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15 Best MAC Neutral Eyeshadows and How to Organize Them


Here is my top pick for neutral eyeshadows, and how to organize them in your palette. There are some colors that I haven’t included in this list as they could be considered “neutral” or a “color.”

The shadows are listed from left to right, and top row to bottom row. (Check out this tutorial for How to Organize your MAC Neutral Palette) I hope this is helpful for you!

1. Gesso (eBay)
Description: Vivid white (Matte)

2. Nylon (eBay)
Description: Pale gold with icy metallic shimmer (Frost)

3. Vanilla (eBay)
Description: Soft pale peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (Velvet)

4. Shroom (eBay)
Description: Soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer (Satin)

5. Brule (eBay)
Description: Soft muted creamy-beige (Satin)

6. Naked Lunch (eBay)
Description: Minimal pink with shimmer (frost)

7. Soft Brown (eBay)
Description: Soft golden peachy-brown (Matte)

8. Cork (eBay)
Description: Muted golden brown (Satin)

9. Satin Taupe (eBay)
Description: Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (Frost)

10. Patina (eBay)
Description: Muted taupe brown with golden shimmer (Frost)

11. Twinks (eBay)
Description: Dirty plum with gold reflects (Veluxe Pearl)

12. Woodwinked (eBay)
Description: Warm antique gold (Veluxe Pearl)

13. Amber Lights (eBay)
Description: Golden peachy-brown with golden shimmer (Frost)

14. Bronze (eBay)
Description: Golden brown with golden bronze shimmer (Frost)

15. Espresso (eBay)
Description: Muted golden brown (Matte)


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Hey Marlena. The video was very helpful…I plan on getting some of those! Can you tell me what you have on your lips because it looks so pretty? Thanks :)

I think it was “syrup” lipstick or “long stem rose” slimshine… It’s been awhile since I taped this, so I can’t remember for sure :(

wow, this is what I needed! There are lots of neutral colors and its kinda hard for me to decide which one to get.. thanks for narrowing it down.. Thank you so much for your help!

I love Amber Lights so much, but barely wear it. What would be some good color combinations to go with Amber Lights so I could wear it more often

Hello! I found your site today and i LOVE it :-) I have pale cool and pink skin. I wounder which of the MAC natural shadows i should look for. Im from Sweden so sorry for my spelling ;-) Kind regards Anette

i found your videos on you tubr yesterday…im so happy you have a page it makes it so much better…i love all of these color i will get then soon thank you sooo much..cant wait to show my sisters!!

This video was fantastic! And it made me so happy because I don’t have many MAC eyeshadows, yet somehow already have Espresso, Satin Taupe and Vanilla! Gotta love the SAs hehe! If I could only get one or two more shadows, which ones would you recommend that would go well with the three I already have? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Marlena,

Could you do a “15 neutral NYX shadows you’ll need” – a NYX version of this article?? It would help me out alot since I am now on a makeup budget.



thanks Marlena…this is an awesome video… its really helpful…because i’m a new Mac user and i love to use Makeup..and i really do like natural colours….well i need another help from if you could just add me. i want to discuss it face to face via messenger…it would be kind of you if you can help me out…anyway thanks again for your tips…it’s really helpful…mystrioushawk@yahoo.com

Marlena I love your site. Your videos and articles (including this one) are so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your passion!

hi marelena ..
i was happy when i was watching this video …i have most of those u have …
i love love love woodwinked …i also recommend MULCH ..
other colors that i love r CLUB ( green brown color ) and SHALE ( grayish purple pink color ) amazing ..

Could you do a “15 neutral NYX shadows you’ll need” – a NYX version of this article??

I have a darker complexion as I am of Indian race… are these 15 still the best for my darker skin tone? x