My New Closet Tour!


Hello my amazing Makeup Geeks. Today I am going to take you on a tour of my ultimate girly girl closet. This actually use to be the room I shot my videos in but with the new office space I was able to transform it into the closet I have always wanted. This is the ideal space for me to come in and do my makeup, pick out my clothes and get ready for the day or just to escape from a long day. So, let’s get started on this look around my new closet.

To organize my closet and keep my clothes in order I got some wardrobes from IKEA. These are tall and it allows me to keep my purses that aren’t used much out of the way. I am able to find my clothes much easier and they aren’t bunched up together. To keep my boots out of the way I hang them on hook hangers to keep them straight and in order. To keep my shoes organized and in good shape I purchased a pull out shoe rack that hold my wedges and keeps them off the floor. I also have the same shoe racks on the other side to keep my heels arranged neatly.

Photo 06

Photo 09

Photo 05

  • PAX Wall Wardrobe Frame – $100.00 - IKEA
  • PAX Corner Section Frame – $190.00 – IKEA
  • Threshold Hangers (for boots) – Set of 6-3 Pack – $23.99 – Target
  • Pull Out Shoe Rack – $50.00 – IKEA
  • KOMPLEMENT Drawer – $40.00 – IKEA

To organize my bracelets and some of my jewelry I use organizers that I got at Michael’s. If you use coupons and watch for sales you can get a really good deal on these. I jsut sat these on my old shoe racks that I had. I hung my scarves on a rack I got at IKEA but you can find them almost any place. Since I love my accessories I have a lot of belts so I got this belt rack on Amazon that keeps them well organized and easy to get to.

Photo 01

Photo 02

  • Darice 12×12″ Black Velvet Triple Bar Jewelry Stand – Michaels
  • InterDesign Tie and Accessory Rack – $7.45 – Amazon

I also have a space to do my makeup with a desk and my Starlet Lighted Tabletop Vanity mirror which I love. This mirror is wonderful for applying your makeup and has different light settings and looks amazing. Inside my desk I have dividers from Target that hold my makeup and keeps things well organized. I don’t have a lot here at home since many times I do my makeup at work. I also found an amazing way to store my necklaces and keep them from getting knotted up. I purchased a big cork board from Marshall’s but you can find these at T.J. Max and many office supply companies. I use small hooks that you can find at Target or Home Depot, to hang each necklace on. I get most of my necklaces from Charming Charlie, this is a great place to find super cute jewlrey.

Photo 03

Photo 04

  • Starlet Vanity Mirror – $299.00 – Vanity Girl Hollywood (*these are no longer available in pink) See my review of this here.

To hold my rings I bought some small containers from The Container Store but anything with small compartments to hold rings will work great. These wardrobes can be customized for each person so I added these pant racks to hang my pants. This makes finding my jeans and dress pants so much easier.

  • KIMPLEMENT Pants Hanger – $20.00 – IKEA

To add some glamour to my room I added a black ottoman and a white fuzzy rug. You can find these at different stores but it pays to shop around to find a great price on both.

  • Valletta Velvet Tufted Bench – $299.0 - Target

And that’s my new closet! I love this new room and I hope it gives you some great ideas for making your very own girly get-away.



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What a great space… it’s fun to see other people’s setups… I have loads of shoes and need to get them organised, so thank you for the great ideas as yours are so neat and beautiful shoes deserve beautiful homes! Love the little ottoman/rug setup too, very cute. Thanks Marlena x

Thanks Charlotte! I LOVE my new room- it’s my escape from work and every day life ;) That IKEA closet really works great for everything, but is a pain to put together…

Marlena…I want to start off by saying I’ve been watching you since 2008….you’re such an inspiration! I’m a freelance makeup artist based in CT…just starting out my own business -sometimes I get soooo discourged I just want to give up on my dream, but when I watch your videos and see how far you have come it keeps me’re always so upbeat and positive..I don’t know how you do it :))) did you ever like giving up and/or felt like its’ taking forever to get going and grow your business? Please tell me those feelings are normal…:) I hope you get the chance to read this and write back…I would love to hear your advice and your input to us fellow makeup artists who are trying to make it too :)
Thank you for everything you’re doing and wish you all the best always.

Looking good, Marlena! I have to ask, though…did you put it together? Damn IKEA being so pretty much frustrating to put together… Wendy

Hello, Marlena! I know, you’re not polish-addicted, but you do have some nail polishes, don’t you? (I remember your video starring apple red Essie Forever Yummy :D) Could you tell me, please, where do you store them?
And, of course, I’m in love with your new closet, it’s really awesome! And you look so fabulous! Thank you for your videos, you inspire me!

Hi Marlena I LOVE what you did with your room! Thanks for the info on the vanity mirror I’ve been looking for something just like it! Oh by the way I took pictures of my shoes/boots then put them into a clearview storage box then taped the picture on the front of the boxes. I stacked them on the shelf in my closet so that at a glance I could see by the picture on the front of the box which shoes were in them….it really helped me organized them. xoxoxox!

Wow Ikea is so cheap over there! Here in Australia a PAX wardrobe will cost over 2000 bucks! looks awesome though! I just bought a whole bunch of vintage wardrobes and put them together to create a seperated room in my house ( its only tiny) looks really effective