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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Vanilla Bean

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Vanilla Bean


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All About This Color:
This simple but smooth shadow has a matte finish with just the slightest sheen. It is an essential neutral shade that will add a subtle sweetness to any look.

The Bottom Line:
Light Shimmer with Peachy Beige Undertone

About Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
- These are all highly-pigmented – just check out the swatches!
- These pans can be placed in empty palettes such as Z-Palettes.
- Eyeshadow pan weight is 1.8G / 0.064 oz
- With a separate palette, you can build your own custom palettes
- All our shadows are cruelty-free -- we do not test our products on animals
- These eyeshadows are Talc and Paraben-Free
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  1. Meh...weak Review by Tygerlilee

    This is a creamy yellowish shade. It's not very pigmented on me (very pale) and pretty much is invisible on me. I ended up giving it away because it's really not a great shade. I have highlighters that I like a lot better like MAC vanilla. Makeup Geek is kind of weak in the brow bone highlighter area (Posted on 6/3/16)

  2. Great Setting Shade Review by Cristina

    I love to apply this color after I apply concealer to my lids, its great to make me look more awake and as a base for other colors. (Posted on 6/1/16)

  3. Perfect Brow Bone Highlight Review by Chiara

    I love this for a subtle brow bone highlight. Its really creamy and bright. I absolutely love this shade! (Posted on 1/1/16)

  4. Great for all over wash of color Review by Meghan

    Pigmented however not as pigmented as I hoped. Maybe I got a dud. Good for an all over wash of color. (Posted on 12/15/15)

  5. AWESOME Review by Heather

    This shadow is fantastic. It goes on smooth and is the perfect all-over base color for my other shadows. It matches my skin color perfectly and helps other shadows blend better. I will definitely repurchase this one! (Posted on 9/25/15)

  6. Staple shadow for pale girls Review by Josie

    My first MUG purchase and I got 5 shadows, this was the least pigmented and least creamy of the lot so I was initially disappointed. HOWEVER. It almost perfectly matches my skin tone and as im quite fair it is perfect for that staple blending/softening shadow. Every makeup geek needs a shadow that matches her skin tone to help blur and soften harsh lines and looks . Also more glitter then i was expecting, glitter is more noticeable because im fair and colour doesn't show. (Posted on 9/12/15)

  7. Workhorse color Review by Vanessa

    While Vanilla Bean looks pretty boring in the pan and really subtle with my medium-deep skintone, it gets the most face time of any color in my palette due to its effectiveness as a highlight color. (Posted on 9/1/15)

  8. awful Review by tatiana

    theis eyeshadow is the biggest regret i had with mug eyeshadows. im fair, and this eyeshadow is invisible on me, it shows only a few glitter things and thats it, i feel that its transparent, idk what the deal is, but its awful. doesnt work neither as brow highlight, neither on the lid, idk... its a fail for me. (Posted on 8/17/15)

  9. Many uses.... Review by Coppersassenach

    I love this shade. I use it for highlighting the eyebrows, inner corners of eyes and top of cheeks. (Posted on 6/16/15)

  10. Great bone colour Review by Adi

    I love this eyeshadow as a base, it creates a black canvas for the rest of my eyeshadows and is very similar in colour to my skintone. I think it would make a beautiful, satin highlight colour for tanned girls. (Posted on 6/13/15)

  11. Awesome Brow Bone Colour Review by Julia

    Love wearing this at the brow bone and to buff out any harsh lines of colour, this is perfect for my skin tone. (Posted on 4/30/15)

  12. amazing Review by Jasmine

    perfect under the brow highlighter for natural looks, I use it every day (Posted on 4/7/15)

  13. Discreet Review by Chloe

    Very close to my skin tone so I use it as a base or under the brow. Easy to work with and good pigmentation. I really like it. (Posted on 2/18/15)

