricy and so some times i try other brands- but in the end i find myself going back to the one that works for me.make up for ever also got a” lift concealer”but a cant get it where i live any more,that one was pretty good might wannna give dior a try.

What about the prodacts that you get in Europe (maybelline, loreal, nivea…)?
This prodact that you recommend aren’t available here :(

no bobbi brown here :( Coastal Scents ships worldwide, but I don’t want to buy concealer online because I don’t know which shade is good for me and I don’t want to waste money for the wrong shade.
In our country (Slovenia) we have maybelline, loreal, nivea, artdeco, maxfactor, Bourjois… :)

The peter roth one is my favorite. It’s the only concealer I’ll use for my under eyes and I LOVE mac’s for blemishes.

I would love to get the EP – but holy smokes the cheapest SHIPPING for a teeny tiny compact (the $35 one) is $10.52….are you kidding me?

Do they sell Eve Pear in stores?

That much for shipping?? Dang… :(

Ok, 2nd fav is the Bobbi Brown corrector- I like the one in “peach”. You can get them at some Macys and I think Sephora sells them now :)

Hi. I’ve been using the Laura Mercier secret camouflage under my eyes. Do you have any tricks using this particular product for under the eyes? I’ve heard from several people that this product was excellent but it seems that it doesn’t cover as much as I wanted it to. any suggestions?

Heather ; )

I tried the Laura Mercier one also and it didn’t cover as well :( The trick is to honestly use a darker concealer IF dark circles is your problem. Also, it needs to be orange/peach colored to counteract the blueness under the eyes…

I wish I had more tips for the LM one :(

I am a darker skin tone (nw45, oily skin)… and i am having SOOOO much triuble trying to find the right concealer :( ill have to check a few of these out. i went to MAC to get color matched for one of their concealers and she gave me nc50)… i guess this a wrong color or sumthin cuz its not working :( back to the drawing board…

i want it to hide blemishes AND for under eye circles…. n its not really that its too ligh/dark, but its that when i put it on, then put my foundation over it its like i never put on concealer. it may b the right shade but the coverage just sucks for me…

hey marlena(: so do you still like the bobbi brown concealer? I was thinking of getting it in either peach or light peach. i would get the eve pearl one, but it’s so expensive! the MUFE quad is on my Chanukah list, BUT i might get the coastal scents one, just because it’s so cheap. hmmm decisions decisions hahaha hope life is amazing marlena!

You’re too cute :)

Yep, I do like the Bobbi Brown one! Try the Coastal Scents one first to see if you like- I’ve used it under the eyes and it’s not bad! Then if that doesn’t work, try the BB one.

Great tips I’m looking for a new concealer…. is it just me or have others been told that concealer is meant to be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone????? I had no idea it was meant to be darker hahaha i must look like a complete idiot lol

A lot of people state to use a concealer that is lighter- that works ok, IF your dark circles aren’t that noticeable. But if the darkness is fairly visible, you need something darker to hide it, as light doesn’t hide dark. (if that makes sense) The only thing with a darker/more orangy concealer is you need to dab a little foundation over it to blend it out.

Hi Marlena,

Thank you for all your videos, they’re very helpful. Just a question on what concealers are good for blemishes and dark undereye circles since Im fair dry skin and I use smashbox tinted mositurizer. Can you still use the ones you suggested? Or will it be really noticeable. Also can you do a video on tinted moisturizers. Also is it ok to put moistuizer on then a primer then a tinted mositurizer or is that too much mositurizing?

thanks so much for all your help

It may be too much moisturizing… but I haven’t tried it, so not completely sure.

Since you don’t use foundation, you’ll want a concealer that is close to your skin color so it’s not noticeable that you have on concealer. I think you would like the Coastal Scents one as it’s not drying at all

Hi Marlena!

I love your tutorials! Ive always had a major issue with my dark circles (considering that Iam half Indian and half hispanic) I would really like to order the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, however, im not quite sure which one to get. I see that you have the tan one and I am darker than you (more on the light butterscotch side and somewhat considered yellow toned). should I get the tan or dark. HELP!!

