Makeup Geek Brush - Pointed Crease Brush

Makeup Geek Brush - Pointed Crease Brush


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Much like its siblings in the crease brush family (Small Crease & Crease Brush) this brush works well for adding color to the natural crease of the eye, and blending it out. Slightly larger in size, with a pointed tip, this brush covers more area in one swipe. The pointed tip of the brush will help prevent over blending in cut crease looks.

Our new design features a bronze gunmetal ferrule, and an espresso tinted handle with a beautiful pearl finish for a sleek and elegant look. The bristles include all synthetic fibers for a cruelty free (& guilt free) makeup application!


  • Brush Bristles: Synthetic (cruelty free)

  • Seamless Ferrule: Tightly holds bristles in place to eliminate shedding

  • Brush Handle Colors: Gunmetal bronze, espresso w/pearl finish

  • Estimated Brush Length : 6.75”


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  1. I'd like it to be a bit softer tho... Review by olga

    Got this one with a soft dome brush which is exellent, soft, perfect....
    This one...even after washing kinda pokes me and too stiff for blending eyeshadow...but is fine for precise placement of a cream eyeshadow, so not gonna through it away, but won't buy again... (Posted on 3/8/16)

  2. Perfect when conditioned Review by Rikki

    Like other MUG brushes I have found that cleansing this brush with a kids 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner is the best way to go. It softens it and makes it one of the best crease brushes I have ever used. (Posted on 12/15/15)

  3. OhEmGee Review by Molly

    Ok so first of all let me say that I am so happy I purchased one before they went out of stock. So dense and pointed, but not at all to thick or poofy. Excellent precision brush! I am so impressed with the softness and quality! I feel like her brushes are high-end luxury products with a price that doesn't make you feel depressed. (Posted on 8/27/14)

  4. Amazing quality!! Review by Alisha

    Love this brush it is better than I expected. Really soft and great quality. Perfect for blending out the crease or deepening the crease /outer v area. (Posted on 8/18/14)

  5. Amazing Brush easy to use Review by Valerie

    When I went to apply the makeup with the brush it moved so easy compared to my other ones and it was not to stiff or to soft, it was the right amount of stability. I received it in the mail today and have already used it. It has made applying my makeup easier then using multiple brushes. When I received it I automatically went and washed it, not even 5 minutes later it was completely dry. I have other brushes from the drug store to high-end and they take all night to dry and are even damp in the morning. I am very happy with my purchase and do not regret it. Everything is at an affordable price and you get your money’s worth. I can’t wait to order more. I’m slowly building up my mug collection. Marlena you have done an amazing job with your line. I am glad to call myself a MUG. Keep up the amazing work.
    (Posted on 6/25/14)

  6. Enjoyable Brush Review by Linda

    This brush will give you a nice, precise placement of crease color if you have larger lid space. This brush would be ideal for those of us with smaller lids. It can also be used for outer v color or precise lid color. (Posted on 3/6/14)

  7. Not easy to handle Review by Mahsa

    The bristles are nice and they do a nice job but the handle is too long
    I can't use it easily. I prefere the outer V brush handle size
    It's much easier to work with (Posted on 1/27/13)

  8. pretty useful Review by Sasnuhy

    I liked this brush, honestly :) cant say its my all time favorite but it does its job, it's lightweight, makes blending like a cake, pretty soft and dense, works good in the crease (Posted on 10/11/12)

  9. My new fave brush! Review by Maria

    I have the Mug Outer V brush which was my most used brush. This will easily be used everyday also! It's pretty much exactly like the outer v but smaller...absolutely perfect for smudging shadow under the lower lash line!

    Others are commenting on the scratchiness...As soon as I receive new brushes I always run my palm over them to check for scratchiness, this was lovely and soft! Love the price, love the brush!

    (Posted on 10/4/12)

  10. Nope... Review by Judith

    First of all, this brush was cut very unevenly... tip is extremely sharp and brush is way too scratchy to be used for anything useful... probably the worst brush in my entire collection.. (Posted on 9/26/12)

  11. Another great MUG brush Review by Whitney

    This is a great crease brush! Perfect for accenting the outer-v and you cant beat the price. (Posted on 6/27/12)

  12. Nice for the price... Review by Marion

    It works pretty well, but it's kind of scratchy. Washed it with baby shampoo and it made no difference. The way the bristles were trimmed were really uneven, so I can only assume that has something to do with it. (Posted on 3/7/12)

  13. AMAZEBALLS Review by Jade

    This brush is amazing ! It blends super easy, and doesn't clunk eyeshadows like my previous crease brush - that was so expensive -easily the best purchase I've made :) (Posted on 2/22/12)

  14. best ever Review by mel

    this is my go to brush im not sure how i went so long with out it (Posted on 2/16/12)

  15. love love love Review by laine

    i love this brush. it gets right in the crease. (Posted on 1/3/12)

  16. love love love Review by laine

    i love this brush. it gets right in the crease. (Posted on 1/3/12)

  17. a pointer!! Review by Gaby

    Love it it aims right on the crease super (Posted on 12/24/11)

  18. love at first site Review by Jessicasophia

    I loved the brush as soon as i unwrapped it. The only thing is it lost it shape after i washed it amd the brisles are now fraying away. I hope after i was it again the issue stops. But it is a great brush and have had know other issues. Xoxo jessica (Posted on 12/15/11)

  19. Great and inexpensive! Review by katbroncogirl

    I love, love, love this brush! It is perfect for applying and blending shadow in the crease of your eye. It has a longer handle (which I prefer) and the bristles are the perfect compromise between soft and stiff. Can’t say enough good things about this brush – you just need to try it! (Posted on 7/20/11)


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