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Makeup Geek Pigment - Utopia

Makeup Geek Pigment - Utopia


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All About This Color:
Regardless your skin tone, this is sure to be a match made in Utopia!  Perfect for everyone, this amazing duochrome glitter pigment adds a sparkling and stunning pop to your eyes. This is the perfect mixture of deep browns and antique gold shimmer that looks dazzling. Use alone and pat over a base for a soft shimmery effect, or with a mixing medium for a more alluring look. The creamy texture allows it glide on smoothly with little fallout.

The Bottom Line:
A mixture of deep brown and antique gold shimmer duochrome glitter.

About Makeup Geek Pigments:
- These are all highly-pigmented – just check out the swatches!
- Jars are rated for 1.5 grams of product weight (which is required listing for jar and box), but the jars actually contain about 2 full grams of product.
- All our pigments are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- These Pigments are Talc and Paraben-Free-
See full ingredient listing.
- Made in the USA
- We ship worldwide at affordable rates


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  1. I guess I got something different Review by Lily

    My pigment doesn't look anything like the picture. Mine is gold, no brown or black undertone, but has purple shimmer. I'm not happy with it. (Posted on 3/7/16)

  2. not being able to use the way I want to Review by sahiba

    This one I wanted so badly and am thrilled to have it. But how do I get it out of its stopper? I can only use it dry. I wanna use it wet, and that's only possible if I can get some of the product out. How do I do it (Posted on 12/12/15)

  3. Pretty, but not what I was expecting Review by christin

    This pigment is very pretty, but I was expecting a more blackened gold, like the product photo. In person, it just looks like a regular gold, nothing that special or unusual, and doesn't have that blackened undertone like it does in the product photo. I've tried it wet too, & again,it's very nice, but just nothing special. (Posted on 2/10/15)

  4. blown away! Review by Nice

    I feel in love the moment I received this eye pigment (utopia) :D it can get a little messy (from opening the container/packaging to application) but after a couple uses, I got the hang of it. I don't normally use an eyeshadow primer, but I use one with this pigment. and it works great! :) (Posted on 12/14/14)

  5. OMG!!!! Review by Vanika

    ok so first of all utopia has such a beautiful colour its golden with bit of black, it looks very chunky and flakey but its quite smooth when u try it on your hand BUT if u buy this u HAVE to HAVE a eye glitter glue or else its gonna be a hot mess (Posted on 8/23/14)

  6. New packaging... hum....Beautiful product though Review by Paula

    So the #1 complaint I have read about the pigments is that the packaging is terribly and the pigments get EVERYWHERE when you open them... which also wastes a lot of product. I just ordered utopia and was pleasantly surprised to see new packaging. There is a plastic "lid" over the pigment with a hole in the center... the cap seals off this hole so there is no mess if the pigment is tumped upside down. I initially thought OMG, GREAT! Well... I'm not exactly sure if I like this after playing with it for a bit. Sure you can stick a round brush in the hole to pick up product, but I like applying pigments with big flat brushes to really pack it on. You could shake some out in the lid, but then you are sort of back to having a mess there. I think a traditional "shaker" top would have been much better and easier to work with. I just don't think I'm going to be a huge fan of this system. It's better than the old packaging, but is going to be harder to use the product. Sorry, this is a thumbs down for me on the packaging.
    Ok, so the product is really beautiful. It is a true gold, I'd say antique gold... not yellow at all. Really really pretty and sparkly. I did notice when sticking a round brush in the new hole of the packaging and trying to apply on my arm to swatch from a dry brush, the product totally falls out and is very diffused, I did shake some out on my finger and rubbed it on my skin and got the pigmentation I expected, which was gorgeous... Again, I think the product is going to be great once I figure out the best way to get it where I can work with it. I think I'm going to just have to dump some in the lid, and then have much of the same mess as the old packaging. I think this is going to be really beautiful using a foil method and can't wait to wear it that way. (Posted on 8/16/14)

  7. DISAPPINTED Review by Jamie

    I had read reviews and watched a youtube video and saw that people said it was messy and hard to get it to stay on, one video i watched she said to use a solution or eye drop solution, i tried that and it didn't work very well and my eyes burned so bad, so i tried using just water and that didn't work well either, i don't have sensitive eyes, i use to use glitter from the craft stores on my eyes, yet this stuff burned my eyes so horribly, even if I did find a product to get it to stick I'm not sure i could even wear it, I also ordered a makeup geek shadow along with this and i wasn't that impressed, I was really excited to order from makeup geek since I'v watched Marlena's videos for years but with the quality of the products and the cost of shipping I won't be purchasing anything else. (Posted on 8/15/14)