Hi Marlena!
Thank you so much for your response. I just ordered the Eve Pearl Concealer (in tan) and also used the coupon! I am truly so excited and can’t wait until I get it so that I can try it. ?.. I will def. Keep you posted and let you know my thoughts on this concealer.! Thanks much!! ?

Love your videos, Thanks for the Inf. Your tutorials are always helpful and fun. You are amazing. =) Stay beautiful and healthy…. I love when you said…. Hope to see more videos soon.

After applying foundation or concealer everything looks good but after a few hours it looks like I have dry skin and its all caked up looking. I don’t think I have dry skin and I moisturize everyday. Any suggestions?

Couple things may work, but it’s hard to tell without seeing or experimenting.

MAC Fix + helps with the cakiness and makes the skin look dewy.
OR, it may be you’re applying too much powder? OR, it could be that you need to exfoliate- 3 times a week. OR, it could be you’re applying a little too much product on, so it builds up, then when the day goes on, it wears off in some spots creating that caked up effect.

I wish I could know for certain :( But it is trial and error!

ok, thanks! I do use the MAC Fix + spray. I think I need to exfoliate, which is also what someone else mentioned to me. I just have sensitive acne prone skin and am unsure of what to try.

Hey Marlena just a little advise here! The coastal scent I know you said they have the white concelaer in it, which i dont know where to wear that one at? But I have watch this video dont remember the video since its been a while. :( Anyway they have used it as a base for eyeshadow or as a highlight. Thats just my suggetion so the product wont go to waste.. TTYL.. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless! :)

Hi Marlena!

I´ve redness on my cheeks and it doesn´t look healthy. How can I conceal it?? Should I use a concealer wich is darker than my skintone???

Im not Marlena but I saw your post and wanted to let you know my experience. Marlena recommended, in a video, to use green concealor and Ive been using the one she has at the makeup geek store and it works great for my redness on my cheeks. I also have some on my nose and surpriseingly it works for that too. Hope this helps

Goddess Marlena … Forever at your worship!

mmmmmmmMMMM All this concealing in getting toooo much for me Goddess and i reckon you should do some Un concealing fr a change .. know get rid of these high neck button jumpers and lets have some low cut satin or chiffon blouses … for all your male admirers out thier in geek land. Cor blimey Gov,ner Goddess turning up the heat .. :-)

Me included! .. then again if thiers some female Geekies that would like to see your Highness Goddess “M” a bit more Un concealed in the fashion dept … id say yes please as well xxxx

you know ??? ……. puppies could do with some fresh air :-) :-)


I want to get the Eve Pearl concealor but I dont know which color to get. Im always afraid to buy things online without trying it out first to pick which is best for me. Is there any store that carrys it? Thats the same issue I have with the Peter Thomas wand concealor. Is there a store that carrys it?

Ulta has the Peter Thomas Roth one, but unfortunately, I don’t know of any stores that carry Eve Pearl :(

For Eve Pearl, I use the Tan one and it’s pretty dark- right now I’m about NW30. I could wear the Medium one and still be ok, but I also put a little foundation over it to blend it out….

If you are having acne issues, I think you should take the time to look at what is in theese products. Is it worth the cover up for another blemish? For example one of the MAC Studio Finish Concealer’s Active Ingredientsis Octinoxate. There are several side effects associated with octinoxate use. Severe side effects linked with the use of octinoxate include but are not limited to contact dermatitis, acne, rash, inflammation of hair follicles and skin irritation.

I want concealers that are good for y skin. I’m on the hunt I will update you!

VERY good advice!! I’ve been going several days lately without any makeup on at all to help ease the acne… I would LOVE to find a great concealer that is natural and doesn’t have harsh ingredients in it. If you find one, could you please let me know? It’s a 2 edged sword with this acne- want to cover it so my skin looks smooth, but also don’t want to cause more acne- ugh.