  14. Perfection Review by Jessica

    Perfect texture. Beautiful color. Super pigmented. Ideal highlight shade. (Posted on 10/2/14)

  15. Basically a Base... Review by anna

    It's not a bad product, in fact its a pretty good product in general. It works amazing as a base instead of actual eye primer if you have oily lids or just applied a creamy base and want to matte it out a bit but I feel like I have to build it up a lot more than I should to make it a primary lid color... It has an amazing feel on the eye though. If you are looking for something that will completely get rid of discoloration on the lids (which is what I was hoping Vanilla Bean would do well for me) I would go with Coastal Scents Chamois Nude Hot Pot over MUG's Vanilla Bean... But I would still recommend this product. I mean come on, its a total staple shadow! (Posted on 9/27/14)

  16. Great Highlighter Review by Courtne

    Perfect for under the brow. I tried several Urban Decay colors, but most were too shimmery. The mattes were too chalky. This one was perfect. (Posted on 9/22/14)

  17. Great "nothing" color Review by Fern

    I use this color to set the primer on my lid and also under my brow bone to blend out Mocha which I put in the crease. It's a perfect color for my skin tone and it blends out all my colors seamlessly. This is a must have for anyone's collection. (Posted on 8/20/14)

  18. my substitute for eyeprimer Review by DcMe

    Sometimes I dislike the feel of any eyeprimer on my eyes so I simply apply vanilla bean all over my eyes before putting other colors. It works great on my medium skin.
    Happy! (Posted on 7/18/14)

  19. Creamy Review by Chrissy

    I love this color for my highlight. It's not easy to find a matte creamy vanilla color. I'm too old to have shimmer underneath my eyebrows & this color is perfect for that area. (Posted on 7/14/14)

  20. Must have eyeshadow color for fair skin with veins on the eys Review by Megan

    This color actually matches my skin tone perfectly. I'm super pale and I have veins on my eyelids vividly show up on my eyes. This eyeshadow actually covers them!!! I think it's because it's decently thick in texture and I always layer it with other MUG shadows, but I'm super impressed. However I don't notice that it's slightly shimmery at all. It's the perfect basic vanilla shade that blends effortlessly and looks completely natural!!! Highly recommend this shade for people with fair skin like me. (Posted on 6/30/14)

  21. nice simple shade Review by danielle

    When looking at all my makeup geek shades this one stands out the least but it is also the one that I use the most. It is nice for under the brow, sometimes I put a little shimma shimma on top to ad an extra pop but mostly I use it by itself. I also like this as a muted lid shade with some country girl and cocoa bear. (Posted on 3/15/14)

  22. Simply Perfect! Review by Christine

    I LOVE THIS COLOR...need I say more? LOL
    I use this one DAILY! (Posted on 2/9/14)

  23. Versatile Colour! Review by GHYW

    The texture is almost creamy, and it is mostly matte, save for a very subtle sheen. I'm fair-skinned, and this colour works well as a highlighter below the browbone and a blending colour. It's versatile because I discovered that it neutralizes the pinkish tone of my eyelid, so it works as an overall lid colour too. (Posted on 10/3/13)

  24. Perfect blending or browbone color Review by Paula

    This is the perfect color for me to use to blend above my crease and/or just under the brow. These shadows are creamy enough, blend well and the color payoff is great ! I just wish I had found out about Makeup Geek before I ordered shadows from MAC ! (Posted on 8/24/13)

  25. Great blending colour for pale skin Review by Meisje

    I ordered this with a bunch of other MUG shadows. Nice texture, blends well, not too powdery (as matte shades can sometimes be). It's a great match for my skin (porcelain) in terms of blending. It's also nice as an all-over lid color on days when you just want to even the tone of your lids.