  8. Looks like the Pretty Little Liars eyeshadow in the theme song Review by alexa

    The perfect sparkly gold that doesn't look yellow however it does fall out throughtout the day but maybe thats because I use my spit to make it stick haha #ghetto (Posted on 8/15/14)

  9. Reminds me of the pretty little liars eyeshadow in the theme song Review by alexa

    This eyeshadow is WAY prettier in person. In Jaclyn Hill's video it almost looks a little bit taupe-ish but its COMPLETELY gold (not yellow whatsoever) and it's extremely sparkly. The texture when you open it looks chunky and flaky but when you rub it on your skin it completely smoothes itself out. If you can buy one pigment (and you love glitter) buy this one. (Posted on 8/15/14)

  10. Amazed ! Review by Jisela

    This pigment is very similar to Stila magnificent Metal Foil finish eye shadow which costs $32 each! To get that same metallic finish just use an eye shadow primer with it. This pigments are comparable to the prestige brands from Sephora or MAC. (Posted on 8/12/14)

  11. Prom Perfect! Review by sia

    As recommended by make-up artist Jaclyn Hill on one of her YouTube videos, i decided to buy this pigment for my prom and therefore shipped this product to the UK. In my opinion, this is one of the best pigments i own! the colour is stunning and matched perfectly with my prom dress. Obviously this product is messy as it contains glitter and is a loose product but try 'Too Faced Insurance Glitter Glue' which keeps this product in place all day! (Posted on 7/25/14)

  12. Pretty! Review by Jackie

    This pigment is gorgeous. I'm really happy that I got it. My new favorite pigment color and a must have. (Posted on 6/9/14)

  13. All time favourite! Review by Kate

    Purchased this after seeing it on Jaclyn Hill & it really is as pretty as it looks!! So glad I bought it & I'll be buying more of these pigments for sure! (Posted on 6/7/14)

  14. perty! Review by carli

    Yup you guys were right!! this is a must have pigment! I wasn't sure if I would love it just beacuase of everyone saying it was really messy, but man oh man! I don't even care if its messy! just need a shadow shield and tada! I agree that it does need to be foiled tho for best results. (Posted on 5/28/14)

  15. amazing! loving these products! Review by Malou

    It is one thing to hear how wonderful these products are all over youtube and instagram, but to finally have my hands on these products i was speechless. These products live up to it's claims! the pigments and eyeshadows are just out of this world. I just received my order today and I am already tempted to purchase more. (Posted on 5/25/14)


    This pigment is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I'm loving it more and more. Definitely my favorite pigment from the Makeup Geek line (Posted on 5/17/14)

  17. WOW! Review by Shanea

    Just get it!!! I'm in love with this pigment it's everything!!! check out my Instagram if you want to see pictures @makeupbyshanea (Posted on 5/12/14)

  18. LEFT ME WITH MY MOUTH OPEN!! Review by Jacqueline

    The swatch on the pictures do not do it justice. This is some seriously beautiful, seriously glittery, gorgeous pigment. I could not believe how gorgeous it is!! Buy it!! You will not be disappointed, I know I will be buying more for my makeup loving friends. (Posted on 5/4/14)

  19. Beautiful - but needs to be foiled! Review by Heather

    Like MUG's New Years Eve, this pigment looks GORGEOUS in the container, but when I tried to apply it to my lid, the fall out was intense and all that gorgeous glitter just fell away, leaving me with only the brown color pigment. Foiling it and applying wet was 100% the best way to wear it and it makes for a seriously intense, metallic finish. With a little Corrupt in the outer corners, you've got yourself an amazing night time look. I love the pigment, but I'm not a fan of the packaging or how little versatility you get with it compared to other pigments. (Posted on 4/14/14)

  20. GORGEOUS!! Review by Caridad

    Every time I wear this pigment, I receive sooo many compliments! It is such a gorgeous color and it will set you a part from anyone in the room. Totally love it. (Posted on 4/9/14)

  21. AMAZING!!! Review by Rosalia

    WOW WOW WOW it is much better in person than in make up tutorials from you tube. It is very smooth and very metallic color. Loved it! Loved it! Superb! (Posted on 3/27/14)

  22. AMAZE-BALLS! Review by Jennifer

    Most beautiful pigment EVER made! It's amazing with a deep brown blended in the crease for a nice smokey eye! So super gorgeous!!! (Posted on 3/4/14)

  23. Beautiful Color Review by Angela

    Please get this back in already! I've been waiting weeks to buy it again!! :D It's so beautiful, I'm not surprised it's sold out! (Posted on 2/22/14)

  24. Totally Terrific! Review by Christine

    This is the most unique color. I love how it looks on. The only draw back is the fall out. You need to make sure you have setting spray on and a hankie on hand for the occasional clean up's. Otherwise, it is TOTALLY worth it to have. (Posted on 2/3/14)