I haven’t had any problems with the concealer as far as I know- I am, however trying to find out if the MAC Matte Cream for my primer irritates my skin. Is trial and error at this point :(

I just tried to look up MAC Matte Cream, I couldn’t find any ingredients for it but any product with 3 or more Emollients as your active ingredients, may be to heavy for oily T-zone skin. I’m an esthetian/ makeup artist that suffers from adult acne. Believe me I know your pain but I am determind! If I can not find any good makeup that will be good to my acne I’m ganna make it!!! LOL AKA Ingredient geek!!!

Typically MAC concealers or foundations are awful for the skin and cause bad breakouts.

MUFE Full Cover is awesome- I think it’s better than the palette.

Hi :)
Do you have a suggestion for a less expensive concealer for the under-eye area? I find 42$ a bit pricey.
Love your site :)

I just tried to look up MAC Matte Cream, I couldn’t find any ingredients for it but any product with 3 or more Emollients as your active ingredients, may be to heavy for oily T-zone skin. I’m an esthetian/ makeup artist that suffers from adult acne. Believe me I know your pain but I am determind! If I can not find any good makeup that will be good to my acne I’m ganna make it!!! LOL AKA Ingredient geek!!!

I have always had acne issues, but recently my esthetician gave me dermalogica products to use and they are helping. They are not the same ones that you use, but same brand yay!

I have a strange question. I’ve asked this to other makeup artists before and they have laughed at me which kinda sucked. I know you won’t do that because I know you want to help.

Sometimes when I go on dates and I end up making out with my date some of my foundation rubs off my face. I have acne scars above my mouth and on my chin and by kissing the foundation comes off. I get really embarrassed because my scars are now showing and I am looking for a way to make sure the makeup does not come off. I use a primer and have powder over my makeup. I wonder if you can make a suggestion. Thanks so much!

Have you ever tried a long-wearing foundation like Revlon Colorstay, MAC Pro Longwear ,or Estee Lauder Double Wear? I had the problem of foundation “rub-off” also and I own all of these and they are all excellent at staying put.

Marlena you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for this since I’ve been debating which Concealer to buy. My baby was born 7 weeks ago and my dark circles are intense! Love everything you do!!!! Can’t wait to see more!

The only thing that really helped my skin was using the Jane Iredale products. Some of their concealers won awards if I remember. My skin didn’t feel as suffocated. Have you tried this line before, Marlena? Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey Marlena! Have you ever tried Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics?? I’d like to try the Eve Pearl one because I’m searching for a good under eye concealer that won’t dry out my skin under the eyes.

Hi Marlena,
I wanted to direct you to the Paula’s Choice website. It’s just She sells a matifying lotion that has an spf in it and it’s only 20.95 for 2 oz. I use her products for cleansing my face b/c I have very sensitive skin and her products are fragrance free and they work great. . . for me anyways!!! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your videos. You do a GREAT job and I really learn a lot from your tutorials.
Thanks again,
Jessica G.

Hey Marlena! I am 25 and just now trying to figure out how to do my makeup. I have red hair and very fair skin with freckles. I want to cover my blemishes but still leave my freckles. Any suggestions? One other question… when my skin is clear I like to just wear powder, but it doesnt last long. I know you talk about the stuff… sorry I forgot the name… for your eyes but is there something similar that I can use on my whole face to help the powder last longer? Thanks for your help!

I have the Bobby Brown peachy concealer for under my eyes but i do find that it cakes a bit…will consider giving EP a try! I have watched your videos and I am convinced after hearing you rave about it.

