Makeup Geek Lipstick - Lovely (Regularly $7.99)

All About This Color:
Nothing is as lovely as our wonderful Makeup Geeks, but this lipstick comes close. You will feel exquisite when this stunning shade graces your lips. With its creamy texture and high pigmentation, this lipstick is absolutely Lovely.

The Bottom Line:
Warm natural nude pink

About Makeup Geek Lipsticks
Look runway-ready with our Makeup Geek Lipsticks. These highly-pigmented lipsticks won’t dry your lips and aren’t sheer like other lipsticks. The creamy texture will make you fall in love the moment these touch your lips. Also, with the variety of colors, we are sure you will want to collect them all!

- They're very creamy, smooth, and feel nice on the lips
- The perfect balance between being highly-pigmented, but not dry
- Non-drying formula is perfect for even the most sensitive lips
- Half the price of high-end lipsticks while providing premium quality you'll fall in love with
- Lipstick weight is 4 grams / 0.14 oz
- All our lipsticks are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- Our lipsticks are Gluten-Free
- See full ingredient listing.
- We ship worldwide at affordable rates

Customer Reviews

  • Reads darker and more brown on me

    Review by Caitlin on September 20, 2013

    I like this lipstick but just don't reach for it as often as I thought I would. On my lips it is not as bright of a pink as it shows in the above swatches, but more of a warmer pink toned neutral brown. With that being said, the formula is really nice. Not at all drying, smooth application, and has a good feel on your lips. Has the normal lipstick scent but nothing too over powering or off putting.
  • The Color Depends on the Light Source

    Review by Jenelle on June 7, 2013

    It seems this lipstick has pigments that reflect pinker hues in natural light than in Tungsten light. The color of the tube is very accurate of the product in the tube; the swatch is, at least for me, very accurate of the color on me in daylight, but in the above photo of (Marlena's?) lips... well, I don't know how they got that much pink out of the color. Go with the arm swatch for accuracy in daylight and know that the color in Tungsten is something between the daylight color and the tube color.

    Having said all that, I'm very happy with the color. This is a great pinky-nude for olive skin tones. It's a richer color than most nudes, which is probably why I like it so much; it's very pigmented and smooth. I paired this with the NYX Lipliner in Nectar and it looks great.
  • This color is darker than it seems

    Review by Kendra on May 18, 2013

    This color has some brown, red and plum all mixed together to create a little bit of a darker color than MUG's Delightful lipstick. When I got this color I though it would be lighter than Delightful, but actually with the brown, and plum it makes this a darker color. Great for a night out, without your lipstick looking too dark. Its creamy, long lasting, and glides on easy.
  • Excellent !!

    Review by Abi on January 7, 2013

    A must have shade for Indian NC35 . Very smooth and creamy and lightly scented. Its a gorgeous rosey brown color on me. A perfect everyday natural shade for me. Excellent quality like their Gel liners and eyeshadows. Expecting more colors!!!!!
  • Beautiful

    Review by Kristina on December 4, 2012

    Thi color is closer to swatch then on lips in the pictures. It actually looks pretty dark on me. But I love it. Beautiful fall/winter color. But I would like one that looks like the one in the picture of the lips as well.
  • Lovely!

    Review by Johanna on October 31, 2012

    The name says it all :) I love how smooth & creamy the lipstick is. It's super pigmented, and the color is pretty natural (albeit much more pink).

    Depending on the lighting, I think it's pretty true to the color of the lipstick on my computer screen; up close, there's more pink in it than I was expecting, and the color more closely resembles the swatch above. If you're looking at the image of the product on-the-lips, use the upper lip as your reference for how it will look; it might just be the reflection from the flash of the camera, but the bottom lip looks nothing like what I get in person.

    Not a huge fan of the slightly chemically scent, but it doesn't bother me too much. It reminds me of my mom's old lipsticks that I would play with when I was little :)
  • Not the same color on my lips ...

    Review by stephanie on October 12, 2012

    It's a lovely colour with very smooth application but unfortunatly the colour turns into a very much deeper mauve shade... It doesn't look like the picture at all....
  • Great Fall Color!

    Review by Jeanette on September 2, 2012

    This lovely shade is a very light rose mauve color on me. It will be perfect for fall. This lipstick glides on beautifully and I love it's smooth matte finish! This is my first makeup purchase here, and I love this quality of lipstick better than the rougher texture of the MAC lipsticks. I have already purchased more. I am 46 years old and picky! I love the quality of the Makeup Geek cosmetics! Just purchased the eyeliners. Keep them coming Marlena!
  • Awesome!

    Review by Claire on September 2, 2012

    Love this lipstick! It lasts a lot longer then I was expecting, and when it fades, it leaves a nice tint, no getting in the lines or anything. Maybe it's the glare, but it's not as pink as in the picture on the lips, it's closer to the colour on the swatch.
  • Beautiful!

    Review by Larissa on August 23, 2012

    While I was expecting a nude pink, on me it is a wonderful berry shade. I am thinking this might be my "go to" shade for the fall.
    I am loving the pigmentation,how smooth it feels on my lips and the fact that it was on sale was a delightful bonus. I am PROUD to be a BEAUTIFUL MUGGIE!
  • LOVE IT!

    Review by shannon on June 4, 2012

    I bought this Lipstick on Thursday 5/31/12 and i just got it today 6/4/12 and i gotta say i LOVE IT! Marlena the formula is absolutely perfect. I love how smooth it is, i love the color. Im a medium skin color girl(thanks to my mex/germ heritage) and its hard to find decent color lipsticks to go with my skin color. This one was perfect.

    The packaging is cool too! and might i say i LOVE the price too lol. Great deal. I plan on buying more colors in the future! THANKS MARLENA!!!

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