VLOG: Surgery after Weightloss

Hi gorgeous (and handsome) Makeup Geeks!

I TRULY hope that you all are doing really well, and that 2011 is a great year so far!  I realize that this video is completely unlike any of my other videos, and I realize that not everyone is going to agree with my decision… But that’s ok as everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions, but have to choose for themselves what is best for them :)

I’m not posting this video to get any sympathy (my mom always tells me if I want sympathy to look it up in the dictionary- haha!)-  I’m simply posting this so you know why I’m not responding to emails and questions in the next few weeks, and also to encourage any of you out there going through the same thing.   This past week I have been watching several videos on youtube from others about their tummy tucks and other procedures- it has helped SO much in making me not so scared.  I want to do the same for someone else- just share my journey so someone else can see what it is really like to go through these procedures.

I’ll be having a tummy tuck and breast lift (also called a “mommy makeover”) on Feb. 1st- I’ve been planning and preparing for this surgery for many months now.  Although losing 90 pounds is the best feeling in the world, it is still frustrating to be young and have an “old” body.  Please don’t judge or create unnecessary drama on here regarding this- I know that not everyone is going to agree with my decision, but I am doing what I feel is best for me- that’s all :)   I’m scared out of my mind as I’ve never had surgery before, but I’m sure all will go well- I’m positive!

Here’s info about tummy tucks- not that I’m trying to push this at all!!  It is MUCH better to workout, do strength training, and lose weight slowly so you don’t have to go through this procedure. BUT… if all of that still isn’t enough, then there’s other options.


Medical Name:    Abdominoplasty
Length of Procedure:   2-5 hours
Average Cost:  $4000-8000
Down Time:   2-4 weeks
Recovery:   4-6 weeks
Procedure Location:   Hospital or surgery center

Here is a site that has been helpful for me:

The forum where many post their questions and experiences:

Also, before you make any decision for yourself, please only do this if YOU want it and don’t rush into your decision.  Be sure to interview at least 3 surgeons before choosing the one you want, and do all the research possible on that surgeon to make sure he is certified, qualified, and has good reviews from his other patients.

I will try to tape videos after surgery (no promises as I don’t know how badly I will feel) to keep you updated on the journey…   I will miss taping tutorials for you all, but I have busted booty the last few weeks taping extras for February!  There’s lots of really good videos coming up, so keep checking back :)

MUCH love,


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You have come SUCH a long way in your weight loss journey and loosing so much weight in such a short space of time is an amazing acheivement, you’ve done it not just to feel better but also for your health, and for anyone to judge you on this would be ridiculous.

Surgery is clearly the best option for you and the next step to help you hit your next goal, I hope everything goes well for you. You look brilliant :) x

hey marlena i pray for u that everything go well
i agree with what u said and how u feel so we are with u!! :)
i think this is good decision!!!!!!!
all the best!!!

Plastic surgery may not be for everyone, but I certainly don’t see anything wrong with it as long as you have a professional, reliable doctor. (Just steer clear of the Joan Rivers look …) I wish you a speedy recovery and the best follow-up self-esteem EVER!!! =) Good luck!


Rachel Katz
Palladio Beauty Group

Hi Marlene, things will work out great for you, you have worked so hard for this and you deserve great tings to happen. You’ll be in my prayers, good luck

I think it’s really brave of you to share with us what you are feeling. I think you’re absolutly right in doing what makes you happy. You deserve it. You’ve helped me through so many hard times in my life. I check every day for videos from you and just get lost for those few minutes when I’m watching them. If it wasn’t for you, I would never had started my business and in the last 9 months since I’ve watched your videos my business has taken off and everything I’ve learned was from you. I think you’re important to so many people and part of that is because you are so genuine. Good luck with the surgery and we’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.

I will be praying for you Marlena! You are such an inspiration. It’s nice to hear a real life “normal” person and their trial of losing weight because it is hard and requires a commitment. I’ve been on a similar path my goal is to lose 50lbs so far i’ve lost 30 and i’m running my first 5k in Feb!!!
I pray that God be with you tomorrow and that your healing is fast and painless.
Love ya,

Others will ALWAYS judge you but don’t let that concern you – it’s whatever is right for you. I’m sure you’ve researched this throughly and are making all the right moves. Don’t be scared – I had breast reduction surgery because it was right for me – everything was fine and I was delighted with the results. Just remember – the only way out is through! x

Dearest Marlena…you are so precious! I am sending prayers your way for a very successful operation and recovery! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 90 pounds is a tremendous weight-loss accomplishment and you should be so very proud of yourself! We love you to death and look forward to hearing that you are doing well! Bless You!!

You are a beautiful lady. I have been glued to your site since early December. I am 46 years old and have just started to wear make-up regularly. It is part of my mojo. Your videos are top notch. I enjoy learning from you. I wish you well with your surgery and I will be watching.

Congrats, girlie! You’ll be in my prayers. Be strong. This is a great thing you’re doing for yourself, and it’s great of you to provide the info to others. You’re an inspiration! It’ll be a long process, but it will be worth it. You deserve it! Can’t wait to see the results.

Good for you Marlena! I had rhinoplasty surgery last July and I understand how scary it can be especially since I had surgery on my face. You will be just as excited as I am once you start seeing such a great difference both inside and out. All best to you!

Marlena, I want you to know that you are amazing and beautiful and an amazing inspiration. I have lost 25 pounds in a similar way to you. It is a ton of work and you should be so proud of yourself! You should never feel embarrassed about wanting to improve yourself. I’m glad your surgery went well. I hope you have a speedy recovery. And thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. <3

Please don’t feel embrassed. I think you are so brave and you are an inspiration to many people. I too have lost 80+ pounds and am debating surg one day (fortunatly mine is not that bad), I jus want you to know we are praying for you and we are so thankful for your vision.!!! Keep your head up!!!

I would never judge you, Marlena. If this is what YOU really want for yourself, I support you 100 percent. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and hope that you recover efficiently. Also, as a student of Psychology, it’s been proven that patients that are the most calm and have the most positive attitude going into surgery have the fastest and painless recoveries=) I know that’s easier said than done, but I promise you that if you keep calm and think positive, you will be back on your feet sooner.

You know what, Marlena, this is your journey and your decision. Only you know everything you’ve been through, and no one has the right to judge you. You have more than earned the right to have the body you want, and it doesn’t define you as a person. You are beautiful where it counts, on the inside (and the outside, as well!)

You are incredibly brave for posting this, and are doing it in the selfless hope that someone out there might benefit from your experience and not feel so alone.

I almost cried with you while watching this, because it is scary, and I can tell it’s been a real struggle for you. But nothing dared, nothing gained! I wish you the best of luck in the procedure, and know that you will emerge from it as the beautiful and successful woman you are and will continue to be. Good luck and much love!

Congrat’s! It is very difficult to lose this much weight and you should be proud of yourself! Don’t feel you need to justify anything to anyone. You need to feel inside as beautiful as you look outside!

Hi, Marlena!
Your video is really really touching! Especially when you mention wanting to have an average body for the first time. I totally get it ’cause I got a world of stretch marks since I was 11 – I’m 28 now – and it’s pretty much the body I’ve known forever. I’m so glad you’ll make the changes you want, and in your heart you know how much effort you’ve put into all the weight loss, and it’s all that matters.
Congrats on your courage and thanks once again for sharing!
Get well soon!

Hi, my name is Liana and I will be praying that you come out of this surgery safely. It’s good to be informative and still be aware of what you want and need for yourself. I think your decision is amazing. I’m 17 years old and when I was 15 I went through some stuff that caused me to gain 53 pounds. I went from 107 to 160 pounds in 2 years. Its so hard to lose weight and to stay motivated and I completely respect you for being able to successfully lose and keep off 90 pounds. If possible, can you help me to um.. stay motivated because gaining so much weight has really taken a knock at my self esteem.
Anyways, off-topic lol, I hope all goes well with you and your transformation and I hope you get everything you wish for.

Hi, my name is Liana and I will be praying that you come out of this surgery safely. It’s good to be informative and still be aware of what you want and need for yourself. I think your decision is amazing. I’m 17 years old and when I was 15 I went through some stuff that caused me to gain 53 pounds. I went from 107 to 160 pounds in 2 years. Its so hard to lose weight and to stay motivated and I completely respect you for being able to successfully lose and keep off 90 pounds. If possible, can you help me to um.. stay motivated because gaining so much weight has really taken a knock at my self esteem.
Anyways, off-topic lol, I hope all goes well with you and your transformation and I hope you get everything you wish for.

Hi, I have friend from high school, she used to have the same weight problem…from junior high school she wanted to be sleem, so she went on diet, and finally she had anorexia, she curied and put on weight a lot…she was really really fat. She was weight more than 200pound. It tooks her 3 years to back in shape, she was visiting gym everyday and she went to doctor to change her diet, so she lost the extra kilos in healthy way… now she looks amazing, really sexy and gorgeous! and she still keep up the journey with gym and diet:)
I wish you all best! I believe you can do this to!
We all can look great :) but anyway it’s freacking hard, but the results are very motivating!
I recommend you te web, you will fing there a lot of home training,some cool diet, and recipies:)))))
Greetings from very cold Poland!

I’ll be going for buttock augmentation this year in August and I’m very nervous. Although these two are completely different procedures, it’s very helpful and comforting to me for knowing that there’s other women out there who want to look and feel great just like I do. I ‘m so happy you posted this video speaking about it rather than being ashamed of it. I hope everything goes well, please keep us updated! God bless you, doll. <3

hi marlena im glad you are doing whats right for you. I just had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and let me tell you if you can get through the first three weeks than good. that is probably the worst. I’m in to my third week finally and starting to feel normal again. sleeping in a recliner chair helped I also got lipo on in and outer thighs. After all that i was to scared to get my boobs done let me know how your doing and what your going through with that procedure and if you have any questions on tummy tuck let me know i will tell u all before and after even the hard stuff.

Hi Marlena! I have been watching your videos for a while, and I love that you are always smiling and look so positvie.
I think what you are going to do is really brave. You have sarted a long transormation with your diet, and it is really working for you.
If you feel the need to undergo this surgery, do it!
I wish you a lot of courage, and hope you will recover quiclky!
Yours faithfully,

congrats marlena! u deserve it! i hope its as much as a reward as you deserve for the work u put in! i’m a 28 year old mommy who needs the “mommy makeover” herself. i’d LOVE an update on it. i keep going back and worth on it because i don’t know how bad the scar will be. your a strong, loving, beautiful woman… and i’m so proud to have been witness to your journey! prayers, xoxoxo, good luck!

Good luck Marlena!!! Hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery and if you are a third as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside you have nothing to worry about, your gonna be drop dead gorgeous.



Hi Marlena I just want to say good for you for losing so much weight! It is incredible to see how far you have come along and I think it is a great idea to go for a tummy tuck etc. if you know that it is the right thing for you :). I had a gastric band fitted last April in Prague! I live in Scotland and the prices for gastric band surgery was way too much for what I could afford :/ so I looked into going elsewhere in Europe and the best pricing and hospital service was in Prague so I had to brave going there away from my family for the operation. It was a big success though, and so far I’ve lost around 30 pounds and I’m now over half way to my target weight. The reason I opted for surgery was because I had literally tried everything to lose weight with no success. I knew something major had to be done as I had suffered long enough through my teens being obese so I can really sypathise with you and why you feel the need to now resort to surgery. I may need a breast reduction or lift because with losing all the weight they have really sagged and I don’t feel comfrotable with them at all. Like you I would just love to have an average body, obviously there is no perfect body but I would settle for average any day lol.

I know you will be so happy after surgery once you see the results just as I did. You will be completely transformed in body and mind so go for it! I’m right behind ya hun :)

Love Becky ~x~

I know exactly how you feel about haing an “old” body…when I was in high school I had like…huge boobs and I wasnt skinny but i wasnt fat and I was comfortable but when I moved out and went to college I lost so much weight from stress and neglecting food and other things…the first place I lost weight from was of course my boobs…I have recently gained a lot of weight back thank goodness but my breasts are not up in the place where they should be at 21 years old and im recently married so its a nightmare even thinking about having sex with my husband cause i know he’ll see my breasts and im so scared of him silently judging me and i feel ugly because im 21 I shouldnt look like this and its been really hard…so I support you all the way and wanted to let u know that ur not alone and I will be praying and praying for you like crazy! i hope one day if i make a decision to try surgery (if all else fails) then Id want support too!!
thanks for your honesty Marlena you are the best!!!

Riley, can I just say I’d be SUPER surprised if your husband is judging you! Yeah, he may have noticed but I bet he loves every bit of you, flaws and all! WE are our OWN worse judges. I’m not trying to deter you from surgery or anything, I’m just saying to stop thinking of yourself as ugly, no matter how you look. It ruins your self confidence, your outlook and can even put a negative spin on your relationships, especially if you think you’re being secretly judged. YOU are beautiful! Accept yourself for who and how you are now and you’ll be all the better for it, now and in the future!

I don’t really comment on this blog, not because I don;t want to but because I don;t have the time. I saw your video and you got me all teary ;) I sincerely hope that this surgery will be everything that you hope it will be. Take good care of yourself and rest, seriously, REST! It’s the best way to get out of surgery in a healthy way.
I think it’s couragious (spelling?) of you to post this and I hope no-one will give you grief about it, you don’t deserve that. Best of luck with sugery and recovering!!

Well done you!

You should be more than proud of what you’ve done, and if this surgery is what will make you happy then go for it! It’s nothing people haven’t done before and being happy and confident in yourself is just as important as being helpful.

Congratulations on your weight loss, you’re n inspiration. I’m currently in the process of losing weight and your journey just keeps me going!

Take it easy and recover well, and remember how beautiful you are!

Hannah xx

Good for you Marlena. As long as you are happy then that is all that matters. You had me tearing up to. I too have struggled with my weight for the past few years and just want you to know that you are a true inspiration to me and Im sure others to lose weight the right way. As you pointed out sometimes that extra skin is a pain to get rid of. You deserve so much happiness and if this will help then GO FOR IT!! Best of luck to you. Prayers are with you. Have you have a safe and easy recovery.

Dearest Marlena!
I just wanna send you some encouragement because that’s what you are constantly sending to all of us.. :-)
I hope everything will be fine and you will be back on track soon :-)
Keep smiling and i’m crossing the fingers for you so you don’t have to be scared anymore cause as you always share your optimistic attitude with us now finally has come a good opportunity for us to share your fear with you..
Stay happy and HEALTHY :-)

marlena you are beautiful woman! i hope the prodedure goes well, we love you so so so SO much! love ya beautiful lady(:

Marlena, I totally support you on your decision. I know it must have been hard to share something this personal with us, but I am glad you did. Watching your videos on weight loss has inspired me to make small changes in my life to experience a healthy, happy, and positive side of life. I wish you the best on your surgery and that you have a quick and healthy recovery. Take care!

Good luck Marlena! A few years ago, I needed a serious self-esteem boost, and makeup became a way of feeling good about myself. Problem was, I didn’t know where to start or how to do it properly, and after fumbling around in the dark, convinced that I couldn’t be good at this, it was your makeup videos that gave me the confidence to realize I could learn how to make myself look good with makeup. I’ve seen your business grow from a few youtube videos to this wonderful website, and I just want to say Way to Go!! You deserve all the best, you’ve helped so many people, and I think it’s inspiring that you go after what you know is best for you, despite what other people might say. I’ll be saying a prayer for you, and giving you all the virtual support I can. Take care of yourself! All the best,

Marlena, Good luck with your surgery! you an inspiration! I have struggled with my weight back and forth. 90 pounds is awesome I’m proud of you and don’t worry about what people think you have to do what’s right for you. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Take Care

Hi Marlena,
I just want to wish you the best and tell you how much of an inspiration you’ve been to me over this past year that I’ve been a MUG :-)

Your weight loss story has inspired me so much. I’ve gained so much weight over the past 2 years (even though I always considered myself a bigger girl), but right now I am kind of disgusted with what my body looks like. At this point I would love to get back to where I was and seeing your story has truly inspired me and encouraged me to do so.

Also, this is kind of random, but when I read your “About” section, I kind of felt like I was reading an autobiography in a way. I have always had the same feelings regarding my body and I just feel so inspired and encouraged by you and thank you so much for that. (It’s also kind of interesting that I also have a degree in Music Education :-O lol)

Sorry this is so long, but again, best of luck with your surgery and I hope you enjoy the rest and relaxation that you truly deserve :-)

Your body, your decision, lady! No one has any right to judge.

Wishing you a speedy recovery! And I can’t wait to see you when you’re “done.” (That sounded weird, sorry.)

I’ve been suscribed to your youtube channel since probably the beginning of your youtube journey and even though you have never met me or even know my username, I feel this great admiration for you and seen you go through a lot. I think it’s great that you have thought this through and that you have tried your best to avoid the surgical route, and I think it’s also great that you have chosen to do it. I wish you the best of luck and also wish you a speedy recovery! And remember.. Don’t be frightened or anything.. You’re gonna look and feel FANTASTIC after all this. Remember we don’t prosper from anything without a bit of struggle. Hope to hear from you soon!

Massive fan from London, England! :) xxx


You already look amazing.. but you are rignt you have to do what is best for you. I know you will have a speedy recovery… be safe, take care and we will see you very very soon.

all the best!!!


Thank you for being honest and open with your decisions. Your a smart, level headed person who I know has made the best decision for yourself.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Marlena, you are such a strong, persistent person and I absolutely respect you for it!
Wish you good luck and take care!!

Elzara from Tashkent

I just watched the video and u have me crying, but in a good way. I’m so prowed of u and all that u have gone through that if this is what u truely want then u there is no season or shame in getting it done. I wish u all the best and, if it is not to much to ask if i could have an address from u so tha i might send u a a get well card or something like that. Good luck and come back to use soon. :)

Hi, Marlena!
I’m visiting your blog for less than a year now but never posted so far (or, maybe? I’ve forgotten!), and I want to support you as I have watched this video with great emotion. You are such a great, generous, caring person, I wish this surgery is going to be a sucess, you deserve it so much!
I’m looking forward for March, to see you as healthy (even more healthy) and as beautiful as ever.
Fingers crossed!
With care,

Hi Marlena,
I never commented but I wanted to encourage you. I’m just a 22 years old girl from Belgium (so please excuse my english !) but my brother has been in a very long process of emaciation (?), he even went to a specific medical boarding school, and finally he’s lost weight but he’s only 25 and he’s so ashamed of his stomach and all that skin… Well, I just wanted to say I know it’s hard, and I know that surgery isn’t an easy choice at all. You are a really beautiful person, I mean your face is so pretty but especially you seem to be such a kind woman, your dynamism and your smile makes you radiant, like a real sunshine.
Hope you’ll get fine and happy, really. Take your time and all the love you can get to recover well and feel good.
I’m sending you a lot of good vibes from Europe !


I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and I will be keeping you in my prayers that you will be safe and heal quickly so we can get to see your beautiful self as soon as possible in one of your brilliant tutorials. I applaud your bravery and salute you for the journey you’ve undertaken. You’re a great inspiration for anyone who has faced similar issues.

Thinking of you in London (UK)

Hi Marlena, I think that this is one of the most touching videos that I’ve ever seen. You’re a strong person and I can feel that you’re going through loads of trials to develop yourself. You never let down. You’re a beautiful woman, so inspirating, so fragile, so strong. Stay cool, be yourself, I know you have enough resources to get trough this. you’ve already showed us how strong you are (always in strict secrecy-how elegant). I wish you all the best. You’re the best. XXX

Hello I saw your vidoes on YouTube they are AMAZING I took all your advice I used it and it worked on the orginising video I watched it and I like your little draws.

Yay! Good for you, Marlena! My mom had this done last year and she doesn’t regret it one bit (it helps that she looks fabulous!). Recovery was a b!tch though but I think hers was bad cause she’s a smoker and 50 y/o. I had breast augmentation done about 7 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. My recovery was amazing!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see the after pics!

Hello Marlena!!! I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year now, i’ve ordered in you store and i’m registered on the forum too. It really makes me sad seeing you like this in this video. I’m sending you plenty of posivite thoughts for you to face this surgery in the best way.I really love your personality and your job on this website. You’re a great and courageous girl! Keep it up!!!!!
Take care; hugs!!
Maëlle, a French fan

I hope you know that you are very important person for all these MUGs!!!! You are an inspiration to us! So please take care… the best wishes to the best MakeUpArtist :) (its YOUR decision don´t forget)

Ayfer from Austria

MARLENA, HONEY! Don’t worry about what people could think about your decision! Sweety YOU worked your ass of, and it’s YOUR decision to get your body done! You will be fine, you will look so amazing and you will feel fantastic. It’s you prize for the whole work!

Don’t be angry and afraid about the tuck. You’re a smart girl, and I am sure you found a reliable specialist who knows what he’s doing! You will be fine!

Good luck and all best wishes
from cold Berlin, Germany

Hanna (sorry for my English, longtime no practice)

“momy makeover” hihi … my goodnes it kills me XD
Dear Marlena I wish you all best! Please don’t liesten to those all mean people, they just envious that you have done fantastic work and look so great:)
I’m very curious about the results… I know that you’ll never post any pick, ( it is quite obvious – it’s too personal), but anyway, I’m curious ( typical for woman XD)

Hope that you will recover fast, and you’ll be happy for the results.
Please don’t cry, you breaking my heart! Pitty I can’t hug you, it always helps :)
I hope you will back to us with grin from ear to ear!


Hii Marlena.

I have soo much respect for you. Putting up this video took alot of courage.
I know you’re scared but sharing your journey will help soo many other people.
I really hope your surgery goes well and you are happier afterwards.
You’re a beautiful person inside and out. Always remember that.

Our thoughts are with you. Hannah. xx

Good Luck Beautiful!!!!! Its going to be so worth when it’s all over : ) Cant wait to see how your recovery goes and how you’re doing in the weeks to come! We all love you here and would never judge you. Now, YOU stay happy and healthy and relax, relax, relax!