I desperately need help with foundation/concealer tips because my face is pinky/pale from acne meds (boo adult onset acne due to thyroid problems! a plague!) but the rest of my skin is a nice tan/olive color with yellow undertones (im an italian american). I want my face to look like the rest of my body – this pinky/red splotch stuff is for the birds!

can you help? i will pay whatever price for a foundation if i knew it was the right one…
and thanks for all the great videos! they have really helped me a lot to find some hope !

hi marlena!
As always catching up with new videos, and I’ve been looking for a perfect concealer for ever for under the eyes! I just bought the mac studio finish and if I apply a light layer with the tip of your ring finger it has great coverage and it wont cake since it will be too little. This was usefull for me that i have dark circles under my eyes, and it works better than any other concelear i have used, and i have tried tons.
Love you and your videos
ps come to seattle soon!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I’m 30 and recently started to breakout I beleive because of my reading glasses. (Broken out on my cheeks and temples) I have stopped wearing them and it has helped tremendously, the Dr. has me on Doryx for acne and I’m now working on fading the scars out and covering them up in the meanwhile. THANK YOU so much for this info! I hope that I get to meet you one day and personally thank you, you are an angel. Keep doing what your doing and I send you all my positive vibes.


I have been enjoying your videos for a long time now and it is wonderful to see how well your website and channel are doing! Congratulations on having over a MILLION hits on many of your videos! You were charming and funny from the start, and now your videos have become so incredibly professional. Thanks for bringing makeup education to the masses! Keep the tutorials coming! :)

Agreed! I love to watch the older videos too and see how Marlena has evolved! No Wonder you are so popular Marlena – your just the best!

i love makeup! but i never see you talk about clinique makeup. ive used theyre foundations and concelors cause i have reddness in my skin… i just bought cliniques all about eyes concelor, what is your view on clinique?? have u tried the all about eyes concelor??? oh! and they have this loose powder for redness solution, have u heard of it?? and can i use the mac fix spray? or will it loose its effectiveness?? i love your tutorials. <3 fan for life! <3

Hi! This Video is very helpful. Thanks!! )))

I have a little question.
What is a difference between MAC Studio Finish Concealer and MAC Studio Sculp Concealer?
I have a very dry skin but also I need something that covers well.

What a timely video! You have previously mentioned the Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Concealer and I ordered it from Sephora and it’s being delivered tomorrow – what great timing…I”ll have it to try out on Thanksgiving when I’ll be seeing and spending time with my entire family! : ) Could you give me a few pointers on how to use both sides of the product? Do I use the brightener first and apply the concealer over it…do you wait a minute or two inbetween the two or what? Any suggestions would be helpful and very much appreciated! Gobble, Gobble! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I just bought some Eve Pearl Dual Action Salmon Treatment and Concealer (light/medium) and I could not be happier. Good call on the Eve Pearl!


I always wonder, being that you are a make up artist, do you actually use up all of the products you own on your clients to the end? or do you find that even using so much make up in your career you just accumulate so much? I would imagine you have a collection for yourself and then a collection for your work? What do you do with all of the make up you must accumulate since it seems like you have and use so many items? I find I am gaining such a huge collection but being that I use so little just on myself, what does one do?!

thanks for your tips and your fab tuts!

Is the Eve Pearl concealer the same in the glass pot as the black plastic container? I was wondering because there is a price difference.

I’ll admit to it! I’m poor… But I’m still a makeup FREAK. I understand that coastal scents is supposed to be the cheap alternate to bright colors and now concealers and all of this, but the fact is I CAN’T PAY FOR SHIPPING! Are there any drugstor concealers that are good? (Not to be snobby, but could you keep in mind that I don’t have NYX at any of my drugstores?)

Do you have a Victoria’s Secret near you? Sounds strange for me to ask that, I know, but bear with me. :)

Their makeup line has a concealer palette similar to one of the Make Up For Ever palettes. There are three concealer shades (light, medium, dark — all yellow-based, I believe) and two correctors (orange for darkness and a green for redness). It’s $14. It may be an option for you.

I was wondering if you could help me because I go out look for a foundation and can’t find one anywhere!!!! It’s so frustrating so can you recomend any foundation of very light skin.