    On me, this shade is very similar to Blanc Type by MAC. (Posted on 2/8/13)

  26. Great blending color Review by Annie

    This is a great blending color. (Posted on 1/8/13)

  27. Excellent blender/highlighter Review by Lara

    This one was a surprise to me, I thought there would be more shimmer, but it is actually better than I expected as a blender/highlighter. It is almost matte, but as others have said with just a tiny glint to it when the light hits it. Perfect! (Posted on 9/28/12)

  28. All In One Review by Leni Lestari

    As I said on my 1st Review.. This Vanilla Bean also great to be used
    in Inner corner of the eyes ..

    Love U'r Product Marlena

    leni Lestari U'r Big Fans (Posted on 9/1/12)

  29. Good background Review by Leah

    I mainly use this as to pat all over my eye to ensure that I don't have any damp spots left by my foundation that wil 'grab' on the dark crease colours. It is a good neutral colour on my alabaster skin. I don't see a lot of colour - but it evens things out a little. (Posted on 8/26/12)

  30. Amazing! Review by Alyson

    Such great eyeshadows! This color in particular is great. It's a nice compliment to my skin tone and helps me blend other colors. I use a z palette and these pans stick so well to it, much better than Mac pans. I've been eyeing these up for a while and now that I ordered some, I dont know why I waited so long! I will definitely be purchasing these instead of Mac colors which was my original plan. Love these!!! (Posted on 6/22/12)

  31. Under Brow Nude Color Review by Jessica

    I'm a NW20 in Mac and this is a great brown color for me. I like that it's not super shimmery. You could also use it as a crease blending color. (Posted on 4/26/12)

  32. Perfect under brow highlighter for my skin tone Review by Sandra

    It's just very slightly shimmery. Just enough to highlight nicely, but not so shimmery that it's obvious. It pretty much blends right in with my skin tone, which is light-medium during the winter & medium in the summer. Very pigmented, almost buttery in texture, blends extremely well, very easy to load onto my brushes. Works great to blend down & soften the edges of darker shades as well. Definitely one of my most often used eye shadows. (Posted on 4/8/12)

  33. nice Review by Pink Star

    This color is very nice light beige base color. it is easy to work with. I like it. (Posted on 3/8/12)

  34. very nice!! Review by melissa

    wow love this product great color !good job Malen (Posted on 3/1/12)

  35. Fantastic Quality Review by Dani

    Highly pigmented. Perfect blending color for fair skin. Will definitely be purchasing more colors! (Posted on 2/27/12)

  36. Very Nice Review by Krysten

    This color doesn't really have shimmer to it, it's mostly matte with a few ultrafine flecks of sparkle to it which keep it from looking chalky. Love this color, use it all the time! (Posted on 2/21/12)

  37. Great blending color Review by Jujubean758

    This actually looks darker than I imagined it would be. That said, I have medium skin tone with yellow undertones. I use this for blending and a highlight under my brow. That said, its probably a tad light for my skin tone if I want something completely nude; I could probably get away with using Purely Naked. Anyway, overall great shadow nonetheless. Very blend-able and smooth. (Posted on 1/30/12)

  38. Beautiful Review by Mandy

    Cant speak highly enough of these eyeshadows. Way better than Mac eyeshadow and blend with such ease. (Posted on 1/28/12)

  39. Every day necessity Review by Susen

    I love matte eye shadows, but they're so hard to find. MUG Vanilla Bean is a lovely, light, buttercream matte shadow. It's wonderful on the lid, lovely as a blending colour and fantastic under the brow bone. It goes on smoothly, blends beautifully and lasts all day. I've used this colour every day since getting it. (Posted on 1/14/12)

  40. Versatile Colour Review by Kirky J

    Not too shimmery, very creamy colour, great as highlight colour for the arch area. Perfect blending colour. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  41. Buttery & blendable Review by NerdyLibrarianGirl

    On me this colour is very similar to MAC's Brule, but honestly, MUG's Vanilla Bean is even smoother and creamier. I use it on the brow bone and to blend out other colours. Its amazing! (Posted on 1/1/12)


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