Good luck. I hope this isn’t rude but I think alot of ppl are curious how old you are? . I hope you’re very happy with the results. You still look stunning . xx

Marlena!! Good Luck! … you deserve to have the body you want, you had been really brave and committed to your goal that you deserve anything that will make you feel good about yourself!..
Im sending you all my love and support <3!!!!!! Hoping to see you in a new tutorial video with your new body but on top of all happy and satisfied!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo from Panama City, Panama :)

I absolutely understand you as I’ve also had a plastic surgery. I’m not going to judge you or anything. The recovery time for me was about 2 months because I’ve had complications. I’ve had surgery on my nose and I often have head aches since that time, but still it was worth it.

I also know women who made the same surgeries as you’re about to do. I won’t lie to you, they didn’t feel well after this procedure. But in about a week they’ve felt much better (and about themselves too).

My only advice – don’t even think of work. Relax and take all the time you need. You should understand that this is serious. Of course it’s not like heart of brain surgery, but still it is very serious! Don’t rush to come back, just be sure that we’ll be waiting for you and we all are supportive!

Looking forward to your coming back all beautiful and happy!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve just seen your video, i’m following you for over a year now and really like what you do and how you make everything happy ! So just to tell you all my thoughts will be with you on february the 1st, and wish you good luck, you deserve the best.
Sophie, from France

Hey Marlena, my name is Tasha, I have been following your weightless journey and am very inspired, you have done everything the right way and you deserve all your success! I completely understand why you would want the surgeries, and you’re doing it all for you which is the only way. I wanted to wish you luck and let you know that though I have never had a tummy tuck, I have had a breast reduction and lift, and it was totally worth it. Made me feel much better about myself and the four weeks of discomfort (and really only like 2 weeks or less of diminishing pain and trouble sleeping at night) was totally worth it. I wish you all the best, and I know that it will all be worth it in the end when you feel amazing! Hope to read an update once you start feeling better :)

Hello !!! I’ll be praying for you.I like your videos and I admire your courage!Be positive,it’ll be Ok!!!
Kisses from Spain!

Hi Marlena I just want you to know that you are making the right decision and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are having surgery for all the right reasons and more power to you for posting this on the internet for everyone to see. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery and I look forward to seeing more looks from you!

You lost weight the right way, and for that you deserve this! I know with weight loss extra skin & sagging is a very common side effect, especially after losing large amounts of weight, and there’s only so much you can do on your own to help that. This is completely different than people who try and use plastic surgery as the “easy” way out, if that makes sense. You’re not trying to look “perfect,” just you but better :) I don’t think that your decision to do this should be considered controversial at all! Anyone who judges you for making this decision just doesn’t understand.

Thank you for taking the time to share your decision with us, and as you can see you have so many people supporting you and wishing you well! You have clearly taken much time and consideration in making your decision; I hope it turns out to be everything you’ve hoped for :)

Hi Marlena,
I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be praying for you, you video made me really emotional you are a great inspiration to me and others and God will be with you everyday from surgery to recovery and along your life.
God Bless you!

I only just subscribed to your blog yesterday, so I don’t really know much about you – but losing 90lbs is quite an achievement – well done! I totally understand why you’d want to do what you’re doing, and I hope everything works out well for you! :)

When I watched your video all I could think was how brave you are. You are brave for working hard to lose weight. You are brave for sharing your story with others. You are brave for allowing us to truly see you…your emotions and feelings. That is not easy for most people. You should feel so proud of yourself. You are obviously an extremely special person….extremely special. I hope you don’t ever doubt this.
There will always be people that judge you, but you can’t change that. That is not something for you to worry about. You have always been 100% real and genuine with us and that is what is important. People that judge you…it’s their loss.
I am sure you are scared, but you should do what will make you happiest. If all you cared about was looks then maybe I’d be worried for you, but you balance your inner and outer beauty so well that I am completely confident that this is a wonderful decision for you. It is your decision and you need to be brave once more to stick with it and then recover.
This past summer I had plastic surgery. I had ears were pinned back. I had been teased about my ears and I had always felt uncomfortable wearing my hair up because my ears always stuck out. I am lucky to have had amazing support from my family and I had the surgery. It is a very painful recovery and my ears are still healing. I still cannot keep my ears directly under the water in the shower….but I am so happy I did it. I feel better about myself. Surgery is scary and painful…but these feelings will pass….emotions are like waves..they come in and they go out.
Be brave and stand behind your decision no matter what anyone says. You are such a stunning woman….I admire you as do thousands of other girls….Be proud of who you are and what you do. I wish you all the luck in the world on your surgery. I hope you heal quickly and as pain free as possible. Be excited….you’ll be so happy really soon!!!!!

Hello Marlena,

Just want to wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. You should be very proud of yourself on your huge accomplishment. I also need to lose alot of weight and I know how difficult it can be. But I tell myself “if Marlena can do it, so can I” !!! =) Thanks for sharing your weightloss journey with us. I hope you are very pleased with your results at the end. Take care and good luck!


Hi Marlena—i’m praying for your speedy recovery. Trust God that He’s with you always…. I’m sure you will be fine. Congratulations again for all your hard work with the site and the weight loss. You are a blessing to us and an inspiration/role model :) Take Care.

Don’t you dare feel bad about yourself!! Much love, you do what you need to do. :) You will be okay I will pray for you. I think it was amazing that you would expose yourself this way.

Hi Marlena! (Sorry If I make mistakes, English is my third language)
I read your article about how much weight you have already lost and I really hope you’ll be fine with your surgery! You’ve been so brave! Congratulations!
It will make a year on February 14th that I got my surgery (not this kind of surgery though), and I still remember how stressed I was… Keep surrounded by friends, it’s my advice… When I went back to my room a couple of hours after my surgery, I remember how good it was to have some friends of mine there, with me :)
I really hope you’ll get well fast!
I admire what you’re doing! My godmother is being overweight but doesn’t do anything about it and keep eating unhealthy. I think it’s too bad for her and her health !
Well, Take care ! :)

Hey Marlena! You’ve been my favourite youtube guru and a huge inspiration since when I started watching videos on youtube. I totally agree with your decision and it is just simply awesome how you lost so much weight. I hope all goes well and hope to seeing you back soon :)

Lots of love!

I simply say Good Luck to you!!! God Bless and I am sure you will be fine and with the end results be as happy as you deserve to be. You have inspired me to move forward in my make up creations which I like to call Face Art I talk about you to everyone and give you the credit for me getting so much better at my make up. So thank you Marlena I wish you the best and cant wait to see more videos in the future, take care.

You’re gonna be fine. You have so many that support you and your positive and upbeat attitude will get you through this. Best wishes!

I know what it takes to lose weight, it’s hard! I know that some people will need surgery at the end of the road and it’s their own choice if they want to have it. I would hope that people would understand that and not decide to be harsh on you. I think surgery is a matter of “to each their own” and this type of surgery is the final milestone of all your hard work. You lost it on your own and now you’re going to get rid of skin and perk up, what’s the big deal?! I only say that because I saw at least 15 thumbs down on your video and it upset me. Congratulations on having the means to get this surgery. I wish you all the best. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well as the doctor (s), nurses, etc. May they all perform their best and may your recovery be speedy and non-painful. Update us whenever you can, we all love and support you.

— Julia

I never comment on this forum (although I’m always checking MUG) but today I have to do it. I think you are an amazing girl and you have the right to be happy with your body. I saw all the work you had with your diet and life style changings… go there and be happy, babe! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine and your wish will come true! keep us posted about your recovery, alright? :)

I think it’s awesome that you are doing this. I mean b/c it’s what you want/need. I’ve been overweight since the 3rd grade and I’m 27 now. I’m currently trying very hard to lose weight now and I’d just be happy in a size 18(I’m a 26 for reference). I’m completely aware that I would need to have cosmetic surgery after any major weight loss I have, b/c I’ve been big for so long, and you know what, I’m not going to work that hard for so long and still not look good naked. As Dolly Parton says, “if I see something dragging, bagging or sagging, I get it tucked, sucked or plucked.” I know not everyone would agree with that but I would challenge them to live a life of being overweight and then judge. So I know that one bad comment could stick with you forever, but just remember that this is for you and that you will probably never meet that mean person, so they don’t even matter. Good luck to you and I hope everything goes well. You and your site/videos, have been a great inspiration to me and I can’t wait till the day that I can say I lost 90lbs.

PS. please let us know how it goes and if you like the results. If I get to that stage I’ll be having the same procedure done, plus a few. Thanks

Your story is such an inspiration for me. I have about 120lbs to lose before I reach a healthy BMI. I know it is going to be a very long haul. I have tried and failed many times before. To be honest, I know it may seem silly, but one of the reasons why I am scared to lose the weight, is cause I know what kind of body will be waiting for me at the end. Because of how much of my skin is covered in stretch marks, I know the skin is not going to bounce back. I am young too, 27, and I would love to be a normal girl for once in my life, I would love to wear a bikini. Do you know how annoying it is to see little 10 year old girls in 2 pieces and know that I have never worn a 2 piece in my entire life. I dont know how I would ever be able to afford the surgery.
But… I wish you luck, health, and continued happiness.

Dana, I’m in almost the exact same boat. I’ve been trying since right before the New Year to lose weight, so far I’m down 15lbs. I completely understand about you being scared of what you may look like later, but if you start saving now, once you get to the weight you want, you’d be pretty damn close to the right amount of money. I read an article about saving $21 a week and you’d have over $1000, so if you could save double or triple you’d be there in 2 years. Good luck to you, I hope it all goes well.

i dont have much to say except for i hope all goes well and i hope u have a speedy recovery . i enjoy ur videos and u are such an inspiration thanks and feel better soon in advance

Good Luck Marlena!
I can’t wait to see the results. Don’t be scared I’ve had me ears pinned back and I know its minor compared to what you are doing, but I was 8 when I had to procedure done and everything went fine. So hope you have a fast recovery and remember to stay positive :)

Hey Marlena!! :D I saw your video about your surgery. And I pray everything goes So well! And for fast recovery! :) I’ve seen pretty much all your fabulous makeup videos, and how you’ve progressively lost your weight! and you Truly look So Great! :) Truly, you look Fabulous! :) And I just wanna say that i’m So proud of you! :) You lost weight the right way, which is so awesome! and i totally understand that you want to tighten up and get rid of some extra skin, i totally understand. :) And I totallly support you! :) Again I pray that the surgery goes so smoothly and that your body will recover so soon! And thank you so much for all of your wonderful and So helfpul makeup tuturials! love, Meghan :)

First of all, I just want to say how incredibly brave you are. Not only is it a terrifying decision to get the surgery, but also to post it to the rest of the world. It is a very personal experience and I am moved by your bravery.
Secondly, you are always such an inspiring person, and I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. This community will miss you while you are gone.
Thank you for sharing your experience and makeup expertise with the rest of us :)

Sending prayers for a safe and successful surgery and hoping everything turns out just as you wish. I think this is a personal decision and as long as you are doing it for yourself, then best of luck. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your postings on how it turns out.

Dear Marlena,

I hope everything goes well for you. You deserve all the happiness in the world! Wishing you a successful procedure and speedy recovery!

I wish you only the best of luck with your sugery, Marlena! I love you very much and I am so glad I’ve gotten to see your journey and I know you would only do what was best for you… that’s what matters!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery! <3

I say….good for you girly! You look amazing and have worked your butt off! If I was in the same shoes I’d do exactly the same thing. Good luck with everything and rock it out! You deserve it.

Hi, Marlena darling!
I’ll pray that it all goes well, and that this whole thing brings even more happiness and health to you! Also, I just wanted to tell you that you deserve it, girl! I’ve known so many people that have done this kind of procedure for so many wrong reasons (and let me tell you it didn’t work for them, their bodies would just go back to what they were since people didn’t continue to care for them after the procedure!), and I know for a fact that you’re doing it for only the right ones!
I’m sure this will be a great thing for you, and I know you’ll continue to care for your body and health AFTER the surgery. Therefore, you don’t have to feel embarassed, dear! You have our (your loving fans) total support, and we’ll be waiting for you!
Huge love all the way from Brazil,
Juliana M. Antoniassi.

You are such an inspiration to us. I took a lot of courage to post this video. You deserve nothing but the best. I pray that your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.

Hello gorgeous and amazing and wonderful and wish you were my friend Marlena… I have been inspired by you…I got sick in december.. I had to be off work for a while and you know what we do when were not working…we’re eating… instead of doing this. i have been eating more healty…love you’re breakfast with oatmeal….mmmm yummy It’s like have chocolate wonder …but for breakfast. Also during the time I was off work…I spend a lot of money on makeup….way to much…(thanks to my dad..I rent his house so he was not to mad about me spending my rental budget..) …so I could try new make up stuff… I have made the best discovery ever…Sephora and MAC store…boy did I spend money there…oops sorry again dad.. but everyday I was trying new makeup… and I have been watching a lot of your tutorial.. I also put somes in favorites… so every morning when I go to work now.. I wake up 1h30 before leaving for work just to get pretty. and you no what…….I stand out not because I am the fat one… Because i feel good about me.. I am excited to show my makeoff… and I love who I am.. and you know what, there is a girl at my job who did the bypass surgery… yes she is thin now… but what beeing thin when you don’t know who you are… She’ve done the fast way…I want to do it the right way. There is also something that I have learn from the past… I am the most important person in my life… no matter what… I will always be stock with me soo..better love my self than hating what I am… A women who has a fast ass… a lots of curves and an amazing self estime…I will loose weight… in french we say lentement mais surement… I when I do… I am sure I will be has emotional has you..
You go girl . don’t be scare… You are in good hands. And doing it for you not for someone else is the way to do it.

You rock ,

CAroline xxxx

Hi ! I don’t tend to comment all the time but this one really required me to do so. It is very courageous from you to be so humble and honest and expose this to us and for that i admire you very much. A surgery is a very serious and personal decision that no one should judge, even tough not everybody is ok with it, but it is still personal. Since the first tutorial that i saw from you i was captivated by your bubbly, humble and full of life personality that you easily transmit thru the camera, thats a true gift and beauty from God. Now u are very reserved when it comes to ur personal life and the muggies totally respect that but from what i’ve seen you’ve gone thru struggles like the rest of us and still keep ur positive attitude and never effected ur work. Ur strenght is remarkable and a reminder that no matter what God is with us always. I hope in God that u would have a great recovery and i know that He would not leave u alone.

Thank you so much, Marlena for sharing your story and good for you! There are so many people out there in the same position and there is absolutely nothing wrong with want to feel better about yourself, especially after working so hard to get healthy. Kudos and have a quick recovery!

Good luck with your surgery! This video hit especially close to home for me, as a little over a year ago I had a breast reduction done at the age of 25. I researched the procedure and contemplated whether or not to get it done for over 5 years, so it definitely wasn’t a spur of the moment thing! I lived with constant back pain from the time I hit puberty through til when I had the procedure done. I wasn’t really overweight, just a little pudgy, but I couldn’t really work out or do high impact aerobics the way I wanted to because of my chest. It’s obvious you’ve really thought this through, so I say, “Go for it!” We’re with you every step of the way! You deserve to be happy!

Since I’ve had the procedure I’ve lost 14 pounds (on my way to 40…only 26 more to go!) and have never felt better about myself. I can finally work out the way I want to & no longer feel so self conscious about my body.

One thing, if they give you creams to put put on the incisions later to reduce scarring I’d highly recommend them. I’ve used the two that my surgeon gave me and the scarring is going to fade to be almost invisible, even though I have very pale skin and a red headed complexion.

We’re all supporting you!

Hi Marl.ena,
I recently found your videos on you tube and then your website. You are an amazingly
talented young woman. You should be so proud of yourself for all your hard work
losing 90 plus pounds. You go girl!!! You are young and should definitely not give
the surgery a second thought… you have to do what is right for you. You need to please
just you and no one else. Good luck… I’ll keep you in my prayers. I love watching you do
makeup…you have taught me so much. My husband and I own a salon and spa and I
am an esthetician there. All your lessons have given me more confidence as a makeup
artist. Thanks Soooo Much Love Jane

You have nothing to feel embarrassed about. Anyone losing a lot of weight needs to be aware of the side effects and additional steps some will want or need to take after the weight loss. You deserve to feel the best you can, and I think this will help. I’m not really into cosmetic surgery just to change your look, but I consider surgery after a major weight loss to to be more reconstructive than cosmetic.

Good luck. I’ll be thinking happy and healthy thoughts for you all month.

Marlena, thank you for sharing! First off, I hope your surgery meets with your expectations and that you have a speedy recovery! But I also wanted to say that it is really amazing that you’ve been willing to share not just your gorgeous makeup tutorials and reviews but also that you’ve shared your struggles with regard to body weight and composition. I think for all of us who look in the mirror or walk around feeling not entirely comfortable with our bodies it is so often a private battle. Its easy to see people who look as beautiful as you do and feel like we must not have anything in common. Even with other issues often it seems that people keep silent about the struggles which makes it easy to never really know how much we all have in common.

Honesty (rather than keeping everything private) can have such a great positive effect. Thank you for all that you share and the great attitude you take!

My Dear Marlena, I have been a fan of your website for sometime and I just adore the way you play “Fairy Godmother” to the world. I have watched you go through hard times and still you reflect only beauty. I find that I am able to relate to you in many ways. I suppose that is why I enjoying watching you. I hardly ever wear make up but watching you in your tutorials is just uplifting. I have battled my weight (I’m about 100 lbs over weight) and I get tired of not looking on the outside, the way I feel on the inside. I just thought that you should know that you have changed MY LIFE. No kidding… I have made really really good changes in my life because of your example. I can giggle at myself when I say something a little corny, and I can aspire to be the best version of me. I can be strong and brave when I’m scared. This is greatly because of your example. I kinda sound like a loser who hasn’t any friends. I’m not. I have friends, but few people, friends or other wise, are as lovely as you are. You teach so much more than make up and if people would learn and follow your example the world would be like a fairytail. Best Wishes and my most sincere prayer…. Catherine

Hi marlena i hope everything goes well for you, i like your videos and admire your courage be posititve, it’ll be ok!!!!

When I got my breasts evened out and increased a little people we ripping on me for ‘giving into the hollywood hype’ when I told them what I was doing so I understand your hesitation about posting this and possible comments but after loosing 30kgs I just wanted to have even hot tits so I could feel comfortable going down to the beach because I’m a beach baby lol.

I didn’t even get them increased THAT much and people were still complaining but me, I said ‘screw them, I’m for the first time in my life comfortable with even looking in a mirror and going out in public’ ….and doing fun stuff I missed out on via lack of confidence and I hope your surgery goes perfectly and you feel that exact same way because it’s AWESOME!

you are wonderfull
I’ve been following you for a while now, and you are such a strong woman.
I admire you for losing all that weight all by yourself
and if this is what will make you even more comfortable with yourself and your own body
I think no one will judge you on that, they will only see a marlena that is more happy with herself
and because you are more happy with yourself you can help and love others even more.
good luck and I hope your recovery will be easy, and you’ll be good to go in 4 weeks!
huge love and support

Marlena, your candid journey of weight loss and living with the after effects of weight loss is both refreshing and honest. Wishing you a speedy recovery and much happiness in the month of February and beyond.

I am behind you 100% Only you walk in your shoes, none of us do, so only you would know what’s best for you! Good Luck, I’ll miss your postings while you are away. My thoughts and prayers are with you in a speedy recovery. I am looking forward to the after photos! Love Ya!

Sorry for my English –I write you fromGermany…

Dear Marlena – I´ve tried to write so sooo much …but it´s difficult for me to describe my emotions it in English – thats not my mothers language =) and so I deleted my words…

I hope, everything will be good for you and I send you best wishes! You are not alone, I am waiting for news every day. You are such an inspiration

Bis hugs and kisses and ALL THE BEST for your surgery , Manuela (39), Germany xxx

I am behind you 100% only you know what’s best for you, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. I’ll miss your posts, but am looking forward to the after photos! Luv Ya!

good luck marlena and i believe everyone is capable of making their own decisions and nobody can judge you you do your best lots of love <3

This video was a brave thing to do. You should feel proud of yourself.
Don’t worry about judgements- do what is best for you and what will make you happy and healthy. You’ve already done a wonderful job at weight loss, but more importantly I see you as a very mentally strong person. We all come here because we love you. I don’t write on other people’s blogs, I hardly read blogs, but you have a charisma and your character is so strong that your a great positive force for lots of people out there. I wish I had a friend like you!
Don’t worry about posting blogs/videos, you just take time for you now. We will all be wishing you the best on a healthy recovery and surgery. I know what it feels like to be young in an old body- I’m ill and can’t get out of bed on some days, so I can really sympathize with that. My life is very limited as a result so I’m happy your able to take steps that will give you what you want from life because you deserve it. It’s natural to be scared but your a strong lady and you’ll do just fine- I know it!
Sending warmest and happiest thoughts your way. Big hugs to you!

Hi Marlena,

I wish you all the best and good luck for your sergery and wish for the quick recovery. I will miss your post but my prayers are with you.
lov u gal be brave

Hi Marlena,

I just wanted to say I think you’re the most beautiful person, inside and out, and I hope everything goes well for you, will say a prayer that you’ll be ok and I’ll be thinking of you!

Love Claire x


First of all; congrats on the weight loss in general. I had the gasteric bypass in September of 2010 and I know how it feels to be excited about losing the weight but then also sad because you still don’t look the way you want. Its easy for someone to judge you because they don’t know the emotional hell being overweight causes someone. Just know you’re doing this for all the right reasons and if it will make you happy then more power to you! I so love coming to your site and can’t wait to see your journey.

Best of luck from Ohio!

Hey marlena,

watching ur video made me feel so emotional I just had to write a response. I wish you every success with ur surgery and I truely hope u recover well and are happy with the final result.