  25. Holy Amazballs (below) is right. Review by Debbie

    Jeez... I own almost all your colors. And when I say almost all, I really mean it. This utopia is gorgeous. The color swatch is very accurate. It is a gorgeous bronze, but kicker is that it can be mixed with anything and look awesome but looks great alone also. Works well patted on dry and also put on wet with a brush. The most wow eyeshadow I've ever gotten. I also agree with the other reviewer in that you should do your eye makeup first, take care of the glittery fall out then concealer, etc. (Posted on 11/6/13)

  26. Gorgeous - but only works well WET Review by Annie

    I was stunned by how gorgeous and sparkly this shade is when I opened the jar. But when I tried to swatch it dry, it was just so crumbly and patchy. I came to the product page to see if there were application tips but it doesn't say anything about it being used best wet. There is definitely a TON of fallout when used dry and it just is not blendable at all dry. Thankfully I saw a youtube review that made me realize this should be used wet. When used wet it is GORGEOUS, stunning and very easy to work with. I'm not sure if all the other pigments have the same texture - they look finer milled than this one in the pics. I think it should be noted this is really meant to be used wet or with a mixing medium. I think it will be a great accent color or all over lid color for special occasions :-) I love how affordable and high quality the MUG line is. (Posted on 11/5/13)

  27. HOLY AMAZBALLS! Review by SW1978

    Can't love this anymore. It is just simply a must have! (Posted on 11/1/13)

  28. A-MAZ-ING!!! Review by Jennifer

    This pigment is AMAZING! It is SO glittery especially in the sun and under lights! I get so many compliments over this pigment. It looks chunky, but its not, it smooths out really nice... I would LOVE for Makeup Geek to come out with more colors using this formula! Great job MUG! (Posted on 10/14/13)

  29. Holy Moly this is a beautiful pigment Review by Kim

    This is an AMAZING pigment!! Its very glittery but for a nighttime look or a seriously smokey eye it's perfect. Think Vegas! I did a very classic but deep brown/black smokey eye and added this to the center of my lid for a pop. WOW. It does fall out like crazy so as others have suggested do your foundation/concealer after your eyes. I also set my shadow with some setting spray immediately after applying this pigment to keep it from transferring to my crease/upper lid. It still moved around a little but its so beautiful I didn't care. Love love love the color. (Posted on 10/2/13)

  30. Great glitter Review by Sarah

    This color was absolutely beautiful and glittery. The glitter isn't of noxious it does fall out a little bit but worth the extra steps. my only complaint is that there isn't a stopper or plastic film to keep it from spilling everywhere when you open the container. (Posted on 9/19/13)

  31. Stunning Review by Jaclyn

    I love almost any type of shimmery, golden, bronzy eyeshadow/pigment, but this one takes the cake. It is a very deep metallic/glittery dirty gold color that will look FANTASTIC in a dramatic smoky eye. You can also make this day-time appropriate by gently rubbing the pigment on your lids with a very neutral matte crease shadow and a matte highlight. Out of all the MUG pigments I own, this one has the most fallout so I'd recommend doing your eye makeup first then foundation/concealer. Absolutely beautiful shadow, highly recommend to anyone who has a love for golden bronzy colors. (Posted on 8/15/13)

  32. Pretty, but a lot of fallout Review by Taylor

    I fell in love with this pigment the moment I saw it. It's so unique and would look awesome in a smokey eye look. When I got it, I put a bit of UDPP on my arm to test the product. I will say that it is very chunky, which was a bit suprising. I used my MAC 242 to apply it on my arm and it pretty much fell off. I found that if I blended it with the brush, it would rub out into a beautiful color. I had thought it was to be patted on, but that works too. Just be sure to put your eye makeup on first before your foundation and concealer with this one. (Posted on 8/3/13)

  33. WOW! Review by Desiree'

    Amazing dark gold color! I just absolutely love it! It is a bit chunky, but I think with a little dab of water, it will apply just fine. Can't wait to use it! (Posted on 7/19/13)

  34. True deep vintage gold! Review by Devon

    Love this vintage gold color! Its beautiful and deep. Again, pigment hoed everywhere bc there is no sifter. (Posted on 6/15/13)

  35. Fantastic Colour! Review by Paula

    This pigment needs a class of its own. Its intense shine and beautiful antique gold colour is just almost indescribable. It sticks very well on the lid with a primer but does make a little mess with fallout. With it, always do the eyes before doing the face. With it you can get a brittle-lie effect on the eye with a chunky application or break it apart for a wash of sparkle. Whoever has the Inglot pigments in the same texture will find this one's very familiar.

    Love it! (Posted on 6/8/13)


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