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10 Best NYX Eyeshadows to Start Your Collection

NYX Eyeshadows are by far the most pigmented, easy to blend shadows for the money. You cannot beat the $4 that you spend per eyeshadow (see Makeup Geek store) compared to the $14-30 that higher end brands charge. With that, I am providing my list of 10 eyeshadows from NYX to start your makeup collection. I tried to provide enough variety in colors to help you create a large number of looks.


Description: A matte true black

Why It’s Important:
This is a must color for every makeup geek- you can use it to turn a daytime look into a nightime one, you can use it as an eyeliner, or you can put in the outer V to turn an ordinary look into a smokey eye. This is a great substitute for MAC’s “Carbon” eyeshadow.



Description: A matte light cream

Why It’s Important:
This is the perfect color for highlighting under the brow or for putting on the lid to create an easy, daytime look. It is somewhat comparable to MAC’s “Vanilla” eyeshadow- just a bit more yellow.


Mermaid Green

Description: A shimmery dark green

Why It’s Important:
This is a wonderful shadow to put all over the lid for a more colorful, dramatic look, or is great for pairing up with soft browns as a pop of color for a daytime look. It is comparable to MAC’s “Humid” eyeshadow.



Description: A light silver shimmer

Why It’s Important:
This is fantastic for those nighttime looks! You can place in the inner corner of the lid for a pop of color, or pair up with blacks and greys to create a dramatic smokey eye. It is comparable to MAC’s “Electra” eyeshadow.



Description: A true orange shimmer

Why It’s Important:
This is such a fun, vivid color! You can place all over the lid with browns in the crease and/or outer V for a pop of color, or you can blend in the crease with some teals or purples on the lid for a fun and funky look. I do not know of a MAC comparison as it is a true orange color, but also shimmery.



Description: A medium aqua shimmer

Why It’s Important:
This is by far my favorite NYX shadow as it is unique and so beautiful! I love putting this all over the lid with some Charcoal or black in the outer V. Or for a daytime look, pairing up with light browns for a soft, yet unique look. The only comparison that is close is MAC’s Aquadisiac, but this NYX shadow (in my opinion) has better color payoff.



Description: A medium purple shimmer

Why It’s Important:
Purple eyeshadows are generally the most versatile and look good on just about everyone. This color has great color payoff and can be mixed with just about any color and still look good. It is great for an all over color on the lid, or putting in the crease with another color on the lid. It could be compared to MAC’s “Satellite Dreams”.



Description: A vivid medium blue shimmer

Why It’s Important:
What a gorgeous color this is! This shadow has excellent color payoff and really brings attention to your eyes. I love to pair this color with Charcoal, Silver, and Black for a beautiful yet dramatic smokey eye. It is comparable to MAC’s “Freshwater” eyeshadow.


Apricot Moose

Description: A medium peach shimmer

Why It’s Important:
This is another one of my favorites as it is so unique, yet can be paired with just about any other color. I love putting this all over the lid with some browns for a shimmery daytime look, or placing in the inner corner of the eye to make my eyes appear brighter. I cannot think of any MAC comparison as it is a true peach color with a lovely shimmer.


Dark Brown

Description: A matte medium brown

Why It’s Important:
Every makeup geek should have a matte brown eyeshadow in her/his collection. Although the title says “dark brown,” I would consider this a medium shade. This is great for any daytime look or for putting in the crease to tone down brighter colors on the lid. It is comparable to MAC’s “Down Brown” eyeshadow.


Please be sure to check the swatches gallery on this site to see larger pictures of these colors to help you further decide which NYX eyeshadows to buy. Happy shopping!

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This brand is not sold in my country, but I would like very much to try it. So….hi ebay!!!

Thank you! I love how you make comparisons to MAC. Not all of us want to spend $14. on a single eyeshadow all the time.

I got my makeup stolen which included MAC, Stila and all kinds of expensive stuff. So I started to bulid my collection back starting w/ NYX because lets face it I don’t have $$ to buy everything back. All the shadows I have gotten are truly good from this brand I get them at a store that sells them for $2 !!!
Keep up the great tutorials I absolutely luv this site!!

Great colors to have for sure! I’ll have to add Africa, Jade, Atlantic and Apricot Mousse to my stash. Thanx!

It’s a local clothing store in the area I live. I stumble on them and was like YES! I know Longs drugs store sell them here in California don’t know where else.

The purple looks SO gorgeous!!! Thanks for the guide. I’d like to look to other brands besides MAC.

Great article! I’m yet to try any NYX eyeshadows, but an Ulta opens here this week, so I’d like to check them out. I have a lot of the MAC lookalikes you mentioned, but I’m definitely going to check out Africa and Jade.