I totally love ur tutorials and check ur website everyday just to watch u because ur so bubbly and funny and u make me feel happy with ur great personality. And i 100% love ur tutorials and tips and ideas, u are my favourite makeup artist on youtube and i love u…..please dont be scared abt ur surgery, fingers crossed everything will go well.

much love x x x x


God will watch over and protect you through ur procedure. Also my thoughts and prayers are with u during your surgery and recovery. Many ppl have their own opinions about weight loss and surgery. Do what’s best for you and what makes u feel good. Thanks for sharing your weight loss story, it helps so much for a person like me that’s overweight and trying to lose as well. ;)

Beautiful Marlena,
You only get one body in life and you have worked so hard to make yours rockin’! Dont let anyone get you down about your decision. As followers of makeupgeek we all are here to support you. I wish you all the luck in the procedure! I hope it is as painless as possible and goes incredibly well. After the work you’ve put into getting in shape I hope this lift and tuck gives you the exact result you had imagined if not better! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

One of your Muggies- Lexis!!!!

Thank you for sharing you fears and journey with me.
I almost at the point of getting this done but am overwhelmed with fear. I am looking at the links you provided now.

Thank you xx

Hey Marlena,

Good luck and get well soon. Do what you gotta do and Enjoy the new you! :) I can’t wait to enjoy the new me one day!

You are such an inspiration to all of us. You deserve it!! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see the new you.I will be praying for you,i’m sure everything will go well.

Your biggest fan

Marlena, you are such an inspiration! Your guts in sharing this personal decision is to be commended. I am looking forward to seeing the new you!

Take care beautiful lady!

ps you’ve totally inspired me to get healthy too! I’ve lost 10 lbs, hired a personal fitness trainer and have made changes to my diet

Good luck with your surgery. I’m sure everything will go smoothly and will keep you in my prayers. This is such a huge and personal decision to make and for you to share it with us is amazing. You are a huge positive influence on allot of people and hope you know that. Maybe while you’re laying in bed resting, you could have a friend read all these wonderful comments to you.

Good luck and God bless!

Hi Marlena, I’m not by any means saying this to be sympathetic with you, I’ve seen each and every one of your videos and I have always find you and honest and beautiful person, inside and out, I have also seen your physical changes and know that I support you 100% percent with what you want to do, if that’s going to make you feel better then go for it!! I hope and pray for everything to go well and that you get back together soon feeling as great and fabulous as ever!!

Hey, Marlena!

I don’t know you but I have to say something: I am very, very happy for you! I always liked your makeups and didn’t know about your ‘ fight’ against weight. You are beautiful, girl. And, you know, I’m not happy for you because you lost weight and did a surgery.. but because you could get something that made you happy, something like a dream.. and this no one will ever take from you, ever.

I am sorry about my english, I’m brazilian.. so I try my best hahaha.

Hope you have lots of happiness now and always.


Go Marlena Go!!!! I am soo amped for you. I totally support you in your decision. Good for you for leading a healthy life and making great choices for you and your body. My aunt recently got this surgury. The key is to rest, rest, rest. Know your limitations after your surgery and always keep on the positive side which you seem to do just fine. Big hug, much love

Leslie ;)


Good luck on the surgeries! I had a tummy tuck a number of years ago too. I was a surrogate, and had delivered 3 sets of twins in 3 years. Yikes!! Needless to say, I had LOTS of extra stretched out skin, probably like you had, from losing all that weight (congrats on that by the way!) The tummy tuck was by far the best thing I ever did for myself. Awesome. You’ll come through perfectly, I’m sure of it. Take care of yourself, do what the doctors tell you, don’t overdo, and you’ll be fine. Look forward to the “after” pics. Congrats on this decision, it was the right one for you. :)

Congratulations on all your hard work and your weight loss success! You look beautiful and I’m sure all the MUGs are behind me in wishing you good health and a quick recovery!!!

I say you do what makes you feel good. I know for a fact that losing weight doesn’t always leave your body all tight and toned and so you always have the option of getting this procedure. My sister in law lost 150 lbs after her gastric bypass and she had excessive skin. Her arms resembled bat wings and her stomach hung down a lot. She had the procedure and not only does she fit into clothes better, but she no longer gets rashes.

I’m 90lbs over and I know that there is the possibility that my body will look old too and so I’m so glad that you’re going through this cuz I hella look up to you and if you can do all this weightloss and then get the surgery, I know I’ll be ok too:)

Have a safe surgery and enjoy your new bod!!!

Hey Marlena,
While I do not agree with your decision I pray that your surgery will go well and you will get desired results :) Good luck and I can’t wait to see how it goes! :D

If you want the surgery, then why not have the surgery? It’s your life and your body! I say enjoy your life!!! Thanks for sharing your personal moments – it is not expected but I know we all benefit by your honesty and your experience!

Best of luck on a quick recovery. I support you in all you do!

p.s. We’ll all occupy ourselves with re-watching all your old vids and perfecting our technique while you recover. We’ll be fine!

Everyone – pull out your Naked Palette and your brushes. Let’s get going!

I hope your surgery goes well. I guess this would be the best time to let you know how much you have changed my life. I took something that was my hobby and made it my career choice by simply watching your videos one day. I always knew I would do something out of the box I just never knew that it would be something so adventureous! (especially living somewhere like good ol Kansas lol) You have made my life happier and I truly feel complete now and I wish you the best making your decision to feel complete as well. I wish nothing but happiness and health for you. Just know that you were always beautiful to me from the first video and I hope you feel even more beautiful after the surgery!
Your biggest Fan

congrats on loosing all that weight hope you recover fast and everything comes out good and healthy take care and good luck

You are such a doll! You make everyone feel like we know you because you allow yourself to be so transparent, which is such a beautiful thing! I wish you well tomorrow and will be rooting on your speedy and happy (but relaxing) recovery.


P.S. You’ve converted me to snap peas. :-)

Marlena, eres preciosa! has trabajado duro para bajar de peso, por lo mismo, mereces esta cirugia! Todo va a estar bien. Los mejores deseos!!
Saludos desde Chile

Hey Marlena!

I usually don’t post often but I do hope everything goes well for you! Don’t feel pressured to film anything after surgery… Just have plenty of rest, then think about the goodies you’re going to plan for your fans ^__^ Good luck and feel confident over the surgery!

Surgery is truly a personal decision and I cannot recommend it higher, but only with a trusted surgeon. I was 17 years old when I had breast reduction surgery. I had DD breasts by the time I was 15 and it was a nightmare. Boys made fun of me. Girls teased me too. My mom and I talked to a dozen people for recommendations and ended up with a wonderful doctor who handled me with kid gloves. He was wonderful. I have NEVER doubted my decision for a moment. It was completely worth the scars, that have now practically disappeared (its been almost 20 years!).
I wish you all the blessings and prayers for your swift recovery!

We all feel like we know you…your beautiful, kind personality just shines through in all your videos. So, I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you for sharing your extremely personal journey with all of us. It feels good to know that someone feels that same way I do. What is my body going to look like when I reach my weight loss goal has been one of my worst fears (have lost 43 lbs so far…just reached under the 200 lb mark for the first time in what seems like forever) I have already noticed some changes in my body from the weight loss that are not as pleasant. The surgery you are having is something I have definitely started contemplating/anticipating because for me if I have done such hard work to get the weight off I want to see all of the results and not have it covered by excess skin.

Boy I can totally understand your fears as well…I had to undergo a surgery for severe endometriosis this summer and was petrified. Just know my thoughts are with you as are most of us from the looks of it! :) I wish you an uncomplicated surgery followed by a speedy, easy recovery!

Love from Azure

Marlena, I wish you well and a speedy recovery. Many people don’t realize that your skin can shrink only so much. If you exceed that amount, the only way to get rid of it is by sugery. For that reason, this is a very common surgery for people who have lost large amounts of weight. If I am as successful at weightloss as you are, I’d be doing this too. You are very brave to share this with all of us. I’ll be thinking of you.

Hey Marlena,
I normally dont comment on your videos purely because I watch them on my way to work on my ipod which doesnt allow me to, but after watching this one, I had to come home to my laptop and drop a few words of love. I wish you all the luck, and do whatever makes you feel unstoppable because you deserve to have all the confidence in the world shine though. (p.s. only if we could all look that good at 1am with 15 hours of makeup on lol). Stay in the positive, and it’ll all be worth it!

Oh my goodness, the title of this video on Youtube startled me (it was “VLOG: My surgery” last I saw). I was like “WHAT SURGERY?!” lol

Hon, you’ll be fine. These kinds of procedures are done practically every day. A relative of mine has had numerous surgeries like this, including surgery after weight loss, and they felt so much better. I know that if I ever manage to get this weight off I will need it myself, but that’s a whole other story.

Hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted when you feel like moving around.

I wish you the best in the following weeks. It will be hard but you have had so much courage and stamina through out this whole process I know you will succeed and be happy with the results. Remember, surgery or no surgery…weight loss or no weight loss…you are beautiful on the inside and outside. Take care and see you soon.

Hi Marlena, you are a very strong person. You are making your own decisions and doing what you need to make yourself happy…that is very important. From all your videos I’ve watched you seem like a very sweet and honest person. I love that you not only share your wisdom with us about makeup, but about life as well. I have learned a lot from you, and you are the first person that has truly encourage me to better myself. I physically see someone who has fought and achieved her goals, and it gives me the motivation to achieve mine.

No one should judge what others do. And people have the right to make decisions that will improve their health and well-being. I wish you luck in your journey, and know that there are people out there who are supporting you and wishing you well. You are in my prayers as you go through your surgery and recovery. Take care. And can’t wait to see you up and running again:)


Marlena, I wish you all the best with the surgery and a safe and speedy recovery! You are a beautiful person inside and out, and you should do whatever makes YOU happy. It’s YOUR life, you live only once and therefore you should be doing whatever you want! You are amazing and we’re all so happy and proud of you!!!

We love you Marlena. You are an inspiration and you really brighten up people’s day with that smile of yours. We understand why you are doing the surgery and you are not doing it for the wrong reasons at all. You have earned it girl! What is meant to be will always find its way:)

I am sooo happy for you that you are doing what makes YOU happy!! I totally support your decision as you have worked extremely hard and and so proud to know about you and your talent. I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of luck!
MUAH!! kisses and best wishes!! ~~Ziana

It’s nice of you to share us those things. You’ve made a lot of effort to stay healthy.

Best wishes for the surgery. Take care.
we love you :)

Good for you Marlena! I hope everything goes well and your recovery is as painless as possible! Also, you look stunning with your hair pulled back!

Marlena you are very brave and you should feel very proud of how far you’ve come!
I myself have lost 80 pounds and Im still working to get to my goal. Ive always had the idea of getting the same surgery when I reach that goal. I know how you feel! Its such a hard thing to go through but I want the same as you…I want to feel good about myself even more after losing such much weight. Thanks for being such a great role model and sharing this with everyone. You are such a beautiful and talented person and I wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes. XOXO

Good for you—you have come a long way—life is too short, you need to do what makes you happy—all the best—I will say prayers and send positive thoughts your way

Congrats on losing all the weight!!! As an overweight person myself, you have no idea how great it is to see someone accomplish such a great feat! Good luck on the surgery and I’m glad you made the choice for yourself and no one else!!! :)

Dear Marlena,

You have been a great inspiration to me! I just wanted to thank you once again! I totally understand what you’re going through. Always being on the “plus” side of anything doesn’t feel great. I’ve tried soo many diets and different work out regiments and nothing has stuck because after a few weeks I’d get annoyed with the fact that I wouldn’t be losing ANY weight at all. Throughout your journey you have taught me that literally patience is a vertue! I’ve been trying to keep myself motivated to eat more healthy because in the end that’s all it really is about if that’s what you want. Eating healthy and not focusing so much on “omg did I lose 5 pounds yet today”! lol I have you in my prayers! Please keep us muggies updated on your status! We all love you very much and hope you recover quickly and perfectly! Good luck Marlena!!

Hi Marlena,

I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. You will be missed in the upcoming weeks! You are like my big sister that I look up and I appreciate everything you do here for us. You put yourself out there and that takes a lot of courage. You an inspiration to all of us!

Thank you! :)

Marlena –
Thank you for sharing. Like a few others on here, this is the first time I have posted on MUG but after watching your video, I wanted to show my support. I have been watching your makeup videos for about 6 months now, and I love how I feel about myself when I look good sporting a new look from your tutorials.

In early 2010, I started my weight loss journey and I have lost 115 lbs to date. I still have another 65 lbs to go (I started out at 329lbs, size 28). I can already tell I’ll need a body lift – my inner thighs, belly, breasts, and upper arms are getting very saggy – I can only imagine how I’ll look in another 65 lbs! I could really empathize with your video – the thought of the future surgery terrifies me, but I also feel way too young to go through the rest of my life with an “old” body. I have already started to get self conscious about the sagging.

Thank you for sharing your personal struggle with this. I am so proud of you for exposing yourself to us MUGs. I think its pretty evident that you have touched all of us in positive ways and that we all love you because you are a wonderful, friendly, and genuine person.

Good luck. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

Hi Marlena,

Good luck on your surgery. No one should judge you. It’s your body! You work hard to lose the weight. If it makes you feel happy and confident about your body, then we should all support you no matter decision you made. We can’t wait to see the new you soon!


good luck and be brave!! its a huge surgery!! i wish you nothing but the very best and hope you have a easy,quick recovery!!! you are beautiful…inside and out!! go for it!!

Thank you for sharing your amazing story. You are truly an inspiration. I pray that you have a speedy and easy recovery.
Thanks so much for sharing that!

You do not owe anyone an explanation. You are a beautiful person both inside and out and as far as I am concerned, the surgery you are having is no different than wearing make up or colouring your hair….it’s just enhancing what you already have worked hard to get. There is nothing to be embarassed or shameful about. I can’t wait to hear about your recovery and success.
Also, from someone who has been there…..follow your post op instructions, take your meds, rest lots, and drink lots of water!!!!

We love you Marlena. You are an inspiration and you really brighten up people’s day with that smile of yours. We understand why you are doing the surgery and you are not doing it for the wrong reasons at all. You have earned it girl! What is meant to be will always find its way:)

:)We love you Marlena. You are an inspiration and you really brighten up people’s day with that smile of yours. We understand why you are doing the surgery and you are not doing it for the wrong reasons at all. You have earned it girl! What is meant to be will always find its way:)

Thank you, THANK YOU for posting this! I have struggled all my life with my weight and it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone.

I’m Polynesian so naturally I have a bigger build. I’ve always been athletic and active but never have I been skinny or even just average. I love food (again, I’m Polynesian!) and have a bad sweet tooth.

About 3 years ago, I got pregnant with my daughter and had a pretty dramatic pregnancy. I was forced to go on bed rest and to quit all sports and physical activity. I gained 65 pounds.

Finally about a year and a half ago, I got some crazy idea in my head that I’d train for and run a marathon. It was a long, difficult, and terribly excruciating road but here I am today, 40 pounds lighter and even training for my THIRD marathon!!

Still, it’s very discouraging because I feel so fit and healthy and yet, I’m still not down to my pre-pregnancy weight from 3 years ago. And even at my pre-pregnancy weight I was still considered overweight. This fall, my husband would like to try for baby number 2 and it scares me to know end that I’ll be even bigger than when I got pregnant before and I’ll gain even more than 65 pounds.

The most frustrating thing is just looking in the mirror and not seeing the person I feel like I am on the inside. I know I’m healthy and fit but that’s not portrayed in my reflection in the mirror. And don’t even get me started on clothes shopping!! How nice would it be not to have to shop in the plus-size section???

I’m so tired of feeling this way. I feel like I’ve done all that I can including buckling down on my diet. After we finish our family, I really think a tummy tuck is my only hope.

Let me tell you what I am most disappointed in you about. I’m VERY disappointed that you won’t be around for the next couple of weeks to provide me with these incredible videos! When I first started watching your tutorials, I knew nearly nothing about makeup. I started out with a simple Posh It Up lipglass from MAC that my friend gave me and that was all. But my mother having been a makeup artist has really influenced me and so I went on YouTube to find out how I could better myself with makeup. You were the first person that really intrigued me and really got me to really LOVE makeup. Now, I’ve got a whole kit (not as big as yours… yet… haha) You are a great inspiration to me! Although for any other reason, that is all I’m actually disappointed about.

But now let me tell you that I support you 100%. As long as you don’t go to some foreign country to get it done and pay with fish – as I’ve heard you could in certain countries – then go for it! I’m only 18 and I struggle with my weight and I’m really considering do the same thing in a few years if I can’t shed off at least 30 pounds. I’m addicted to food… what can I say? And I’ve really got a sweet tooth. So that does not help my situation. I don’t think you are making a bad decision at all. Being a female is tough and having some excess weight makes it tougher to be a female. I’m sure you’ll look great afterward and I can’t wait to hear from you again. I’d really love to see how the surgery goes for you! Maybe I’ll really be motivated to do it myself in about 2 years.

You know what? Good job! As you said. YOU BUSTED YOUR ASS TRYING TO GET THOSE POUNDS OFF. And you look amazing. For all the effort you put into your self confidence you deserve the body you want :)
Best of luck sugar!

Good luck Marlena! Congratulations on all your weight loss to date – you are an inspiration :) I wish you all the best and I know you will look even more fabulous than you already do once you have gone through with the surgery. It’s a personal decision and it was very brave of you to share it. I know how hard it can be!

Bless x

P.S – I don’t usually post, I just buy from you! But I felt compelled to show my support. I think you are amazing and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and endlessly recommend your videos to all my friends and family. My aunties and I have had ladies nights where we watch some of your make up tuts to improve our make up application! You go girl!

Bubbly Marlena,

I am one of your subscribers on YouTube and an avid fan of your makeup tutorials. I watched your video about the abdominoplasty. I am the kind of person who wouldn’t go for a surgery for weight loss because it’s too costly, and in general I just don’t “trust” the results, lol. I am sure though that you definitely gave it plenty of thought and consulted other people before making this brave decision, it’s not a child’s play afterall. Ofcourse every surgery is critical, be it as simple as just mending a wound with stitches, yet there is a sensitive point that worries everyone from having a surgery.

I’m impressed by your courage for making this video, seeing how personal it is. To be honest, in the video I felt as if there was something or someone pressurizing you to pursue this surgery, something apart from how you view your body.

Anyways, expressing yourself is the best way for relieving the stress that you might be building up thinking about it. Once you’ve made the decision, stick to it, thank yourself for posting this video so all your viewers can pray for you, and leave everything else to the doctors. I wish you all the very best and a successful surgery!

P.S.: The medical surgeries are far more advanced than they were ages ago, so it doesn’t leave much room to worry =)
Please don’t hate on me if you read this message before in your inbox, I just want to make sure that you do receive it from me in case you didn’t read it yet.

Lots of love,


HI Marlene
Dont worry everything is going to be fine. I had my done 2yrs ago it was the best thing I ever did. I did tummy tuck and lipo. I recovered really quick. I will keep you in my prayers. Once it is all done you will be a whole new person. Wish you the best and good luck.

Thank you all SO INCREDIBLY MUCH for the kind comments, support, and prayers- I am truly grateful for every single comment. I am reading each one tonight before surgery tomorrow- I can’t respond to each one, but I am reading and am sending a big hug from Cali :)

I’ll keep you updated later this week when surgery is over- I’ll try to post on here but also on twitter.
Thank you again- I am truly blessed

good luck! you are such an inspiration in my weight loss path. I just started and trying to get ready for my wedding. thank you and take care

Good luck, Marlena! You’re already gorgeous, but you absolutely have our support in your pursuit of happiness. You definitely deserve to feel beautiful after you’ve helped so many women to feel the same! :)

hello marlena ive been watching ur videos for sometime and i also struggle with weight but u have honestly inspired me and i cried when u started crying i felt like u arent some girl just posting how to videos ur a real person who actually cares about other women and u really do show me i can do it and i just want to thank you so much your videos have truly inspired me and i will pray for u and will be looking forward to u coming back and giving updates

much love

I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery Marlena!!! I love your website and I love how sweet and sincere you are about everything! And needless to say you’re extraordinarily talented!!! I totally understand what it feels like to not be happy with your body. I had an 11lb 7 oz child and my stomach is destroyed. I am in desperate need of a tummy tuck!!! I’m trying to get my body back to wear I want it to be before I go through with the procedure though. You do what you need to do to be happy!!!


i’m really happy for you, you’re already beautiful and I admire you because i know how hard it’s to try to loose weight you are an inspiration for all people like me! congrats! hope you recovery goes well

Hello beautiful Marlena,
You are such a genuine, beautiful person!! You exude kindness and you are such a loving, sweet person- sharing your emotions with everyone and your fears is so brave! Thank you for being such a magnificent example for me- I look up to you as a brave, beautiful woman that is no only passionate about what she does and what she loves, but a good soul who uplifts others and cares for others always. :) Thank you for sharing your emotions and feelings in this video! Not that you don’t in your other videos- although they may not be as emotional, your beautiful personality definitely shines through!!!
Wishing you a fast recovery and hoping you so much happiness when you recover!!!
Love and hugs,

I’m so excited! You give so much to all of us and it’s time you do something for yourself. I’ll be including you in my prayers and wishing you a speedy recovery. Miss you already! Oh and P.S. You are already beautiful just the way you are girl!! :)

Hi Marlena,

I loved your honesty and sincerity in this video. Part of what makes you so popular is your ability to be yourself in your videos. I think it took a lot of courage to share this with your viewers, and on behalf of your loyal, avid fans, I can safely say we appreciate you opening up and sharing with us!

I love your videos…as another fan posted on here already, I have recommended your channel and your website to tons of ladies in my life and we all love what you have to offer.

I have no judgment whatsoever about your decision to have surgery. In fact, I think it’s awesome to be a woman in the 21st century and have the freedom to make a decision like this! Congratulations on your weight loss thus far and I wish you the best of luck as you continue on your journey! At the risk of sounding cliche, you go girl!!!! xoxo

You deserve this, it’s very brave and understandable for the reasons you want the surgery done. You will be okay, many people are praying for you. Thank you for sharing.