OMG Marlena, I haven’t been to the site for awhile because everytime I see your tutorial I have to go out a buy makeup! lol. But I just wanted to tell you that you look amazing! keep up the great job. :-)

Hi! You’re doing such a great job! my question is, have you ever tried the Loreal mineral powder concealer? Before I found this website I had been using it, and I loved it. Now that I have learned a WORLD of info and have been trying tons of new brands, I have to say its still a great concealer. Ive learned that concealers can cake up, but if you have normal skin it works well. If you get your hands on one I’d like to know what you think of it. P.S. I love the natural look you’ve been rockin lately, it’s refreshing :)

Hi Marlena those are great Concealers! I use the Mac one for Blemishes,and Redness around my face,and for under eye circles i use the YSL TOUCHE ECLAT it works great for me and then i just set it off with the Benefit Powderflage.

thanks marlena for your awesome videos
this one is really helpful as always and i have been following your videos more than 2 years every week and i have learned a lot
you are so lovely and I get lots of positive energy from you
god blesssssssss you babe


I am a teenager with combination skin. My cheeks are extremely dry, but my forhead, eyes, nose, and chin are very oily with large pores. I need a good foundation that won’t look so powdery on my cheeks and on this really annoying dry patch between my eyebrows. It all cakes there no matter what I do.. Any tricks that would help me out?

I have the MAC Prolong Wear Foundation in NC20, but it seems a little too dark for me.

Marlena, is there a way to work with Benefit’s Lemon Aid concealer to hide the dark pigment under the eye? Also, is there something good to use over the eye – right on the eyelid? My Lemon Aid and Erase Paste crease on the lid (even if I seal it with some powder) and cake up under the eye / get into lines. Plz plz plz plz let me know. Thank you.

I just bought hydrolyze for the bags under my eyes. Using it for 2 weeks and haven’t seen much change. Any makeup suggestions Marlena?

Marlena, you read my mind. This is exactly the information I needed! thanks and i`ll keep waiting for your tutorials

Smadar, from Israel!

Marlena, just giving you a heads up…Eve Pearl is having a 40% – 55% off discount this weekend. I’m gonna get a foundation and concealer from her. :)

Hello Marlena, just to say briefly you are beautiful and I love your good sense of humor in all the videos. You are quite different from other make up gurus -all the time smiling!-

What is a good concealer that blends really well with skin tone? I don’t wear foundation and I need something that will cover the dark circles under my eyes.

Hi Marlena, I Have a question to ask u. Every year I don’t know if u have had a chance to go to one of the hair shows I think it is world wide I am not sure. Anyways I would like to buy some makeup there at the hair show but there is so much to see and I would like to buy some things there u guarantee works for sure. I do not want to buy something I dont need. So what do u recommend me. There all types of makeup products worldwide and brands. If I get somewhat irritated using cover-girl what do u recommend me to use. I have stopped using it so now I have been using makeup forever and it does work great. I would like to try mac but I dont no how my skin is going to react to it. Help me choice something that is effective for me and could help me. Oh and I am a Latina light complexion and do have kinda have a dark area under my eyes and small nose,thick eyebrows,small eyes

Hi Marlena,

I’ve been using the make up for ever HD concealer for my dark eye circles. I’m not really sure if I like it. Maybe its because im not applying it well. I find it caking on me sometimes… what do you think about that one? Should I just use it for my face and not my eye circles?

I’m torn between trying the Eve Pearl or It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye (not mentioned here but mentioned on other sites)…has anyone tried the It cosmetics one and have a preference?

First off let me say that I’ve been watching your tutorials like a stalker. LOL I went into the mall today and 2 different salespeople told me that they loved my makeup. I told them “thank you very much” and then told them about your website. OK, my question is this, I went into Sephora today and asked about a good concealer. The lady suggested the Tarte concealer and then I watched your video and thought, crap I shouldn’t have gotten that. How do you feel about the Tarte concealer?