Thanks for sharing this! I have a few NYX shades myself, and they are excellent especially considering their cost. Definitely have to look into getting some of these shades you mentioned.

hi !!! I love your tutorials. Thank you very much for making tutorial using NYX eye shadowes. I do not have $$$ to buy mac cosmetics. I have a some mac eye shadows, but I meanly use NYX products. Can you please make tutorials using NYX eye shadow trios?. Also, thanks for comparing NYX with mac keep doing it!!! Many of us will appreciated =)

Hey, not sure if any of you live near a Total Fashion store, not even sure if that is a franchise or not but I live near one in Azusa California (if you’ve never heard of my little dot on the map city, it’s near Glendora, Monrovia, Covina….) and there is just a few NYX shadows, eyeliners and lip pencils. The e/s sell for $2.99 and the lip pencils and eye liners are about $1. I just bought Highlight, Silver, Black, and White. The other colors they have are Golden Bronze (i think thats the name) Baby Blue, Orange, Green Tea, Khaki, Taupe, Egg white (or sumtin like that) some nice looking colors but nothing that I’ve seen you use so didn’t buy them but yeah, just in case any of yall live by me, that store sells NYX!

Thank you for this posting this…a lot of us cannot afford to buy MAC eyeshadows all the time, and these are definetly great alternatives!

Which NYX eyeshadow could be comparable to Cork, Remotely Grey, and Vanilla? I’m trying to do the “Quick.Easy.Natural” day time look you did a video on. Thanks.

There’s a place in Woodland Hills called “Dan’s Perfumes” on Ventura Blvd (cross street De Soto) . that sells a variety of NYX stuff at decent prices. Way cheaper than the NYX website.

Do you know of an NYX shadow comparable to MAC’s Espresso? I need something cooler-toned than Dark Brown, I think. How about Samoa Silk? Is there a dupe for that one? Sorry for all the questions. I’ve got so many MAC shadows, it’s embarrassing to think how much I’ve spent over the years, so here lately, I’ve been trying to come up with cheaper alternatives to the ones I still lack! LOL I really love NYX’s White and Midnight.

I love NYX

I have Black, Purple and Africa

it seems as though for Africa i may have to apply it wet because it hardly shows up on my dark skin complexion (I’m african american) also the purple shows up quite nicely. And the black is awesome to do a “nighttime” look.

Hi marlena,
I love your online Tutorials. i think mac products are bit pricey so is it possible when you are doing your MAC tutorials if its possible if you can also tell us what NYX product will be closets to that shade. Thanks a bunch…keep up the good work.

I don’t know if its all stores but Amuse accessories stores sell NYX products. I haven’t checked out everything but the single e/s are 3.80! I love this store and they carry some of the brighter colors. Also they have sample of each color which you can swatch before buying.

anyone know where I can find which ones are matte and which ones aren’t? i am only interested in the matte ones for now. i checked the website — but i got nothing. help pls!

hello again!!!

i wanna ask how recommendable are nyx shadows, i’ve seen them and i loved the colors, but i’m not really sure about buying them.

i would like you girls to express your opinion about texture, how much it last, how easy can you mix it with other shadows and generally why you like to use this brand (i agree the price is a great reason, i’m a fan of mac but i don’t have the money all the time)

XOXO girls

One user mentioned selected LONGS drugstores here in California sells NYX. Does anyone else know if other franchised stores sell NYX makeup, like Target, Walmart, Kohls, CVS…etc?

I agree, MAC drains my wallet at times and I’m really tempted to try the NYX Dark Brown color since I was thinking of getting Down Brown anyways.

Marlena, this is a great site. Keep up the good work!

I just brought all these eyeshadows except Mermaid green (I already have humid) I hope they work for me as well as they do for you :)

I just bought a trio of shadows… all neutrals great for doing the “gwen stefani look”. lol . My first nyx purchase and i can’t complain at all. The texture is really soft and super “blendable” (if thats a word.. ). Ulta stores have these bogo every now and then and i’m sure ya’ll already know but if you dont… sign up or get this stores “member card” and u’ll get coupons in the mail.. usually something like 3.50 off 10.00 and thats not bad at all. I agree with all of the above I too <3 MAC, but can’t afford it ALL the time.. especially the “trendy stuff” or things i might think are cute now and in a month be like ugh.. what was i thinkin? Better 4.00 then 14.00 mmm hmm!!

hi marlena i have a question , where to go to take classes not so expensive to start in the bussines of makeup artists for weddings ,and tv . thanks a lot , do i need to be licesed to work for tv or films?

Hey Marlena! Thank you sooo much for all of your informative articles! I don’t think anyone on YouTube has a blog that is informative as yours. Also, thanks for mentioning these NYX shadows that are great MAC dupes! I was actually wanting to find dupes for both Freshwater and Humid, and I happened to stumble upon this article…. search is over! Addicted to videos, and now your blog; I can’t wait to see what new things you’ll bring us in ’09!

Have any of you used Sally Girl eyeshadows sold at Sally Beauty Supply?? I hear they are really good quality and extremely cheap. I’m tempted to go purchase some.

@fatma: a drugstore is just a american way of saying a chemist or other places where they sell medicine, makeup, cards, food…like a larger convenience store like Watson’s.

I absolutely love NYX products every time I go in Ulta I find myself picking up something new. I love the shimmer shadows to do on top of the jumbo eye pencils because you can get a real pretty all over color or a nice fade. I always use the TooFaced eye shadow primer before and I haven’t had any issues with them creasing and it last for ever. Definitely recommend getting the NYX products. I haven’t been let down once.