Marlena, your courage is beautiful. I was just diagnosed last week with diabetes so I’ve had to make a lot of changes already but I just saw your weight loss video and the postiive attitude and right reasons are there. I’ve already cut out the processed sugar and replaced Cheerios as my breakfast and eat the fruits and I’m loving the baby carrots for the crunchiness and I eat them plain because I too have a sweet tooth and the sweetness helps a lot in the carrots. I am lucky/unlucky with my diabetes that I get to see a nutritionist and then go to nutrition classes and see a dietician so I feel very supported in this process. My family is great and there’s no sugary drinks in the house anymore and everyone is making healthier choices. I know it’s only been a week but I feel really strong about this and it’s health for the rest of my life so I need to take care of myself and lose 85 pounds. So far I’ve just exercised with the Wii Fit but even that makes me feel good. It’s just so inspiring to see you and I feel like this diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. I needed something to hit me into losing weight and taking care of myself, unfortunately it’s a lifelong thing that can complicate my health in the future but at the age of 27 I’m really ready to not have that old lady body you are describing. And to be healthy because my life depends on it. And I deserve it.

Good luck on your surgery

Hi Marlena. Congrats on making that decision. I had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago and I am sooo glad I did. It’s pretty uncomfortable at first, but it’s totally worth it! I hope all goes well with your surgery!! You’re gonna love your new body! I’m excited for you!!


I am so amazed by your perseverance with your weight loss. Great job gurl! and thank you so much for sharing with all of us. This video was especially touching. I know that your surgery will go well and you’ll recover in no time!!!!


I sent you an e-mail, but I will post here too. Good luck to you on your surgery day.

You’ll do fine. I’m a breast cancer survivor and after my reconstruction was almost complete, my plastic surgeon treated me to a breast lift on my remaining breast. Piece of cake surgery (I’ve now had two lifts on that breast). You’re upper parts will be fine in no time. I know the tummy tuck may take a while longer to heal. Good for you! Enjoy your new body!

Fellow MUG who had surgery after weight loss right here! It was the best decision for ME. Good luck pretty girl!!!

I think you are brave and you are honoring your higher self by doing what you know is best for you. I love that you are so brave and aware of your needs. I will keep you in my thoughts and meditations.


Marlena, I love your website! You have helped me hone my skills as a freelance makeup artist. Most of all I wish you the best with your surgery! I am a 43-year-old mother of 3 who had a breast reduction/lift and a tummy tuck exactly one year ago. Recovery is tough but oh, so worth it!! I wasn’t ready to look like my kids’ grandmother. I feel so much better about my body even though it’s still not perfect. My body has been through a lot with three pregnancies and the stress of a severely disabled child. I can get out of bed each morning and I am grateful for that. You are making the best decision for yourself. I will empathize with your pain if/when you post pictures of your incisions!! ** Best advice I can give you — start drinking Miralax the night of your surgery to alleviate constipation! ** <3

You are such an inspiration as a creative, talented, thoughtful, and caring person. Good luck with your surgery. Losing weight is a lifetime journey and you have done a wonderful job. As you share your story, you help every one of us on a similar journey renew our belief in ourselves – that we matter, that we deserve to be healthy and happy. Thanks for being such a great example. Many wishes for a speedy recovery!

Marlena, You are truly an inspiration to young women everywhere. Keep up the great work, and I wish you a safe and speedy recovery!

Marlena- thank you so much for doing this video. I felt like you were talking right to me. I’ve lost a good amount of weight, and am planning on have the same two procedures done this year. I’ve just need to finish saving up-lol! I am so grateful to you for doing this video, and really look forward to hearing about your experience…maybe it will help me to be a bit less scared. I know exactly how you feel…I’ve worked so hard, eating well & exercising, and I feel like this surgery is like the final step. I wish you well, and I think you’ve made a great decison.

I’m praying for you during this scary time and I know you’re gonna be so happy with the results. I love watching (and learning) from your videos–You are amazing and oh so sweet. Congratulations on all your hard work up until now!!!! You are beautiful :)

Hi Marlena,

This is my first time posting on any sort of blog so I guess that makes this kinda special.

I wanted to tell you that I think you’re fantasmically wonderful! I admire your courage and strength and wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow. After working as hard as you have to lose so much weight, you deserve to have the surgery so that you can really enjoy your new body!

Congratulations, I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you a speedy recovery!



I understand wanting to have an average body. I’ve been overweight all of my life, and it’s frustrating when losing a lot of weight yet not feeling the satisfaction that you should when looking in the mirror. You have been my inspiration since I found you on YouTube in 2009. You were beautiful then, and you’re beautiful now. I’m praying that you have a speedy recovery. God bless.


Thank you so much for your video! I too, have just went through a huge weight loss this year (88 lbs), and I am looking into having a tummy tuck as well. Please know that I will be praying for you & I admire you so much for sharing your experience with us! I hope that you will have a fast recovery, and I look forward to seeing how awesome you are going to look!! :)


Candi :)

Been watching your videos for awhile now; you are just such a sweet, down to earth, sweet spirit! Aside from giving such amazing advice (you are SO talented) on makeup and products (thanks!), I applaud you in your weightloss journey and your decision to go thru with surgery. I just lost 100 pounds also! I am 27, mother of 2, done having kids, now down to my goal weight, was/am considering both breast work and tummy tuck and am not sure if it’s for me. I will continue to watch your journey unfold, for more inspiration, advice and will be rooting you on from the sidelines! You are amazing and cannot wait to see your amazing transformation! You are truly an continued inspiration!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve been following you for some time now and have LOVED ALL your tutorials. Congrats on your decision! I hope you have a safe surgery and fast recovery. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this so be very proud of yourself! Much love and respect! XO

Hi Marlena,
I am going to be helping my cousin next week as she goes through the same surgery….the tummy part. I will be taking care of her for the first week or so after surgery. She like you lost a lot of weight and has the same issues you have with your skin. She actually had issues of flesh eating bacteria because of the excess skin hanging. I started to get tears in my eyes when you did in the video because my cousin is also dealing with fear and through her I have somewhat of an idea what you are going through. I will pray for you and for a quick recovery and for peace. Keep us updated on your recovery. Take care and God Bless.

I hope that everything goes well for you Marlena and you recover quickly!

I have been working for the past several months and have lost 50+ pounds and still have quite a long way to go but I’ve already started to consider this same procedure. After watching this video and your How to Keep 90 Pounds Off video I realize we have a similar background with weight loss. I cannot remember a day of my life where I was not heavy or overweight. After my dad was diagnosed with cancer and losing my best friend to complications of pnemonia in a period of only 6 months I got a swift kick in the butt and that motivated me and still motivates me to make my life better and to make me the best person I can be. I’m not losing weight to be someone else I’m losing it so I can be me longer (if that makes any sense)

So congratulations on all your hard work and just know that there is someone out there who knows exactly how you feel and what you are going through (well not the surgery yet). I will keep you in my prayers.


Marlena, this is the first comment I have ever left. You have my dream job! I have no idea why I only realized last month that other people might share my passion for make up! lol I love your tutorials and your attitude! You have an amazing personality and you are very beautiful! Congrats on losing weight the right way and helping others realize they can do it too! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I will be sending some prayers your way from Texas! xoxo

have no fear!!!! we are all praying for your speedy recovery. take lots of rest and be good to yourself! xoxo

Take your time…thank you for sharing your life with us…it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and I applaud you….you are beautiful just for trying to help others and share this personal transition .
—-R xoxoxoxoo

marlena i absolutly adore u ur video made me cry i feel like i kno u personaly u do so much in letting ur viewers in on personal things and it lets us relate to u in so many ways ur such a breath of fresh air and i def think u should do what makes u happy!

You go girl! You’ve worked SO hard and have inspired SO many! And now you will continue to do so even more and better and far beyond because you are going to feel sooo amazing! (you already look amazing :)) but now you can top it all off. You deserve the best and I think this is will be great for you hun. Can’t wait to see ya on the flip side! ;) Good Luck & God bless!

Well..wth…I have followed you for years, you have been such an inspiration. You did your makeup I said..I can do that! You lost weight. I said…I can do that! I cant follow you into plastic surgery, you’ve stepped out of the realm of the everyday people so to speak. I can emulate your collection and drop $14 on lipstick. I can never fork over $4-$8 G’s on a “mommy makeover”. Im not being judgemental. But I guess the pressure of what society believes is perfect can break anyone. Your brave enough to let us in on your plans, I dont see any reason to hold back on how I feel about it. Wish you a speedy recovery God speed.

Good luck Marlena. You’re such a kind and caring soul!! And so beautiful. You’re truly an inspiration to millions. It takes a strong person to be so open, honest, helpful and concerned for others, and people like you are very few and far between. I’ve recently joined weight watchers as well, you’ve inspired me to make sure I stick with it because though it is a lot of work…it’s possible and worth it!
Stay happy and healthy. And good luck!!!


It’s February 1st!!! Wohoo! HAPPY 1ST DAY OF YOUR NEW LIFE!!! GO FOR IT GIRL!!! You know we love you, you’re gonna look so cute! Thanks for sharing! much love…



GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have worked HARD for your weight-loss & You have worked HARD to become more healthy!!! You have inspired others. And will continue to do so. The realities are that sometimes after a dramatic weight-loss there are changes to our bodies that cannot be made by simple diet & exercise alone.

Over these last few years I feel I’ve gotten a good sense of your integrity and work ethic. I know you’ve done your homework, planning, researching, and praying. I’m glad that you are able to do this! Seriously…good for you, Marlena. I’m so proud of you.

And right now I’m going to stop and say and prayer for you and your medical staff. God will be with you. When you get nervous lean into Him…



I am blown away by your beauty Marlena! You are STUNNING! Even better, you are just as beautiful on the inside!

You have shown so much courage in sharing your life, personal relationships, career and weight struggles with us. Thank you so much for being that strength for me especially. I too have been overweight all of my adult life and have since the beginning of this month decided to do whatever it takes to work hard and get healthy.

This site is so much more than just a superficial makeup website that gives tips for those who want to look beautiful on the outside. To my surprise, I have found you to be the face of humility, integrity and honesty. An inner beauty that most of us will never have.

I see beauty in your eyes when I watch your videos. No matter what you look like on the outside (I think you are beautiful on the outside too), you remain the same on the inside. Hooray for you that you are in a place in your life where you can make changes that will make you happy. I will be in prayer for you Marlena. Lord bless and keep.

From Arizona (originally a Michigan girl myself)

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I hope all goes well with your procedure. Watching your video and seeing your emotions really touched me. I too have weight problems and have always been big all my life. You shown me that beauty is not only what you see on the outside but its what you feel on the inside. You are a beautiful woman. Thank you for who you are and hope that this procedure completes your happiness. May God Bless You.

Hi Marlena,
I myself done exactly the same procedures your going to do almost four years ago ,also after losing a consideralble amount of weight. I fully agree with what your doing and understand all the reasons you are doing this. You will not be disapoined with your results. This will as it did me give me more confidence and self esteem to loose more weight after the surgery. I have now become a more confident person and eat alot more healthy than before. I also overcome my diabetes which was also a great worry. I wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless!

Marlena, it’s videos lke these that keep us coming back. You are such a real person and it is evident in your videos. I truly commend you for your weightloss and doing what you need to do to ensure self-confidence. I wish you all the best during surgery and recovery.

Marlena, you have done great all this time loosing weight during hard personal times. Don’t be afraid, God will always see over you. People will always talk about things they don’t know about, be very strong. I WISH YOU THE VERY BEST!!!!

Good luck Marlena – I would be doing exactly the same thing if I was in your position. I hope your recovery is speedy and can’t wait to see more updates from you.


i think you are really brave for going out there and telling the world what you think is best for you.

all d best, marlena! :)

Thankyou for sharing this video with us. You are very brave to take this next step in your weight loss journey. All the very best with your surgery and for a speedy recovery. You are truly an inspiration to all of us muggies. Looking forward to seeing your happy beautiful smiling face again.
Take care xxxx
p.s. your makeup still looks fab even after 15 hrs!

All the best for operation…and ull be 10times gorgeous im sure…
Love and Prayers from Oman….

Marlena You are the best!!!! voy extrañar mucho tus videos durante esta temporada!!! buena suerte!!

You are an inspiration to girls all over the world, strong, joyful and beautiful from the inside and out. I guess it’s been a hard journey but to get the best you sometimes has to go through fire. I wish you all the best and I hope that your surgery goes really well and that you come back to posting soon.
Lots of love


OMGEEE! I have friends & fam that have done this, they did very well & i’m sure you will too :) BEST WISHES GIRL!!!

Dear Marlena,

It doesn’t matter how other people feel about this surgery. The most important thing is that it feel right for YOU!!
I wish you good luck and all the best!!! Hope to hear from you soon again!!

Dear Marlena,
I wish you all the best and a quick recovery after the operation. You really are a an inspiration to me! :)

HI Marlena,just wanted you to know that I’m really am happy for you,and having this surgery is just going to change you dramatically,not only in the outside but also mentally,i admire your strength .i have tried to loose my weight for many years ,but i have come to terms with I have made up my mind to go though lap banding it’s my only way 4 me 2 loose 130 kg weight,my mothers side of the family are big people and yes it’s genetic it has been really hard for me.but i will be seeing the surge rt,early February,so I just wanted to share it with you but anywayz..I wish you all the very best honey and enjoy you new body girl,YOU DESERVE IT.:-).

You are gorgeous, Marlena. You are very good at what you do. You give so many women confidence and you deserve to feel your best as well. Good luck. =)

Hi Marlena! I have been a silent fan of your site. Never having made any comments or anything but simply checking your videos and your tutorials! This particular video really touched me. I just wanted to share with you that I have been a “big” girl for a good part of my life and was very frustrated with gym trainers telling me that I could never lose weight because it wasnt my body type. Not to plug anything, I wanted to suggest you to try out Bikram Yoga. I found that this was the only thing that worked for me to keep me toned and while losing weight. Bikram may not be for everyone, but I just wanted to let you know, in case you haven’t tried it. Best of luck to you and hoping for a speedy recovery!

Hello gorgeous,
This is my first comment on your blog, forgive my approximative english.
I just wanna tell you that I admire your courage, and I send you all my positive energy for your surgery, I hope it will be successfull and I hope your’ll recover as soon as possible.
And finally, I’m a make up geek, I looooooooooooooove your blog and my english is getting better every day with watching your precious videos.
All my support and good luck

Marlena I wish you the best with your surgery! You will be so please with the results! I went through a tummy tuck 5 months ago and cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results! Yes it is painful but soooo worth it! If you have any questions please feel free to email me!!
Best of Luck!

Hi Marlena,
I’ve just watched your video and cried…you truely are a brave and beautiful person. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, but through you and your site I’ve found self confidence and happiness. You are an inspiration to us all. You are taking such a courageous step in your life and amazingly you are still thinking of, and trying to help others. That really speaks to you as a person. Just know you have everyones love and support. Don’t worry about us while your resting, we’ll keep each other entertained and inspired…you’ve taught us all well. I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery, we’ll all be waiting when your ready to come back.
Lots of Love
Natalie xx

Good luck, Marlena! I think it’s so brave to share this decision with everybody. You’ve worked so hard on losing all of that weight, I’m so proud of you! (which I think is pretty weird, since I only know you through the internet… but still, it is how I feel)
So, good luck with your surgery and I hope it will help you staying happy and healthy ;)

Hey Marlena,
You look gorgeous!!!
Good luck with your surgery and we’ll be right here waiting for you.

Hello Marlena,

I wish you good luck! You can do it! It’s gonna be fine, you’ll see.
Best regards from Portugal

I fully support ur decision! Live ur life! Best wishes. Hope all goes well and u have a nice recovery.:)


Bonjour Marlena,
Sweet honey, only take care of yourself… All the MUGS fans around the world are with you !

Cheers and see you soon in your video.

Lisa from FRANCE

Dear Marlena,

Best of luck with the surgery. You deserve to feel good and you have already done so much work towards this. We all applaud you, and thank you for sharing about your journey. Take your time getting back to work. We will all be here for you when you return!
Much love and support to you!!



you’ll be fine i support what tour doing and either way your truly beautiful, sending positive energy your way Marlena!!!!!!!!!!!

(I’m french so forgive the mistakes)
Hi Marlena !
Your video touched me very much! I think you are a wonderful and very brave woman, and I totally support you ! You look amazing, and I wish you a great recovery.
You can count on all of us to cheer you up, because you give us so much, it’s our turn to give you back!
Big big hug
Julie, from Lyon !

This is so touching – I almost cried with you, haha!
You are a true inspiration and I hope you will be happy with the result! You are one on the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and you seem so honest and sweet, I wish you all the best!!

I hope you will be ok. I wish I was in the point of the road in what you are now. I have 50 Kg of overweight, and I lost 20 and recovered them. I’m so sad. I wish you lucky and blessings. Congratulations, because you had the opportunity to decide wheter to do it or not. I have not earned the opportunity yet. I’m praying for you.

Dear Marlena,

You have my 100% support on this. Just think positive and you will get whatever you want. I have been taking some decisions in my life when everyone was against and Thank God I was very successful. I know some people worry a lot about us but when you show confidence and positivism, nothing can go wrong and everyone will follow you.

Have a great surgery, stay well and be happy with your decision. You are blessed by God having so many friends here by your website and in your personal life. Trust me !! Everyone has their thoughts toward you and you will look GREAT after because this is your wish.
So, if this is a wish to come true, go for it !!

God bless you and my Energy will be with you !! THanks for being the wonderful person you are.


Marlena, you are awesome! I hope the best for you and even though any surgery is scary, you’ll be fine and happy afterwards. I wish you more than the best from the bottom of my heart. I am so happyto have found you online! Love,

Today’s the big day Marlena, don’t worry everything is going to be fine. I hope you finally get the body you’ve been working so hard for, although you already are gorgeous, inside and outside. Love,

You go girl!!! You are so pretty and this wil only make you even prettier and feeling happy with yourself. You cares what other people think?? If you feel like doing it than please do :-)

good luck with the surgery, I’m sure everything is gonna be just fine ;)

and thank you SO MUCH for making this video… I’m having the same issues with weight loss right now, and I feel so grateful that you share your experience with us.

I will be praying for you… are such an inspiration,I have so much respect for you and even though I would never have surgery myself… each to their own opinion but,i totally support your decision to do this.You have worked so hard….you deserve a little help for all your hard work…

speedy recovery,
best wishes from Scotland, U.K.
with love,
Lynn xx

Hi Marlena…… For all you just say in your video, i’m very supported what you’ve been through all this time, because i also have the same problem like you are and i’m still struggling to lose my weight. I will be pray for you and i will always waiting for your update. Go Marlena Go…. ^_^

Hi Marlena!

I think that you are very brave and can only imagine how nervous you must be. Surgeys like this are always bitter sweet. take care and looking forward to seeing future tutorials from you. Im sure everything will turn out great and you will be very happy with the results! :O)

Marlena, have a safe surgery! Just look at this way by March your body will look they you want it to be! You have to do what makes you happy!! GOOD LUCK :)
Can’t wait to get you back in a month!

Wishing you a speedy recovery! I admire your courage; I am sure this was not an easy decision.

Marlena I wish you a speedy recovery. It is smart that you realize that you will need a lot of time to recover. I wish I could afford to have that surgery.

I say congratulations Marlena! this is a BIG decision and if it’s what helps you stay healthy and really makes ALL The hardwork you’ve accomplished show more then do it! Everyone is different but I would do the same thing!
The biggest thing is that you are sharing this with the world! It takesa lot of courage and I thank you for sharing this part of your life for us.
You truly are an inspiration, and a good soul !
God bless!

Good luck Marlena!!! I hope everything goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery. I have been looking into the tummy tuck myself, but I am 20lbs away from getting it done!! You have come so far and you deserve to be happy!!

When someone loses alot of weight like you have, there is no way around the extra skin that is left behind. While losing 90 pounds was a big hurdle in and of itself, you managed to accomplish it with hard work and dedication. I myself am about 90 pounds overweight and you have inspired me greatly! When you are overweight like that, extra skin is pretty much inevitable and it’s not flattering at all. I completely agree with you. If you have been overweight all your life (like you said and I am one who has struggled with my weight all my life as well), lose the weight, but are left with extra skin, you want to look just as beautiful as you feel on the inside. I know if I had the money, once I lost all of my weight, I would do what you are doing. This is another big step in your journey and I can’t wait to see your results! Be safe and healthy!

Do not ever fear the judgement of others. I wish you a speedy recovery an I am sure that you will be fine. I know that surgery is scary but lots of things in life are,be brave and rest!.Do EVERYTHING they tell you to an rest. I look forward to more videos of your journey.Keep up the good work! PS. my mom said a similar thing about sympathy being in the dictionary but the rest of it involves what words its between an isnt very “postable” lol

I want to say congrats on your weight loss. I know it is hard because iam in the same struggle with my weight. You have to do what makes you happy. Iam praying for you to have a safe and speedy recovery.

You are such a gorgeous girl even before losing weight. surgery is the only way you can do this. Don’t be scared. And best of the luck to you. I love your videos. Recover and keep it up:)))))

Hope you’re doing well !! Lots of kiss to you and good luck !! :) :) so proud of you :) Recover and come back here with you’re wonderful smile ;)

You are amazingly brave to post that video! I learned another side of you — that you are so humble! I hope all goes well with you. My friend had this procedure done and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Its your decision. Dont worry no one is gonna judge you. We’re not only your fans. We’re your friends. We just want you happy. See you when you’re back. =)


I just want to wish you the best of luck! i will have you in my prayers. your site is such an inspiration for me. i love make up and have learned so much thanks to you!!. Dont feel down you are doing what is best for you i wish you the best!!!! good luck =)

Marlena, you GO GIRL! Even though you are gorgeous inside and out, if this will make you feel better, go for it! I’d do it in a heartbeat myself if I had the chance. I’m sure Feb will be hard and you will be asking yourself “what did I do?” But just focus on getting to March one day at a time.
Please keep us posted!!!

