How to Lose a Guy in 10 Makeup Mistakes – Behind the Scenes and Bloopers



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Marlena, you are the best. Your videos helped me a lot and this is so funny. From Andalucia(Spain) wish you reach all your goals. THANKS.

My favorite is the pasty face, it was hilarious and I’ve made that mistake myself. lol. Jay’s reactions are priceless, lol.

i love yours video !!! so fun !!

i study at home and when i over worked i love watch yours video, it’s my break ( like now ^^)

i hope you’ll be better now and good recovery !

Ive been guilty of cakey makeup face! poor cleansing and exfoliating, wrong moisturizer, and until the last couple years, no primer! Oh, and how wonderful life is now with MAC fix+ spray.

i luv ur videos!!!!!!!! that was EXTREMELY entertaining and completly lifted my mood……… i watched your other tutorials on eye colors and was wondering if you would make one for aqua eyes or if you had finished.
pleez keep up the amasing tutorials and tips!!!!!!!!!!!