I have the coastal scents quads, I love the white. I can use it to lighten one of the colored concealers, or use it as a highlighter under my foundation. =)

The white part of the coastal scents one is to brighten the inner corners and under the eye brows, its really kinda opaque tho so I would only use a little bit, but it does make a big difference and gives a much more natural look than using eye shadow to do it, (or on days when u are not wearing any eye shadow.) Hope this helps :)
Also I LOVE the cargo 1 step congealer…Has anyone else tried it???

Just bought the Eve Pearl Concealer trio.. regular price is $50. Eve Pearl website is doing a “Black Pearl” sale.. where they give you 55% off.. So I just got mine for $37 that’s with shipping too!!! Hurry this sale ends Monday!! I guess Marlena was reading my mind cause I”m running out of concealer that I was using and just taken a picture the other night when I went out and I just look sooooooooo fair skin.. I think it’s time to change foundation and DEFINATELY new concealer.. I”m sooo excited to try this new concealer!!! I know Marlena isn’t going to let me down. :) THANKS CHICA!!

Eve Pearl has a SALE now til MONDAY Nov 29 2010! Use code BPCM2010 to get 40 to 55% off your order! Perfect time to try the concealer! Thanks

Hi Marlena! I love to get some of Eve Pearl Salmon concealer but I don’t know what shade should I buy. I’m between NC25-NC30. I really need your help. Please give me your advices so I can get the right shade to hide my bags under the eyes. Thank you and have a great day.

You’re preaching to the choir, honey. With my luck, any concealer that is good for skin (like the ones that claim to have acne medication..ahem..Neutrogena…) doesn’t match in colour. At this point, I avoid applying concealer on my blemishes on the days I do wear make up, unless its one of those big night outs.

But to help counteract the blemishes, I just switched from NC 42 to NW35 in the MAC select cover up. The peachiness helps counteract the yellow in my skin as well as the dark pigmentation from my blemishes. It also helps cover up my dark circles a bit. I guess since the foundation formulation is relatively sheer, it is easier to make the switch from cool to warm. I guess its a trial and error thing.

As for the MAC Matte Cream, I found that it irritates my skin. Generally, any primer that is silicone based tends to aggravate my acne, even the Smashbox Photoready Primer. I believe the Photoready light doesn’t contain silicone, so it is better for the skin. Alas, I found it pretty ineffective. :( Still on the hunt for a primer that doesn’t hurt the skin. Any ideas?

Marlena, I’ve searched high and low for the Eve Pearl concealer but it looks like its totally unavailable in the UK. Is there any other concealer you could recommend instead for under the eyes?
P.S. Thanks for all your videos, they’re always so helpful and inspiring!

Just ordered my EP Concelor can’t wait to try it ! will keep you posted on how well it worked..You swear by these products and believe me after trying the products I’m hooked..I was watching your travel case video I have the same case ! and its packed with products like yours..Really appreciate your passion for makeup and you help us all out a lot ! I am the a FAN ! Keep up the great work..Following you on twitter&&Facebook too ! =)

I went on the Eve Pearl web site looking for the Salmon Concealer, but it looks like there are a bunch of different ones? Is it just different packaging options? Or are there different ‘salmon concealers, and if so, which one did you like?

Hi Marlena,
I love all your choices and at one time or another I’ve used them all…I just wanted to add one more, that I’m not sure you’re familiar with is : Amazing Concealer…they’re highly pigmented and great choices of shades…easy to blend as you only need a small amount…

Eve pearl is having a great sale , todays the last day for up to 55 % off indivisual products. Code is BPCM2010. It’s a good chance to try the products out. I ordered the concealer and a dual lip gloss. Marlena have you tried her Foundation? If so what do you think of it?

Hi Marlena.. I love your sites & tutorials :)

I really really want to grap on the eve pearl salmon concealer but since I live in Indonesia I can’t get hold of it. I’ve been searching for their products in Singapore & Hong Kong but from the sites it seems like they don’t have any. I tried clicking on the ebay link that you posted but it’s showing 0 product.