You are so brave to share this with us! I think it’s wonderful… and you’re doing it for yourself! You deserve it :). Best of luck and we’ll see you soon!

Christina O.

Dear Marlena, I wish you all the best for the surgery and the time afterwards.
I am extremely overweighted myself and know how it feels to wish for just a normal body too. Unfortunately I did not find the strenhgt to loose any weight personally, it is so hard and so you are kind of a role model. I liked how naturally you dealt with it when you where still overweighted an I admired how you managed to loose so many pounds.

Best wishes an greetings from Germany.

Thanks for sharing Marlena, I’ve lost 32 kg (about 70 pounds) and I have to lose other 10 kg and I’m looking forward for my tummy tuck!
I really understand your feelings about the shape of your body.
Good luck with your procedure! A big hug from Rome

Hi Marlena,
Good luck with your procedure! I hope that you’ll feel well and recover as quickly as possible..

Hey doll!!! Congrats to the new you in a few days!!! I did the same procedures and let me tell ya…..I walked around like Ozzy for 3 weeks but it is SOOOO WELL WORTH IT!!! I love that I had mine done and would do it again!!! I am on another journey once again to get fit again!!! Since having a totally hysterectomy the Doc said I would gain some weight and now have to work on at least 20 pounds!! It was the best choice for me then and I know how you feel when you see how hard you work to get the weight off and you don’t look like the girls on the workout tapes after busting your rump doing all that!!!!

So I say WAY TO GO for you and noone will know what it is like until they have walked just 1 mile in your shoes. So poo poo to the Debbie Downer’s who point finger’s!!! If they only knew!!! So I say get it done and embrace your new look!!!! Love ya Doll!!!! muah!!

you are my inspiration..I want and need to lose weight. Since giving birth to my daughter last april I have gain some weight not alot but I have always been a heavy set woman and like you I’m too young to feel aches and pain in the morning and being sluggish. I tell my self every single day that I need to lose weight, but something stops me its either my schedule of work and picking up my baby at daycare I just cant seem to find the time to do it all and get a well rested sleep. Im not sure if your a mother or not or know someone but trying to change your life and take care of a child is hard to do, but im hoping I will be able to find the right time to lose weight so if you could please let me know what you did to lose all that weight that would be awesome. Your abeautiful person inside and out and I love love love your videos. Oh by the way Thank you for sharing this video.

So many comments the scrolling is driving me crazy.

I think what you are doing in an excellent choice. If you consider that you will feel better with this surgery. DO IT !!! :D
Thank God we live in an era where we can choose and are able to find help to help us feel better.

I am wishing you a safe surgery and fast recover after the operation.

many hugs


Hi!!! Don`t worry, everything will be just fine, think about how you`re going to look after you`ve recovered :-D Best of luck!

Hey Marlena!
When I watched this, I got a little teary! I wanna come over and give you a big Mug-Hug!!!! You are so adorable and I hope everything goes well for you in the surgery! I’ll miss you but I want you to recover at your own pace. So, take all the time you need and get some R&R! You deserve it!

Lot’s o’ love,

P.S. After 15 hours, you still look fabulous!

You deserve to do whatever you want, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You deserve to be HAPPY.

Good luck, and hope the recovery is fast!

I support you :-)

Marlene prayers are with you. You are an inspiration to all of us that follow you, you are doing what feels right to you and thats all that should matter good luck and wish you a fast recovery like i tell my children “i love you to the moon and back” well same to you marlene good luck .

Hi Marlena ~
Congratulations on your decision! I fully support you and know that you did not go about this lightly at all. I had a tummy tuck in 2003 and it was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m proud of you and your decision to share something so intimate with us. I really appreciate that. I admire you a great deal. I know you’re scared – it’s major surgery but you’re going to be fine. I am praying for you and your recovery. You will be sore – your tummy will feel like you’ve just done a million crunches – even sneezing hurts. Just keep your minimizer on to help with the swelling and take it easy. Allow others to help you as much as possible. You are incredibly brave and you are going to love your body once the healing is complete. Thank you again for sharing this with us. BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!

Go for it girl. I had twins and the excess skin was abnormal and at the time I was 26 and I feel what you are going through….everyone thought I was cheating and that I was all about looks…..but like u say, it’s all about feeling healthy and good about yourself. That extra confidence when you look in the mirror is priceless. Can’t wait to see your pics, you are a great inspiration.

Hi, I only want to say that you are a great woman and Jesus going to be with you. I so happy for you and hope that you recovery so soon. XOXO

I am glad that you made the decision to do this the ONLY thing that I would add is if you aren’t done losing you should hold off … but that is not for me to say in regard of your comfort level. I wish you all the luck in the world and you will do great.

Please do NOT push yourself too hard. This is a hard surgery you are doing and it is going to take a toll on your body. DO NOT stress and TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS they will help you heal faster. Make sure you have someone to help you out and help you to go potty. I did a breast implant surgery years ago and even that was difficult to move around, I can’t imagine doing that and a tummy tuck.

Love and light your way.


Dear Marlena,

Thank you very much for sharing about the process you´re going to face this month.
I live in a country where people do this all the time, as they go to the supermarket. So don´t judge yourself because of having decided to do this. After loosing so much weight, and this is the real struggle, you deserve to see the results, and the surgery is only one more tool to get it.
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and what people say here is: never neglect your recommended time of recovering. It´s more important than anything else !
I´m sure everything will be all right with you.
Lots of love,
(from Brazil)

My thoughts and prayers are with you Marlena. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt video. I know you will be happy with your decision to have the surgery. Until we see your beautiful face again, take care of yourself. Be happy. Stay healthy. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

With love from one of your many, many, many loving makeup geeks!

Surgery isnt as scary as it seems. Neither is the recovery. You will be tender for a looongg time, but life will only suck for about 2 weeks. <3

Hi Marlena, I won’t speak very much because I am French and I don’t have enough vocabulary to say all I’d like you to know, but this is just to let you know I will be thinking about you tomorrow and I wish you all the best. xxx yasmine.

Good Luck Baby :* U R beautiful with or without the surgery.But do what make U happy,it’s Ur life !! Don’t be scared about stupid people,we all tell them what we think about them if they say anything what make u sad (and that wouldn’t be nice for them ;P )…Together we are much stronger ;)
And we R with U :* Best wishes from Poland. U R our GURU !!
Recover quickly,we r missing U.

Marlena, just wanted to say that you are very brave, and to wish you all the best for your surgery and also the after surgery recovery. I am sure everything will be go well! I have a dear friend who did the same surgery last year and she is very happy with the results.

Take care!!

smack from Italy :)

I’m glad your doing something to help yourself. I pray that these procedures will bring your more happiness and higher self esteem. Good luck!!! =)

You’re so brave – I hope it all went really well for you and that the results are all you hope for.

If I’d been asked 10 years ago what I thought I’d have said no way – but now I’d definitely do it!!


Hey doll :) I believe this is such a huge step to take and you’re very brave for doing so. You are inspiring and i wish you nothing but the best :) Good luck with your surgey and i hope your recovery will be fast and painless.

Hi Marlena!

I think it´s great that you share so much about yourself. I think that´s very brave of you because this kind of thing is very personal. And I would probably do the same thing if I lost that amount of weight that you have.

I’ll be praying for you and hope you have a fast recovery! You deserve this girl! I’ve been a fan for years. Wishing you the best because you’re an amazing person! Thank you for maintaining such optimism and spark through the years!
Looking forward to your return :)

You should never feel ashamed of changes you want to make to your body especially if it’s to better yourself, and you give a good example by being informed.
My friends have had similar surgeries and the hardest part is the to keep up with the diet and exercise but you know what it takes.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take Care and good luck.
Hugs from Mexico-Wendy A.

PS-Go to Whole Foods and buy arnica pills they will really help with the swelling, take them like two weeks after, my bff took these after her surgery and they helped bigtime.

I have been visiting your site lately, but this will be my first comment:
Thanks for being the person you are, you are a beautiful person, inside-out! I hope you recover well. I cannot thank and wish you the best.
Hug from California.

Hey Marlena, I’ll pray for you, especially knowing you’re scared about this sort of thing. Look, you’re beautiful inside and out, and I totally support anything you choose to do for yourself, this included. Good luck, and I can’t wait to have you back. :D I absolutely love you, as I’m sure do most people on this site.

Guy Muggy

Dearest Marlena,
I have watched your videos for the past couple of years and I always look forward to your next one. It sounds crazy because you don’t know me at all but I feel like I know you. This video really touched my heart because you really put yourself out there. Then I realized that today is THE day. I don’t know what time you went into surgery but I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. I have gone through elective surgery twice and I know it can be so scary. I’m sure you are in good hands and I look forward to your next video.

God Bless,



I think you are making the right decition. I been a fun for years and you are such a wonderful person. You are beutiful the way you are but like you say; you got to do what makes you happy and you deserve the best. Just have faith and everything will be fine. I’ll be praying for you and wish you a well recover. Lupe Murillo

Hi Marlena,

I’ll pray that your surgery is a success and the healing process a short one. I hope no one leaves any negative feedback for you and you alone are in control of your body and life and I think you made the right decision. Not only will you look amazing (since you are already a beautiful woman) but you will feel great!

Much love,

Marlena you are absolutely amazing and if you feel like this procedure is going to make you that much better then I’m completely behind you i hope everything goes well and you make a fast and safe recovery i will have you in my thoughts all day today. XO!

Thank you for being so REAL! I need to lose a LOT of weight, and if I ever lose all I need to, I would absolutely need a tummy tuck, well, an everything tuck, honestly. Well wishes that everything goes well today and thank you for your makeup knowledge that you so willingly share!

ALL THE BEST FOR YOU – you are such a strong woman and you are doing everything right!!!
Best wishes from AUSTRIA!

Hi Marlena!

I have not watched the video yet, as I am at work, but I read what you had to say, and I think you are absolutely making the right decision. Not only did you do the proper research about the procedure, which I would ALWAYS recommend before getting any type of surgery, but you are not using surgery for quick weight loss results. You have successfully lost 90 lbs in a healthy way, and you totally deserve to have the body you want. The surgery is just going to keep you motivated to continue your weight loss journey and new healthy lifestyle.

I know your surgery is today. Good luck, and I wish you a fast recovery!

I’m looking forward to updates, and of course, new tutorials!


Congrats on your 90lb weight loss & kudos to you for being brave enough to go through your surgery & for posting this video!

All the best, Marlena! I love your videos & you are gorgeous…inside & out!!!

I posted in the wee hours of the morning, wishing you good luck. I’ve thought about you some today and I really hope you’re so happy! And doing great! I’m amazed at all the supportive comments you’ve been given. It really shows how much you touch people in a positive way by just being you! We all want wonderful things for you! And don’t worry about any posting, you have no obligation, aside from that, I think most of your recovery will be spent reading supportive comments from your MUGS who love you. hehehe
Stay happy and healthy – giant internet hugs!

Hola Marlena!
Hope all goes well and you come out of that surgery safely and looking fabulous…at least after you I’m praying for the best for you and that everything goes great! Can’t wait to see your final look! :)

GOOD FOR YOU. U will look awesome, and I did and it was the best i decision ever. You will love it. Down time I think its always exaggerated.

Congrats,!!! xoxox

Marlena, I wish you all of the luck in the world during your procedure and your recovery. After all of your hard work, you deserve to be happy with who you are. You are such a genuine person, so you deserve all the best. I know I’m not the only one on here that feels this way. Best of luck with your surgery and I hope everything turns out every better than you expect it to!!

Marlena, I wanted to wish you luck on your surgery. I had the duodenal switch (form of gastric) last year, and have lost 105 lbs in the last 5 months. I know exactly where you are coming from about the loose skin. I’m only 30, and look like I’m 90! I know I will need a tummy tuck, breast lift, and arm lift, and it does scare me. I’m so glad you’re doing this for yourself. You will be so much more self confident, and I can’t wait to see your journey through this! I still have atleast another year of losing weight before I can have mine done, so that gives me some time to prepare my emotions :)

Hey marlena! You go girl! I think it is amazing that your doing this for yourself. I had a breast augmentation (enhanced) because Im was 6’0, 275 lbs, with size A cup boobs, it was so embarassing! So for my graduation present, thats what I did. I wanted my breasts to match my body. Im so happy I went through with it. i would do it over again in a heart beat. Of course I had people who didnt agree with it but I did it for my self and my confidence. They are just jealous! My aunt had a tummy tuck after she lost 50lbs and had great success with it. I know youll do great! Post us some before and after photos once your healed. God Bless!

Marlena, you are such an inspiration!. I follow your website, your youtube page and your facebook page daily and you have become someone i admire so much. I wish you all the best of luck today, you will be in my prayers. Please keep us updated on your recovery! xoxo

I just want to say how beautiful and touching it is that Marlena has so much support from all of you. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on whats going on, Just check the fan page for updates :)

I really should have done my makeup after watching this and reading all of your comments. I look like a crying prom queen.

You’ve busted your but somethimes we need a little extra help! I know that when I get my weight off I plan on doing the same thing! No judgements here! I will say a prayer that ll goes well for you and your procedures! Best of luck

Everything will go great. I will keep you in my prayers. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have started working out and will continue to do so. I think you are an amazing woman and it is YOUR choice to make. So good luck and thanks for all the encouragement :)

Hi Marlena, i think its amazing what u are doing. Im going threw weight loss right now and i feel like i will probably be doing the same thing in the future. Im here supporting u all the way. You have inspired me to lose weight and to look pretty for myself inside and out. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will pray u have a safe and fast recovery.

Love, Health and Respect

Oh my gosh girl, I cried with you!!!! I completely feel you….I myself lost 90lbs and decided to also do the mommy makeover, I went in for my consultation set my surgery and the week before I went in I found out I was prego. Due to that I ended up not doing. Now I have about 35lbs pounds to lose. As soon as I reach that goal I’m doing it!!!! I’ve never have been thin and when I finally lost weight after seeing some pics my hubby and I took in Vegas was sooo disgusted with my self, I knew something had to change!!!! Good for you do it and who cares what ppl think, you need to feel good about your self and even if it means going under the knife then oh well…we live ONCE so take chances….WIsh yu the VERY best of luck, and I know you will love the outcome and it’ll keep you motivated in NOT going back to ever being big again.

Hun, you’re going to be fine. You’re in my prayers. :) Don’t ever feel bad for wanting to feel better about yourself. You’ve lost so much weight and it’s time to put the last things in order. :D You’re amazing! Best wishes!

I think you are so beautiful inside and out. You have inspired me in so many ways. I want to wish you luck and a speedy recovery. I will be looking forward to your return. Just take care of yourself. You are in my prayers!! : )

Hi, Marlena! You look great and good luck with your surgery. I’m wishing you a quick recovery! I hope you keep us up to date on how you are doing.

You are lovely and i am sure you will look amazing! This decision is your right and whatever you need to do to feel better about you go head girl!!!! Your videos are AWESOME! You deserve everything your heart desires! Do you! Congrats honey!

I hope you have a speedy recovery. I know to it feels to be young and have a old looking body. I have two kids and I am 22. I lost the baby weight plus some and I have sagging skin around my mid-section and ton of stretch marks all over. My stomach looks like ground meat. I’m 22 and should be enjoying wearing bathing suits and cute clothes but I just want to cover up and never go out. I don’t even like my husband to look at me. I’m hoping to get something done one day so I hopefully your videos will help me know what will go through.

you are so beautiful and strong and brave. I look up to you so much! I wish you a safe, healthy, and fast recovery! Everything will go perfectly so no worries :)

I think its great of you to share your life with us! You help so many people feel good about themselves. The way you make yourself vunerable to us is a blessing! I thought I was going to get a makeup lesson as many do, but its so much more than that. We are proud of you and you give us the courage to reach our goals and dreams. Thank You
I will be praying for you and waiting for your return.
God Bless
Much Love <3


It is so nice that you share your personal life with everyone. I had the same procedure done 8 yrs ago, I lost 85 lb, it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. You will be so happy that you made the decision to have it done. I wish you all the best.


Just wanted to wish you luck! Totally support your decision.
I plan to have the same procedure (s) one day cus of i have a baby belly that no amount of sit ups will get rid of. Hahaha
Don’t cry! Be happy that you are going to feel beautiful inside and out. You only live life once… better look and feel great living it.

Cheers from Canada

I am OR nurse that works in acute hospital and i get to assist in abdominoplasty and breast lifts. I know first hand everything that goes on before the patient even enters the room to them being transferred to the recovery. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help

u go girl you deserve it!!! my friend did the same think and she looks amazing it was her reward for losing 85lbs good luck!

Dearest Marlena,

I have been following your tutorials every single day for over a year now and I love them. You are such a lovely perso with a great and positive personality. You have always been spreading sunshine in my life. You have been such a great inspiration for me and my friends and I learned a lot from you. I usually do not post any comments but your video made me cry and I couldn’t help sending you my best wishes and lot’s of energy. The surgery will go just fine! I will really be waiting for the day to see you feel happy and healthy! Take your time with the recovery. My thoughts are with you!

A big hug!

Hey, Marlena!!

Wish you lot’s of luck!!!! Hope everything goes fine!!! Hope to hear from you soon telling us that everything is ok and that you’re very happy with your new body. We’re not here to jugde you!!! We love you and your videos!!! We just want you to be happy. You make my days better with your posts!!!! You look beautifull!!! Now you’ll look even more beautifull!!! Hope you get better soon!!!

Xoxo from Brazil,


Hi Marlena! You do whats best for you, and dont worry about what anyone else thinks! This is for you, not them! I will be praying for you, and hope for you to have a speedy recovery! The best of luck to you on your new journey. :-)

Best of luck with the procedure! Congrats on coming so far and doing it the proper way! Especially with so much fad/yo-yo dieting these days and people looking for a quick fix with no effort; it’s not easy to work hard and be patient about it – you’re an inspiration!

u really deserve it, you worked hard…. it’s not easy choise, i suppose, but that’s right to follow what you think to be the best for you!!!best wishes, be strong, everything will be fine

first off, I have watched your videos for sometime now and even though I rarely write to you I feel like you are an old friend. with that said you have one judge and one jury girl and it ain’t none of your followers ! ;). Now with that said, you have worked so doggone hard. I have watched your transformation over the last year and a half . I always tell people that if you are not comfortable in your own skin you gotta do ” you” before you can do anything else. so do you girl ! you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. nothing but love for you. will keep you in my prayers. in the meantime god bless and will look for twitter updates. thank you for being a continued inspiration and I look forward to your return !

Congratulations on loosing all that weight! You are an inspiration to so many! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful final reveal! So exciting!! I’m sure it will be everything you’ve imagined it to be! xo Take care and GOOD LUCK!!!!

Good luck with the recovery !and you do good what’s best for you, and what makes you feel happy.much love Gio….

Marlena, Thank you for this video. There is so much I would love to say to you to let you know that every day I watch your videos to perfect the art of doing my make-up, you give a house wife with four kids something to look forward to and be happy about. So no, I do not judge you for doing something I would do for myself if I had the funds! You must remember that even if you change your body to fit your dream body, you can never change your wonderful, beautiful, and giving spirit you show us here on Make-up Geek. You were so courageous to show your decision to millions of people just to help someone who might be feeling as you did as you made the decision for yourself. I wish you all the best of luck! Great job in your decision to change what you can… Much love from Cali… Carol :)

I just wanted to let u know that i think its a good idea that u want to do this procedure special when u doing it for ur self. I think ur a great makeup artist and i have learn so much from u & u deserve to feel good about ur self special when u make other feel good about them self. Plz let us know how everything went with ur procedure. Hope u recovery is well & soon. Take care.

One of ur makeup geek student.

Blessings to you Marlena. You are grown and quite capable of making your own decisions. I pray you have a speedy recovery!

i think you’re fabulous hun, with or without the surgery! and the only thing that matters is whether you feel good in yourself, however you get that feeling is entirely up to you :-) you will look fab xx

<3Marlena, you are showing a tremendous amount of bravery for putting yourself out there and being so open and honest with not only yourself but your fans. you truly do have an amazing heart and a compassionate heart to try to help others going through the same issues as you are :) I know you aren't telling your fans for any type of approval, but i think you will find that you have some amazing support with your fans :) good luck to you and I wish for you a speedy 100% recovery! and i hope you are proud of everything you have accomplished and i hope this procedure brings you nothing but confidence and happiness! you are beautiful!! my prayers are with you :)

Hi beautiful!
We all need to accept our body, our image, our life to feel good inside, to accept ourselves as a person, as a human being and it doesn’t matter what we have to do to reach that. I can feel what you’re feeling and I’m totally supportive, when we feel frustrated about something that’s not right with our body, we need to do anything possible to change that in an healthy way. I wish I could change my breast…I’m only 22 and I don’t feel totally good about them and I wish I could do something about it. Maybe one day…
So, I wish you all the luck in the world, just stay calm and positive as you seem to, it will be quick and unpainfull.
A friend of mine did an abdominoplasty and it went great. Obviously the first days weren’t easy but it wasn’t that bad either so everything will be ok.
But I want you to notice one thing: The more videos I watch, the more I look at you as a woman, the more I get jealous cause, seriously, you’re such a beautiful woman and you should be aware of that. Despite all the makeup you wear everydays, I have big, beautiful green eyes, a gooooooorgeous smile, I would kill to have your smile, you have no idea and, most of all, you seem to be such a niiiice person, always so kind, so friendly, so cute. A friend that we all wish to have.
I’m sure God will be by your side in surgery and He won’t let anything bad happen to you.

We’ll be waiting for you :) Go for it!

