Makeup Geek Lipstick - Lavish (Regularly $7.99)

All About This Color:
For the times you want to feel posh and elegant, then here is a color for you. And, that’s exactly how you and everyone else will describe this striking crimson color on you. Its delectable shade and finish will have your lips feeling lavished.

The Bottom Line:
Rosy nude pink

About Makeup Geek Lipsticks
Look runway-ready with our Makeup Geek Lipsticks. These highly-pigmented lipsticks won’t dry your lips and aren’t sheer like other lipsticks. The creamy texture will make you fall in love the moment these touch your lips. Also, with the variety of colors, we are sure you will want to collect them all!

- They're very creamy, smooth, and feel nice on the lips
- The perfect balance between being highly-pigmented, but not dry
- Non-drying formula is perfect for even the most sensitive lips
- Half the price of high-end lipsticks while providing premium quality you'll fall in love with
- Lipstick weight is 4 grams / 0.14 oz
- All our lipsticks are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- Our lipsticks are Gluten-Free
- See full ingredient listing.
- Made in the USA
- We ship worldwide at affordable rates

Customer Reviews

  • Absolutely LOVE this product!

    Review by Rebecca on April 19, 2014

    I have been looking for a beautiful deep red lipstick forever and I have finally found it with this lipstick! It is the perfect shade of red. It can seem a little drying, but I put it over a little bit of chapstick and it comes out beautifully. The color lasts a long time, which is vital. It's very pigmented. I really hope they bring back the lipsticks because I will definitely be buying more if they do.
  • Buy of the year! Lasts soooooo long.

    Review by Kara on February 25, 2014

    I get up at 10pm, put on my makeup, work until 05:00 in the morning, sleep a couple of hours and then get up and work a few more hours. I have trouble keeping lipstick on partially because of that schedule and partially just because I always have had trouble with lipstick staying on. The first night after I got this beautiful, deep & rich color I put it on with a bit of lip gloss over the "pout" (because as another person mentioned just this color was a bit dry, but if you put some lipgloss on, which I do anyway, it is fine). I went to work, ate a snack, came home & had breakfast, ate again and took a few hour nap. When I got up I still looked like I had just applied the lipstick even though the lip gloss had worn off the color of the MUG lipstick was still perfect! A few hours later it was still on most of my mouth and just needed a touch-up. This was about 15 hours later!!! I can see I will be addicted to these lipsticks as they are as good, if not better than the Mac lipsticks (which are supurb). I am hooked and highly recommend anyone buying these lipsticks.
  • Best red ever!!

    Review by Rachel on October 2, 2013

    I just got my order of this today! I have to say it goes on nicely and it's the first lipstick that feels nice and light on my lips but is super super pigmented!! I just love it and the color is sooo beautiful-these pics don't even do it justice-great job!!!! I'll def be buying more!
  • Eh

    Review by Karen on May 24, 2013

    I got this lipstick as part of the five-lipstick Adventure Pack. Just so you have an idea of my coloring, I have very blue eyes, light brown hair, and fair skin w/pink undertone. I have very little pigment on my lips, so the color of the lipstick is generally what you see on my lips.

    This is described as a rosy nude pink, but - I wouldn't call it that. More like a dark brown-toned red/pink. And unlike the other lipsticks which just slide and glide right on, this one is dry and drags. That said, it's not unwearable, the color is fine. Not my favorite, but a decent color. But - I wouldn't buy this on its own.

    It is strange how ALL of other colors in the 5-lipstick Adventure are so smooth and creamy except for this one.
  • Great color but...

    Review by Mariana on April 4, 2013

    it's really drying on my lips. Can be used over a lip balm or under a gloss, but the staying power is not that good those ways.
    And it has a funny smell, almost like "old" lipstick. Maybe it's only my tube, but still.
    On the upside, it's a shade I've not found anywhere else, very pretty.
    This is a product that could use some review.
  • Love this color, but

    Review by Jessica on December 19, 2012

    Like everyone else, I find it hard to apply because it is a bit dry. I wish it was a bit creamier for ease of application if nothing else. I can make it work and I wear it anyway, just wish it were I bit more creamy (like the other person said) like Revlon mattes.
  • Great Color, too dry

    Review by Sarah on November 6, 2012

    I bought this because I really wanted to try a matte dark red lipstick. This one is amazingly pigmented and the perfect deep berry red. It is just way too dry. I wish they were more like the Revlon matte lipsticks, because they apply much smoother. However, I still love the color, so I just apply a super moisturizing balm beforehand and always always use a lip scrub. I also have the color adorable, which is much smoother and creamier!
  • Beautiful color- but a small flaw

    Review by Elena on October 15, 2012

    I REALLY, REALLY want to love this lipstick. The color is my favorite out of the 5 pack. I have medium skin & it seems to compliment whatever eye shadow colors I happen to be wearing. Very universal. However.... (and this could be a fluke) this lipstick is so dang dry! I find myself having to constantly re-applying gloss or ChapStick which, for me, makes the color fade that much quicker.

    I'll still keep trying the other MUG lipsticks - but I just wish this one had a creamier texture & didn't dry my lips out.
  • My favorite one ....

    Review by stephanie on October 12, 2012

    I've always loved red lipsticks but i am a blond hair girl and i found difficult to assume them ... This one is the one i have always waiting for !!!!! The perfect shade for pale skin !!! And it stays for hours... I am just so happy :thank you MUG !!!!
  • great staying power but drier formula

    Review by Nicole on September 18, 2012

    I love the color of this lipstick - it's a very wearable deep red. I'm disappointed with the dry texture. This lipstick drags on my lips. The only upside to the dryness is that it has the staying power of a lip stain. Despite the dryness, my lips don't feel dry or flakey. I am not sure why this shade has such a different texture than another matte lipstick (Charming). I've only tried these two shades and am interested in trying other colors, but I'll be checking the reviews first to find out about the texture before purchasing.
    All in all, Lavish is worth the price for the staying power.
  • A Great Red for Pale Girls

    Review by Kimberly on August 12, 2012

    Lavish is such a beautiful color. It's hard to describe, and it will look different depending on your skin tone, but the shade is universally flattering. On medium skin tones it will be more of a berry color, but if you're a pale girl like me, it will be a warm crimson red that is very flattering. It's a great red if you're afraid of red lips, or don't feel like you can pull them off. It's super pigmented and long-lasting. Some people might find the formula a little drier, since it's a matte finish, but that doesn't bother me since I love matte lip products that last a long time. A little balm or gloss on top of it will fix that problem.

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