1 lip pencil, 6 looks: NYX Deep Red


What happens if you take one red liner and 6 different colored lip glosses?

NYX Deep Red lip pencil applied on lips, middle of the lips left without pencil:

To get deep red sexy glossy lips, use  NYX Mega Shine Burgundy over Deep Red liner:

NYX Mega Shine Copper Penny over Deep Red to create a little bit lighter  sparly look:

NYX Mega Shine Beige Pearl over Deep Red to create lighter result:

For golden/bronze tint, use NYX Mega Shine Chestnut over Deep Red:

To create supersexy red lips with a hint of pink, use NYX Mega Shine La-la over Deep Red:

And to add a bit electricity, use NYX Mega Shine African Queen over Deep Red:

Grab them from MUG store:


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LOVE THIS!!! Gonna go home and try this with my Buxom lip polishes! I’m addicted to the minty zing of Buxom…

Oh I love the colors and i love that you posted something quick and fun i check this sight everyday and i LOVE when i find something new.

This was so helpful Jangsara! I am a dancer and a competitive cheerleader, so i always need a nice deep red lip to wear. lipstick or lipgloss alone never does the job, so using a gloss and liner is a great idea!! Thank you!!