Marlena, thank you for sharing your journey. I am sending you angels to be by your side every step of the way. Don’t be afraid, everything will be alright. <3

I totally support you be satisfied with your self is very important you are always so happy in your videos and its a sorry that maybe yo havent be that happy in your life as you show us in your videos but if this is the thing that is gonna make you happy then I totally agree just take care and be worry just for yourself no for the other people comments God bless you

All the best to you!! You are brave! I understand what you are saying about the way one feels with their body so good for you for doing what makes YOU happy too! and for all the encouragement. As well as thank you for always keeping a smile and a positive attitude! You are BEAUTIFUL!
Can’t wait to hear from you again! =)

Good luck with your surgery, you are gorgeous as it is right now and I’m sure after this you will look stunning. Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll see you soon in your videos. God Bless You!

Hun you are a strong woman for us bigger girls. Trying so hard to lose the weight. I am going through the same thing trying to lose weight & it is a struggle trying to be healthy. I know after having 3 kids & 3 c-sections later how hard it is to lose the weight. And you make me feel like I can do it. You are doing what is best for you and that is inspiring to me to know that I can do this. Don’t worry about what others think. This is all about you. & I give you 2 thumbs up. Just be strong hun. It will be all worth it in the end. =)

I’m very proud of you. I hope you know that you are beautiful just the way you are, but I also understand how you feel about your body image. You have my very best wishes for a complete and total recovery.

I’ve been following your blog for a long time and you’re such an inspiration in everything!
I hope your surgery will go perfect Marlena! You’ve come such a long way with loosing your weight and I can understand you want to do this! I would have done the same. Good luck! <3

Dear Marlena,

I always wanted to post a comment on how amazing your videos are. I think today is a good time to tell you that from Paris I’ve followed your tutorials since the beggining and I’ll keep learning from you… God bless you and your kindness.
See you soon for new funny, inspiring and so addictive videos
Have a great recovery


Everything is going to be ok!!! You are beautiful :)

I watch you from Brasil and I – and my friends – wish you the best!!


Hi Marlena :)
Soooooooo a bajillion comments later, haha… One, I am really happy to see all the words of encouragement that the MUGs are leaving! Yay for support :)

And two, I wanted to say thank you and God’s blessings to you! Thank you for being willing to be transparent with us, even though we’ve all never met in person. Honesty and vulnerability are priceless, and you have never failed to share your wisdom, heart, and beautiful smile with us, so thank you, ever so much…
While I haven’t gone through a drastic weight loss myself, I am 26 and a mother of two and I completely understand the desire to look ‘normal’- my girlfriends and I talk about this frequently, haha… It’s not about wanting to be some perfect, plastic doll- it’s about wanting to look in the mirror and not be ashamed. I TOTALLY get that. You just want to be ‘you’!
I know it’s already been said PLENTY, but we love you, Marlena!! You’re beautiful, brave, and awesome ;) Praying for safety and a flawless recovery for you…

Hi Marlena !

Only you can decide what is good for you, nobody can judge your decision…

Just do what you’ve got to do for you, be happy and healthy, I’m sure that all the MUG support you in your choice !

If you feel better and be happier, you’ve made THE Good Choice !!

You are beautiful, you will be wonderful !!

Good luck for your surgery, come back when you’ll be alright… Take care about you…


I’ll keep good thoughts for you Marlena!! You’ve done an awesome job, you deserve every bit of this! Can’t wait to see your upcoming videos. Good luck and good health!


As you can see by the over 300 responses today, everyone supports your decision 100%. But your health is the number one priority NOT anybody elses approval. So don’t worry about us MUGs. We’ll hold down the fort while you recooperate. As far as any naysayers, screw them! :) Get well soon Miss Marlena.

Hi Marlena!
I’ve lost 97 pounds and just know what you’re talking about. I want to do all the two procediments and I will as long as I lost the other 28 pounds that I want to loose.
I’m sure the cirgury will go well and I’ll be praying for you. I don’t know you personally, but I feel that you’re an awesome person and I like you A LOT!!!
You look amazing and will look even better after this.
Fell all the good vibes that I can send you right now…
Kisses from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil!

Dear Marlena,
I’m from Chile and I always watch tour videos, I love them!
I wanted to tell you that I totaly support your decision and I Hope that everything goes great in the intervention.
I’ll miss you but you have to do this for you. I don’t think that you need this at all coz you are beutiful, but if it makes you happy It’s Ok.
Love ya!

You know, I really consider that sharing your story to the people who admire you so much is very helpful! Knowing that there are so many people sending you positive thoughts will help you keep your head high during the recovery. I had a spine surgery and now, when i look back, all i can think about is my detached attitude; i went to the OR so brave that i could not even believe myself. I am not a strong believer in God, but i think that my family & friends prayers were actually listened. Good luck!

I’m in the same position Marlena, I have lost 100 lbs and am planning the same surgery. I can’t wait to see/hear about your results!! My prayers are with you, you are beautiful and will look AMAZING! I am scared too so this is just what I needed to see! HUGS!!!!

Awesome! I think you are an amazing woman inside and out! Kudos to you for being honest and sharing your journey with everyone! Glad surgery went well! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Good for you girl! You worked really hard and you most def deserve it! Good luck with a quick recovery! Thank you for sharing this with your online family, it takes a lot of courage. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

Carmelina :]

Hi, Marlena. I have been watching your tutorials for quite some time now and have learned so much about makeup. I want you to know what a great inspiration you have been to me. After I had my little boy in 2008, I packed on the pounds and did not have the motivation to make myself up. All of my time and energy was devoted to him, that I forgot about me. In the beginning, I was doing good to get a shower in. I started watching your tutorials in 2009 and began to feel the need to make myself look decent again, and wear a little eyeliner and eyeshadow here and there. During this time I noticed your weight loss and decided it was time for me to do the same for myself. In September, 2010, I started on a weight loss program and to this point, have lost 29 lbs and have about 25-30 more to go.
I usually never leave a comment, but felt compelled to do so now in hopes that you will read this note and know that so many people do care and hope you will recover quickly from your surgery. Just know that you are truly a beautiful person and what a true inspiration you have been to me. I’ve gotten comments from friends and family about my makeup and I always refer them to your website. :)
Take care of yourself and I can’t wait to see you again after your surgery and recovery. You will be just fine!

I did it and it was the best decision that I ever made. I cannot stress enough to make sure that the incision is very very low and belly button placement is accurate. Get tons of rest and remember that the swelling takes a super long time to go down. It will be months before you see the true results. Well worth it!! You deserve it!

Hi Marlena,

First of all, I understand your apprehension about surgery. If you’ve never had it before, going in the first time can be scary. Rest assured that everyone in the operating room has one goal in mind…seeing you through the surgery. This is old hat to them, and though it isn’t to you, you should feel good knowing that they’ve done this countless times before. You’re going to be nervous, but that’s normal. Right before you go in, the anesthesiologist should give you something in your IV to relax you and at that point, your nervousness will disappear. Happy medicine. You’ll gladly have them wheel you down the hall and everyone then will be your best friend. Trust me, you’ll do fine. You’ll wake up thinking that two minutes have passed, when in fact it’s been a few hours. Anyway, we have one life here on earth and for that reason, you need to do what’s best for you. People will judge people no matter what they do. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and for that reason, you really need to do what’s right for you. Marlena, you can do situps forever and you’re never going to get the results that can be accomplished with a few hours with a knife. That’s just the way it is. And the last time I checked, they haven’t invented a machine or exercise yet, that can move our breasts up. If it’s not a bra, it aint happening! And is there really a worst feeling than taking your bra off at the end of a day and having the girls fall like they do? I know what you’re saying about how you feel that your body and your age and attitude don’t go together. It’s a depressing thing and there’s no reason whatsoever that anyone should feel that way if there’s a way to change it. When I was in my late 20’s I had severe bags under my eyes and I hated it. I was so tired of hearing “are you tired?” It seemed that every time I look in the mirror, that’s all I saw. I made the decision to have them done and I never regretted it. I was young to have such bags but they were hereditary and I took care of something that was making ME sad and down. I never did it it for anyone else and that’s what’s important. You’ve accomplished a very difficult thing, and may find as you go through life, it may be one of the most difficult things you ever did. You have a right to see this to completion. Honestly, what would have been the point if at the end of the day, you were still unhappy with the way you look? Marlena, you’re going to do wonderfully. It won’t be a walk in the park but most things worth it, never are. There will be some pain, but you know…so what. You can handle a little bit of pain. Hey if you can handle living without pasta and bread, this should be a breeze (haha). Congratulations on your decision and God bless…

Hi Marlena, I am going through the same journey and even before watching your video I discovered the same process. Hopefully I will have lost the same amount by next year. I am using an organic protein shake (not all protein shakes are created equal) and my progress has been steady. I have been watching your videos for quite some time and you are inspiration not only as a makeup artist, but just a person. You genuinely care about your muggies health :) and we all appreciate it. I completely share your same feelings, I am young and I have always been the overweight person in my family growing up with cousins that were my age and in size 0-2. I was always left out, but I grew stronger from that. I am well on my way to being able to feel good about myself and it was so nice to hear that you feel good. If you or anyone is interested in the organic products I use, please find me on FB Amy A. Campos.

I will forever be your fan :) I wish you were local so that you can teach actual classes in person. I wish you a speedy recovery and will be waiting for your next video. Take care!


Hi marlena! i’ll be praying 4 u! i wish you the best luck in the world with the surgery…. put all your trust and fears in God and you’ll see everything is going to be just perfect..


You are truely a beautiful woman…inside and out. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal journey with us. Being a overweight woman myself, you are such a inspiration! I am SO very proud of you…i hope your recovery goes well, and like all of your many fans…i look forward to all of the upcoming videos! Get lots of rest and know we will all still be here when you come back!

I hope your surgery went well and you have a speedy recovery. I had a tummy tuck and lipo almost 5 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) and I’m glad I did. I’ve never been a big girl, but I had 2 children, my first at 15, a 9 pound bouncing little boy, so if you can what that does to the tummy of a 115 pound girl. Anyway, I waited until I had my second child, lost the baby weight and then had a tummy tuck and lipo. Painful? yes. Would I do it again? No. Was it worth it? HELL YES! I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if other people say you look good. If you don’t feel it, you will always be self conscious no matter how beautiful you are so you are doing the right thing for you. Hopefully you show us your results when your done. Your going to fall in love with yourself all over again. Trust me ;-)

Marlena – we are so proud of you for taking charge of your life. We really admire how you strive to make the absolute best with your life. You inspire me. God bless you on your surgery. We support you 100% and couldn’t be happier for you!

Honey, you go for it! i lost over 100 pounds in the past 2 years and im saving up for a tummy tuck and boob job too! you gotta do what makes you feel good. no one knows you like you. Im so proud of you for what youve accomplished. youre a beautiful woman and no matter what always remember that! Much Love!

Hey Marlena,
I just wanted to say good luck on your journey to lose weight and be happy!!! You are such a beautiful woman inside and out!! You are such an inspiring woman;) Good Luck and I will be praying for you!!!!!

You’re such a beautiful woman both inside & out! Do what’s best for you and know that you have support. My thoughts are with you and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Good luck! I too am having some surgery in a few months due to weight loss. Although I”m not doing the tummy tuck right now, I will be doing the breast lift.
Hope the surgery goes well and your recovery time is quick!


Hey Marlena!

I don`t usually take time to comment on the blogs or Youtube gurus I follow, but for this I take a little time! I`m from Brazil and I got to your You Tube Channel when I was living in New York, in 2008. I started watching your videos, then one day I subscribed anf here I am following not just your Channel, but praying for you. I`m a 22 years old girl, who has always been overweight. By that I mean I have no idea what it is like to be thin. Since I can remember I`ve weighted at least 40 pounds more than my friends at the same age and high. Still when I was in NY (Got back to Brazil in 2010) I decided to take care of myself and loose some weight. I had tried so many times before without any success, but once in my life I took weight loss seriously and lost over 50 pounds. I started a healthy diet, I was at the gym 7 days a week, I even got a person trainer. (My angel who have helped me in so many ways!) I worked really hard and I did it. Unfortunately and God knows Why when I got back to my country I started eating wrong again, never got back to the gym and I gained all the 50 pounds back. This Monday I decided I would go back to my goals and do it it one more time. And for the life of me, I will not give up this time! This vlog was so motivated!

Gotta say when u started talking I became all emotional, because only a person who has gone through a life being overweight and has tried to loose it can understand what you are feeling now.

Wish you a fast recovery. Yiu are beautiful. Inside and outside. You rock!

Lots of love from Brazil!!

Hey gorgeous! You are such a beautiful person, both inside and out, and I want to thank you for sharing this with us. I know it took a lot of strength and courage to share such a PERSONAL decision with all of us here at MUG, and I commend you for it. I’ve been contemplating a mommy makeover since my youngest was born via c-section and so I am thankful for you to share such a personal story with us. I wish you a safe, quick and hopefully not-too-painful a recovery! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to your safe return, as I know many others do!

Marlena! Good luck on your surgery!! You are amazing. I’ve only recently been reading/watching your website and you are such an inspiration. I’m hoping to lose about 60 lbs and seeing what you’ve gone through, I know that I can do it, too if I will just stick with it.

You were beautiful and talented before this journey, and you’ll be beautiful and talented after. Get well soon. =)

I know the feeling completely. I’ve lost 150lbs and believe me, gaining that much weight reeks havoc on your body. I too will be having this type of surgery in the near future. Thank you for sharing this with us and letting those of us going through the same thing know they aren’t alone. I wish you a speedy recovery!

huh i guess i’m a bit late on this BUT i hope th surgery went perfectly and am praying for a quick (and easier than anticipated) recovery :)

Marlena, we love u!! i pray ur surgery went well, recover well and i bet u look amazing!… do whatever makes u happy! we still love u (well I DO at least) —-> not in a stalker way or anything, lol…


First and foremost let me commend you on your weight loss. That is a tremendous achievement and you are an inspiration to a lot of us out here. You are a beautiful/ caring person inside and out ! :0) . I wish you a speedy recovery I know that you will LQQK FABULOUS DOLL!

I also want to THANK YOU, for making my make up skills go from 2 to 9. Your videos have inspired me so much, I love playing with make up. Before I was introduced to your videos I was afraid of doing risky looks and know I am playing with my make up all the time. Mixing colors to see what look I can pull off. I even do some of my friends make up when they are going on special events and at the same time I also pass along your tips ;0). I even tell them to check my teacher out on MAKEUPGEEK.COM :0). xoxox

Hey Marlena,
You have so much to be proud of, you have accomplished so much and if you feel this is the next step for you, that’s great! It’s not easy going in front of so many people and telling us all that you are going to go through this. I hope that all goes well for you during your surgery and the recovery afterward. You are young and beautiful inside and out. I understand how hard it can be to deal with your body after weight loss. I hope that this surgery gives you the boost you need.

Many Blessings,

Good for you Marlena! I can understand how difficult it must have been for your to post this. Thank you for sharing this with us. Good luck and I hope you have a smooth and quick recovery.

All the best,
Renee xox

I found your website last october when I was looking for a tutorial on halloween makeup. I quickly became a huge fan. One weekend in January I watched a “kajillion” old archived tutorials (learning more about makeup than I ever thought possible, and I thought I knew quite abit already! ha ha) One thing that became crystal clear was that you had become the INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN! Congrat’s on your 90 lb weight loss! I think the abdominalplasty and breast lift are the logical next step. You have worked your butt off (literally) and toned your muscles and made your self as healthy as you can be, but if you have a lot of loose skin that bothers you then by all means sister get rid of it!! Have a safe and uneventful recovery. Best Regards, Sarah R.N. South Texas

You go girl! I will be praying with all the other makeup geeks that all goes well with your surgeries and that God is with you in the operating room and with you through your recovery. I would be interested in hearing about how you feel as you progress through recovery as I too plan to have a tuck and breast lift when I am satisfied with my weight loss. I know it is something that people fear simply because it is a procedure and you are going under, I hope that you find peace. I will keep you in my prayer. Have a swift recovery and get back to doing what you do best.

You are such a beautiful woman! I have enjoyed watching you on your weight loss journey, I feel like a friend of yours! I wish you the best of luck on your surgery and I hope you have a easy, fast recovery. You deserve to be happy and I know you are going to look and feel amazing! I’ll keep you in my prayers and can’t wait to see your next update =)


Hi, Marlena,

I hope your operation went well today!! Sending my prayers for you!!!! You are going to be one gorgeous babe!!!!(even more than what you are now:))

I’m also in a very emotional and stressful point in my life – doing an In Vitro Fertilization. I had a surgery in order to do in vitro in order to get pregnant!!!!!! The first cycle was unsuccessful, and I’m soon starting a second one (with somewhat smaller hopes:((

I guess God is making us pay the price of what we want, and is testing us if we really want it…It’s slow, it’s torturing, it’s hard, but hey, if it were easy, it wasn’t going to be on our level!!!

Much love, Katrina

Dear Marlena,
I’ve enjoyed your website for about a year now. It comes through very strongly in your videos that you are a wonderful, caring person and I truly don’t believe that anyone on here would judge you. I really admire what you’ve done to lose weight and also how you have been so open and honest about the process in trying to help others do it in a healthy manner. You deserve to feel good about yourself and you shouldn’t feel guilty in any way to get rid of the excess skin. I have gone through 11 abdominal surgeries in my 20s that have left me with a permanent potbelly no matter what I do, diet and/or exercise-wise, and believe me, at 32, I can completely identify with the frustration of not being able, after much work, to get rid of the sag. I have considered a tummy tuck as well. I have not done it, but I will be very curious to hear of your results. Know that I will be thinking and praying for you, as I know will many others. I don’t consider it the surgery elective if you are not feeling comfortable in your body due to a real condition that the doctor has considered relevant. My friend had her breasts done after much MUCH debate within herself (she was previously against it) after pregnancy left them without much tissue and very, very saggy. She was so depressed and it really affected her sex life and left her truly, seriously for a few years. She is so happy and a changed person as a result. In fact, she was SO excited with the results, she hardly felt the pain after.
I can see you are an intelligent person and so I know you have done your research with surgeons. Having had the surgeries due to my health, I can tell you that surgery has come a long way. I’m not going to lie and say you won’t feel like hell for the first week, but they usually give you adequate pain control. Don’t try to be tough and not take it. Also, don’t run around doing chores when you are supposed to be on bedrest! It is very important you get the rest you need, especially since you are having a double procedure, and the pain control helps you achieve that. If you are having a panic attack going in, by all means, tell the nurse and anesthesiologist! They will help you with that and you will be done before you know it, honey!
I have never posted on here, but was a nurse and am also extremely experienced myself with GETTING surgery, so although I know everyone has a different experience, I just wanted to share those things with you. You will do just fine. You are vibrant and healthy. It is very normal to be nervous, but in the long run, you will be much more comfortable, and the first day is hard, but it is not as bad as you are picturing. I see that look on your face. It was very brave for you to share with us on here! Now go kick ass, feel better and be well soon, and please, above all things, take your time in getting well. Don’t feel you will lose your fans and friends. I can’t wait to see you back on here, but would never be disappointed if it takes months before you are again. Soon enough you’ll feel great and be running around like the vibrant, sweetheart you’ve always been! You have cheered me up with your tutorials so many times when I’ve been having a bad day with my health. I wish you the absolute best in everything and I will be sending all the positive energy that I can muster your way! Love, Jen

Hey Marlena thanks for being so open & honest with your viewers, you’re very brave for sharing your story with all of us. I wish u the very best & a speedy recovery. You will be in my thoughts & prayers.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, you have no idea how much u inspire me. I have gone through some of your same battles. I have lost lots of weight but still not quite where I want to be. I will use plastic surgery as an option if I do need it. Good luck and way to go. You are loved :)

You’re so courageous sharing your decision here and I’m so happy for you! I’ve lost about 90lbs right along with you over the past two years. It’s an emotional journey not easily explained to others. Just know you’ve always been beautiful. The surgery is just the next step toward Marlena 2.0 … ;) Best wishes for a comfortable and speedy recovery! <3

I hope your surgery goes fantastically! Its so exciting!

I had a vental hernia repair and a tummy tuck 2 years ago and then I went back in about 9 months later to repair the incision site ( I had complications with healing because of diabetes) and to take more skin off b/c I lost more weight. You will hurt, initially, but its temporary! I have a 2 1/2 year old, so he was just a little guy when I went in for surgery….and after both surgeries I was pretty much back to my normal routine in about two weeks….just a little more careful! Its the greatest thing Ive ever done for myself! you will be glad you did it! Just wait to see the results in about 9m to a year!

Best of luck! Be excited! =)


HI Marlena, i hope you are in not too much pain, i too would like to get the ” Mommy Makeover” i am waiting to get pregnat with my 2nd child, will do it after, i agree we all need to do what we feel is right, and for us women self-esteem is a high prioty, if we dont feel good about ourselves well.. we know where that gets us, So Congrats on your decision, CANT wait to see wht the outcome looks like, AND YOU WILL STILL BE BEAUTUFUL!

Hey Marlena! I’ve been watching your videos for the past 2-3 years and I can’t believe how much of a difference you have made! You taught me everything from make-up and now how to live healthy. You’re such an inspiration. Congratulations and best of luck to you and your healthy life!

I think you are doing the right thing for you! You have worked so hard to get to were you are and your not doing it to have an easy fix..Its to make you feel normal..I know that feeling and beacuse of you i have put myself on a diet so i can get health for me.. You have inspired me to make a change in my life and know that i can do it. SO i THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart cause you are inspiration to me and i know to many other people.

So right no sister do what you want to do and dont feel like you have to explain your self to any one, but thank you for sharing with us your journey. Your a beautiful person that diserves the best and you diserve to feel good. WIsh you the best in your recovery.

You are such an awesome, inspiring, and triumphant person. I have enjoyed your tutorials, and positive perspective on health and life for the past couple years via youtube. Congratulations on your weightloss success (I am in the same boat, and also working my butt off to get healthy) :) You deserve the brightest/happiest future, we are all rooting for you. Don’t be discouraged, you are going to pull through this, recover, and be back and better than ever. You are in my prayers. I am sending millions of positive thoughts your way. Get well soon you GORGEOUS MAKE UP GEEK :)

I am so proud of you!!!! You are going to feel so good about yourself & so much more confident hun:)) I would do it too if i could:)

I love your videos & look forward to watching them & just to let you know i have learned so much from you. Good luck sweetie & i hope you have a really good recovery!!