Would you be able to know how I can purchase it?

btw.. I’m asian with NC25 skin.. can you please recommend me the matching color for my undereye area (I have a bad undereyes area)

Thank you so much for your help & hope you enjoy your day :)

Hey Marlena, i read that you suggested the NYX concealer in a pot to someone else, i was just wondering if this one works for the undereye circles and if so what color should i get if im a NC40? Thanks so much! :D

Hi Marlene: I am a newcomer to your site. Thank you for all those wonderful information. Just wondering can I assess to those article that you have written anytime or on a time limit schedule.
Thank you

Hey Marlena, first off I love your videos. So I would love some of your expertise on a little problem I’ve had for a couple of years. I have this really weird dark line under my bottom lip, just picture a dark circle under your lip and that’s what I have. I know it sounds weird. It really bothers me that it’s there. Every time I wear a lipstick or lipgloss it makes me look strange, so I end up removing it. I’ve been trying to cover it with foundation and concealer but the one’s I’ve tried just aren’t doing it for me. What would you recommend ?

Hi! I’m a real newbie when it comes to make up. From where I’m from, people don’t wear make up. Nobody can teach me a lot of stuff. I can say that you can teach people better with hands on rather than just reading and stuff like that. So i do think that what you’re doing is just amazing.

I just wanted to ask.. I don’t know what foundation or concealer color i should get. I’ve heard some people say you should test it out on your jaw but i don’t want to put make up testers on my skin because it’s not hygienic. Also, blushes and lipsticks! What color should I get?

I’m Asian. Half Chinese half Filipino. My skin is lighter than most Filipinos’ skin but slightly darker than Chinese skin. Kinda tan Chinese skin. Haha.. I don’t know if i’m making sense.

Please excuse my English.

Thank You and keep doing what you’re doing.

OMG!!! I just got the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer!! It’s amazing!! after all these years of wearing makeup and TRYING to hide my very dark circles.. I had finally found something that covers it up… It’s amazing I only did one eye and you can definlately see the difference.. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the $37 for just concealer !! I never thought I would spend that much for it but I will definlately will from now on. THANKS MARLENA YOU REALLY HIT THE NAIL ON THIS ONE!!!!

My color is 200 Nude in the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. What color should I order in the Bobbi Brown Corrector? My under eye circles are almost brownish. I’m torn between Light Peach and Peach. Thanks! :)

This is great information. I’ve always been confused on concealers vs. foundation vs. correctors! I’m slowly learning and your site offers so much information…thanks! :)

I use bareminerals and I love their foundation, but I can’t get their concealer to cover up my blemishes (I have a lot of them on my chin) and my dark under eye circles. Can I use a creamy concealer underneath my powder foundation?

Hi Marlena!
I discovered your wonderful website a month ago and wanted to say thank you so much for all the great makeup tips. You are very generous and kind to share this valuable information that is not readily available to the public. I especially love your tutorials and I’m having so much fun applying these great tips on my own face. Also, I’m so grateful for the tutorial on covering up acne. I’ve been breaking out a lot lately and was dreading my visit to see my fiance and his family this Christmas because of this. Thanks to you I’m no longer dreading but excited knowing I have a way to hide the acne until it clears up. You’re the best! Merry Christmas!

Hi Marlena…thanks so much for all you do for us! If you could pick on concealer (for both undereye and blemish coverage) which would it be?? Im a 17 year old who is completely obsessed with makeup but on a tight makeup budget! I can only get one!

HI marlena,
i have reallly reallly bad dark circles. they are not blue purple but instead they are like darkkk darkk brown…..i dont use any concealer i only use my makeup forever HD foundation in # 135. i basically layer it up under my eyes and it works for me but im using wayyy to much product and i feel like im wasting it. also sometimes i end up putting too much and my eye area looks white!! I have been trying to look for a good concealer and color that match my skin but i can not find any!! please help me finding a concealer that i can use!!

Ive know Ive asked before but cant find my post…
Whats the difference in the eve pearl concealers? there is one in a compact and one in a pot. One is HD and one is PD. What is the difference? does anyone know? I cant find an explaination on the EP site. thank you!