Makeup Geek Lipstick - Delightful (Regularly $7.99)

All About This Color:
This brilliant pink lipstick will have a delightful effect on everyone around you. And, with its delicious shade and creamy finish, this color is not just delicious, it’s sinfully good!

The Bottom Line:
Warm pink with peach undertone

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About Makeup Geek Lipsticks
Look runway-ready with our Makeup Geek Lipsticks. These highly-pigmented lipsticks won’t dry your lips and aren’t sheer like other lipsticks. The creamy texture will make you fall in love the moment these touch your lips. Also, with the variety of colors, we are sure you will want to collect them all!

- They're very creamy, smooth, and feel nice on the lips
- The perfect balance between being highly-pigmented, but not dry
- Non-drying formula is perfect for even the most sensitive lips
- Half the price of high-end lipsticks while providing premium quality you'll fall in love with
- Lipstick weight is 4 grams / 0.14 oz
- All our lipsticks are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- Our lipsticks are Gluten-Free
- See full ingredient listing.
- Made in the USA
- We ship worldwide at affordable rates

Customer Reviews

  • My thoughts...

    Review by Ginger on June 2, 2013

    I got my order about a week ago and was so excited to try out the new lipsticks! But, the smell threw me off...I looked at the ingredients and I was really impressed that MUG has strived to use more natural products that are good for you, however, (and I really hate to say this) I really don't like the smell of the lipsticks. It is kind of like old lipstick or pencils or something. I feel rude saying that because I LOVE Marlena so much and have been a MUG YouTube follower for years, I just really can't stand the scent. Maybe adding some essential oils or something would help? I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I love Marlena! I gave my lipstick to my aunt who doesn't mind the scent, so the smell isn't going to bother everybody.

    That being said, I am still a fan of Marlena and MUG! I love the eye shadows (cocoa bear and unicorn are my favorites) and I really like that this makeup line is affordable! I am looking forward to ordering gel liners and more eye shadows in the future! :-)
  • I have found my lip color?

    Review by Kendra on May 18, 2013

    For me I have darker natural lip color, this is the perfect match. Just like the title, this color for me is a perfect match it has a little bit of pink, red, and plum. Its just a great color a must have for fair, and medium. I love this and would get it again! Its long lasting, its creamy, looks great with or without lip gloss, love this lipstick color!
  • long lasting!

    Review by Elise on October 7, 2012

    I've worn this a few times and the color has more of a coral tint than I expected but it is really pretty and fun! It's also very long lasting and doesn't fade much at all. It also has a great texture-not at all like a traditional lipstick and I think the texture is part of the reason it has such great staying power! I'll be buying more colors in the future!
  • Love the color

    Review by Janine on September 27, 2012

    I love this color. I wear it all the time. I feel that it is a very versitile color that is good for everyday use. I had a problem with the first one I recieved and the makeup geek team sent me a new one. They have amazing customer service. Unfortunaly I ended up having the same problem. The lipstick got too warm in my room and started crying and then when I used it it broke from the base. I plan to try more colors because I do love this lipstick. I just have to put it another room in the house that doesnt get so warm.
  • Pretty color!

    Review by Deana on June 12, 2012

    I really like this color...its a bit brighter than I expected. I like the peach tint to it. I'm really liking these lipsticks so far. I only have 2 MAC lipsticks and don't really care for them. For some reason they look cakey on my lips...don't know how that's possible but that's how they look. The MUG lipsticks have good pigmentation and feel nice on the lips.

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