I think it was very brave of you to post something so personal about yourself. I admire that and wish you a quick recovery! Good luck and thank you

What a wonderful video Marlena! Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly-I think many people will benefit from this video! I hope all goes well with your surgery and recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Lots of love to you!

Hey Marlena,

First thing I want to say is YOU GO GIRL!!!!! your so amazing and I wish you all the luck in the world and if anyone deserves it its you. Second I want to say is that if anyone judges you, not only do they not know you well, they are also just insecure with themselves. I think what your doing is great and if its something thats makes you happy and you have done all your research making sure its safe, them I say go for it. Girl you are fabulous and and inspiration to everyone including me. I am also having some issues with my weight and I am hoping to slowly lose the pounds. Please keep use posted on how you are doing…and rest girl!! Love you lots!!!

I just want to wish you the best luck…You deserve to feel great about yourself.. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.. You truly are an inspiration

Marlena, you are so precious and Beautiful to share this very personal part of your journal. I am keeping you in my prayers and wish you all the happiness and blessings this world has to offer.

I am excited for you and send you a great big gentle cyber hug


Good luck in your surgery. I will pray everything goes well! Please let us know how you are doing ! :)

Of course you are NOT alone, you have our support and positives thoughts for you.. We´ll be praying for you and wishing you the best in this journey. You are a great person and that is why you deserve the best of life. I want to leave you all my love here, and hope you come back soon, because all the muggies going to miss you… XOXO

Marlena –
You are a beautiful, amazing, sensitive, giving person.
I hope this will make you even happier and full of peace – you are an inspiration and a beacon of optimism.
Feel well, and emerge from the cocoon an even more beautiful butterfly then you are right now.
Sending love and good thoughts from Israel.

Marlena Hello !!!!!! I’ll be praying for you to do well in this operation. And that pain you feel now I felt a couple of years ago when I was going to be operated on because my gallbladder is not served, and I said “My God, this is the first time in my life that I have surgery …. and one began to imagine things like living here do not go out etc, and then God let me know that he’d be with me in that operation and in the process and so as he was with me will be with you. So I support and I’ll be praying that God give you the strength to go through that proceso.xoxo. Debby

Hi Marlena!

I am watching u from Germany about a year now. You are a really great person and I will pray for u too. I am in the same situation like u were 1,5years ago.I will start a new life and want to loose 100pounds and I am sure, my body will look terrible after that. Be strong, god is with u! Hugs and Kiss

Hi Marlena,

Writing from Madrid (Spain). Only a few words to hope you Lots Luck. I’m sure that everything will come out just the way it has to. Just take it easy, we will be waiting for your return.

Hi Marlena! First of all, I’m an avid fan and all your videos and articles have been very helpful. I wish you luck with the operation. Stay strong and remember you are a beautiful woman. Wishing you a quick recovery and we will all be waiting for your return. God bless you!

Hi Marlena,

I wish you all the luck for your surgery, though you’ll never be JUST average to me, be well ;-)


I saw this a little late b/c I already saw on FB that your surgury went well :]
I am so happy for you! You are always such a big inspiraton for me and all other MUG’s. So Congratulations!!

Much love, Shauna MUG

I had a breast lift and reduction when I was 23 years old after losing about 60 pounds. It`s has been two years now and I still can affirm that it was one of the best thing that I did in my life.
So, I wish you all the luck in the world and I`ll pray for you to have the same wonderful result that I had.

I struggle just to take 20lb off. I have had 2 kids and those 20lb are hanging on to dear life. I can’t imagine 90lb. WAY TO GO!!! I know your results will be beautiful, and just remember this is not a solution it’s a healthy start. Praying and happy wishes for you. This old gal thanks you for helping me get my beauty on!!


Marlena- Whatever makes you feel comfortable about yourself is OK. Everyone has things that we would change if we could about our bodies….
I will be praying for your quick and safe recovery.

God Bless!

Hi Marlena! You are already beautiful INSIDE and OUT, now you are going to be GORGEOUS too. Best of luck, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Marlena, this video made me leave a comment for the very first time. I came here and wowzaah, sooooo many comments already! Who knows if you’re gonne read every single one of them? :)
I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted!

PS – you already look amazing! You have a face of an angel that shines love especially in this video :)

Lots of love!

Marlena, I just wanted to say: YOU GO GIRL!!!
You´re great and I admire you for your self control and how determined you are! There´s nothing to object about a tummy tuck, I think every women understands that, so no excuses needed!
I love your work, you taught me a lot!! And your videos always make me cheerful, you have such a lovely character (from what I´ve seen from the vids ;-) )
Keep on going, you´re such a beautiful woman!

Love from Austria,

Thanks for sharing your journey. Big kudos for that! I hate people that hide or lie about surgery. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You look great now, and I can’t wait to see/hear the after journey. Good luck and hope you have a quick recovery!

Hi Marlena,
Good luck with your surgery and recovery. You deserve this after all your hard work. Please take care of yourself, and we can’t wait to see you when you’ve recovered. Love you. Kim

Hello my sweet Marlena. I hope everything goes well with surgery and I hope you recover very very fast with the body of your dreams. I am 100% supportive to your decision because it is your body and it should be YOUR decision as you stated. I am having the same problem yet I don’t think I have the courage to go throughall this. But this is my decision for MY body!. So I am wishing you all the best for a quick recovery…and I want to see that tummy of yours!!!! :P
Love you

Dearest, Sweet Marlena – I have been a subscriber to your tutorials since October 2009 and have watched your weight-loss transformation. That has inspired me to take charge of my own health concerns and to begin my own journey to loose weight. You are such an inspiriation to all and are a lovely person, both inside and out!!! I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and also a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

Hi wonderfull Marlena,

Nobody has the Right to judge you, I can understand you well, I dont have the same problem, but i have another problem with my ( nose ). I dont feel fine and, therefore, I would like to be operated. its ok. if you feel better then do it, but i just want to say to you, no matter what you do, you are beautiful with or without weight.

Pay attention to you!!!

greetings from Manuella ( i live in germany , Maybe u still know me )

For sure you do not have to care what people think, as long as you are happy. Thanks for sharing, though, and specially for shipping my order! It arrived safe into Switzerland. Good luck and keep us updated. We will be waiting for your videos. At least for me, I appreciated your site very much when I discovered it 1 week ago. At first, I thought there were 2 people posting videos and just after seeing the one on your weight loss, I realized that it was the same person!!!! You look that different. But even though you had a slightly rounder face before, you still strived to look beautiful. That is what I liked about you! It feels more reassuring getting beauty advice from a normal person, rather than an artificial Barbie! Feel better. Cheers from the other side of the ocean.

You are so lovely perfect!!!!I love the way you are. i wish you all the best!!! ( i follow you since long time ago but this is my first comment,)I wanted to tell you GOOD LUCK from Spain! : )

(Sorry for my english…i am still learning it!!)


If it makes you feel better about you – then who the hell is to tell you NO? Good luck and don’t be nervous. These procedures are so advanced that you know you’ll be ok :)

Todo va a salir muy bien!
La perdida de peso no es algo fácil de hacer y te admiro por la fuerza de voluntad para perder tanto peso.
Yo estoy empezando esta lucha en contra del peso, hace 2 años era talla “0” y ahora soy “9” :(
Fue a causa de mi embarazo y aunque mi hija me hace muy feliz, es obvio que el peso no.
No se si puedas entender estas lineas por la diferencia de idioma, yo entiendo muy bien el ingles por que mi esposo es de Canadá pero no lo se escribir. Lol.
Gracias por hacer este video, se que no es fácil pero es de mucha utilidad para personas como yo que estamos en este mismo camino y que ademas representas la fuerza del decir ¡Si se puede!
Estamos contigo y de corazón que todo salga bien.
Sañudos desde Mexico!
Mi casa es tu casa!! Hahahahaha!!!! Lol.

Hey Marlena,
Don’t know if you will see this but on the off chance that you DO, just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. I can’t imagine anyone who loves your tutorials would say anything negative, but if they do, ignore it! :)

I understand totally…I struggled with weight my whole life…I decided to get a Lap Band 19months ago and it is the BEST decision i’ve ever made. I’m down 62lbs since then and feel amazing! Some people had their judgements and didn’t understand..or thought it was the “easy” way out…no such thing. I have to still be careful and work out hard…i just have a little help in the portion control area…Getting the Lap Band was also my first ever surgery…and it was better than i expected :)

I wish you the best….and completely understand about the NORMAL BODY ;) I’ve already decided that if needed once I’m at my goal weight, I’ll be having the same procedures that you chose…

Hope you’re doing well and healing fast !


Dear Sweet Marlena,

I wonder if you truly know how wonderful you are with your warm personality and generous spirit. You have been an inspiration to me and all of your subscribers. The fact that you opened yourself up to us and shared your journey is so awesome. I was in tears as well after watching your video. I know you are scared and emotional about your procedure, as anyone would be! You are a brave woman and you deserve to have the body you have worked so hard for. You have always been so positive and very beautiful, inside and out, no matter what your size or shape. My prayer for you is a speedy and healthy recovery. Your subscribers cannot wait to see your smiling face when you have recovered from this process. God bless you. We love you.

Hey Marlena,

I yust want to say you look great and when i watched your video, i had to cry!
I dont know you personaly but i have to say im super proud of you!

You are an example to me..

And again, you look amazing..

Much love,
Amal (from Holland)

Ps. sorry, my Englisch isnt perfect…

Marlena, after watching your video explaining your decision for surgery, I would be lying to say I was not touched. Your decision is such an emotional one, and obviously has been made with a lot of thought and determination. I am so proud of you in your decision to do so, but like you stated, not promoting it as an only option. There will always be negativity that surrounds someones decision. Your courage to be honest and share your decision takes a lot of bravery, and speaks volumes about you. That courage can also be taken as positive energy towards any issue or major decision we may face. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of you, and hope you have a safe and speedy recovery. Congratulations on your accomplishment, and God Bless you!!! I will look forward to seeing new tutorials and such, but anticipate your healing and happiness first and foremost.

Thank you for sharing such a personal video. That takes guts, girl! It takes a very special person to do what you just did. Always remember you are a very special person and loved by many. I bet your momma is sooo proud to have a daughter like you.

Don’t pay no mind to what people might say or think. No one is perfect.

There is nothing wrong with “adjusting” the abs and perking up the “girls”! ;) Show off whatcha got!! With or without help from a doctor you beautiful no matter what!

Just relax and take the time you need to recover safely. God Bless You and my prayers are with you.

Don’t worry about the site either we’ll wait as long as it takes as long as you recover safely.

Much Love from Texas,

After losing 130 lbs. (still have 30 to lose), I had a Grade 2 pannus hanging from my abdomen. No amount of exercise would help it. The surgery was covered by insurance because it? was such a severe problem.

Recovery will SUCK and remember that recovery takes TIME. It won’t look like the end result for weeks, so be patient.

No judgment here, honey. I wish you a successful surgery and hope you are thrilled with the results. Love how real you are, Marlena.


Hope your surgery went well..ur my make up guru! I got emotional seeing this video because I know what your going thru..BEst wishes with it all..with a face like urs im sure you will rock any type of body!! ;)

Marlena, You are a brave, beautiful and intelligent woman. Your good heart and kind spirit seems to have touched the lives of many of your “fans”. God bless you as you crawl out of your cocoon, spread you wings and fly…butterfly. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions with all of us. I hope you realize what an angel you truly are. Love one of your newest MUG’s. xoxo Anne Marie

Dear Marlena,

I ALWAYS watch your videos but never commented until today. I have been heavy most of my life. Years ago I lost about 48 pounds and gained back about 32 pounds. I so want to be that thin person again as this is when I felt comfortable in my own skin physically and emotionally. I always wear a jacket (even in 90 degree weather) to cover up as I am not comfortable with my appearance. You have worked so hard, and I understand the desire to look and feel (for once in your life), “normal”. You are a BEAUTY!!! I wish you well and hope you are excited with the results.

Marlena, I admire your courage, strength and above all your positive attitude. As an overweight woman my entire life I understand the struggle. I’ve gone back and forth constantly and I am now FINALLY getting it together. I’m training properly (and hard I might add), and losing weight quickly (20lbs/mo.). I know that the consequences of losing all this weight will probably leave me with excess skin as well and I will probably undergo a tummy tuck. It just sucks that when you work so hard and you become so disciplined and make a true lifestyle change that it still kicks you in the butt and leaves your body with a reminder of what you’ve done to yourself. I understand that feeling. Its not just vanity, and sometimes people just don’t get it. No matter what someone else says, you’ve done very well for yourself and you’re a very accomplished woman. You deserve the body you’ve worked so hard for, as do I. YOU GO GIRL.

I’ve been watching you for the past few years and you not only a great teacher, but you inspiring as well. Good luck with your surgery, get well soon, and we will miss you!

Hi Marlena, watching this video just broke my heart, to see you cry. I know you were scared and I am so glad everything went good for you. I know we are sometimes concerned about what people think, mainly because people can be so mean sometimes, but when it comes down to it the only person you need to do this for or worry about is YOU!. You are an amazing wonderful kind lady with a huge heart and you deserve the very best. I hope you take the time to rest, be sure and follow the doctors instructions so you heal correctly, I will talk to you later, xxx

Just wanted to give you my support, I had gastric bypass (have had it reversed now bcz of problems) and lost 150 lbs and even though I had lost all that weight I still looked way fatter than I was, and it was really frustrating. Anyway I didnt have the money for plastic surgery but if I did you better believe I would be in there getting a tummy tuck and a leg lift and my arms done. So good luck to you I am very happy for you! Hope you pain is not to awful and you heal quickly!

Hi Marlena! I started watching your videos after you had lost most of your weight. So, of course I had to go back and look at some of your previous videos to see the difference. I couldn’t believe it!!! You look like a different person…gorgeous either way, but totally different. As someone who has about 80 lbs to lose, you are such an inspiration and I commend you for having the strength to share this with us. If I have saggy skin after I lose weight, I will be having a tummy tuck as well. Anyway, thank you again and I will pray for your speedy and pain free recovery. :) p.s. I bet it is a lot more fun to put makeup on a slimmer face…I can’t wait to know the feeling.

Hi Marlena,

What a courageous and beautiful young woman you are!!! Your honesty and openness is absolutely inspiring. I will be sending you “good vibes” and prayers this month. See that’s the cool thing about letting ourselves be vulnerable; we get a lot of awesome support : ) I started coming to the MUG site a few months ago and became totally “addicted” to watching your tutorials and learning so much from you. Thank you SO Much!!!

Hey Marlena,

I just wanted to say congratulations! You should be so proud of your achievement! I 100% understand what it feels like to want a normal body for once, and I wanted you to know that you’ve inspired my boyfriend and I to start a weight loss regiment for ourselves. Your video on eating tips was exactly what I’ve been looking for. Keep up the good work we love you!

Hey Marlena, I have been watching your videos for a long time now and noticed that you had lost a lot of weight and think your very brave for doing what you are and that there is nothing wrong with what your doing. You have every right to want to look the way you feel. You made great videos with great confidence before all the weight loss and I’ sure you will make even better videos after. I get so inspired and motivated watching all your videos as I am a makeup artist myself, I only wish I was so camera shy and worried about I looked and sounded on camera because I would LOVE to make my own videos, So maybe one day I will suck it up and do it! Thanks for some great videos and for having the confidence to do what you do.! GOOD LUCK

God bless you Marlena! I’m pretty sure that everything will be alright. I’ll be praying for you. Please take care. You are such a wonderful woman, so genuine, professional, brave, noble, inspiring! You bring your light to many of us who admire you. I hope your recovery be soon.

All the best!

Hello Marlena,
This is “A Get Well Soon” from abroad, Kuwait (middle east), as one of my favourite makeup artist’s on the internet, you are always beautiful inside & out <3


You are such an inspiration. I hope in your downtime, you get a chance to read some of these responses to see how much you have inspired these women from all over the world & how much you are loved. I personally pass your website along almost on a daily basis just because it has helped me in my personal & professional life. To feel so beautiful just by applying my makeup better it is so empowering. And this journey you have let us be a part of, i.e. your weightloss My God girl, it’s just amazing. I wish you a smooth procedure (literally & figuratively :)) & a speedy recovery. We wait patiently & thank you for all that you are & all that you do.


Hi :) Just wanted to say thank you for being so honest, and brave, and I think it is your desicion, and you have my support :)

Love from Norway


It is only YOUR decision and no one elses, and the amount of weight you have lost will leave you with sagging parts…GOOD FO YOU for doing research and losing the weight safely and productively.YOU’RE THE BEST EVA’

Marlena, as I was watching your video, I got emotional as well. I know exactly what you are talking about. My sister went through the same thing, she lost a lot of weight (the healthy way just like you) and she had lose skin and she did went and got a tummy tuck, breast lift, and a lipo on her obliques. And now she looks amazing, she says that she feels better then ever before in her entire life. She too lost about 90 lbs. I know you too will look amazing, not that you don’t already. I can not wait to see you back and see the NEW Marlena. My prayers for you, and before you know it, you’ll be back as beatiful as you have always been.

Hi Marlena,

Best of luck to you. Blessed thoughts your way. I hope only the best for you. You have given so much to all of us who watch you for tips. Please even just post a comment to let us know you are ok, not a video, just a hello. BECAUSE we will worry!
I gave birth to three kids in 2.5 years (one at a time, no twins!) and lost 90 pounds if you count the hieght of weight at my pregnancy. I’m older than you, I get it. Best of luck to you. You are so brave to share this with us.
All the best.

Hi Doll,

I just wanted to stop by and let you know how proud I am of you….It takes an awesome person to be so transparent….and open to share your journey with others. You are really an inspiration to a lot of woman and I’m sooo glad I had the opportunity to meet last year.

Take card of sweetie and i’ll definitely keep you in my prayers. :)

Hi there.. i know you wont get to read this soon…. and i hope you will be feeling better soon.
i just wanted to say that i have been through this and if you need someone to talk to please email me.
you are going to look great!

I just found you and this site a couple weeks ago while searching for make up ideas for my wedding day, you are very inspiring and I wish you a speedy recovery. I love how open and honest you are,and there is NO shame in getting a cosmetic surgery after all your hard work! you are young and deserve to feel that way :) I love all the tutorials and can’t wait for updates!! God Bless!

Hi Marlena

I hope you are doing well, and recovering safely from the surgery. I have nothing but respect for your desicion.
I follow your make up work from Norway, and look foreward to seeing new videos soon. You are truly an inspiration :-)
Best wishes from Marit

Go for it Marlena! No judgment here, I’m getting breast implants this spring after losing 76 pounds (so far, hope to be about 100 down when I get the BA) so I totally believe in a persons right to choose what is correct for them and their body. I think you’re amazing for sharing this and doing what you have done to get healthy and fit. I wish you the best recovery possible and all the happiness a beautiful women (inside and out) like you should have.

just wanted to wish you well as a 24 year old mother who has gained and lost my baby weight, i can totally relate to the skin day i too hope to get this please don’t feel badly at are very much not alone in this.i hope it’s all that you want it to be and more and that you have a speedy recovery!!!take care of you and CONGRATS on all of the work you’ve done and the payoff will be amazing!!!

I think your amazing and I hope to lose that much weight as well your an inspiration to us all no matter what you look like thanks for everything I hope it all works out

Dear Marlena,
I was totally thinking about you. I had the same surgery almost 1 year ago to the day and I feel your pain But I do feel fabulous today:) Make sure that you don’t do to much to fast. ( I did, and my recovery took longer then I expected.) Just take it super easy, and let your friends and family help as much as they can. Don’t be stubborn like me… Remember not to laugh to hard..jk. It really hurts.. if you haven’t found that out already.
Your in my prayers and thoughts.

Love your guts..:::)))) Stephanie, from Utah.

I was wonering where you had been??? I wish all the best for you…shame on those that would judge you!! Thinking of you….can’t wait to see the after shots!!

Hi Marlena,

Just read this and I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking about you and sending you lots of love so you can feel better soon. Having had a breast augmentation I know how hard the recovery can be. I agree with you, sometimes you just have to make the decisions that are right for YOU. Some people may not agree but that’s ok. You can only live for yourself.

Again, hope you are feeling better!

Congrats on your journey, wishing you the best of luck & I completely understand. A tummy tuck is something I’m considering myself after losing a good amount of weight & having children, your body doesn’t conform the way you’d like it to. You’ve come a long way & deserve to do what makes you happy. xoxo

I am so glad that you are doing okay and I know I don’t know you, but you are an absolute inspiration. I thank you so much for documenting your journey; it gives me hope for my future. You are amazing and I am so proud of you for being brave enough to share your journey with the world, and don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise. I hope everything continues to go well and that you are back on your feet soon after you’ve rested plenty and taken a well deserved break. Thank you so much.

I know I am a little late but I wish you the best/ I was 50lbs overweight when I was 15. I looked in the mirror one day and had enough! At 22 I now have a successful modeling career. Dreams do come true and I hope you get the results you deserve. Stay safe and healthy to you and all the women on this forum going through weight struggles.


I Think what your having done is wonderful…I had my breast augmented and I love how my body looks…And I never cared what people thought…Tons of Happiness To You!!!!

Hey Marlena,i m Emilie from Paris
First time i post a comment but a while i ve been watching you on MUG, your face changed and by the way you re glowing…and this video touched me, so i wanted to react about it:
I know what u will get through, i had a tummy tuck 3 years ago…same story bad food habits since ever, sodas, chocolates and of course no work out.
I went to my yearly routine medical check up for my work and the doctor told me that i had a really high blood pressure and really damaged spine and knees due to my overweight…it actually never was a prob for me cos i had a great family anf friends around always supporting but i just realised that i wanted to live like every average girls around me.
So i started a diet with medical advises and i lost over than 80 pounds in a year.i was exhausted after that, didn t recognize myself , feeling bad in that saggy old body.
So i went to the plastic surgeon and…i was like a new ME….u ll see, it s scary like everything whose happening into a hospital or a clinic but you ll see, i m so proud of myself.
AND I M SO HAPPY even more than before…u ll see, keep me posted and i hope this gave you some motivation to get through that !!!love from Paris…!!!BY the way…we love you in France!!!on t’aime en France!!!!kiss kiss!!!bisous bisous!!take care!!emilie!!!

WTF – you who continuously goes on about being happy and healthy, obviously aren`t true to yourself. I think it`s ridicuous that you would promote something like this. I`m done with make up geek.


Do what you have to do Mar….don’t listen to what others have to say about it. You’re doing this for you and not anyone else. Jealousy is a very strong emotion that unfortunately clouds some people’s ability to keep hateful and mean comments to themselves. Stay positive and stong, know that there is no shame in getting a tummy tuck, you’ve worked hard to take off that weight and extra skin isn’t something that diet and excercise can get rid of. You’re in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy and safe recovery!
God Bless! <3


Hey Marlena! :) just wanted to say, congratulations on all your success and that that is still to come! thank you so much for all your videos, and for your encouraging dedication you provide your makeup geeks with, it truly goes a long way. I’m extremely happy your surgery went great and I hope that your recovery goes just as great! take tons of care! Thank you for the great advice and the mobile theme website! It’s awesome I’m on it all the time! take care and god bless!


Good for you, honey!!!!! I wish you the very, very best of luck! I had a breast reduction in August last year, and it completely changed my life and my self-image. I’m trying to lose weight myself, and when I get to where I need to be, I plan on having a tummy tuck as well to remove some old scarring. Whatever the reasoning, as long as it’s a healthy one and one made for you and no one else, it can be such a blessing.

Good luck!!!!!

Hey Marlena,

I’m sure your surgery was a huge success :) you are such an inspiration to women everywhere and your honesty and humility has really touched me.

Get well soon doll x

We are all so proud of you for doing this the long and healthy way! Your such and awsome lady and you deserve this! I will be praying threw your recovery and we cant wait to see you back! You earned this, you go girl! :)
Lots of Love and Lots of Prayers!

Hi Marlena!

I just wanted to say I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and recovery time! Take care and remember to rest well!

A massive fan from Finland,


Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Wishing you the body you so deserve with all the hard work you have done. Get well and be the happy healthy woman you so should be with all your beauty inside and out.
cozzyk (YT)

Dear Marlena, Bless your heart beautiful! I am a subbie dear since my first glimpse of you =) you started it all-I subbed to you first and I’ve seen you transform while you continued to put out fab tutorials and reviews. So, yes my goodness I am a fan dear but you are a very busy lady and we haven’t ever actually connected.

I just want to say, I had the abdominoplasty too and I’m very very happy that I did. It was painful (recovery) but since that I have never regretted it.

Let me jump to the chase and please if you want to know or would be interested in any other info let me know….. I just wanted to say…. I was shocked and amazed at the vast improvement. I wore a 2 pc bathing suit the summer after I had mine-I was so proud and so happy and so was my family. The results last FOREVER its a wonderful thing. I still appear to have amazing abs and lemme tell you with life and my own business I have not taken the time in the past year to work out. BAD I know but I havent. Not even so much as a walk…. I stay active with kids and such and my weight isnt an issue anymore much like you I finally got a handle on it. (After losing 100 lbs!! )

So, anyway beautiful, you’re gonna love the new tummy sweetheart and I know you ….. you’re gonna have the best time loving your new freedom, new figure, new wardrobe!! woohoo Im excited for you!!

So, I hope you recover quickly…. you will I’m sure especially knowing that you’ve given yourself Feb to recover… smart girl!

I’m excited (like all of your mugs are) to see you pop on when you’re feeing like it. In the mean time… dream of your beautiful bare tummy, cinched in belts, low rider jeans, and getting used to feeling as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside.

Also please remember, It takes time to accept the new you-it’s true it does… give yourself the time you need-talk often to your best friend, confidant, closest support… will benefit from it.

CONGRATS you have worked really hard and you deserve the BEST!!
Love Kat

Hi Marlena. I have never mentioned to anyone on my channel that I lost over 100 lbs and had a body makeover with new tummy and great breasts as well. I didn’t want to hide it, but I didn’t want to create any talk about it either. I always said that maybe I would discuss it with others to help. After hearing you be brave about this, it makes me want to start a little vlog session with my subscribers. I will try to write back to you in some other form as I believe we could help each other. There are details I do choose to keep off of the forum here, but I am so proud of you and cannot wait to hear about how great you feel in a couple of week! Take care, Jennifer

good for you marlena…….. now the only problem i have with you is that your sight has gone so DOWNHILL. this site is called MakeupGEEK. not weight geek, or blog geek. SO DO SOME MORE FREAKIN TUTORIALS. NO ONE CARES WHAT UR FAV DOUCHE PRODUCT IS.

my dear makeup guru,
i felt v bad for you 2 see you crying like that.I have always seen your tutorials that helped me alot to achieve that specific look,sooo nice of you,i am keeping my fingers cross for your surgery & i hope it goes well.I will pray for you dear.Waiting anxiously for your next video.
love ya,
amna from TORONTO

You should be so proud of yourself!!! Just getting healthy and active is such a great change to make to your lifestyle, and 90 lbs is a huge accomplishment!!

Good luck with your surgeries, I wish you a safe, speedy and as comfortable as possible recovery!

Thank you for all the great work you do, you taught me how to feel my most fabulous, and I always suggest your page to my wonderful girlfriends.

God bless!!!

Rochelle L.

Hi marlena,

Wishing you a healthy & wonderful life , get will very soon.

I’m sure that you will be more pretty as of your soul

With love


Dear Marlena;

I have not gone through the procedure what you are going to do but i am sure i am not the only one who will say this to you or feel this way we can only imagine what you are and will go through but we do feel the sadness and frustration and scaryness of the situation
hope everything goes well and save and you recover really fast.
you are a bueatiful and very helpful person when it comes to makeup and i am sure i am not the only one that feels this way
best of luck
love always
it will be scary it may be painful you will recover
and congradulations on losing the weight you look so aaaaaammmmmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!!!!
seriously truely different but unique

lots of love again

Omg girl you look amazing!!! i had gastric bypass about 10 months ago(march 9th 2010 @ 18 years old) and ive lost 150 so far. So i know exactly where your coming from. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK i know its hard as hell but do you and do it good.! AND IF YOU HAVE HATERS, LET THEM HATE. its nothing but jealousy and anger.

p.s. i follow your sight all the time. LOVEE YOU!!

I just saw a video post on U-Tube that you are at home recovering.

I am soooo glad to hear it went well and you aren’t in too much pain. Just make sure you keep on top of your pain because it is always more difficult to control if you don’t take the medication at regular intervals and it helps speed up recovery.

Was it as scary as you expected? I hope not…I know mine wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be though I tend to be a worrywort on a good day! LOL

Anyhow…just glad to see that you are home resting and feeling ok. :)

Please try not to worry about your empire/business too much ;)…tho I’m sure it is hard … give yourself lots of time and kindness to recover.

Love from Azure xoxox

hi Marlena i read you from mexico and i love your site, im 17 years old and you have teached me all thata i know about makeup and beauty tips, i had always think taht you´re beautiful (even in the video afeter your surgery you look amazing, your lips are realli gorgeous) i hope you get better and happy with your results
and i want to see you in more videos as beautiful as always
bye and i send you my best wishes!!!! (L)

I want you to know when I lost 125 lbs i looked in the mirror and did not see any difference- from 255 to 130 lbs. My body was the same, just less full!! It was saggy and crape-y and still had the same rolls, just not as full! I wore long sleeves and jackets even in the summer to cover all the looseness! It wasn’t until i had a tummy tuck and arm lift that i felt more “normal.” I still have stretch marks and am not perfect, but I feel like it made the biggest difference in my appearance! Hope you have a quick recovery!!

Hey Marlena! I’ve been watching your videos for a little while and love them. I, too, have struggled with my weight my whole life. I wish you all the best and I pray that your recovery is swift. :)

Much love,

Hey Marlena,
I am proud of you (hopefully that doesn’t sound weird) for even letting us know what you’re doing. I think it was very brave of you, and I think it will help people who are considering this procedure.
It’s not really fair for anyone to judge you for this. You’ve done so much to make us all feel beautiful, and you definitely deserve to feel beautiful all over (because you totally are) and I am glad to know you’re doing well post-op. =) These videos completely made me cry, because you are so sweet and so beautiful and if you ask me, you are far beyond average, missy!

I’ll be praying for your recovery.

Hey Marlena,

I love all of your tutorials and I normally don’t comment or post, but I just had to on this one. I think you are so beautiful just the way that you are, on the inside and outside, but I think what you’re doing is great as long as you’re doing it for yourself. We all think that you are absolutely gorgeous and flawless just the way you are, but it’s about the way you feel and what will make you love yourself even more. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and you deserve to be happy. Also, I’m so glad that you are sharing this experience with us, cuz it relates to so many of us and is very motivating. You are truely a brave and inspiring woman in so many ways. Good luck to you and I can’t wait to see the results!

Christi May

you’ve done so well! hope you have a safe recovery and get back on ur feet in no time.
ps: i love your vids

Dear Marlena.
I dont really like to write at Internet but , you really inspire me and help me to inprove me on makeup, I am sorry if my English is not the best but I am Mexican and now I am living in France. Anyway I was really suprise to know what you have done because I am also trying to decide if I do it or not, I am afraid but at the same time I would like to have a better body. I wish you to have great results and you are a wonderful woman, do dont ever forget that!!!! People should undestand that to make something like that you need decision and courage.

Hey Gurl,

You are truly beautiful inside and out and thanks for making this video. Be strong and stay positive!!! If this procedure is going to make you feel better about yourself and your body image, then don’t let fear get in the way.

Thinking of you!

from ON Canada

I am proud of your weight loss and think you are doing exactly what you need to do to make yourself feel most beautiful. I got a breast lift and have no regrets. No-body is perfect! ;) wishing you a speedy recover! XOXO


I am an RN and I have seen all of your posts. I became a MUG quite some time ago and have seen your transformation. I applaud you for being candid about your life and struggles. Its selfless of you to open yourself to criticism in order to enlighten and encourage others.
You should be very proud of what you have accomplished by your own means! 90 pounds is nothing to sniff at; and your right, sometimes you need a little “extra help” to get to where you want to be.
Thank you for encouraging healthy weight loss and letting us all come with you on your journey to fulfillment.
Take care, rest up and can’t wait to see how you did.

Hi Marlena, I totally understand and stand behind you 100% in support. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

You have done a lot of work and made a life change, this is not a decision that you made lightly. Do not worry about what others have to say or think. You are healthy and you are making the decision on your surgery for you and no one else. Please know you are in my prayers and I am happy for you.

Hey Marlena,

I usually never comment, but i follow MUG everyday :) Just wanna wish you all the best with the surgery and the recovery.Hope the transformation will be all you hoped for (I’m sure it will :) )
I lost 40 lbs , still 15-20 to go, so i understand what you’re going through.It’s hard changing your eatings habit and being more active.Since the beggining of my weight loss. gym and eating well as helped me good ,thank god , but if i feel that i need it in the end, i will absolutly resort to surgery too.And you’re video really helped , thank you :)

Hope to ear from you soon

Jessica from MOntreal xoxoxox

Hi Marlena,

I just want to comment and say how awesome it is that ur sharing this personal info about yourself. I agree with your comment about doing what is going to make you happy in life. I would love to have a tummy tuck and cheechie lift myself, maybe some day;-). No really though good luck to you and I wish you well in recovery.

Hello Marlena!
I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I’m writing anyway :)
I hope you’re getting better every day!
I wanted to say that with this video you moved me, I always liked your tutorials, perused the forum when I needed, but never actually left comments or so.
Just thought you are a really talented mua and a super nice person.
So I think you really deserve this, if that’s what’s going to make you feel better about yourself you HAD to go through it, and I’m glad to see you had the guts to go and get your happiness.
You were also always brave in sharing such personal challenges with your viewers hoping to help them… see? You’re a super nice person!

So I’m wishing you all the best, and I can’t wait till new videos and new updates about you!
Lots of love ;)

Marlena.. you are a beautiful person inside and out. And I can understand what you are going through. We are all brainwashed by the media and want to look a certain way. I even find myself feeling down about my looks when I am told I am pretty, but if you don’t feel pretty, then other peoples words go over your head. So I hope this goes well for you and keep your chin up beautiful :)

Marlena, you’re such a beautiful woman. I hope everything is gonna be ok for you. I’ll pray for you from France.
I wish you all the best.
We are a lot of people thinking of you.
Take care!

Pauline from Paris.

Girl ,do you!

By the way there is no such thing as a normal body but I get what you’re saying..

I’ll confess I am 25 skinny as a rail, 125lbs, and I have cellulite! So there hope that helps, bodies are tought !

Sweet, sweet Marlena,

just wanted to let you know that you cross my mind so many times a day and I hope that you are in my prayers!!
Hope you feel much better soon and the result of the surgery is what you expected it to be (or maybe even better).

Sending you some strength and positive thoughts (eventhough you don’t really need it, as you are very stong and positive, but anyway… can’t hurt, right?!) from Germany!!

Lots of love,

Susanne (and your little fan Emilia who was really said when I told her that you are in pain)

Good Luck, Marlena! I hope you recover easily. I just wanted to thank you for all your videos. You helped me go through a really tough time in my life and you’ve been a true inspiration.

God bless!

What a lovely heartfelt video! I wish you all the best for your surgery and recovery. You are already a gorgeous and beautiful woman, your positivity and generous attitude make you a pleasure to watch. Take care.

Hi Marlena. I hope your surgery went great and you are recovering well. I want you to know that I wish you the best and think you are amazing! Would you please tell me where you got the gold rings you are wearing in your ‘how to apply mascara’ video? Love them! Also, I have learned so much from you (I’m 47, sad, I know) and have bought SOOO much makeup lately. Again, wihing you a speedy recovery and a big “Thank You’ for all you do. Vicki

Hi Marlena. I hope your surgery went great and you are recovering well. I want you to know that I wish you the best and think you are amazing! Would you please tell me where you got the gold rings you are wearing in your ‘how to apply mascara’ video? Love them! Also, I have learned so much from you (I’m 47, sad, I know) and have bought SOOO much makeup lately. Again, wishing you a speedy recovery and a big “Thank You’ for all you do. Vicki

I support you! I understand, having lost weight myself, how difficult it can be to have worked so hard and still not feel average.

You look beautiful (and always have), and you have to do whatever will make you feel happiest!

Hi Marlena. I write from Spain. I’ve seen the blog and the video and it totally agree with you. I also understand that not everyone should do that without agreement fully and without talking to several doctors and whether the person needs it. I also need to lose 90 pounds or so but my mind is not yet ready. Lots of love and encouragement, because you’re worth pretty! (sorry for my English is a bit bad)

Marlena….You have given me and so many other make-up geeks so much hope and encouragment! I FULLYsupport your decision to have the surgery. I’m praying for your swift recovery! I came to this site looking for make-up help and I’ve found so much more. Since watching your video’s about make-up and your weight lost journey I’ve been trying new things and building my self esteem again! I 2 have exactly 90 pounds to say good-bye to and I know I can now!!! I know it won’t be fast or easy and now I’m ok with that because I can still look fab as I loose weight! Get well soon!!!!!!!!

Dear Marlena
I’m a huge fan of yours writing from Zürich, Switzerland and I wish you all the best for your surgery and recovery. See, even from halfway round the globe people are thinking about you. All the best, Anita

woohooo! I lost 90 lbs and had a tummy tuck and breast lift and I’m 1 year after now and looooooving it!!!!

hi marlena i really hope u recover well from the procedure i wish you the best of luck. You are a really beautiful person on the inside and out. I have seen most of your tutorials and you’re a real talented person. I really hope you feel better and don’t worry you’ll be back on your feet in no time with all fierceness(:

Don’t be scare my mom went to a hospital for this process and the results were good , they removed all that extra skin, now she is fine and her belly is now flat, and the belly button is in the normal place jajajaja it is not too down jajajaja so be proud of yourself because you have take this hard desition , and lucky in your recovering.
XOXO, you’ll be fine!

Hey Lovely lady!!

You are such a courageous woman for doing this!! This is a huge step in your life and it’s such a gift that you are sharing it with everyone. Thank you for being so vulnerable, it’s a really beautiful thing!! Have no fear, because you’ve got so much support behind you!! I pray for a speedy recovery, and that the doctors will know exactly what to do and that the procedure will run smoothly without any mishaps!

You are so loved!!


Hello Marlena,

Good Luck With Your Surgery. I’m Sure You’ll Be Fine.
Hope All Goes Well And Get Well Soon.
All The Best Wishes In The World.


You are such an inspiration!! You are geourgeous inside and out. I don’t even know you, but I can tell that you are a wonderful person, we need more people like you in this world!!!


Hi Marlena. My heart goes out to you …hope everything goes well and you will be satisfied with the results and recover well :) I am deeply touched of your emotions regarding this issue as I see you so beautiful and you should be proud of yourself.

Thanks for all the makeup tips and hope to see you again soon!
Best wishes,

Hi Marlena,
I just wanna say that you are amazing, so sweet, so beautiful, so honest about all you do that you should´t explain anything. Everyone that admire and like you will always suport any decision you make.
Best wishes on you recovery and I hope you´re very happy with you “new” body.

Many many many kisses from Brasil


I admire the bravery it must have taken for you to post this video. Pay no mind to any of the naysayers and non-doers. Their negativity is their problem, not yours. I think you are a beautiful girl inside and out. You have been an inspiration to so many of us. That alone is something to be proud of.

At 38 years old (I must add that I am a young looking 38. lol), you have helped to renew my interest in keeping myself beautiful. I am growing older kicking and screaming all the way.

Seriously, I have learned so much from your videos and am constantly getting compliments and requests from ladies who want me to do their make up for special occasions. I learned most of what I know from your tutorials.

PLEASE continue to take risks and put your true self out there. That is what we all find so endearing about you. Good luck in your endeavors over the next few weeks. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Marlena —

I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! You’ve done a great job, and 90 pounds lost is an AMAZING feat!

I hope your surgery went well, and that you’re taking things slow and healing well. Can’t wait to see that rockin’ bod of yours! <3



Dear Marlena,you are amazing woman!!!We all love you and wish you fast recovery :) Hugs and Kissess form Bulgaria

hi marlena my name is zenia and i have been watching your videos for almost a year now…. and i am really impressed and awe struck by everything… your such a bright friendly and very genuine person… its just wonderful…. i have watched all your weight loss videos and honestly it takes a lotta courage and will power to be doing allthe things that you are… trust me i know coz i too have issues with my weight too and right now am about say 231.5 pounds more or less i get freaked out standing on the weighing scale knowing that the number that it will show is not something i really want to know… i wanna live healthy just dont know where and how to start…. its sad and disappointing coz i have lotta potential in me to do things and am only 21years please help me…. and its your videos that have given me the courage to speak about it……
i hope and pray to god that your recover well and good we all wish you the best in life and we all love you too….. love always zeen!!!!

Hey Marlena I hope your recovery has been as smooth and comfortable as it can be. I want to say congratulations for coming soooo far in your wieght loss journey! I know it feels amazing! I lost 120 in two years and I know and compleatly understand your thought process and wanting to have this procedure done. I too wanted it done for the same reasons and I am beyond happy that you have gone through with it. Our stories are different because I lost the weight but did not have surgery and four years later I have gained it back. I have begun to workout again and have started make my diet changes and I feel great and all but I have been really thinking that what is going to happen after I lose it…am I going to be able to go though with the surgery to correct the areas we know are problem ones? Well after seeing your success and personally understanding everything you have gone through to get this far I can say that YOU have given me motivation to lose all the weight AGAIN and the HOPE that I too can enjoy my youth and look like an average women once I have my surgery. I am great full that you chose to share something sooo personal with us. Thank you Marlena you are very talented and a true inspiration…I’ll be checking in this month for updates and the new make up ideas!! Rest up!

I hope you are doing well! You are so beautiful and I love your makeup tutorials! I found you last night on you tube at 3:00 Am. I twas my first night post tummy tuck and I was having a rough night. Your tummytuck video led me to look at your makeup videos for 2 hrs! Took my mind off of the pain!

I hope you’re doing a lot better, I love you’re tutorials they are amazing so do you, I had a tummy tuck and liposuction december 2009 after having my first and only son and I’m doing a lot better but since I couldn’t care for me because of my baby I didn’t have a good recovery and now I have to get touch-up done, please take good care no liftings and a lot of rest and also massage therapy and wear your compression garment for at least a year, wishing you a great recovery!

HI Marlena – you look great! I have a question and I hope you don’t mind me asking. How were you able to afford the personal training and the tummy tuck? I’m just wondering if you had to finance this, or do you just make good money from your job? What do you do for a living anyway? I have wanted a tummy tuck for so long I just never had the nerve or the money! I’m just curious how you were able to afford this. I’m thinking that you can’t put a price on feeling comfortable in own skin can you? Congrats on the weight loss, you are an inspiration to me.

Hello Marlene — I JUST found you and I LOVE you ALREADY!!! I was googling applying makeup and came across one of your vids on youtube and decided to check out your website. You are so personable in your videos, I feel like I’ve known you forever and I’ve never even met you, lol! You’ve definitely got a new fan! I’m very glad to hear your surgery went well and that you are recovering well. THANK YOU soooo much for being an inspiration, you are SOO beautiful inside and out! I’m making a lot of changes in my life and have begun to tire out, get overwhelmed, and maybe even a tad depressed but you’ve given me new inspiration and energy to keep on keep’n on! Who new a web search on make-up would do so much, haha! Love and blessings on you!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your life with us make up geeks, we are here to uplift you! Thank you for being beautiful inside and out u are truly an inspiration to us all. God bless you sweetie!